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Commencement 2010: Seniors say goodbye Derek Anderson Once Sargent started the
Journal Staff Commencement Exercises,
Amy Fisher, the University
Over 1,900 students filed Chaplain and Director of In-
into the Bank of America Pa- terfaith Center at Suffolk,
vilion on May 23 for the 2010 led the audience in prayer.
Commencement to take their Tanya Benjamin, Philvie
next step forward as they grad- Daniel and Laurine Voltaire
uated from Suffolk University. sang the National Anthem fol-
With live footage stream- lowing Fisher’s prayer. The trio
ing online for those who could sang the anthem with Haitian
not make the ceremony, the flags draped over their shoul-
graduates took their seats and ders in honor of the Haiti di-
waited for the commencement saster and to show not only
to start. Andrew Meyer, Chair- the intertwined history of
man of the Board of Trustees, Haiti and the U.S., but support
spoke first at the ceremony, for Haiti in its time of need.
declaring it open, which was After the National Anthem
followed by cheers from gradu- was sung, applause sounded.
ates, parents and loved ones. Sargent then introduced the
“This is a day of great joy commencement speaker, Doc-
and satisfaction,” said President tor Paul Farmer. “It is our great
David Sargent in his opening fortune to be addressed by one
remarks. “Particularly for those of the great physicians of our
of you who are graduating, who time. The phrase ‘medical vi-
Photo by John Gillooly have worked so hard to achieve sionary’ only begins the index
this success and for your par- of his achievements,” said Sar-
Three graduating students, Tanya Benjamin (left), Laurine Voltaire (middle), and Philvie ents, your wives, husbands gent. “It has been said of him
Daniel (right), draped in Haitian flags, sing the U.S. National Anthem at Suffolk and partners and others who
University’s undergraduate commencement exercises. have helped in countless ways.” see COMMENCEMENT page 2

New 73 Tremont cafe

"New SBS Student Executive
underway for fall semester
Ethan Long previously worked with the social life,” said Chu Foxlin, Since Beacon Street is on a
Council discusses plans for
Journal Staff university on building proj- adding, “we want to combine hill, the cafeteria will include
the future" pg. 3 ects such as the Law School something that’s new and that’s windows that get higher and
Students filled a classroom located just down the street old.” The cafeteria, which will higher, giving the sense of go-
Opinion inside of Suffolk’s Sawyer from the 73 Tremont building. be located around historic spots ing underground. Foxlin joked
"Gang violence: It's up to the building on Thursday, April 29, According a power point of Boston, hopes to be a state of in front of the crowd saying “at
parents" pg. 6 for a meeting called to discuss presentation displayed in the the art location, while remem- one point, we thought of call-
the university’s plans to build a background, the university bering the identity of the area. ing this café ‘Six Feet Under’.”

Arts &
new cafeteria inside of 73 Trem- hopes that the cafeteria will When construction goes The last part of the presen-
ont St., which currently houses be “a social destination with ahead, the new space will be tation featured team member

Entertainment the Sawyer Library as well as

offices throughout the building.
many short-term activities,”
as well as “a home base that
to the left of the back entrance
of the building, where students
Jill Garzik asking students for
their input on a few choices
Check out our map of The new cafeteria, which, is uniquely Suffolk.” Mem- now enter to get to the library. for furniture as well as giving
Boston! pgs. 8-9 according to the presenta- bers from the architectural When a student walks in, they students an idea of what type
tion by architectural firm Tsoi/ team stood up in front of the will see stairs to their left, which of chairs and tables could be in

Sports Kobus & Associates could be

called the “Common Ground
crowd answering questions,
as well as showing floor plans
will lead down into the cafete-
ria. A social lounge will be at
the space. Garzik mentioned
to the crowd that the tables be-
"Men's Tennis win second
Café,” hopes to become a so- and other ideas for the space. the top of the stairs. The space ing used will have tabletops.
GNAC title" pg. 16
cial hub for students on cam- “We really want to create should be fully equipped with
pus. The architectural firm has a place that’s central to your wi-fi as well as green-friendly. see 73 CAFE page 3
PAGE 2 Summer, 2010

Graduation garners applause for students and speakers

from COMMENCEMENT page 1 its creation, providing pri- on Haiti, Farmer returned back degrees were Doctor Karen dents received their degrees,
mary school, a hospital and a to addressing the graduates in Bollinger-DeSalvo, Vice Dean Rev. Fisher closed the cer-
that a day in his life would be medical training facility. His front of him. “I have not fo- of Community Affairs and emony with prayer. Gradu-
a month in everybody else’s. remarks reflected on the topic cused today on the deeds of Health Policy at Tulane Univer- ates soon after met with
He has reset the bar of humani- of greatness and how the new great women or men,” said sity School of Medicine, Charles loved ones and celebrated.
tarianism. [He] is not afraid to graduates were not to fear it. Farmer. “I seek instead to re- Burnet, a writer and director of “I feel fantastic. I am so
remind one and all that we are Farmer mentioned many independent film, Wycliffe proud of myself,” said gradu-
human beings first and last.” great leaders in our past “Wyc” Grousbeck, man- ate Carly Chamberlain. “I
Farmer took the stage with and present such as aging partner and CEO graduated with a Bachelor
a mixed tone, both serious Abraham Lincoln, Nel- of the Boston Celtics, of Arts in French and Com-
and playful. After comment- son Mandela, Joan of Arc and Paul Farmer, found- munication Studies. I’m ac-
ing on the National Anthem and Rosa Parks, saying er of Partners In Health. tually moving to France; I
and the relationship between “they were or are flawed. Student speaker got a job teaching English.”
the United States and Haiti, Their greatness was dis- Stephanie Zito took the Another graduate, Steve
he congratulated the sing- puted during their times. stand next to address her Canty, already has a job and
ers in Haitian/Creole. “Now I They were calumnied fellow peers. She informed works in his field. “Well, right
am going to deliver my entire and pilloried, and in the graduates they should now I’m working with Red Bull
speech in Haitian/Creole and many cases, murdered hold onto their memories and spokesperson for them. I
ask you to remain standing,” and martyred. Thus our and treasure them, but also go around and help them with
joked Farmer. “It’s an honor to heroes, the people we re- move forward to experi- sales, help out with the people,
be here with all of you and I ally admire, mortal, with ence the rest of their life. and be a part of their business,
want to start by thanking all the feet of clay and hearts Photo by John Gillooly Zito made the comparison moving on and trying to get
parents here present. Your par- that betray at times Commencement speaker of a full water balloon to higher up and make as much
ents and families have made their better natures.” Dr. Paul Farmer. tenure at Suffolk. “We will money as possible,” said Canty.
sacrifices to see you through.” Farmer then plunged into mind you that in times of doubt, always remember our first bal- When asked if he had anything
The crowd cheered loudly an experience of his own over when fear of failure creeps into loon acquired from Suffolk Uni- to say to his graduated peers,
in thanks after the remark. in Haiti, dating back to 1985 your lives, we can and do en- versity,” said Zito. “Perhaps, we Canty responded, “Congratu-
Farmer, a physician and where he experienced firsthand counter everyday heroes who will guard this one the most.” lations. Good luck in the future;
medical anthropologist, de- the reality of medical issues rise to challenges unforeseen.” With the speakers fin- I hope everyone does well with
voted his life to treating the im- and poverty. He referenced Farmer ended his speech ished, Vice President Nancy what they are doing. Just keep
poverished in Haiti. He found- the progress that’s been made and Sargent resumed the mi- Stoll handed out the degrees working hard and we’ll all make
ed the Zanmi Lastane clinic in in Haiti and that everyone can crophone for the conferring of to the graduates. Claps and it somewhere in the world.”
Haiti, which has grown into work toward change and im- honorary degrees. Recognized cheers erupted as the students
something much more since provement. After his comments and awarded their honorary crossed the stage. Once stu-

