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How you can improve your English

Skills by Reading Texts
How the Internet Changed our Lives
Tips for Writing Your First Book
The Amazon Kindle Revolution
Why Some People Adopt a Morning
Stress Management - 7 Free Activities
and Hobbies to Ease Your Mind
The Slow Living Movement

How you can improve your

English Skills by Reading Texts
DICA: Se voc estiver lendo este
livro em um Kindle com funo
touchscreen (Kindle Paperwhite,
Voyage, ou outro), basta clicar em
uma palavra para ver a definio da
English is one of the most spoken
languages in the world. In fact, in most
countries the world over, English is
considered to be the first official
language before any other language.
And just like any other language,
learning English requires concentration
and dedication in order to master and
speak it fluently. So, if you are one of
those people whose command of the
polishing, you need not worry because
we are going to help you.

There are several ways in which

you can improve your English skills.
You can master the language by
listening to music written in English,
attending English lectures and talks,
watching English movies and so on.
However, one of the best and fastest
ways to improve your English skills is
to read texts written in English. So the
question therefore is, how do you go
about it?

to go about doing something = to

do something in a particular way;
abordar um assunto, fazer uma coisa
de uma determinada maneira

Sign up for regular English tips

to sign up for something = to

agree to participate in something (in

this case, to agree to receive English
tips); matricular-se em, cadastrar-se

There are some websites on the

Internet where you can subscribe to
receive daily English lesson tips
through your email account. This is the
simplest and easiest way to keep
learning and improving your English
skills. You can receive email
notifications on your phone on a daily
or weekly basis as you head to work or
school. However, this should only be
used to polish your skills and should
not substitute your primary learning

on a daily basis
diariamente, todo dia


Read the lyrics to a song

As earlier mentioned, listening to

English music is a great way of
improving your command of the
language. How about listening to music
while reading the lyrics of the song you
are listening to? These lyrics can be
sourced from the Internet or even the
CD booklet. You can first go through
the lyrics with a dictionary to try and
understand the meaning of the song.
Then, you can listen to the music as
you go through the lyrics to try and
pronunciation of the specific words as
they are constructed in a sentence.

to be sourced from = to originate

from; originar-se de
try and (do something) = try to

(do something); tentar fazer

Read a book you have read in

your language or whose movie you
have watched

To advanced language learners,

reading an original book or journal
from the Internet can be a great way of
improving their linguistic skills.
However, reading a book you have
already read in a different language
can also be a great motivator to help
you understand the book in your
language of interest English, in this
Reading a book you already know
the story about helps you guess
vocabulary and understand the flow of
language since you already know the
authors intention. If you have not read

the book already, you can find the

summary of its plot on the Internet to
get a rough idea of the storyline.

Read text that

translated into English



Another way to improve English

skills is to read books or texts that
have been translated into English,
preferably from your language or from
a language you understand well. This
is because texts that have been
translated into English are much easier
to understand because of their
simplicity. Sometimes you may even
find it is a direct translation from your
original language.

Read books or texts that have

lots of dialogs in it

forma no ingls norte-americano

> dialog
forma no ingls britnico >

Before buying a book, it is

imperative that you flip through the
pages to see how much dialog is in the
book. Books with lots of dialogs not
only help you understand the
punctuations and tenses, but also make
it easier to understand the speech
intonations that will help you make
sensible conversations.

sensible = showing good sense;

sensato (no confudir com sensitive

Read easy-reader texts meant

for learners

You should find English texts that

have been written for early language
learners like yourself. Although its
hard to find interesting things to read
from such books, the authors of such
material have students like you in
mind. They have therefore simplified
the text to help you understand most of
the material inside. From these texts,
you can also learn a lot about the
cultures and literature of the Englishspeaking countries.

Read a whole book without

dictionary reference

It is always advisable to read with

the dictionary to help you understand

some of the difficult vocabulary in a

book. However, this kind of reading
tends to slow you down and
demotivates you from reading,
especially if you do not understand
most of the English words. Try and
read the entire book without referring
to the dictionary as this will help you
enjoy the text and also understand just
how fun English, or a different
language can be.

Read and learn all the words in a


Another way of improving your

English skills is by getting a book
written in simple English and reading
it from word to word with the help of a
dictionary. Make sure you understand
all the words in it and their meaning.
This will not only significantly expand

your knowledge of English but will

also give you a sense of satisfaction
after completing a book written in your
language of interest.

