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Delivering high quality products has therefore Due to our strong belief in long lasting partnerships with A global market requires global and local solutions. The equipment delivered by Huisman is often the critical main equipment. authorities such as ABS. professionals is on stand-by to provide advice.Huisman joined forces with quality and reliability during operations. has started early 2012 and will be operational Our product range can be divided into six main categories: Cranes. within schedule and ready for force. Bergen construction of our new production facility in Santa Catarina. The and delivery. lasting client relation­ships prove that we deliver state-of-the- All facilities play an important role in the Huisman production art equipment. Houston (USA). Innovative Solutions We are constantly working on new solutions and systems Safety. engineering company ITREC in 1987 to develop products stringent performance criteria and is certified by recognised Our extensive track record and the large number of long- China. Huisman in The Netherlands. our equipment is internationally known for its high and our dedication to delivering them as turnkey projects. Catarina. construction equipment for world’s leading on. 04 05 . has started early 2012 and will be operational in 2015. Perth (Australia) and Singapore. Additional sales. enable us to deliver custom- (Norway). China and the Czech Republic. Electrical and Software Engineering. in 1997 and in 2007 to Fujian.01 huisman products CRANES PIPELAY DRILLING Winches heave compensation vessel designs special projects Huisman is a worldwide operating company with extensive equipment onboard and its reliability is of utmost importance Reliable Partner Global Operations experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy to our clients.and been a key company value since its establishment. we believe add value to the market’s existing techno­ We have high values on being a responsible company and Huisman Global Services founded the Huisman Academy in logies. Brazil. Norway. in For additional local sales and engineering support. Singapore. in 2015. in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Houston (USA). Czech Republic. The construction of our new production facility in Santa commercial operation. Huisman has expanded its engineering and offshore companies. commissioning holds offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Winches. on location. Structural. during and after installation Our in-house design and engineering expertise. entirely under own management. The Huisman Academy able to use the best solutions for new products and projects. Naval. The Netherlands. steel construction company . we are in the most effective and safe way. fully tested. It meets the most we are inter­nationally valued as a solid. Perth (Australia) designed equipment on a turnkey basis. Founded in 1929 and originally a result. environmental and health impact of our 2011. reliable partner. Our service network is managed from combination with our production. Australia and the USA. our commitment to finding new technical solutions Therefore. to Sviadnov. Quality can offer simulator training on how to operate the Huisman Our internal disciplines include Mechanical. Service Vessel Designs and Specials ranging from stand-alone A dedicated worldwide operating service team of skilled components to highly engineered integrated systems.000m2 of total production surface. Generating over 100. Drilling Equipment. from concept to installation. Huisman in The Netherlands and our local service offices and installation facilities. As we have extensive operational experience operations is a priority within all stages of the project. API. engineering and service offices are located and Singapore are on stand-by to provide service support. DNV. Pipelay Equipment. Lloyd’s etc. production capacity from Schiedam. Health and Environment Training which. in Brazil. As a our clients. testing. This Schiedam-based training facility is used to support of our products. Huisman clients in operating and maintaining the equipment with a wide variety of heavy construction equipment. TüV. These innovations have been implemented into many therefore the safety. training Turnkey Delivery Our production is divided between our production facilities and service support before. Hydraulical. Brazil. as well as by remote access.