Suffolk earns praise for environmental initiatives

Jeff Fish duced its energy consumption and carpeting. “[The paint] costs a couple hundred thou- efficiently, Mattison said it is
Journal Staff last year by nine percent from doesn’t have that chemical sand dollars—but if it enables also important to educate stu-
the previous year and water smell,” said Mattison. “And you immediately to start reduc- dents on how to live greener
Over the years, Suffolk has consumption by eight percent, we buy our furniture and ma- ing your energy consumption lives. Starting in the fall Suffolk
worked to reduce waste and en- “amounting to approximate- terial regionally (mostly from by 20 percent, that’s a good will have Eco Ambassador Pro-
ergy consumption by modify- ly 650,000 gallons of water.” Canada). Structural materi- thing, and it makes a lot of gram where students educate
ing its buildings and educating Among measures Suffolk als like steel are used from re- sense to begin testing in those their peers throughout the cam-
the student body on maintain- has taken to reduce energy and cycled content and earn points types of technologies. It’s al- pus, in addition to the Eco Rep
ing a greener lifestyle. These water consumption are the in- [for LEED certification.]” ready saving money.” In Fen- Program that was implemented
feats have paid off financially, stallation of low flow shower A major component to ton alone electricity costs went last year in the dorms. Four stu-
environmentally, and have heads, toilets and faucets, as Suffolk’s sustainability plan down by $25,000 from 2008 to dents have already been hired
earned the school recognition a well as the conversion of the was the installation of a 2009 and went down $400,000 for the Eco Ambassador posi-
by the Princeton Review, by Sawyer Buildings boiler from tool in the Fenton building University wide. Mattison said tions, according to Mattison.
naming Suffolk as one of the 286 electricity to natural gas. Suf- called an Energy Manage- she hopes to have more En- Suffolk has also received
greenest schools in the country. folk has also installed dual ment System, which allows ergy Management Systems in- recognition from the Waste
Other Boston area schools flush toilets in some build- building managers to moni- stalled in the other buildings. Wise Program in Massachu-
on the list include Harvard ings with the option to flush tor how efficiently the equip- “Sometimes these choic- setts, established by the Depart-
College, Boston College, Bos- up for liquid waste using ment in a building is working. es that we make when we’re ment of Environmental Protec-
ton University, Simmons Col- only one third of the water. “[The Energy Management trying to do a greener build- tion (DEP). Suffolk was chosen
lege, and Tufts University. The Princeton Review System] is a kind of a major ing cost more than something as the program’s 2009 partner
The report was based off of gave a nod to Suffolk’s goal piece that you will see in most that’s not as environmental, so of the year because of its “waste
a survey sent out by the Princ- of achieving at least a silver energy efficiency programs it’s really nice to see that if you reduction and recycling initia-
eton Review. “It was very excit- LEED certification for all new anywhere because otherwise do have an efficient building tives and achievements,” ac-
ing when we found out that our building projects. The 10 West thing are very manual,” said and you operate it efficiently cording to Mattison, making it
responses had placed us with- Residence Hall achieved a gold Mattison. “You don’t necessar- that you can save money, and the first higher education insti-
in the top 286 schools in the LEED certification. Mattison ily know there’s a problem with some of those choices that you tution to receive the award that
country for our environmental said she hopes to also achieve something. You don’t necessar- made that did cost more money has gone to businesses, super-
initiatives,” said Campus Sus- the gold for the new Modern ily know if something’s run- are basically offset by the fact markets, and hotels in the past.
tainability Coordinator Erica Theatre project, which will ning 24 hours a day that doesn’t that you’re running a more ef- “We continue to receive
Mattison. “We work very hard have features like a body heat need to be, but with an Energy ficient building,” said Matti- recognition for our work
to try to be innovative and to be sensor connected to lights and Management System, it en- son. “Those decisions that you and we just had our best
continually improving our pro- heating, so that when a student ables you to do that. Basically make up front are very impor- performance yet in the Na-
gram and to find out that that leaves his or her dorm room it gives you remote control over tant because that decides how tional Recycle Mania Com-
earned us a spot in the Princeton less energy will be wasted. certain building functions.” the building is going to be op- petition,” said Mattison.
Review Guide was great news.” It will also have low VOC Mattison acknowledged erated for decades to come.”
According to the Princ- (Volatile Organic Compound) that the Building Management In addition to the equip-
eton Review Guide, Suffolk re- products like paint, adhesive, System is “not cheap to do—it ment used to run the buildings
PAGE 3 Summer, 2010

New cafe
meant to be New SBS Student Executive Council
'social hub'
for students
discusses plans for the future
Angela Bray
from 73 CAFE page 1
Journal Staff
featuring a number of differ- The new Sawyer Business
ent images, such as those of old School Student Executive Coun-
buildings in the area or even cil (SBSSEC) met on Thursday,
art inspired by the street art April 29, in a meeting called to
movement in Boston like famed order by Odie Fakhouri, Presi-
street artist Shepard Fairey. dent of Future Investors in Real
Student Government Asso- Estate. SBSSEC was inspired by
ciation (SGA) member and new this month's off site Leadership
Suffolk graduate, Jordan Nye, Education and Programming
asked Garzik, “Is there any conference. The event focused
way we can use artwork from on the Council with an over-
NESAD?” Garzik immediately view of services available from
replied with great enthusiasm, the Undergraduate Programs
stating, “Being a former NES- Office, future plans of the SGA
AD student, I’m sure that would and Sawyer Ambassadors ser-
be something NESAD stu- vices available for SBS clubs
dents would love.” However, and organizations. The major-
the point was made that there ity of the agenda was dedicat-
might not be enough time to do ed to a discussion regarding
Executive Council decisions.
“We really want The meeting began as a
representative introduced
to create a place each SBS organization with its
Photo courtesy of Odie Fakhouri

that’s central to mission description. The ten (l-r) Brendan Sweet, Michael Cohen, Pat Coelho, Catalina Lopez, Kendrick Perry,
Konrad Jazownik.
your social life... participating clubs included
the Association of Latino Pro- of the SGA, beginning with the tion members are seeking. The ing and timing. Vieira advised
we want to fessionals in Finance and Ac- President’s Alliance, which will council will address the social the best way to request fund-
combine counting, Collegiate Investors
Association, Future Investors
join the presidents of each stu-
dent organization (beginning in
responsibility aspect and help
those who are less privileged.
ing is to present the need as
an organization. One per-
something that’s in Real Estate, Information September). “It will be a place “[SBSSEC] is to promote son is to present; also, 10
new and that’s Systems, National Association
of Black Accountants, Profes-
to network, a great place for
us to get going. I can say that
the collaboration of clubs people are required to sign.

