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Succession Enterprise

Meridian Option 11C
Meridian Option 11C is the leading PBX for medium-sized
organisations, providing a versatile and efficient host for the
latest innovative applications. All new systems are delivered
IP-ready, making it easy for you to move to a fully convergent
IP solution now, or whenever the time is right.

Is it for you?

Benefits and features

If you’re looking for a scalable
PBX to provide services for
between 48 and 700 users,
Meridian Option 11C will provide
all the communications you
need. It is also ideal for any
branch sites connected to a
larger corporate network.

Investment protection
Option 11C’s modular architecture gives you the
scope your business needs to grow and change

There are two packages to
choose from, depending on
where you wish to site the
• Option 11C Cabinet: wall or
floor mounted
• Option 11C Chassis:
Both units are purpose-built
for sites requiring reliable,
digital PBX functionality with
ample scope to increase capacity
and easy migration to IP
Telephony, without having to
replace your PBX.
Option 11C can support the
communications needs of any
organisation - from basic voice
functionality through to
enterprise-wide, unified
networks or contact centres.

• Take advantage of IP Telephony and new
wave, converged applications without
sacrificing your original investment
• Put exactly the right amount of power in the
right place at the right time, buying more
capacity as you need it, with extra line cards,
cabinets and feature packages
• Buy a TDM switch today, and open up a clear
migration path to IP telephony tomorrow
• Option 11C comes with Succession Enterprise
3.0 software to deliver all the benefits of a
fully converged solution
• Add a signalling server, and migrate in one go
to a fully convergent IP Succession 1000M
Cabinet (see Succession 1000M datasheet).
• Outstanding and proven reliability in missioncritical business operations and large call centres
• Flexibility to build a solution around your
business, with networking and powerful call
centre functionality
• Easy modular expansion. Simply plug in a
card to grow your system and benefit from
a range of software features and business

• High performance and economy from a
system sized and priced to fit your budget
and your business
• More than 450 features to save time and
boost productivity, whatever your
organisational need
• Features such as internal/external call
forwarding, call screening, boss/secretary
filtering, call -pickup, ringback and
conferencing all help to improve service,
teamwork and personal efficiency.
• Improve teamwork throughout your
organisation. Remote sites can be linked using
Meridian's wide range of networking options
to extend the full feature set to anyone who
works in your organisation
• Reduce call costs by routing calls over your
private network or via your data network
(using Succession Internet Telephony
Gateway). Savings can also be made by
running a centralised attendant service to
manage all incoming calls
• Choose the networking option that matches
your needs - DPNSS, QSig, Meridian
Customer Defined Networking (MCDN- Q931)
or Voice over IP (H323).

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unified communications (CallPilot. replace it at the end of the payment term.000 EBC (equivalent basic calls). • Applications such as voicemail (Meridian Mail).600 timeslots for call processing (32 timeslots per universal card slot) • 768 voice ports and 768 data ports if all digital line cards are used • 320 additional timeslots. There’s an in-built technology refresh option whereby you can upgrade or add new equipment during the term of the contract and. DECT. mostly within an hour’s drive of any BT customer site Flexible maintenance contracts Nine-to-five. With BT Contract Rentals Ltd*. Page 2 of 3 . all year. This a nominal rating: the actual capacity will depend on the software release. Call processing rating • Up to 58. etc. Mobility conference bridges and contact centres. Teamphone). depending on how your auditor treats the payments. as and when required.Benefits and features (cont) Call Centre • Option11C is the platform for a superb range of call centre solutions for delivering outstanding customer service: from simple queuing systems through to multimedia contact centres. lasting from three to seven years. 25-MHz Motorola 68040 Memory • 40 MB with 68040 I/O ports • 16 Power • 240 V AC or 48V DC input voltage • 50/60 Hz. • Consultancy. you can take advantage of simple.000 engineers nationwide. installation and connection charges. optional battery backup. • EC11 Mail Platform will increase the maximum number of voicemail ports to 48. project management. We have the service deal to match the way you do business – backed by service level guarantees. efficient processes and an extensive range of services to last a lifetime in business – from telephone advice lines and online support through to full business continuity for risk management and disaster recovery. you may be able to allocate them as a business expense. Contract Rentals Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Capital Equipment Finance Ltd. security audits. Software release • X11 Release 24 or later Service and support We invest in premium skills and back up our teams with intelligent systems. which could reduce your tax bill at the end of the year. up to the capacity of the system. • The largest field network of any telecommunications supplier: more than 3. including data backup. increase efficiency and improve customer relationships. there’s no deposit to pay and rental agreements are designed to suit your preferred payment schedule. Switching network • Non-blocking architecture: CPU • 32-bit. Applications • Vast range of business applications to help reduce costs. for conferencing. As well as being easier on your cashflow. Line and trunk mixture • Any mix. signalling. can all be added easily. development. to enable minor technical problems to be resolved on the spot • Telephone and web-based support helpdesks • Managed services including systems configuration and administration • Business continuity services. site configuration and peripheral type. How it works Capacity • Based on a 5-cabinet installation with 24-port Card Option Meridian Mail/CallPilot): • 48 universal card slots available • 1. if you wish. flexible repayment options to cover your equipment. networking and installation Plus lifelong support for your solution • Single point of contact through seven specialist service centres (SSCs) • On-board system diagnostics and remote fault fixing. or around the clock. part of the General Electric Company (USA) Group. healthchecks and disaster recovery *Contract Rentals is a service provided by BT Contract Rentals Ltd. software. Finance options If you want to minimise your capital outlay. it’s a hedge against inflation and.

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