Brazil Bergen. Brazil & Technological Singapore 637882 Phone: +420 (0)558 440611 Fax: +420 (0)558 440631 Global Services Global Services 739 25 Sviadnov Huisman North CEP 88371-790 Development Zone Phone: +65 (0)6861 4090 Admiraal Trompstraat 2 America Services Phone: +55 47 3406 3030 Zhangzhou Services Pte Ltd sales@huisman-us. 363122 Huisman Australia Huisman do Brasil People’s Republic of China Huisman Norge AS Services Services Phone: +86 (0)596 685 7222 sales@huisman-no. Rio de Janeiro/RJ. Fujian Fax: +65 (0)6896 9003 3115 HH Schiedam service@huisman-na. 48 Zhaoshang Avenue For local sales.. Bergen (Norway).com The Netherlands 2502 Wehring Rd. Suite 300 Rua Prefeito Manoel Evaldo Services 800 Town & Country Blvd. Local Sales Office Local Sales Office Local Sales Office mail@huisman. WA 6831 Australia Phone: +61 (0)8 6500 7580 Mobile: +61 (0)420 683 349 06 07 . 4373 No. commissioning. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). 116/3703 Phone: +55 21 3232 1427 PO Box Z5189. Huisman has offices in Schiedam (The Netherlands). Norway 77 St Georges Terrace CEP 22290-160 Phone: +47 (0)5611 3300 Perth. Texas 77024 Volta Grande China Merchants Economic 36 Tuas View Place Czech Republic Navegantes/SC. Box 150 Global Services 3100 AD Schiedam Nadrazni 289 Production Facility Production Facility Local Sales Office Production Facility Regus City Center Huisman Europe City Center Phone: +31 (0)88 070 22 22 Rosenberg. WA 6000 Phone: +1 (0) 832 490 1111 Rua Lauro sales@huisman-au. Inc Huisman Ltda Huisman (China) Co. please visit our website huismanequipment. Production Facility Local Sales Office Houston. St Georges Terrace Perth. Perth (Australia) and Singapore. service and after sales Fax: +86 (0)596 685 7220 service@huisman-no. Rosenberg (USA). info@huisman-br. For more information about our service@huisman-au.huisman-cn. Muller. Huisman Far East Huisman Konstrukce sales@huisman-nl. TX 77471 Global Services Local Sales Office Local Sales Office Fax: +31 (0)88 070 22 20 United States of America Global Services Global Services Botafogo Teatergaten 35 AS Room 24. Fujian (China).25 Level 24. Huisman Equipment BV Huisman sales@huisman-br.

commissioning and (load)testing of the cranes we build substantially reducing overall vessel construction time and risk and time for the yard and the owner. Increased vessel stability. In either case. Our crane designs are characterized by increased workability and functionality for the owner. By having all engineering and production disciplines in-house.and offshore cranes. The crane itself undergoes an extensive Factory Acceptance Test before delivery to the client. at our workshop. Our facilities in The Netherlands. Our commitment to work on continuous product improvement and finding new technical solutions for increasing demands is reflected in our pioneering and innovative way of working. in accordance with international standards and are certified by recognized classification societies such as LR. China and Brazil (planned) have quay sides with access to open sea. we can offer education and training to support our clients in operating and maintaining the crane in the most effective and safe way. Providing real turnkey delivery to our clients is an important part of our way of working. A high quality level is key in Huisman equipment. we have extensive experience in providing tailor-made cranes. This enables us to offer installation. 08 09 . Besides a range of standardized cranes with options. multidisciplinary projects can be adequately handled making us less dependent on subcontractors.03 Huisman’s in-house developed and manufactured cranes have been used within the industry for over 30 years and have become the standard in the design and construction of heavy lift cranes. varying in size and type. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a reliable partner as evidenced by our extensive track record and the number of long-lasting client relationships. even under simulated offshore conditions. extended weather window and larger free deck space are examples of the advantages our cranes have to offer. With our own Huisman training facility with simulator. Huisman cranes are designed and built with safety as number one priority. Cranes up to a certain capacity can be load tested. Components used in our cranes are carefully selected from qualified vendors in the design phase and thoroughly tested throughout the production process and again before final installation in the crane. our solutions have proven to be cost effective in total cost of ownership. DNV and ABS. We develop and build a wide range of both on.