old.” sional Marketing Association, for helping in the future and

and the events put on by this
council,” said Fakhouri. “It
Additional suggestions
for SBSSEC concluded the
Women in Business, Beta Al- to get events going,” he said. will prepare students for ev- event. Round table discus-
this, since planned construction pha Psi, Capital Asset Group, Courtney Porcella direct- ery aspect, such as being sions and clubs working to-
will happen over the summer, and the Economics Club. ed the meeting toward Saw- in front of an interviewer.” gether (rather than compet-
and the date to order the tables, Assistant Dean Laurie L. yer Ambassadors services for Betty Lo, President of the ing) were main points. It was
June 1st, is fast approaching. Levesque of SBS followed the SBS clubs. “If you see some- Association of Latino Profes- agreed SBS groups should co-
SGA Vice President-elect introductions with a welcome. thing in SBS, feel comfort- sionals in Finance and Ac- ordinate meetings and events
Nick DiZoglio, 2011, asked “You let me know what able enough to approach us,” counting, presented a proposed to prevent overlaps so mem-
about entertainment pur- you want done,” said Jason she advised. “If you have in- timeline regarding Fall 2010- bers may attend each others’
poses for the space, which Riccio, SBS undergraduate put, contact Odie or myself.” Spring 2011. Timeline elements events and meetings. Methods
will be kept open after caf- academic advisor, regarding Fakhouri took the lead to began with freshmen and soph- included bi-weekly meetings
eteria hours so that on-cam- club needs. “If we can’t help, establish the mission of SBS- omore outreach, resume and for individual clubs rather
pus events could take place. we’ll lead you in the direction SEC. “In part, our mission is cover letter buildup, network- than weekly, and a monthly
Senior Christina Panagio- of someone who can help.” He to prepare Suffolk University ing, and professionalism. Ju- SBSSEC meeting followed by
takos stated, “Something that I said that the Undergraduate students for what comes af- nior and senior targeted events an SBSSEC-sponsored event.
think would go very well would Programs Office can provide ter a four year education,” he are scheduled during second Another proposition was to
be a projector that could come SBS organizations with mate- said. "We can do this by col- semester, as well as an intern- combine two events for a more
down for baseball games.” Pro- rials such as reusable logo-de- laborating qualitative speaker ship and co-op expo. “We need professional outcome and to
vost Barry Brown responded signed poster boards, SBSSEC events with an emphasis on to plan around events such as possibly receive higher funding.
very positively to the idea. Suf- calendar of events, poster- professional development." midterms and finals, which are The final agreements were
folk does not have on-campus boards, promotional items, and The discussion contin- things that keep people from to prioritize monthly meet-
viewings of Red Sox games the distribution of mass emails. ued regarding focus on the attending our events,” said Lo. ings (each chaired by a dif-
or any other sporting events. The Undergraduate Programs group members and target- “The timeline is one of the ferent organization, yet one
Provost Barry Brown ended Office is also offering use of ing the students. A possible goals in mind for you,” said Lo. consistent, yearly facilitator),
the meeting, saying that, “We’re the 8th floor display case and future event is an internship She explained the priority to submission and distribution
very excited about this, and I general advice as requested. fair exclusively for the Saw- get undergrads more involved of SBS club and organiza-
will spend my days there when “The number one thing is yer Business School. Porcella and polish up the resumes of tion mission statements, and
it’s done.” Brown also said that to get students involved,” said pointed this out as a way to upperclassmen. “We are pro- completion of schedules using
the university hopes to develop Professor Whalen, impressed help improve career services. viding professional develop- the calendar in the SLI office.
more of these spaces in the next with the initiative for involve- “The most rewarding thing ment resources and will ulti- “This process is really
year or so, and that construc- ment. “[SBSSEC] will go a long, is getting a call or an email from mately build up the university good; the process matters,”
tion of this space should be long way. Whatever I can do a student saying they got a job to recruit students,” she said. said Levesque. “It takes time
completed by the time students for you, please come see me.” or internship,” said Fakhouri. Fakhouri and Vieira con- to figure out how to get there.
return for the fall semester. SGA President Mitch Vieira SBSSEC will work with templated the details of plan- Trust the process and it will pay
next discussed the future plans career services for the direc- ning events, such as budget- off after a couple of meetings.”
PAGE 4 Summer, 2010

Meet your orientation leaders

Kelsey Trenti, 2011 Tomas Robaina, 2012

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Trenti

Orientation Leader Kelsi Trenti (right) and Vice President of Student

Affairs Nancy Stoll.
Angela Bray tion and New Student Programs Man-
Photo courtesy of Kelsey Trenti
Journal Staff ager, and Finance Committee Liaison.
“The connections you make Angela Bray said Robaina. “Brian LeFort and Kris-
“I wanted to be an orientation lead- and people you meet are great, Journal Staff ten Kelly were my orientation lead-
er from the time I left my orientation and I can confidently say this is ers, and they were the first people to
because I loved the environment, staff, one of the best jobs I have had in As freshman orientation approach- show me that at Suffolk you aren’t just
and Suffolk,” said Kelsey Trenti, who is terms of balancing fun and work.” es, Tomas Robaina is enthusiastic about your ID number, but a real person.”
returning as an orientation leader for a When asked for memorable story of returning for his second year as an ori- His most memorable moment as
third time this summer. “The staff and something occurring at an orientation entation leader. Prior to this summer’s an orientation leader was from last
job itself is what keeps me going back session, Trenti said there are numerous, orientation sessions, Robaina worked year’s retreat at Camp Becket in west-
each summer,” she said. “Not to mention yet she drew a blank. “The only one I as an Enumerator for the Census Bu- ern Massachusetts where there was no
the leadership qualities you gain from can think of was after the Pie in the Sky reau. “The best part about being an ori- electricity or lights. “At night we had
the job; over the past few years, I have ended (during an early arrival session). entation leader is getting new students a bonfire on the other side of the camp
gained insight on my overall strengths I, for some reason, thought it would pumped for their life at Suffolk,” he said. from our cabins” he said. “John Silve-
and weaknesses that have allowed me be a great idea to throw a pie in Karen Robaina is a member of the 2012 ria, Karen Phillips, Karl Hoffman, and
to further develop and improve them.” Phillips’ face,” she said, referring to her class as a Global Business and Mar- I were the last to leave the bonfire and
Trenti, who is from the Rock- boss and Director of Orientation and keting double major. He is also the were walking back to the cabins with
port/Gloucester, MA area, chose Suf- New Student Programs. “I had to, she President of the College Republi- just some small flashlights, freaking
folk mainly because of its location dared me that I wouldn’t do it with the cans and an SGA Senator for his class. out the entire time that an ax murder-
and the Sawyer Business School. exact quote, ‘Do it, you won’t.’” Trenti Robaina left Miami, FL for Suffolk er was going to jump out and kill us.”
As a member of the 2011 class, was put on 7a.m. duty for the follow- because he wanted to attend school in As both an orientation leader
Trenti is an Orientation Scholar and has ing three orientation sessions. “Glad Boston; he was attracted to the school’s and a student, Robaina has valuable
a double major studying Business Man- she doesn’t hold grudges!” she added. size and business program. He typi- advice he can provide for incoming
agement and Marketing. In addition “Before that session, on my way cally hangs out with his friends in freshmen. "Get involved and stay in-
to being an orientation leader over the there, I tripped and took down an the fourth floor lounge in Donahue. volved," he said. "That is the best way
summer, Trenti stays involved during old guy and his “junk” with me. “My inspiration to be an orienta- to meet people, especially since Suffolk
the academic year at Suffolk. She is Vice That’s a story for another time...” tion leader came from attending my is a pretty small school and you can
President of Program Council, Orienta- orientation and having so much fun,” keep seeing the same people around."

Write for the Journal!