Read English childrens book

Childrens books tend to be more

simplified than adult books with
several illustrations. You will also get
to enjoy the simplified way in which
the stories are told, and this will help
you appreciate the English language.

Make a habit of reading an

English daily newspaper

The local newspaper usually has

very interesting stories that can help

you understand English easily.

Although this requires you to be at an
advanced stage of learning, regularly
reading the dailies will significantly
help you in improving your English
skills because of the descriptive
language in them. The newspapers also
have plenty of humor and idioms, and
this is what you need to have a proper
command of the English language.
newspapers that are too complicated
with a lot of slangy language as this
will only confuse you rather than help
you improve your English skills.

idiom = a group of words that has

a particular meaning; expresso
slangy = relating to slang, which
is a vocabulary of expressions used
by a certain group of people; slang =


All the above tips will help you

greatly in improving your English
language skills. Although there are
other ways in which you can improve
your skills besides reading texts
written in English, reading is the best
way of going about it. However, you
need to adopt a positive attitude when
trying to learn a new language. This
will simplify the whole learning

How the Internet Changed our


A report released in January by the

Pew Research Centre estimated that
Americans use the Internet. This is an
enormous number by all means
considering the fact that we are only
looking at a single country. However,
the Internet is used not only by
Americans. Over 34 percent of the
global population are connected
online. This number continues to grow
daily with social media sites like
Facebook trying to expand Internet
access to countries that are not already

by all means =
certamente, com certeza


But have you ever stopped to

imagine how life was before the
Internet age? In the 21st century, the
Internet affects almost all facets of our
lives. It has revolutionized the way we
interact with each other as well as the
way we do business. The following is
some of the ways in which the Internet
has changed our lives.

facet = aspect; aspecto, faceta

1. It is much easier to connect

with people all over the world

Friendship in the Internet age is

much easier and distinctively different
than in the pre-Internet age. Several
social networks including Twitter and

Facebook have made it easier for

people to connect. Today, it is possible
to have a thousand friends, half of
whom you have never seen or met but
constantly keep in touch. A study by
Statista indicates that people have 350
friends on average on Facebook. This
is absolutely different from the preInternet age where friends had to be
real and within your reach at all times.

on average = em mdia

2. Learning has been made easy

The age when earning a college

degree required that you physically
attend class are long gone. In fact, to
some people, physical class presence
is not among their vocabulary. In the
Internet age, people are now able to

attend class at the comfort of their

living rooms. In the past five years,
online class attendance has surged by a
staggering 96 percent according to
research conducted by Campus
Technology. According to SRI
Department of Education, persons who
attend online classes tend to perform
much better than those who physically
attend class. Whether that is true or
false depends on how you look at it.

3. Internet has brought about


It has been proven that the Internet

tends to provide almost everything we
require in the shortest time possible,
even though the timing does vary. This
has created a scenario where most
people are getting used to getting things
done fast and therefore cultivating

impatience. In the pre-Internet age,

people had to content with the slow
pace of doing things. Those looking for
information had to do thorough
research which may take days or
months. The Internet age allows us to
access plenty of information at the
press of a button. This kind of
impatience could end up having
adverse effects on our growth and

to content with = to be satisfied

with; contentar-se com

4. We can access information

instantaneously, everywhere

In the pre-Internet age, most of the

news and information could only be
obtained from a single source, and in a

particular location. The Internet has

made it easy for us to access news
from wherever we are. According to
Pew Research Center, 50 percent of
Americans access information from
online sources. Most people the world
over access information from the
Internet through their digital devices
including mobile phones, tablets as
well as computer laptops. Only a small
number of people get news from the

5. More and more people are

finding their life partners online

The dating scene is the one area

revolutionized by the Internet. Very
few people ever imagined that you
could get hitched at the comfort of
your bedroom. A research conducted

by the Boston Globe placed online

dating as the number one way in which
most people find their spouses at 31
percent. This was followed by
introduction by a mutual friend at 26
percent. Only 6 percent met their
spouses at a bar. This shows how
online dating has become very popular
among most youngsters. It has become
much more comfortable to download
love from the Internet rather than to
physically find someone.

get hitched = get married; casarse

6. Apps are now being used to

increase our productivity

There is an app for almost

everything in this world. From

traveling apps to Bible study apps,

music to fitness apps and so on. All
these apps can be downloaded from
the Internet to your smartphone or
tablet. Over 30 percent of the worlds
population have access to the Internet
and can, therefore, use all these apps to
run their daily lives comfortably. And
it is not a bad thing, at least according
to the Pew Research Center.