bolted The cranes are either electro-hydraulically driven or to the pedestal via the slew bearing. boom hoist runs from the top of the crane house to the boom tip and controls the radius of the lower blocks. the growing demand for higher capacities and our pioneering The compact design of the PMC results in a small tail swing. heavier applications of this crane type.winches. electrical generator inside the crane. Our extensive experience in building and designing PMC’s. crane house to protect it from the harsh marine environment. offshore installation located inside the redundancy is provided with the electric drive system. The Huisman Pedestal the vessel’s functionality can be extended even further. which can be used for various tasks including unloading of By outfitting the PMC with an active & passive heave supply vessels.200mt Protection of equipment inside the fully enclosed crane house Small tail swing Special attention for fatigue in heavy duty applications Ultra-deep water installation system (optional) Active & passive heave compensation system (optional) OFFSHORE CRANES & HEAVY LIFT OFFSHORE Huisman builds PMC’s with special attention to fatigue CRANES issues. a lattice or box girder full electrically driven. Mounted Crane (PMC) comprises a steel crane house. On our electric-hydraulic cranes. for example by installing large diameter drums and Huisman delivers a wide range of pedestal mounted cranes sheaves and high mechanism groups for critical components.04 Features pedestal mounted cranes Lifting capacities up to 1. For heavy duty tasks. 10 011 11 . All main equipment . The independent power supplies or an emergency supply. type boom and various hoist tackles to control the boom and redundancy is provided by installing an emergency diesel the lower blocks. The crane can always remain operational by installing two to increase reliability and to reduce required maintenance. like pipe transfer. On our fully electric driven cranes cabinets and/or hydraulic power units . pipe transfer. deck compensation system or ultra-deep water hoist system handling and subsea installation. attitude make that we are constantly exploring new and saving deck space.

including DNV. ABS Huisman crane features. Our cranes are Low construction weight installation. Huisman wind turbine our range of tailored cranes for wind turbine installation.500mt has introduced a range of cranes tailored to wind turbine the jack-up leg.04 OFFSHORE Wind Cranes footprint and minor tail swing. Huisman cranes can Crane installed around jack-up up units and floating vessels. like low construction weight. In addition to the standard be provided with third party certification. Minor tail swing and operational experience and based on the company’s We have built a solid track record in the delivery of cranes to Extensive lifting height drive to design and deliver new solutions that add value to renowned companies active in wind turbine installation. With Small operational minimum radius the market’s existing technologies. saving valuable deck space. Huisman minimum radius and the possibility to install the crane around Lifting capacities up to 1. These cranes are a result of many years of design provided with full electric or electro-hydraulic drive system. 12 (vessel) leg (optional) 013 13 . small operational Installation Cranes cranes for the installation of offshore wind turbines. the crane for this application Features Wind Turbine Building on the successful operation of the existing Huisman also features increased lifting heights. small and Lloyd’s. we Fully electric drive system installation cranes can be provided for application on jack- are even better able to serve this market.

ship-to-ship transfer and subsea increases the operational weather window and maximizes installation. The large crane house is designed to provide load is more accurate and much faster. Vessel motions for one running power unit. including DNV. The system operates sufficient space for critical components. KBC’s can be provided with Automatic & Manual Overload Protection System secondary controlled hydraulic drive system that works with a and maintainability of the Huisman KBC. Lloyd’s and can Constant tension mode constant high pressure. constant tension and man-riding capability are High redundancy level. hoist operations and heave compensation the response of the applications. ABS. The accurate and fast hoist system bearing to ensure long bearing life time. In addition. This gives the system a much higher of the winch drum substantially increases the lifetime of be load tested at the factory. This provides more accuracy than systems that use KBC is equipped with durable ceramic coated luffing cylinders The Huisman Knuckle Boom Crane (KBC) design is suitable wave prediction. increasing their with a constant power. including simulation of offshore High durability of critical drive and heave stiffness than conventional primary controlled systems. using multiple electro-hydraulic power units The crane is equipped with a unique in-house developed Significant attention has been paid to durability. The Long slew bearing life 14 compensation components Easy maintenance. Built-in stainless steel header. Cylinder reaction forces for various applications. The large diameter third party certification. the crane can provide unrivailed to increase reliability and lifetime. redundancy common practice in our KBC’s. The torque and speed Multiple electro-hydraulic power units provide a high of the winch are controlled by adjusting the displacement redundancy level. It is designed to increase safety lower loads to the seabed. Features Knuckle Boom cranes Lifting capacity up to 250mt and hook travel up to 3. using precise load control. constant over all layers of the winch. during deck handling. safety during operations.05 Knuckle boom Cranes units. including offshore construction work hoisting speeds and thereby significantly reducing the time to are well distributed in the crane house. using hydraulic headerand drain tank inside large crane house Increased wire rope lifetime using larger winch drum diameter 015 15 . During expensive wire ropes used for deep water subsea installation conditions.and Large crane house heave compensation are measured by motion reference drain tanks for hydraulic oil enable easy maintenance. keeping the speed of the hoist block durability and accessibility for inspection and maintenance.and Manual Overload Protection Systems.000m delivered Precise and accurate heave compensation system Unrivalled hoisting speeds Features like Automatic. away from the slew and subsea installation. keeping the crane operational with only Large comfortable operators cabin of the hydraulic motors on the winch.

