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Bobby Huggins Open Post

15 to 17 feet
Far enough away that one defender cant guard two
Close enough to make direct passes, so shooter can catch and shoot in flow
o Bad passes lead to bad shots
Its like training a dog to run and sit. If players dont cut hard in practice, they run. If they dont cut
hard in a game, they sit.
Play passing lanes
Do not deny passes to wing. Allow pass to wing, then deny pass to middle
SPRINT to help, not slide (its faster)
Butt points to ball or basket
Best shooters should screen
Poor shooters should get screened and cut to basket
Point passes to Wing
Basket cut
Screen away (butt pointing to ball or basket)
Go to the ball
o Outside handoff
o Inside handoff
o Ballscreen
Cut all the way to rim then open up to see the ball (possible pass, rebound, etc.)

Minimize steps
o Precise angles
o Offensively and defensively
o Get to the ball get to the basket
Swing ball frequently to make help D work. Passing back to where the ball came from makes it easy on
the D.
Keep cutting through until the post player gets good position.
When screening away, use arm to pull cutter through to the basket, then flash back to the ball.
Dont hold the screen to long.
GREAT PLAY: If they switch, run a switch cut, which means after getting the screen, the cutter
takes a step to the basket, but then turns and screens for the screener, who cuts to the basket. This
second screener will not show to the ball. Can also back cut before screen.

Pass and go to the ball

If defender is laying off the ball, inside handoff and roll. Natural reaction for ball defender to
help on handoff, leaving player wide open
Outside handoff pause to read D
o dribble to draw other defender and screener rolling
o stay behind and shoot
Ballscreen and drag read the help and get it to the open player. Its important for player whos
defender is helping to drag away to make it harder for the defender to recover
Run Open until post player gets into post, then swing it and get a Flex cut
Run Open until a certain player is in short corner, then run Shuffle Cut (screen for wing who
basket cuts)
Post Players
Read defender and look to post each time through.
o If you dont get the ball, look to backscreen
Ball screen
3 on 3
Keep it on one side and work through various options.
o Mostly screen away
o Ball screens
o Handoffs
Offensive rebounding
Send three or four. PG always back on D
Tough to block out players coming in from perimeter
Send 4 and 5 to long side of rim
Tell players they cannot shoot until weve made 6 (or whatever number) passes UNLESS you
have a lay-up
If Defense lays off a player, have that player ball screen
Number Cuts:
1. Back Cut
2. Screen Away
3. Basket Cut
4. Diagonal Screen
5. Back Screen
Other options: UCLA Cut, Flex, etc.