7. No queues at grocery and

department stores

Never has it been easier to shop

than it is in the Internet age. People no
longer have to queue to shop at
groceries since there are a lot of online
shopping stores all over the world.
Today, you can purchase almost
anything on Amazon or E-bay. And this
can be shipped directly to your

doorstep if you so wish. All payments

can also be done directly over the
Internet. This means that from the
comfort of your couch, you can
literally furnish your house and stock
your refrigerator for a whole month.

to queue = to get in line; entrar

na fila
furnish = mobiliar

8. People are becoming more


The Internet has provided an

enabling environment for creative
people to pen their art and get them
published on the Internet. Some people
have also started blogs that have

celebrities and therefore millionaires.

Through this, they have been able to
get their material out there for people
to read.

to pen = to draw or write with a

pen, or as if with a pen (not really
with a pen); produzir uma obra

9. It is now much easier to get

movies and music.

In the Internet age, it is a lot easier

to get your favorite movies and music
just by clicking a button. Rather than
having to buy a hard copy of your
favorite music album, you can just log
on to a website such as iTunes, Spotify
or Pandora. Movies and TV shows can
be downloaded from sites such as


10. People watch sports online

Today, many young people prefer

watching their favorite sports online
rather than on TV. While live shows
are still common, more and more
people have been watching their
favorite teams online, prompting
major sports channels such ESPN to
launch online streaming sites.

to prompt = to induce to action;

induzir ao, levar algum a fazer
alguma coisa

Tips for Writing Your First Book

At some point in life, you may want
to write a book or become an excellent
writer because of some things you have
to say. You are looking for a way to
express them to a big audience. That is
one of the reasons why there are a lot
of blog writers these days. However,
most of us who are novice when it
comes to writing dont know where to
start. To get started, here are some
helpful tips for writing your first book.




Give some careful thought to

plot/have a plan

Writing a book can be a daunting

undertaking, especially if you are
writing your first book. The process of
editing will become easier if only you
devote enough time to plot your story
before starting to write. For some
authors, this simply means an outline of
the book while others use index cards
to put a different scene on each plot.
There are also others who only have a
general idea before starting writing
their first book. It is, therefore,
important to plot what you should
write about.



undertaking = task; tarefa

to plot = to plan; planejar,
esboar um plano

Know the fundamentals

writing a good book


Knowing the basics of good

storytelling is also key to writing your
first book. Everyone knows that there
are a lot of books or novels covering
almost if not all topics that you can
imagine, but do not let that hinder or
discourage you from writing. By just
narrating a good story, you can still
catch the attention and interest of your
audience and also make it a unique

key = (here it means) a crucial

element; fundamental, crucial
to hinder = to obstruct; impedir





unique and interesting, you will

definitely give your audience a reason
to buy your book and read it. This will
be possible if you understand what
really makes a good, unique story. So,
it is advised to do some research and
also read various books written by
different writers you admire. After
that, write something captivating and

Establish your target audience

Before you start writing your first

book, you need first to establish your
target audience, and this is very
important. You need to determine
clearly who you want the message to
be passed on to or what message you
are trying to deliver.
Just like in business where you

need to know your potential customers,

knowing your audience when writing a
book will create an easy path for
choosing the right theme for your book,
the message to send across, the perfect
steps to character development and the
right language to use. It will be
impossible or difficult to write a book
without knowing who the target
audience is.

Get your first draft down

Getting your first draft down is

what you should be determined to do.
Do not write your book chapters
separately. If you are writing a long
book or novel, it is a good idea to draft
it all before revising or editing any
part of it. Most people who write their
book for the first time tend to do away
with each chapter separately; this can

highly affect the plot. Instead, focus on

getting the whole story down first on

draft = a preliminary document;

esboo, rascunho

Stay motivated

While learning how to write your

first book, always remember that it is
important to remain motivated. In some
cases, there can be a situation where
you may experience writers block and
feel like wanting to stop writing. Dont
let anything stop you from your
determination to write, just keep
moving even when it proves to be very
hard for you.
At last, the satisfaction of selling

your first copy, publishing your own

book and getting first good reviews
will outweigh the difficult times and
the struggles you went through while
writing it.

to outweigh = to be heavier than,

to be more important than; ser mais
importante do que, ter um peso
maior do que

Get prepared to edit or revise

Just drafting your book is not

everything. There is a lot of work
involved between editing your book
and publishing it. The process is quite
tedious and demanding so it is
important to give more attention when
revising your already drafted book.