The passive heave cranes in harsh and heavy duty offshore applications. This provides precise Cranes from 250mt up to 1. Substantial reduction of the dynamic levels. are available. This allows for optimal use of available space. application.05 Features Subsea Cranes Lifting capacity up to 1. wire rope and load Highly efficient. splash zone is achieved using the passive heave compensator In order to best fit every application and client preferences. In addition. anchors. This handled in controlled way. as subsea templates and manifolds and high lifting height is forces on the crane and the lifted object when passing the provided. positioning of these winches and the heave compensation range of Pedestal Mounted Cranes (PMC). hook travel. a patented Hybrid Boom Crane layout and results in a low own center of gravity. horizontal. Real time position control is achieved using the active heave control over crane. In addition. jumpers or lifting loads on high platforms can be compensation units. with low noise The PMC type is suitable for handling large sized loads such compensation part. spooling devices. a high level of customization in lifting capacity and –speed. A high lifting the lifetime of the wire rope compared to single drum main winches.and vertical heave in increasingly deeper water and severe weather conditions. low noise and low maintenance electric drive system Precise and accurate control over load during deck handling High redundancy level and DP3 compliant electric drive system Extended wire rope lifetime compared to conventional winch systems Automatic & Manual Overload Protection System Constant Tension Man riding High level of customization in crane performance and options possible Subsea Cranes deck handling of heavy components is provided.and storage winch type arrangement and using a modular design approach. capacity at large outreach for a large coverage of working hoist systems. position controlled heave compensation system Low dynamic loading on crane. a traction. this All building on proven key components. is based on the extensive experience gained To maximize vessel and crane operability in harsh weather with the deep water offshore mast cranes. etc. The Hybrid Boom Crane provides Using a traction. used in the same condition. heave compensation and lifting height is possible. additional tugger mounted crane and a knuckle boom crane. larger crane cabin. arrangement for the main hoist and multiple possible wire In order to provide reliable solutions for subsea installation using the high-lift mode. provides a high level of flexibility in Huisman has developed a full range of Subsea Cranes. reduced maintenance and no risk of oil spill.and storage winch type 16 17 .200mt and hook travel up to 5.and load movements. a high speed and large compensation stroke. new crane range is fully electric driven. Besides the PMC type. several options unparalleled performance in combining the best of a pedestal large diameter high loaded sheaves significantly extends like anti-twisting device. vessel installation work. has been developed. In addition.200mt have been developed. as a shock absorber. suction routings. tall objects like piles. a full range of Subsea compensator is a failsafe and mechanical compensator.000m water depth Large crane operating window Optimized. combined active and passive heave compensation system Based on decades of experience applying electric driven is incorporated on all Subsea Cranes. suitable for subsea system.

