Readme for the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack
by James Brundage
Copyright (c) 2009 by Microsoft Corporation
Portions copyright (c) 2009 James Brundage
All Rights Reserved
To install the Powershell Pack, copy PowerShellPack.zip to your Windows 7
computer and extract the compressed files to a destination folder on your
computer. Then double-click on the InstallPowerShellPack.cmd batch file from
within the destination folder.
After you run this, the modules in the PowerShell Pack will be copied to the
modules directory of the current user. Anywhere you copy the PowerShell Pack
to will contain the installation, and running the InstallPowerShellPack.cmd from
that directory will copy the PowerShell Pack to the current user's directory.
To run the PowerShell Pack, use Import-Module PowerShellPack.
To import individual modules, use Import-Module ModuleName (i.e. Import-Module W
To get help on individual commands, use Get-Help CommandName, for instance,
Get-Help Get-Image.
For tips on getting started using the PowerShell Pack, see the following two
documents which are included in the PowerShell Pack:
- About the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack.docx
- Quick Start to Writing User Interfaces with WPK.docx
If you have not changed your execution policy, you may get an error like this:
...cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled on this system.
Please see "get-help about_signing" for more details.

The PowerShell Console runs in MTA mode by default. which WPF will not allow.com/powershell/. or you can run the PowerShell Console with the -sta switc h. you should consider changing your execution policy to RemoteSigned . so you can run scripts within the Integrated Scripting Environment.msdn." This error is exactly what it says. to help ensure that scripts you do not trust are not run by default. because many UI components require this.ctor" with "0" argument(s): "The calling thread must be STA.In this case. If you attempt to use WPK within the PowerShell Console. you may see this error: New-Object : Exception calling ". For the latest news and usage tips concerning this PowerShell Pack. The PowerShell Integrated Scripted Environmen t on the other hand runs in STA mode. see the Windows PowerShell Team Blog at http://blogs. simply delete the individual module directorie s. =============== ACKNOWLEDGMENTS =============== All of the Windows PowerShell Scripts in the PowerShell Pack would not be possible without the amazing people who put their hearts into developing Windows PowerShell V2: Norberto Arrieta For Opening the PowerShell Engine to the World of WPF Vladimir Averkin For Making Remoting Good June Blender For the goodness in Get-Help Karan Dhillon For Triage and For Guidance Kenneth Hansen For Steering the Ship Dan Harman For Modules Lee Holmes For the Magic of Add-Type Arul Kumaravel For Herding Developers James Lewis For Keeping PowerShell V2 Jobs on Track Narayanan Lakshmanan For PowerShell V2 Jobs Steve Nelson For keeping our APIs sane Arul Kumaravel For Herding Developers Hemant Mahawar For keeping the engine focused . or Bypass. ============== UNINSTALLATION ============== To uninstall the PowerShell Pack. ========== DISCLAIMER ========== The Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack included on the companion CD is unsupported by Microsoft and is provided to you as-is. Unrestricted. with no warranty or guarantee concerning its functionality. These execution policies are there for your protection .

Refaat Issa For the ISE s Vision and Bringing V2 Scripting to Life Bruce Payette For PowerShell s Amazing Language and For Modules Ibrahim Abdul Rahim For Keeping the Integrated Scripting Environment Focused Lucio Silveria For the Integrated Scripting Environment s Ability to Script UI Jason Shirk For Script Cmdlets and tons of V2 improvements Jeffrey Snover For PowerShell s Vision Marcel Ortiz Soto For Upping the Scripting Ante Krishna Vutukuri For Remoting Wei Wu For Making Remoting Great Jon White For Focus And for all the Windows PowerShell alumni and Windows PowerShell MVPs that have pushed to make the language great. --James Brundage .