Tuesdays in Donahue 537
Email us at
and visit our website!
Summer, 2010

Asia Europe
KABUL, Afghanistan – Two most senior Taliban lead-
BERLIN, Germany – Ger-
ers were killed by a U.S. precision air strike in the Kandahar
man President Horst Köhler,
province, as well as several other members reported the U.S.

resigned Monday after massive
military on Monday. Taliban commander Haji Amir, along
criticism for his remarks dur-
with multiple fighters had stopped at a hut in a small ru-
ing his recent visit to Afghani-
ral area on Sunday morning when the military ordered the
stan. Köhler was criticized for
air strike. Amir, who escaped from prison in June 2008, was
saying on a radio interview
said to have recently been in Pakistan planning Taliban at-
with Deutschland Radio that
tacks according to a military statement. According to cnn.
German soldiers serving in Af-
com, “the U.S. military said [Amir] returned to Afghanistan
ghanistan were only deployed
in April to lead attacks against coalition and Afghan forces.”
to protect German economic

Middle East interests. This sparked such an

outrage that Köhler resigned,
JERUSALEM, Israel—An Israeli naval raid of an aid flo- which is the first time in four
tilla headed towards Gaza resulted in nine deaths, spark- South America decades that a German presi-
ing international condemnation of Israel’s actions, accord- dent has resigned the post. “I
ing to the New York Times. Many of those killed were from GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – Agatha, the first named regret that my comments in an
Turkey, Israel’s most important ally in the Muslim world, tropical storm of Pacific Hurricane season, hit Central Amer- important and difficult ques-
causing the already tense relationship between the two ica hard last weekend, leaving more than 100 dead. Guate- tion for our nation were able
countries to escalate. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Ne- mala, Honduras and El Salvador have been reported as the to lead to misunderstandings,”
tanyahu defended the actions, saying they were enforcing countries hit the hardest by the tropical storm. Guatemalan said Köhler. “This criticism
a legal blockade and that they were acting in self defense. President Alvaro Colom stated that approximately 112,000 lacks any basis. It also is lacking
Israel said the attack was instigated by pro-Palestinian ac- people have been evacuated and displaced in his address to in the necessary respect for the
tivists who posed as humanitarians but were prepared to the nation late Sunday. Honduras, with 14 dead and 3,500 presidential office.” Accord-
fight. Israel had vowed not to let the flotilla, which was car- evacuated, has called a state of emergency. The situation in El ing to The New York Times,
rying 10,000 pounds of aid, get to Gaza, which Hamas took Salvador has been clearing up since Monday, as water levels Köhler’s resignation will most
over by force in 2007. The incident will likely intensify in- have diminished and the rain has stopped. But more rain is likely lead to debate of Ger-
ternational pressure for Israel to abandon the blockade. said to be coming and officials are monitoring the situation. man soldiers in Afghanistan.
PAGE 6 Summer, 2010

St a f f Editoria l
Dear Reader, other group on campus, will news or writing publications.
Gang violence: It's
up to the parents
benefit from your involvement. To the rest, join up with one of
Jenn Orr Some parents will continue to
The Suffolk Journal wants to Not to mention, you yourself us anyway. New and different
Journal Staff neglect the situation at hand,
take the time to welcome the will also move forward in life. points of view will only expand allowing their children to
class of 2014 to Suffolk Univer- Many may ask what the what can be experienced by a It’s a sad world when a look for attention elsewhere.
sity and we hope that you all point of this editorial is and group on campus. For instance, child must go to school un- The people of Dorchester
find your niche or organization why we aren’t taking the space our last arts editor was a political sure of a safe return, and, un- know that they are the only
that you feel you can make a to pump up our own group. To science major and he was one of fortunately, that is the reality ones who can get anywhere
difference in. With that said, that, we say we want involve- the best writers we’ve ever had. many in Dorchester are living close to ending gang violence
it’s time for some promotion of ment within the University Overall, get involved with in. It seems as though every in their neighborhood. They
the writing organizations on as a whole. Yeah, we love the something. Anything, really. week brings a new story of a know that the solution to the
campus. Scratch that, it’s time Journal. We wouldn’t be do- Make your mark on Suffolk. random act of gang-related problem is something more
to promote all organizations on ing all this work if we didn’t. We at the Journal don’t care violence in the neighborhood. than arresting offenders after
campus. Plus, we can promote ourselves what it is that you join up with, What is worse than the the fact. They know that pre-
Whether you are a fresh- whenever we want. It is the en- we just sincerely hope that consistency of these violent vention is the only option at
man, a transfer, or even if you tirety, however, we are more you do something throughout crimes is the growing breed of this point, and they are work-
are a returning student looking concerned with. This is a point the years that you are here. assailants and victims: teenag- ing toward it by develop-
to do something new, please join in all of our lives to be doing There is so much at your fin- ers. The latest known casualty: ing more and more programs
an organization. The Journal is a something beyond the ordinary. gertips. Grab hold and never Nicholas Fomby-Davis, who to keep kids off the streets.
great organization on campus Let’s get our feet wet and our let go. Welcome to Suffolk. was shot while standing on One fact still remains, how-
to get involved with, but it isn’t hands dirty. There’s no time to Bowdoin Street in Dorchester. ever: it is the people of Dorches-
the only one we’re promoting. check the temperature of the Best wishes, He was 14 years old. ter solving the problems that
The Suffolk Voice, the University’s water, we all need to jump in. The Suffolk Journal And he was a really good parents should be solving, i.e.
online news publication, is also To all those journalism and kid; really smart too. paying attention to your child,
a great organization to join up communication majors out Fomby-Davis was killed disciplining him if he runs
with. Venture is another publica- there, it is only hindering your after being pushed from with gang members even if it
tion to check out. Any of these chances at a solid occupation to his scooter, held by one means locking him in the house
organizations, as well as any not get involved with one of the

"Why are 16-year-olds

walking around with
guns and knives? Do their
parents not see this? Do
they care?"
man, and shot by another. to keep him off the street, en-
The boy who pulled the couraging him that he can be
trigger was 16 years old. an astronaut if he wanted to.
I say “the boy” rather than Why are 16-year-olds walk-
“the young man” who pulled ing around with guns and
the trigger because in a lot of knives? Do their parents not
these cases, those involved see this? Do they care? Gang
have the mentalities of children. violence doesn’t only affect
Desperately seeking acceptance gang members, as proven in
easily influenced, extremely Fomby-Davis’s death. The poor
impulsive – these are qualities kid died because he borrowed
shared between young children his cousin’s scooter. His older
and adolescent gang members. cousin is believed to have ties
But how can murderers be with a neighborhood gang.
compared to innocent young It’s a seemingly end-
children? The answer is simple: less cycle that all leads to de-
these reckless teenagers have struction, but the people of
never really grown up. They Dorchester still have hope.
are children caught up in a They once again are stepping
world of violence that seeks out up and assuming the duties
their very kind: young, alone, that belong to others in an ef-
naïve, and impressionable. fort to save their neighborhood.
Older gang members will To the people of Dorches-
continue to recruit these kids ter: I salute you. To the par-
– because, let’s face it, it has ents who allow their children
unfortunately proved too diffi- to advance the violence: pay
cult a task to exterminate gangs attention and set an example.
from inner-city neighborhoods.
PAGE 7 Summer, 2010

The Man Column: Welcome to House!