In one way or another, your first

draft may probably appear to be bad.
For instance, it will be disorganized
and confusing; even the whole chapters
will drag. Sometimes the dialog can be
unconvincing. Do not get discouraged,
rest assured that is how it is for
So, just like any determined writer,
you have to work very hard to make
your draft readable and as much
interesting as possible.

for instance = for example; por


Put it aside

If you find yourself having the same

problem with every draft you create,

consider doing something else for a

while. For instance, there are a lot of
great authors who took ages writing
some of their favorite books. Try to
create something new and read for fun.
You will definitely learn new things
from each story you read or each new
project you undertake. Now, when you
embark on writing something seriously,
you will have sharp ideas.

to take ages = to take a very long

time; levar muito tempo, levar

Believe in yourself

One reason most writers stop

writing at their first book is because of

discouragements they receive from

their publishers. Always, there will be
that individual who will tell you that
your story or book isnt enough or just
discourage you completely. Ignore
them and continue with your writings.
Getting a rejection letter does not
mean that you are a bad writer. Maybe
the publisher or editor did not connect
with your story. Keep on trying until
you make it.
to keep on (doing something) = to
to make it = to succeed; ter
sucesso, alcanar um objetivo

Solicit feedback

Before you start contacting your

preferred agents for publishing your

book, it is good to get feedback from
your trusted writers. Do not get
surprised if you are sent back to the
desk for another draft. Be calm and
address any structural problems first
before going through every chapter of
your book. If there is any major
concern or problem, try to rectify them
with the professionals.

to rectify = to correct; retificar,


Conclusively, if you get the advice

of professional writers, you will know
that it takes a lot of determination, hard
work, and persistence to write just any
book for the very first time.
If you have been thinking of
becoming a great writer, it is time to

start your journey to becoming a great

and successful writer.

The Amazon Kindle Revolution

People read in English to improve
their language skills, or even just for
fun. Sometimes people read on their
laptops and even computers. People
can read on mobile phones too. But
reading for long hours on these devices
can make your eyes hurt. So most
people prefer reading from books. But
even books have drawbacks.
Take James, for example. He is a
young boy, and he loves reading. But
he had finished all the books at home,
so he needed to buy another one. Just
as he was leaving the house, his mother
asked him, "Where are you going,
"To the bookshop." said he.
"No, James, not again!" said his
mother. She was angry.

"Why not? I have finished reading

all the books at home, and I need
another one."
"James," said she, "You just bought
two books last week. Books are not
cheap. You shouldn't buy so many."
Sad, the young boy went back to his
room. He picked up a book he had
already read, reading the pages again.
He knew what happened on the next
page. He knew how the book ended.
This was not fun. He just wanted
another book, but his mother was right.
He had spent $25 last week buying two
books. He wouldn't even read them
Maybe he should join a library, that
way he wouldn't have to spend so
much money on books. But he liked to
keep the books he read. That way he
could read the parts he liked again
later on. But now he wasn't allowed to

buy new books. So he sat on his bed,

going through the books he had just
read, wondering what he could do.

to wonder = to be in doubt about;

estar em dvida sobre

The increasing expense of books is

a problem faced by many book lovers.
While a library and second-hand book
stores can be good alternatives, these
don't always give you what you want.
Instead, using the best technology,
Amazon has created a solution. They
created the Amazon Kindle, a small
tablet meant just for reading. You can
download thousands of books onto that
little tablet and read at your leisure.
Unlike other electronic devices
such as the iPad, computers or even
mobile phones, the Amazon Kindle

does not hurt your eyes. This is

because it is made without a backlight.
A backlight is what lights up the screen
of the electronic devices, allowing you
to read even in the dark. This,
however, is not present on the Kindle,
so reading from it is very similar to
reading from a book.
Unlike a book, however, it is thin
and light. Because of this, it is easier
to carry with you, wherever you go.
Moreover, after you once download a
book, you are allowed to keep it too.