Over the years we have delivered Our mast cranes with a lifting capacity up to 1. This allows the different hoists to be positioned at the preferred radius. and be assembled fully in the factory and then delivered. Larger mast cranes are delivered in only three or four design and construction have resulted in a strong reputation pieces. The rotating parts of the crane are provided with totally enclosed slew bearings.06 Features Mast Crane Superior load curve Small rectangular footprint Low own construction weight Minor tail swing. outstanding and reliable tackle runs from the mast head to the top of the boom and performance during heavy lift crane operations. making maintenance limited. particularly for the use onboard heavy lift vessels. the load moment is carried by the mast and not by the slew bearings. resulting in safe. Our extensive experience in It consists of a fixed mast fitted with a rotating slew platform. had a leading position in this field. to client-specific requirements. the delivery of cranes for this application is incorporated in all supporting the boom and a mast head. The mast construction gives an inherent safety feature. Ever since. The boom hoist our crane designs. well protected from the harsh marine environment. saving deck space Low position of the centre of gravity Major equipment inside crane Completely electric driven Limited maintenance Mast Cranes Today’s mast cranes are driven by variable frequency In 1984 Huisman introduced the mast crane in the heavy controlled electric motors. Although standard designs are available. considering fast and easy installation. allowing for higher energy lifting industry. Our capabilities and extensive experience in easier.000mt. 18 19 . past experience proves that this crane type lends itself perfectly for tailoring Our mast crane is based on the mast derrick principle. This concept designs with even higher capacities have been reduces delivery and installation time and makes installation developed. controls the boom angle.800mt can mast cranes with a lifting capacity up to 5. this innovative crane design has efficiency. less maintenance and fewer components. The major components of the mast crane are installed inside the crane. for two specific types of mast cranes: heavy lift mast cranes and offshore mast cranes.

Electric driven cranes require fewer components Overall improved safety and operational flexibility on a low elevation. built In addition. from high tensile steel. and the ballast free design contribute Features like trolley hoists. The superior load curve is the result of the Superior load curve is equipped with state of the art technology. the centre of gravity of HLMC’s is located drive system.06 Heavy Lift Mast Cranes small foundation and allow for a very small tail swing. Completely electric driven and is beneficial for vessel stability. It is designed bearings.500mt. Wireless remote controlled making an operator cabin redundant. units. All HLMC’s are Improved visibility for the operator All hoist winches are installed inside the wing section of the delivered with a full. This enables handling large objects and contributes Very small tail wing for heavy lift vessels that are used for oversea transport to increased lifting capacity. As a result. which can also be used from the vessel’s bridge. a high redundancy level can be achieved. weight and the compact design of the HLMC results in a 20 021 21 . The steel structure. on our HLMC’s. The omission of ballast of the boom and a super fly-jib can be provided. Their capacity. load tuggers and sling hoists to a low own weight of the crane. which ensures a higher variable deck load and are more reliable then hydraulically driven cranes. The HLMC crane and the load. This Our Heavy Lift Mast Crane (HLMC) is a compact and powerful provides more free deck space and clearance between the Lifting capacity up to 1. Low own construction weight of large and heavy equipment. Most of the HLMC’s are Features Heavy lift mast cranes Low elevation of centre of gravity installed in a tandem configuration. that is focused load moment being carried by the mast and not by the slew Small foundation required on improved safety and operational flexibility. electric variable frequency controlled (increasing safety) vessel. Additional features and increased loading capacity. range Today’s HLMC’s are operated by wireless remote control Vertical sea lashing of boom is possible and structure are well suited for this specialised use.500mt crane with high lifting capacities up to 1. improved vessel stability are common practice.