Ethan Long to tell you is, yes, that scruffy cross the same thing that Hill or the North End. Oh yeah, gest phallic joke in American
Journal Staff looking man is homeless and gave us videos of ninja bears? that’s another thing: don’t mess history, John Hancock’s grave.
he is indeed asking in a graspy Also, as you’ll soon learn, around in those neighborhoods. Just go look at it and read the
Hey kids. Welcome to col- voice if you have any change. the elevators in the dorms and Our right to live there is just as engraving, and you’ll get it.
lege. What can I say? It’s great Don’t wor- equal as the non- Other things that are lo-
to be here. Here are a few ob- ry, other students who live cated just steps away from the
servations I have that I just than the there as well. They campus are tourist destinations
want to help you understand, fact that complain about us like Faneuil Hall, Quincy Mar-
since most of you will prob- he was being up at night, ket, Newbury Street, and Chi-
ably learn about these things a r r e s t e d and I complain the natown. Even the North End
within the first few weeks once, he’s construction they becomes a tourist attraction
here. Some of them have to p e r f e c t l y wake me up with during the warmer months.
do with the University itself, h a r m l e s s in the morning. Don’t kid yourself, you’ll never
while some go off-campus and and he Here are a learn to accept tourists. They’re
into the actual city of Boston. even made few other things slow, they block the road, and
Some of you may have a couple for you out-of- they think Mike’s Pastry is the
made your decision based on a p p e a r - towners, which I best bakery in the North End
the location of the school. You ances on once was. First off, because the travel websites say
may have been accepted into Fox 25. you’ll soon be en- it is. Seriously, Modern Pas-
schools with higher name-rec- His name joying hanging out try is across the street and it
ognition, but chose Suffolk due is Spare on the roof over- doesn’t even have a fraction of
to the fact that it was in Boston, C h a n g e looking histori- the line that Mike’s usually has.
home to Daisuke Matsuzaka, Guy, AKA cal locations such You guys should really
Rajon Rondo, and Ben Affleck, John Bu- as the Old North look up student discounts as
all great athletes. This was a bier. From Church, Paul Re- well. Some of those super-
good idea on your part, because what I’ve Photo taken by Ethan Long vere’s House, expensive Italian restaurants
to tell you the truth, this city c o l l e c t e d Spare Change Guy AKA John Bubier at a local rally and Jobi Liquors. in the North End, which you
rocks. It’s full of culture, knowl- from the Don’t freak out. only go to when your parents
edge, as well as the things we Internet, he’s divorced, sup- most other buildings are pretty Also, Sam Adams wasn’t are in town, actually have
love most: social events. But ported by his wife who lives hard to use, especially when a good brewer. Apparently he some pretty sweet discounts
yeah, this city is great, and I off of the Red Line. Now, re- there are a lot of people wait- sucked. However, the brewing for those carrying college I.D.s.
urge you guys to make it your member that this is the Inter- ing for them. Take the stairs. company did name themselves Catch me in the fall as I prove
own. Take control of the city; net, so there is a good chance Trust me, it’s good practice for after him, and he is actually to America that Paul is dead.
discover what it has to offer.­ none of that is correct, but the stairs you’ll have to walk buried steps from our campus.
Now, the first thing I need then again why would you up once you move to Beacon Also buried there is the big-
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PAGE 10 Summer, 2010

staff Thank you for being a friend

SOUNDS Betty White hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time in her career
Jeff Fish female cast members Tina Fey, baker named Florence Dusty, Girls character Rose Nyland
Journal Staff Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, who was interviewed by NPR telling stories of her childhood
Molly Shannon, Maya Ru- hosts (played by Gasteyer and in St. Olaf, Minnesota, in which
After a career that has dolph, and Rachel Dratch all re- Shannon) in an Alec Baldwin- she would often hilariously
spanned over 60 years, bring- turned. Who wouldn’t jump at "Schweddy-balls"-style-sketch pronounced Norwegian words.
ing her from the age of ra- the chance to work with White, about her “dusty muffins.” In the digital short, the
dio stars to the Internet age, especially when the circum- White made cracks about most SNL players sang the Golden
which is beginning to shape stances were so historic? This bakers of her generation hav- Girls theme, “Thank You For
the very way television runs, is the first time Facebook has ing “yeasty” muffins, telling Being A Friend,” to White,
Betty White finally hosted made such an effort, which re- the hosts “my muffin hasn’t who then did her own hard-
Saturday Night Live on May 8. ally speaks to the ever growing had a cherry since 1939.” core rendition which end-
The 88-year-old actress has influence of social networks. One of the funniest skits ed with her saying “Happy
made appearances on count- White didn’t disappoint in was one in which White and Mother’s Day, mother****ers!”
Four Year Strong
less television shows and mov- her performance, which gar- Keenan Thompson played a Some skits, like the one in
"Explains It All"
ies, always stealing the scene nered the show’s highest rat- grandmother-grandson convict which Poehler played an early
Solid covers that will bring you
with her sharp wit and acute ings since the 2008 presidential team, part of a scared straight 1900s tomboy was only funny
back to the 90s.
comedic timing. Her most no- election, (when SNL is always program that made numerous because of White’s repeated use
-Derek Anderson
table roles were Sue Ann Niv- at its best.) White walked out references to being sodomized of the word “lesbian.” There
ens on the Mary Tyler Moore to huge applause and acknowl- in prison, and ended with White were several funnier skits that
Show and Rose Nyland on edged that Facebook was what shouting “WIZARD OF ASS!” were only shown on the web,
Golden Girls. Some of her most got her there, but added that, Another funny skit in- like a Debbie Downer skit that
hilarious recurring roles were “it seems like a huge waste volved Tina Fey playing a cen- the revealed the origins of Deb-
as Kitty Forman’s back handed of time. At my age if I want sus working trying to get infor- bie’s cynicism; her grandmother
and often angry mother on to catch up with old friends I mation from White, a crazy old played by White. It would have
That 70s Show, a crazy old lady need an ouija board. In my day, lady, who claimed her name was made more sense to put that skit
who always gets herself into looking at pictures of people’s “Blarfengar Blarfengar, spelled in the show rather than some
trouble on Boston Legal, and vacations was a punishment.” L-e-e-S-m-i-t-h.” Her pronun- of the other ones that fell flat.
as herself on popular 1970s White’s performances ciation of Blarfengar was remi- One skit that didn’t make
game shows like The Match were shockingly, yet de- niscent of her it online because of licens-
Game and Celebrity Pyramid. lightfully inappro- Golden ing issues was one in which
"No Limit (Love Clubbing Play
While White has always priate at times. In White played David Caruso’s
& Win Club Mix)"
been well liked by audiences her first skit after great aunt in "CSI: Sarasota."
Never gets annoying on repeat!
young and old, she has been the monologue, She wore a red wig and took
-Angela Bray
rapidly gaining in popu- White played her sunglasses off in dramatic
larity as she approaches a manner that has made CSI: Mi-
her 90s. This sudden ami a favorite show to mock.
boom in White’s career Jay-Z was the musical
may be attributed to guest and dedicated his per-
her recent role formance of “Young Forev-
alongside San- er” to White. This sentiment
dra Bullock and was appropriate, consider-
Ryan Reynolds ing how young at heart she is.
in The Proposal At the end of the show,
(Touchstone Pictures, White thanked the cast that
2009). For a woman of was “so dear to a
White’s age to still be so very scared but
"Dude Looks Like a Lady"
active is truly inspiring. happy host.” At
When did they start making
Not only can she still act, White’s age,
songs about Justin Bieber?
but she’s remained rel- hosting a 90
-Jeff Fish
evant and is as hilari- minute show
ous as ever, which is at 11:30 p.m.
why America has could not
fallen in love with have been
her all over again. easy, and
This swell- they had
ing of the Betty her sitting in
White band wagon the majority
resulted in a Face- of the skits.
book group called But White’s
“Betty White to host comedic
SNL (Please?)!” which brilliance
The Roots pushed SNL to get White s h i n e d
"Here I Come" to host the show for the first through in
Picked up the 12" of this at time ever in her long career. what was
Cheapos last week, very ex- It’s baffling to think that she one of the
cited. Gonna go see Late Night had never hosted before, best SNL
in NYC and try to get them to but she finally got her chance. episodes
sign it. Yep, that's my plan. White hosted the Mother’s in years.
-Ethan Long Day episode in which veteran
PAGE 11 Summer, 2010