moreover = besides; alm disso,


As a result, this would have been

the perfect solution to James' problem.
Unfortunately, the Amazon Kindle is a
lot more expensive than an average

book. How is it cheaper then? The

answer is simple. It reduces expenses
in the long run. Today, the price of an
average Kindle is $75 or more. But
many of the books you can download
are available for free, or at a minimal
price. Because of this, you spend even
less money after buying the Kindle.
After the first Kindle had come out,
Amazon made many changes. They
created multiple different versions of
the Kindle to suit different readers.
While some may want the backlight,
others don't. Some readers want to see
the meaning of different words. Many
readers with glasses also want the
Kindle to have a greater font size.
consideration, and now there are many
different kinds of Kindles. You can
choose whichever one you want. Each
has a unique combination of features,
built for the convenience of the

In the Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon
has created a screen that feels like
paper. With the texture being like
paper, it is even better than a book. It
feels like reading a book, but with
many more impressive features. It
gives you dictionary definitions for any
word or phrase you may not know. At
the bottom of the page, you can see
how many pages are left. If you want,
you can select a Kindle with WiFi and
3G to allow you to access the Internet
as well.
And what's more, when you finish
reading a book, the Kindle will give
you recommendations on what you can
read next. The battery life on the
Kindle is also very long. It goes on for
eight weeks, which is nearly two
months. As a result, the Kindle is
perhaps the best reading tool available
in the market today.

James would've been very

impressed with this little device.
Instead of going to the bookstore, he
would then be able to buy books from
his own home. Instead of spending $25
on books, he would be spending $5, or
none at all in some cases. Moreover, if
he didn't know a word, the Kindle
could look it up for him.
Going back to the young boy, he
was sitting in the kitchen with his
mother. They were having dinner. His
mother felt sorry for telling him not to
buy any books, so she had gone out that
day and bought a present for him.
Quickly after dinner, she gave him a
small thin rectangle covered in gift
"What is it?" he asked.
"Open it." she told him, excitedly.
James unwrapped the paper
quickly. It was an Amazon Kindle! He

hugged his mother tight.

They no longer fight about buying
books. After every book he finishes,
the Amazon Kindle suggests which
other books he may like. He can buy
new ones straight from his home. He
can even read newspaper articles and
magazines on the little device, and that
too wherever he goes. Some Kindles
come with a 3G connection. With this,
he doesn't have to pay for Wi-Fi at all.
He can access the Internet at all times.
Now James reads three books a week,
and he doesn't spend quite as much
money on them either. He can carry the
books with him everywhere he goes,
because the Kindle is not heavy at all.
Just like James, many readers
across the world have switched to the
Kindle instead. They find it more
useful, helpful and interactive. This
increasing shift from physical books to
the Amazon Kindle is known as the

Amazon Kindle Revolution.

to switch = to change from one

thing to another; mudar, alternar

Why Some People Adopt a

Morning Ritual
Do you have a morning ritual?

Many people remember growing up

with parents who started their day the
same way. Maybe they got up and
made breakfast first thing. Other
people may have started the day by
reading the
everyone has a slightly different
morning ritual, most people have one.
You may be wondering why people
adopt a morning routine. There are a
few reasons why they're common.

Starting Your Day

When you have a morning ritual,

you're getting yourself warmed up to

the day ahead. Most people are
drowsy in the morning. You may find
that it's hard to get out of bed. When
you have a routine already in place, it's
easier to start waking up. There are
many ways to create this routine. Some
people enjoy yoga; others may take a
shower, or drink coffee.

drowsy = sleepy; sonolento

Having a morning routine gives you

a reason to get out of bed in the
morning. We all need something to
motivate us in the morning. Once
you've found a mix of action and
stillness, you're able to get your day off
to a good start. And, when you find a
routine that works well, you'll never
want to miss out!

Morning Rituals Create Habits

People are creatures of habit so

once you have a morning routine, it's
hard to break out of it. When your
alarm goes off in the morning, you just
get up. You don't even have to think
about what you're going to do next. You
simply do what you always do. When
you've had a routine for a few weeks,
months, and even years, you may even
enjoy it. If you're sick or miss your
morning routine, you'll probably notice
that you don't have a very good day.
Keeping up with this habit helps you to
stay focused on the day ahead.