the safety and operational flexibility of the OMC even further. on offshore construction vessels or semi-submersibles. installation of the crane on the stern of the vessel.06 Features Offshore mast cranes Lifting capacity up to 8. The compact design of the OMC requires a pedestal. wich also provides housing for the electrical room small foundation providing more free deck space. block Many of the OMC’s are suitable for ultra deepwater operations ultra deepwater hoist system. The larger has a low weight as the crane is built up from high tensile OMC’s are fully revolving and are therefore equipped with a steel and doesn’t require ballast weight. When the crane is outfitted tuggers and sling hoists are common practice on the Huisman up to 5. resulting in a lifting stability. single line capacity up to 300mt. providing more free deck space and increased vessel For a completely controlled and inherently safe load transfer lift crane using state-of-the-art technology. be installed. The absence of rotating winch column. especially on bigger radii. Our OMC and elevates the boom pivot to the requested level.000m water depth.000mt Superior load curve Large effective outreach Small rectangular footprint Simple integration with vessel structure Low own construction weight Minor tail swing. The rectangular footprint allows for with a deepwater hoisting system the traction winch is either Offshore Mast Cranes. blocks. Features like load tuggers. achieving a large effective outreach and reducing costs for integration The main winches are normally installed inside the crane with the vessel. Additional features like splittable easy integration with the vessels steel structure and direct installed inside the crane or in the hull of the vessel. Our Offshore Mast Crane (OMC) is a compact design heavy swing. dual main hoist and trolley hoists can be provided. The height of the mast provides a superior load curve an active & passive heave compensation system can capacity up to 8. leading technical demands drives us to increase the lifting capacity.000mt. The deepwater hoist system to state-of-the-art cranes with a higher redundancy level. The vessel Today’s OMC’s are therefore delivered with electric frequency functionality can be extended by outfitting the OMC with an controlled inverter drives. The OMC is designed for the use compared to traditional cranes. saving deck space Low position of centre of gravity Ultra-deep water installation system (optional) Active & passive heave compensation system (optional) Stinger suspension from mast base Full electric driven Offshore Mast Cranes ballast weight and the crane’s compact design reduce the tail hoist system winch is normally installed on the tank top. The heavy storage of the deepwater 22 023 23 . consists of a traction winch and a storage winch. Our commitment to find new technical solutions for increasing The cranes make use of a deepwater hoist system with a Technology in electronics is constantly improving.

Using a full. Internal bearing parts can be physically operational flexibility. is substantially less than in conventional slewing systems. Cranes allows for crane designs that can be highly tailored several benefits. needed. 025 25 . by the slew bearing. The electric drive system of the crane is highly redundant Given the experience built-up in the design and in-house components is easier using a segmented slew bearing and since multiple separate load paths are used on each crane production of large size slew bearings. In additional. Taking a modular design approach in the Tub Mounted provide a reliable and durable slewing solution.07 Features Tub Mounted Cranes 10-15% weight reduction compared to conventional tub cranes Low center of gravity using proven slew bearing technology Bridge passage possible using foldable back frame More free deck space available compared to conventional tub mounted cranes Slewing system lifetime up to 30 years Low maintenance required Physical inspection of internal bearing condition possible Replacement (if needed) of slew bearing does not require crane lifting Highly efficient. which improves of Tub Mounted cranes with lifting capacities up to 12. As one of the options available. Huisman offers a range since the crane has no tail swing as the uplift forces are taken revolving up to its maximum lifting capacity. This provides crane. energy consumption and noise level Aiming for a next generation of Tub Mounted Cranes. are substantially reduced compared to conventional tub Huisman developed this crane type based on a slew bearing resulting in a longer lifetime of slewing system. the Huisman Tub Mounted Crane is full capacity heavy lift offshore cranes. low noise and low maintenance electric drive system Precise and accurate control of slewing and crane hoists Full revolving crane up to maximum crane capacity increases operational flexibility Highly redundant crane hoists Optional deep water lowering system can be added High level of customization in crane performance and options possible Tub Mounted Cranes space efficient crane house and slewing system compared to frame which allows for bridge passage and thus increases the Based on decades of proven track record in delivering high conventional tub cranes. fatigue in the slewing system Maintenance required.000mt. highly responsive electric Proven technology for essential crane components is used in inspected using a patented inspection method. A larger From an operational standpoint. required is low since all rotating parts are enclosed. deck space is saved workability. In addition. Huisman is able to using a patented method that does not require lifting of the hoist. Due to system. a deep and the center of gravity of the crane is lower as well. the Tub Mounted Cranes free deck space is available by making use of more load and are characterized by a low own height using a foldable back 24 water lowering system can be incorporated. In case mounted cranes and there is no risk of hydraulic fluid or oil principle instead of using conventional slewing solutions. an efficient load distribution. replacement of the slew bearing and other critical spill. The own weight of the crane is 10-15% lower to client preferences. Maintenance drive system and having a mechanical clearance free slewing the design of the Tub Mounted Cranes. crane movements are very precise and accurate.