You've got a friend in Disney/Pixar

Jeff Fish of his mom’s camcorder, with who replaced Woody as An- dy’s favorite toy for some time. to stay, also ends up in the
Journal Staff his room transform- I n box, moving the storyline for-
ing over the years, a mix- ward, and away from Andy.
It’s been 11 years in the immediately bring- up, the Upon arriving, the toys
waiting, but Toy Story 3 (2010, ing a wave of nos- toys in meet Lot’s-O-Huggin’ Bear,
Disney), the third install- talgia to those who the trash a seemingly benevolent old
ment in the Toy Story series, is remember seeing the bag end teddy bear that runs toy opera-
set to hit theaters on June 18, first one in theaters. up on tions at the day care. The toys
bringing all the charm and ex- Flash-forward to the curb, soon find out that they’ve been
citement of the original film. Andy, who is now causing transported to a hellish night-
A star studded cast featur- 17-years-old and the toys mare where they are battered
ing Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and about to head to col- to think and abused daily by a stam-
Don Rickles reprise their roles, lege, who is forced they are pede of small children. More
continuing the adventures of by his mother to de- unwant- problems arise when Buzz is
the now over-the-hill group cide which of his be- ed. The reset to his original factory set-
of toys, who are never played longings are worth toys es- tings and he once again thinks
with anymore. The movie storing up in the at- cape to he is a real space ranger, a great
deals with a theme that started tic and which are the back throwback to the first movie.
in Toy Story 2 (1999, Disney), for throwing away. of Andy’s This sets in motion the
coming to terms with the fact At this point, Andy’s m o m ’s toy’s laugh out loud attempt
that all children grow up and toy chest is reduced c a r , to escape the day care and re-
stop playing with their toys. to the core group where turn to Andy’s house in the
They decide at the end of that of central charac- they find same fashion that made the
movie that they will be there ters from the first a box first two Toy Story movies great.
as long as Andy needs them. two films, including of toys This movie is not only great
The film was previewed Buzz, Woody, Rex, headed for kids, who will surely love
at the AMC Loews Theater on Hamm, Jesse, Mr. to a day the movie, but for those who
April 28, free to anyone with Potato Head, and his c a r e have loved Toy Story and grown
a college I.D. A hilarious ad- wife. He puts them in c e n t e r. up with it for the past 15 years.
venture, which opens the a bag meant for the W o o d y, This movie should definitely
film, of course turns out to be attic, but decides to who is be the last because it makes
a product of Andy’s imagina- take Woody with him trying to the perfect ending to what
tion that turns into a montage to college, much to convince is now the Toy Story trilogy.
Image courtesy of Disney/Pixar
of Andy growing-up in front the dismay of Buzz, t h e m
PAGE 12 Summer, 2010

Easy Sudoku Medium Sudoku

The Journal
Takes On
- BP is still ruining the environment...
Minus 1,500 points
- Silly Bands are a new fad among
children, creating sadly shaped
animals and figures...
Minus 4 points
- Jay Leno is still on television...
Minus 20 points
- Noticing the "N" in the ESPN logo
looks like Boba Fett
Plus 1138 points
- The new Roots album is coming out
Plus 20 points
- The first issue of the Journal is pretty
Plus 42 points
- Tourists
Minus 1776 points
- Wes Welker recently showed up for
practice despite his knee surgery
Plus 83 points
-There's no more Canadian forest fire
smoke in Boston
Plus 12 points
Total points this week = -2005



PAGE 13 Summer, 2010

Sports briefs
Stanley Cup finals begin with a bang
The Stanley Cup finals began this past week, and while Bos-
ton Bruins fans are still reeling from their team’s crushing Game 7
loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, some pretty good hockey is being
played between two unlikely teams. Although the Chicago Black-
hawks finished second in the Western Conference with 112 points, Spring sports final standings
the Flyers backed into the playoffs with a victory on the final day
of the season. As the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference, the
Flyers have defeated the New Jersey Devils, Bruins, and Mon- Softball Men's tennis Baseball
treal Canadiens, to advance to their first finals appearance since (GNAC) (GNAC) (GNAC)
1997. In Game 1 each team traded goals for the majority of the
game, leading to a 5-5 score at the end of two periods. In the third, 1. Rivier 23-1 1. Suffolk 4-0 1. Suffolk 13-1
Blackhawks winger Tomas Kopecky scored the eventual game- 2. St. Joseph's (Me.) 21-3 2. Emerson 3-1 2. St. Joseph's (Maine) 11-3
winner at the 8:25 mark to seal the deal. Blackhawks goalie Antti 3. Emerson 20-4 3. Johnson & Wales 2-2 3. Johnson & Wales 8-6
Niemi stymied the Flyers in Game-2 , 2-1, to take a 2-0 series lead. 4. Simmons 16-8 4. Norwich 1-3 4. Emerson 7-7
5. Lasell 15-9 5. Albertus Magnus 0-4 5. Norwich 5-9
6. St. Joseph's (Conn.) 14-10 6. Lasell 5-9
Celtics-Lakers rivalry renewed 7. Mt. Ida 10-14 7. Albertus Magnus 5-10
8. Norwich 9-15 *All standings are final 8. Rivier 3-11
9. Suffolk 7-17 records.
After the Celtics took care of things last Friday to advance
10. Johnson & Wales 7-17
to their second NBA Finals in three years with a dominating
11. Pine Manor 6-16
Game 6 victory over the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Lak-
12. Emmanuel 6-18
ers defeated the pesky Phoenix Suns the following night to
13. Albertus Magnus 0-22
give every basketball fan their dream matchup. Considered one
of the best rivalries in all of professional sports, the two teams
will once again face off for the coveted world championship.
Starting Thursday June 3, the Celtics will travel to LA to kick
off the series, which was considered a long-shot when the play-
offs began in April. The Celtics, after all, stumbled into the play-
offs after playing inconsistently all season. But things turned
quickly as the Green found their rhythm defensively and beat
Dawayne Wade, LeBron James, and Dwight Howard in con-
secutive rounds. Pierce and the Celtics will see if they can de-
feat Kobe and company for their 18th title in franchise history.

Perfection never looked so easy

Although it has only been achieved 20 times in the history of
Major League Baseball, the perfect game is being made common-
place this season as two pitchers –Dallas Braden of the Oakland
Athletics and Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies –have
already made history for not allowing a base runner for an en-
tire nine-inning game. As recently as Saturday, Halladay, the
33-year-old veteran of 12 seasons, dominated the Florida Marlins
and reserved himself a place in history with the second perfect
game of the season. Braden, the 26-year-old up-and-comer from
Oakland, threw his on May 9 against the Tampa Bay Rays, and
made this not-so-easy feat look like a regular occurrence. Con-
sidering something like this happens once every couple years,
it is striking to see it happen twice within a two-month period.