Your Own Time

If you get up early, you have some

time to spend on yourself. You'll
probably have to deal with other
people in your day, but your mornings
can be time just to enjoy peace and
quiet. Many people take this time to
focus on their goals for the day and
think ahead. You can spend the time
thinking about your life, or anything
else you want to do. Mornings are
good times for you to enjoy time
without having others around to bother
you. If your mornings feel rushed or
hectic, then you may want to consider
having a routine.

hectic = agitated, confused;

agitado, catico, frentico

Reduce Stress

Many people find that morning

rituals reduce their stress. When you
have more time in the morning, you
don't feel rushed. This extra time helps
you prepare. You don't have to worry
about missing anything important when
you have your routine firmly in place.

Good Morning Rituals

Everyone has a different morning

ritual, but there are some great ones.
One of the good ways to get started is
to exercise in the morning. At the end
of the day, you may be too tired.
However, if you get your exercise first
thing in the morning, you'll wake up
better, and you won't have to exercise
at the end of your day. You can stop by
the gym on your way to work. Or, if
you don't enjoy gyms, why not try yoga
or a brisk walk? Even a few minutes is

a good way to start your day.

brisk = fast and energetic; rpido

e energtico

If you enjoy keeping up with

current events, you may want to try
watching the news. When this is your
routine, you'll be caught up on the big
news stories of the day. If you don't
want to watch television, you can also
read the newspaper in print or online.
Browse through the articles to find
ones that you'll enjoy reading. You can
even listen to the news on the radio if
you'd prefer. While this routine is not
as popular as others, it's still a good
way to start off your day.

to keep up with (something) = to

stay informed about (something);

estar a par (da situao, das notcias,

Setting goals is a good thing to do

when you wake up. Think about what
you want to get done that day. You may
even want to write down a list of
things to accomplish. Some of the
world's most productive people start
their day this way. Set a plan for your
day and you'll be more productive.
Your goals can be personal or
business-related, but make sure that
you can complete them in that day.
Save your bigger goals for a different
Make and eat your breakfast. While
breakfast is important, many people
forget to enjoy their breakfast in the
morning. Whether you make a large
one or just have a piece of fruit and

some coffee, make sure that you take

some time to sit down and enjoy the
morning meal. You can eat breakfast
while reading the news or a book. A
famous author, P.G. Wodenhouse,
started every morning with toast and
tea before starting his work. You can
do the same thing with your morning.
You may want to try listening to
music. A favorite song can help you
wake up in the morning. It's also a
good way to put you in a good mood.
Try to choose music that has an
uplifting tone. This way, you'll be able
to start your day on a bright note. Many
people wake up to music or listen to
their favorite songs on the way to
work. When you're ready to start your
day, think about adding music to your
morning routine.

Structure Your Morning

Now that you understand why

people have morning rituals, you may
want to start your own. Think about
choosing one of these ideas or create
your own. Make sure that you wake up
early and have enough time to enjoy
your morning. Try out a few morning
routines to figure out what works best
for you. Getting started with a morning
ritual isn't difficult because we all tend
to do the same things every morning.
Keep in mind that a morning ritual
should help you achieve a particular
state of mind and prepare you for the
day ahead.

to figure out = to understand;

entender, descobrir (uma ideia)

Stress Management - 7 Free

Activities and Hobbies to Ease
Your Mind
Recent scientific studies have
shown that stress shifts the human brain
into a so-called reward-seeking state.
This means that when we're under
stress we crave an activity or a
substance our brain associates with the
promise of a reward.

to crave = to desire intensely;

desejar intensamente

Simply put, this is hard-wired into

our brains and won't go away any day
soon. So, what's the problem with it?
The problem is that we mostly deal
with stress by eating, watching TV,
smoking, shopping, playing video

games and whatnot. These are all just

quick fixes that won't do us any good in
the long run, and they don't reduce the
levels of stress hormones in our

and whatnot = etc.; etc

You're probably thinking by now:

"Well, what am I supposed to do then?"
Luckily, there are stress-relief
strategies (some people call them
coping strategies) that work and help
you relax and ease your mind. The
science behind this is pretty simple:
These strategies help shut down the
brain's stress response, while your
body produces feel-good chemicals
and hormones, all of which in return
reduces the level of stress and helps
you calm down.

to cope = to fight; batalhar, lutar

(com uma situao, no luta fsica)

My Friend's Story

I was talking to my friend the other

day about this very topic. He's a
lawyer, so you can imagine how
stressful his life is. I came across him
on the street so we chatted a bit. I
noticed right away how he looked
fresh and healthy, so I complimented
him. Then the conversation went
something like this:
"Thanks for the compliment. That's
because of exercise and meditation."
"Meditation? You? Wow, I can't
believe it!", I exclaimed.