The on a gantry which can travel in the longitudinal direction of design. comply with the ISO rules for standard shipping containers.400mt Gantry Mounted Crane called load distribution. These cranes are designed and built in close consultancy with This allows for a very economic relocation of the crane. the lower power consumption due to load in its hoisting system. ring crane was retrofitted and upgraded to a lifting capacity the vessel. floating for larger lateral stability. So far. AC electric drive technology.400mt to 5. This crane is unique in its kind with MOBILE CRANES SPECIAL PURPOSE CRANES Huisman has delivered six mobile ringer type cranes with Compact Ringer Cranes higher efficiency and the cleaner installation and operation.200mt at 23m in standard configuration.08 VARIOUS CRANES In addition. Based on the proven design of the mobile ringer cranes this also solves the issue of strict exhaust emission regime 1.000mt. The crane can travel along the quayside with full the crane movements. Besides a precise control over Skyhook. 26 027 27 . making the crane very flexible in capacities run up to 4. The range comprises seven models cranes. supported by hydraulic jacks for an optimal made by powering this crane 100% electric.R.200mt in 2010. the Compact Ringer Crane requires only 25% of the design and construction of the 1. the Offshore Mast Crane with its winches installed below deck mounted on a ring construction. lifting capacity and –height.600mt sheerleg ‘Taklift 4’ and two 55mt Gantry Mounted Cranes.400mt at 30m with super-ballast and lifting capacities up to 2.000mt and lifting heights up to 236m. either its areas of application. several Besides the aforementioned cranes. Compared to a conventional crawler type In 1981. Once assembled. Since that first success. The Gantry Mounted can move on location using its own crawlers. two of footprint. The crane is mounted on a large Another significant contribution in operational advantages is For the quayside at our facility in Zhangzhou. the crane crane. our clients in order to meet their specific operational needs. crane type is developed with compactness and low own FLOATING CRANES The scope of work consisted of the delivery of one 600mt The Heavy Lift Ringer Crane is a mobile crane which is weight in mind. All these ringer type cranes are equipped with a modular main delivered so far. compact ringer. These cranes feature twin booms This product range includes mobile. The design Cranes consist of heavy duty pipe transfer cranes mounted these cranes have been delivered. based on proven we have developed a 2. Huisman has delivered four Containerized Ringer parts and winches are transferable from one capacity crane of 2. Components including boom and jib sections. lifting capacities of 2. became a huge success. train or vessel. P. Huisman delivers a Cranes that can be completely disassembled in elements that to another. by truck. and special purpose cranes. specific lifting operation. Just adding more of the same parts increases the sheerleg orders have been awarded to our company and wide range of fully tailor-made cranes for various applications. Huisman has now developed a full range of that exists in some markets and areas on conventional driven boom and fly-jib to achieve to best configuration for each Compact Ringer Cranes. diameter twin ring. This In 2007 Saipem awarded us a contract for the delivery of a set of three cranes for their pipelaying vessel Castorone. of China. for Boskalis Offshore. which substantially increases its area of application. with lifting capacities ranging from 2. An important benefit of this crane is its scalable modular included a unique ‘ocean-passage’ configuration.000mt. the first joint Huisman and ITREC project.

com 2015 .huismanequipment.O. 561 Phone: +31 (0)88 070 22 22 Fax: +31 (0)88 070 22 20 E-mail: info@huisman-nl.Huisman Equipment BV Admiraal Trompstraat 2 3115 HH Schiedam P. Box 150 3100 AD Schiedam The Netherlands Harbour www.