World Cup ball controversy

With the FIFA World Cup beginning June 11 in Johannes-
burg, South Africa, a small controversy has been brewing regard-
ing the soccer ball Adidas distributes for the games. Although it
seems trivial, various players, including goalkeepers Iker Casil-
las of Spain and Julio Cesar of Brazil have voiced displeasure
with the official game ball. Company spokesman Thomas van
Schaik told the Associated Press that these complaints are new
to him. “We started using it in December in a wide variety of
leagues,” he told the Press. “All the response we have had has
been positive.” Other players have claimed the ball is “weird,”
and have gone as far as to say it is “a disaster,” according to ESPN.
PAGE 14 Summer, 2010

Athletic department holds annual Awards Night banquet

Students honored for work on and off the field
Matt West the Presidential elections in El Athlete of the Year award.
Journal Staff Salvador in 2009. Kelsey was Additionally, graduating
a four-year starter on the vol- senior Abdel Ouedraogou of
On April 28, the Suffolk leyball team, and was a captain Guinea Bissau was recognized
University Athletic Depart- for three of those years. Lead- with the prestigious Depart-
ment held its annual Awards ing the team on offense and mental Recognition Award,
Night banquet to honor the stu- defense, she was named team as he donated immeasur-
dent-athletes and coaches for MVP her junior year. Main- able amounts of time at home
their hard work and dedication taining a 3.81 GPA, she earned games, acting as the photog-
throughout the year. Each of the Dean's List High Honors rapher for both the hockey
the 13 teams at Suffolk handed as a major in International Af- and basketball teams. In all,
out awards to the players who fairs with a minor in Spanish. 69 awards were handed out
earned honors such as team Graduating senior Nick during the banquet for a very
MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Celia of the men's soccer team successful 2009-2010 season.
Most Improved Player. Special was awarded the Student Gov- All Photos courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
awards were given out as well, ernment Association's Student Baseball MVP and Charles Law Student Athlete Bobby Barrett
with graduating senior Bobby accepts his award from head coach Cary McConnell.
Barrett earning the Alumni
Charles Law Student-Athlete
Award, which is given out
yearly to a student who excels
in both athletics and academics.
Barrett was a two-time captain
of the baseball team, as well as
a three-time first-team All-Con-
ference selection by the GNAC.
Volleyball captain and
graduating senior Kelsey
Armstrong-Hahn received the
Charles Melanson Unsung Her-
oine Award for her tireless work
on and off the court: serving as
an English teacher for Latino
immigrants, volunteering with Men's Tennis MVP Diego Alvarado, who finished Volleyball MVP and Charles Melanson Unsung Heroine
the Andean Bear Conservation the season 7-4 overall, accepts his award from Award recipient Kelsey Armstrong-Hahn accepts her
Project in Ecuador, as well as head coach Steve Counihan. award from AD Jim Nelson.
being an election observer in
PAGE 15 Summer, 2010

Opinion: LeBron James sweepstakes all the rage

Where the biggest free agent might be might be headed, and why
Alex Mellion Next is the Miami Heat. De- round once. The team’s over- New majority owner Mikhail season. Would James be able
Journal Staff wayne Wade, who is likely to all regular season record since Prokhorov promised the fan- to turn the team around by
re-sign with the team, base a championship with- himself and propel them deep
July 1st is right around the would complement in five years, and he may into the playoffs? He obviously
corner, and with that comes James well, and give do everything he can to would be able to improve their
the beginning of the NBA free the Heat two franchise- sign James to a huge con- win total, but by how much?
agency period, where all the caliber players. Heat tract. Part owner and Hip- Last up is the Chicago
players whose contracts ended fans would love to hear Hop mogul Jay-Z, who is Bulls, where James would
are free to sign with a team of announcers scream, James's close friend, will stand the best chance of com-
their choosing. At the top of this “James to Wade” and probably do his best to get peting for a championship
year’s free-agent crop is LeBron “Wade to James,” for him to play for the Nets. right away. They have talent at
James, aka "The King." James, many years to come. However, this is a all five positions, and having
the reigning back-to-back MVP Plus, I hear Miami is a team who started out the James play with Derrick Rose
of the league is quite possibly really nice place to live. season 0-18, and through would immediately make them
the best all-around player on With that said, 50 games was 4-46. They one of the best in the league.
the planet right now, and teams there’s only one basket- barely avoided the all- A starting five of James, Rose,
with a lot of salary cap room ball and James may not time record for losses, and Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and
are salivating at the thought like the idea of having to James may not have the Kirk Hinrich would be music
of adding him to their roster. share the spotlight with patience to suffer through to Bulls fans’ ears. Plus James
The LeBron James sweep- Wade. Also, there aren’t a couple losing seasons would be able to have a say in
stakes will come down to six many other building before the team can con- who the team hires to fill the
teams, including the Cleve- blocks other than Wade tend for a championship. head coaching vacancy, which
land Cavaliers, his current being on the team. Next up is the New could go to a high-profile candi-
team. The other teams who The Los Angeles York Knicks, who are go- date such as Mike Krzyzewski,
figure to be in the mix to land Clippers have a lot of ing into the off-season John Calipari or Phil Jackson.
James’ services are the New good, young talent on with the most cap room, A move like this would
Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, the team that could and will be able to offer ensure endless comparisons
Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat entice someone like Photo property of Dave Hogg/Wikicommons
James a huge contract. If to Michael Jordan, and James
and Los Angeles Clippers. LeBron James to come the team manages to sign would be judged on how
If he were to stay with the and play with. Shoot-
Signing James (above) has turned into the James, expect one of the many titles he can bring to the
Cavaliers he would likely have ing guard Eric Gor- other marquee free agents championship-starved city of
biggest sports story on the planet. Where
a big say in who the team hires don, who averaged 17 (i.e. Chris Bosh, Joe John- Chicago. The pressure would
as their next head coach. If points-per-game last he goes will change the landscape of the son, Amare Stoudemire) be on James to bring this elu-
he decides to re-sign with the season, and 7-footer NBA for years to come. to follow suit and sign sive title to the team within
team, he would likely have a Chris Kaman, who with the them as well. the first year or two, otherwise
say in roster moves and other averaged 18 points and nine 1971 is 155-2,032, which is good Knicks fans have had July 1, he would be considered a fail-
front office decisions as well. rebounds, are proven play- for 877 games below .500. I 2010, the first day of free-agen- ure. The stress of living up
Conversely, seven years makers. In addition, Blake doubt James would want to go cy, circled on their calendar for to Michael Jordan’s legacy in
without a championship has Griffin will be making his long- to this sorry excuse for a team. quite some time now. Is the al- Chicago may prove to be too
been far too long of a wait for awaited debut after missing The New Jersey Nets are lure of playing 41 games a year much for James to handle if he
Cavaliers fans, who expected the past season with an injury. also an interesting destination, at Madison Square Garden too decides to sign with the team.
James to bring the city a title But they are the Clippers, because like the Clippers, they tempting for James to pass up? And hey, if all else fails,
within the first few years. If who are basketball’s equiva- have a lot of young, raw tal- The team hasn’t won a maybe King James can come
he re-signs with the team and lent to the Chicago Cubs. The ent who can help James finally championship since 1973, fin- play for the Boston Celt-
still fails to bring a cham- team has made a total of seven get over the hump. The Nets ished no better than third ics. I’m sure he’d love to
pionship home, expect him playoff appearances in their have the number three pick in place in the division the last play for a winner and help
to become Cleveland’s big- 40 years of existence, and has the draft which will help aug- ten years, and hasn’t made the us raise multiple banners.
gest pariah relatively quickly. only advanced past the first ment a good young nucleus. playoffs since the 2003-2004