My friend was just smiling: "Yes, it

changed my life completely. I can't
imagine a day without going to the gym
We just stood there and talked for a
bit more. We also arranged plans for a
dinner next week. He kept talking
about this great restaurant that served
beautiful, healthy food. The more time
I spent with him, the more I noticed
how happy and healthy he looks. So,
finally, I asked:
"What has gotten into you, man?"
He laughed.
"Oh, it's nothing. It's called stress
management, and I love it!"
After that we said goodbye.
I was so happy for him. Keep in
mind he's a defense attorney, so his day
pretty much consists of spending time
with some really bad people, which

just makes things worse.

Last time I saw him he wasn't
really a picture of health. He was
chain-smoking his cigarettes and
drinking one cup of coffee after
another. He was always nervous and
always seemed in a rush. Now, he's an
entirely different man. Why? Because
he learned how to cope with stress,
and if he can do it, anyone can.

to chain-smoke = to smoke one

cigarette after another; fumar um
cigarro atrs do outro

7 Free Activities And Hobbies To

Ease Your Mind

As we already know, the best

possible way to ease your mind and

manage stress are stress-relief

strategies. Now, we are all different,
and we like and enjoy different things,
so the number of things you can do to
relieve stress in a fun, healthy way is
limitless. It's all about relaxing and
shutting everything out except your
hobby, so you can fully concentrate on
it and nothing else. On the other hand,
hobbies, especially creative ones, are
a great way to learn about new
So, here are seven free hobbies and
activities that can help ease your mind:

1) Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best

ways to ease your mind and manage
stress. If you're not used to exercising,
even everyday activities like walking

or yard work can greatly reduce stress.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down
at a desk, try stretching, breathing
exercises or even yoga. Muscle
relaxation is another great way of
releasing muscle tension.

2) Music

Music is, some say, the purest art

form and a form of healing too.
According to
recent scientific
research, music therapy reduces stress,
anxiety and even decreases pain.
On the other hand, playing music
helps you express your emotions
creatively, which is another great way
of getting rid of stress.

to get rid of = to eliminate;

eliminar, livrar-se de algo

3) Reading and Writing

Is there a better way to relax than

picking up a good book? Studies have
shown that reading reduces stress by
almost 70% since it slows down your
heart rate and eases muscle tension.
However, some people just can't
concentrate on reading, and they should
instead - write. Writing about your
emotions and the things that bother you
helps clear your thoughts.

4) Spending Time with Your

Friends and Family

Spending time with your loved

ones and taking time to establish new

social relationships is a wonderful
way to relieve stress. Not only that
you're able to have fun when you're
with people you love, but having
friends and family also gives you a
sense of belonging and security.

5) Cooking

We are all different. For some

people, cooking is a mundane task and
other people absolutely love it. For
those of you who enjoy it though,
cooking is a fun, pleasurable way to
clear your mind. You will always make
other people happy and connect with
them by cooking for them, and that is
another great thing about it.

6) Meditation

Meditation is much easier than it

seems and has numerous health
benefits. It reduces stress and negative
emotions, lowers blood pressure and
helps you relax more than anything
else. When it comes to meditation it's
all about clearing your mind and
focusing your attention on things that
are happening right now.

7) Spending Time In Nature

Not only going for a nice walk in

nature provides you with exercise, it
can also be fun and exciting, especially
if you enjoy things like biking, for
example. Riding a bicycle stimulates
your mind and helps you enjoy the
present moment. One study found that
walking through nature also improves

attention span and memory.

In the end, it's safe to say that these

stress-relief strategies are something
we should all think about because
quick fixes like TV or fast food won't
do us any good.
Besides, most of these things are
way more fun anyway, additionally to
being a great outlet for emotional
troubles. They are the perfect tool to
relax, relieve stress, have fun, open
your mind and build self-confidence.

The Slow Living Movement

We all spend our lives looking for
meaning and fulfillment, in one way or
another. The world is a different place
to what it has been before, and it's
constantly changing and evolving.
Everything around us is fast. Fast food,
meaningless conversations, instant
Facebook friendships, instant coffee,
instant relationships. It's all so hectic
and, at times, confusing. Therefore, it's
easy to fall off balance and out of sync.
It seems like what we are and what we
want to be aren't the same thing at all.
Not even close. At least that's what's it
like for most people nowadays.
A legitimate question arises: What
can we do to change that?
Like most of you reading this, I
have asked myself the same question
for years. The answer to that and many

other similar questions was: the slow

living movement. Want to hear my
experience? Read on.

My Story

Before John walked back into my

life, it was hectic. I never thought there
was a way to change that. I thought
that's just the way it's supposed to be.
My parents lived like that, my friends
live like that and doesn't that mean I
should live like that too? I mean, isn't
that the way things work?
I felt empty, but I thought that was
the way I'm supposed to feel. I was
wrong, so wrong. It all changed one
day. My life changed.
I was walking home from work,
hoping I'll catch the bus home, so I
don't have to pay for a cab. It was a

rainy afternoon, and I felt horrible. I

didn't even have an umbrella; I was
I rushed to the bus station and, of
course, my bus was gone. I stood there,
feeling the rain soaking my clothes.
Just then, a car pulled over. The driver
honked and opened the door.
"Get in!", he shouted, "It's pouring
out there."
"Excuse me?", I said.
"Hey, it's me, John.", he smiled.
I met John years ago, but he looked
so different now. He looked fresh and
healthy and happy. I met him when I got
a job at his brother's law firm. John
worked there too. He was an intense,
nervous guy, going through two packs
of cigarettes and half a dozen of
espressos a day. I never really liked
him, he was intimidating, always

shouting at his secretary and arguing

with his brother. No one really liked
John. He was just that kind of person.
One day, he just left. I remember him
storming into his brother's office and
"I can't take this anymore, I quit!
I'm going to do what I always wanted
to do! I'm done with this!"
This was the first time I saw him
since then, and he changed. He changed
so much. He was now a mellow, kind
man with a smile on his face. His eyes
were glowing.

mellow = soft, sweet; suave, doce,


"Here, take this towel, you're


I was surprised by his behavior

and had no idea how to react, so I just
"What happened to you, John?
You're so different."
He just looked at me and said:
"Have you ever heard of the slow
living movement?"
I had no idea what he was talking
about, but I sensed it's something I
didn't want to be a part of, so I replied:
"I really don't have time for that."
John laughed.
"Isn't that ironic? Let's grab a
coffee, and I'll tell you all about it."
We went for a coffee and talked for
hours. John told me what I am about to
tell you now.

The Slow Living Movement

Slow living is, by definition, a

lifestyle. It is also a choice. But, what
does it really mean? What is slow
living all about? In short, slow living
is about arranging your life around
meaning, well-being, and happiness,
instead of around money. No, it's not
some sort of a cult or anything like that.
It's simply the best way to lead a happy
life, in this day and age.
Everyone has that little voice in
their head telling them to slow down,
take it easy. Sometimes, we should just
listen to that voice. Some call it
intuition, and we definitely shouldn't
take it for granted.

to take (something) for granted =

[in this sentence it means] to treat

(something) carelessly;
importncia para algo



That, in some way, is what slow

living is all about. It is about enjoying
the present moment, enjoying what we
have, spending time with the people
we care about instead of running
around, trying to make more money to
spend on an overpriced smartphone, It
would be great if it made us happy and
it does, but just for a moment, then
Individual fulfillment, physical,
emotional and mental health, along
with personal relationships are things
that have real meaning. Everything else
comes and goes. Do we really want to
let life pass us by? Do we want to let it
slip out of our hands? Of course we
don't, but somehow, we get caught up
in it and forget what really matters.

That's what slow living teaches us. It

teaches us that it's OK to take a break,
that it's OK to go on a holiday, that it's
OK to spend time with the people we
disconnection can evolve into many
different psychological issues, even
into anxiety or depression. Many
people succumb to the pressure and
end up doing what everyone expects
them to do. They end up doing what
society tells them to do, and in the
process they lose themselves. Is that
the way we want to live our lives? Of
course it's not, and it's not even the
way we should live our lives. In fact,
it's not the way we have to live our
lives. Why don't we just slow down
and enjoy the moment sometimes?
Slow living means reconnecting
with yourself and others. The solution
is to pay attention and enjoy the present

moment. We all deserve to lead

beautiful, meaningful lives and no one
has the right to take that away from us.
We have the right to be our best selves
and we have a right to be happy. Why
wouldn't we do that? All it takes is to
slow down a bit.
It is time to rethink our priorities.
Rethinking your priorities means
slowing down, and living slow means
enjoying life and all it has to offer.


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