Boston Bruins collapse: Worst in sports history

Mike Giannattasio ently. The Bruins lost Game- have predicted this outcome. from such deficits, especially in for example, are 94-0 all time
Journal Staff 4 in overtime by the score It was shocking and de- an away game, and especially when starting the series 3-0.
of 5-4 and then lost the next pressing to watch the Bruins in the deciding game of a play- The Bruins have always
three games to blow the series. choke and lose the contest. It off series; but the Flyers did. seemed to let their fans down
What is even worse is the was even more astounding Sure, the Bruins are not every postseason. Most Bruins
fact that the Flyers trailed the the only team to lose a series fans will surely remember the
On May 5, the Boston Bru-
Bruins in Game-7, 3-0 and ral- after being up 3-0. Bostonians heartbreaking Game 7 loss to
ins had a 3-0 series lead against
lied back to win the game and all remember with great plea- the Carolina Hurricanes dur-
the Philadelphia Flyers. Al-
the series 4-3. It was with- sure the New York Yankees ing the 2009 season as well
most every fan in New England
out a doubt the biggest choke blowing their 3-0 lead to the as the 2004 season in which
thought the team would easily
ever in professional sports. Red Sox in the 2004 American they lost in the first round af-
sweep the series and move onto
When the Bruins led 3-0 in League Championship Series. ter winning the conference.
the Eastern Conference Finals.
Game 7, everyone watching felt There were also three oth- The Bruins choked away
New Englanders envi-
a sense of relief that they were er NHL hockey teams prior to the series twice this postsea-
sioned Zdeno Chara and com-
not going to blow the series. the Bruins who came back to son which makes them the big-
pany capturing their first Stan-
The Bruins came out strong and win the series after being down gest sports choke of all time.
ley Cup Trophy since 1972; but
even beloved ESPN NHL ana- that they blew 3-0 leads twice. 3-0, but none of them blew 3-0 It is going to be a long offsea-
things turned out quite differ-
lyst Barry Melrose could never Teams rarely come back leads in Game 7. NBA teams, son for the Bruins, and it is
PAGE 16 Summer, 2010

Men's tennis wins second GNAC title with perfect season

Mike Giannattasio finished his season an amaz- won both his singles and dou- in singles action, while Staley
lost his first match of the season
Journal Staff ing 10-0 overall in singles play. bles matches. Samander got his finished the season 6-4 overall.
in singles play, as he was forced
Orkin also teamed up with tenth victory of the season in Senior Justin Ayoub con-to retire in the second set of his
singles match due to back stiff-
In what turned out to be
ness. Strader was the GNAC
an incredible season for the
Co-Rookie of the Year and fin-
Suffolk University men’s ten-
ished his season 10-1 in singles
nis team, the squad finished
play and 9-2 in doubles play.
the regular season with a
Many other Rams players
perfect 11-0 record and cap-
put up great overall stats all
tured their second consecu-
season long. Diego Alvarado
tive Great Northeast Athletic
(Boston, Ma) finished his sea-
Conference championship.
son 7-4 in singles play and
It was the first time the
9-2 overall in doubles play.
Rams finished their season
Ultimately, the Rams hope
undefeated in the program’s
to get a healthy balance of con-
impressive history; and they
tributions from next year’s crop
simply made it look too easy.
of players. Allan Wang (Taipei,
The Rams won eight of their
Taiwan), Dachuan Zhu (Beijing,
first nine matches by scores
China), and Daniel Kelly (Nash-
of 9-0, and 8-1, respectively.
ua, NH), all had great freshmen
Suffolk defeated Emer-
seasons and will be expected to
son College 5-4 on April 24
carry that over to next season.
in the championship match. Photo property of Suffolk Athletics Dept
More importantly, they will
It took an unbelievable four
look to win their third consecu-
and half hours to complete From left to right: Jared Orkin, Assistant Coach Isaac Stahl, Head Coach Steve Counhan, Justin
tive championship next sea-
the contest, with the Rams Ayoub, and Diego Alvarado accepting the 2010 Championship Plaque. Orkin was named
son. Steve Counihan and Isaac
getting contributions from Tournament MVP. Stahl will both be returning
every player on the club.
to coach this talented squad,
Senior Jared Orkin was
junior Nick Pratt for a big win singles matches for Suffolk as tributed for the Rams as well, and will look to take the team
named the Most Valuable Player
in doubles play. Both Orkin and he won straight sets, 6-1 and 6-0. getting an important point in one step further: the NCAA
as he won his tiebreaker singles
Pratt won the match 8-2 and Samander won the second the match as he was victorious Division III tournament.
set 7-6. Orkin came back after
finished the season 4-0 over- doubles spot with sophomore in the sixth singles position;
losing the first set, 6-4, before
all in their doubles matches. Chris Staley. They won their winning 6-2 in both sets. Ay-
winning his second set, 6-2 to
Junior John Samander also match 8-6 and finished the sea- oub is from Brooklyn, NY, and
tie it. It was an extremely clutch
earned two points for the Rams son 11-0 overall. Samander also finished his season 9-2 overall.
performance for Orkin, who
in their clinching match as he finished the season 10-1 overall Freshman Harlan Strader

Men's baseball pick up impressive 15 GNAC awards

Despite tournament loss, season full of bright moments
Matt West and on the mound. Other no-
Journal Staff table awards handed out were
given to graduating senior Bob-
Other notable awards:
by Barrett, who was a first-team
The Suffolk University selection, along with senior
men's baseball team finished Marc Doyle, junior Andrew • Sophomore Mark Addesa was a
the regular season with an ex- Babb, and senior Rory Gentile. second-team selection at shortstop.
tremely impressive 13-1 Great The team was selected to • Freshman Chris Stanley was a third-
Northeast Athletic Confer- play in the Eastern College Ath- team selection as an infielder. He bat-
ence record (21-17 overall) and letic Conference tournament ted .345 with one home run and 28 RBI.
was honored with 15 GNAC after their impressive season, • Junior Nick Travelyn was a third-
awards for the 2010 season. but lost a tough 10-5 game on team selection as an outfield-
Head Coach Cary McConnell May 13 to Framingham State er. Travelyn hit .300 with 14 RBI
garnered his fifth Coach of the College. After scoring five • Junior Alex Torres was a third-team
Year Award in his 15th season runs the fifth inning, the Rams' selection as a pitcher. Torres was 4-3
with the team. Freshman Jhon- bullpen could not hold on to with a 5.06 ERA in 48 innings pitched.
neris Mendez was voted GNAC the lead and allowed Framing- • Freshman Matt Sliney was also named
Rookie of the Year. Mendez, ham State to jump back into to the GNAC All-Tournament team.
who took over the third base the game, scoring five runs of
position during the season, hit their own in the eighth inning. Photo courtesy of Suffolk Athletics Dept Even with their tough losses in the ECAC
a team-best four home runs, Even with the loss, the Rams Division III Quaterfinals and the GNAC
while appearing on the mound can look forward to next year Jhonneris Mendez (above) played championship game, the Rams were rec-
11 times to finish the season as they had 12 freshmen on the ognized for their tremendous season and
well all year, earning Rookie of the
with a 3-2 record. He also had team this year, many of whom have a lot to look forward to next year.
Year honors.
four saves to go with that, made significant contributions.
proving his ability at the plate