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1. M/s Shashi Steel Pipe Works (Pvt) Limited (Established


M/s Shashi Steel Pipe Works (Pvt) Limited, a member of Techno Group of
Companies, is engaged in a diversified range of activities relating to oil and gas
sector development and infrastructure projects since 1979. The company has
won recognition beyond the national borders through its successful completion of
several large and strategically important projects.

The Company’s Head Office which is located in Islamabad controls it’s

countrywide and international operations through a dedicated and experienced
team of professionals and supporting staff under the dynamic leadership of Mr
Abid Ali, Chief Executive and Chairman of Techno Group of Companies.

Shashi’s product ranges from Submerged arc and including spiral welded pipes
from 16” diameter to 72” diameter, up to grade X-70, wall thickness up to 20mm
and tree layer polyethylene coating of pipes.

2. M/s Mughal Steel (Pvt) Limited (Established 1940)

M/s Mughal Steel (Pvt) Limited is a pioneer steel manufacturing industry of

Pakistan, started its operation before partition in 1940. Mr Bashir Ahmed
commenced steel manufacturing on a very small scale by installing a furnace at
Badami Bagh in Lahore. At that time, Muslims had very few opportunities to grow
and progress as British and Hindu were in rule. In spite of the circumstances, he
worked hard and continued with his struggle when Pakistan came into existence;
there were hardly any industrial units. The country was in need of such
industrialists and capitalists.

Who would invest their capital for the advancement of the country? Being a true
patriot, Mr Bashir made tireless efforts to expand his business and meet the
requirement of the newly established country. By the Grace of Allah, this
business soon turned into a limited company and steadily progressed to become
one of the major company of contribute towards the strengthening of the

The durability and quality of the Mughal Steel (Pvt) Ltd is equally appreciated on
national and international level. Maintaining their tradition of serving the country,
Mughal Steel (Pvt) Ltd started the manufacturing of stainless steel for the first
time in Pakistan. It is the only company in the private sector that possesses the
facilities of re-rolling and steel aligning. Mughal Steel (Pvt) Ltd is also
manufacturing Alloy Metal and Carbon Steel.

All the products of Mughal Steel (Pvt) Ltd are produced according to the
standards of ASTM, AISI, SAE, DIN and SUP.

3. M/s. Star Cotton Corp. (Pvt.) Limited – SCCL (Established


A family owned and operated business having its headquarters in Karachi, has the
distinction of being recognized as the largest Trading House in steel billet imports and a
leading name in ship breaking industry of Pakistan.

Initially trading in Grains and Seed Cotton, mostly in Hyderabad and Nawabshah
(ancient cities of Sindh Province in Pakistan), maintaining a steady growth
constantly over the past 52 years, the company still remains privately owned and
many subsidiaries have been added to its family.

With the vast resource both local and international, at its disposal, Star Cotton
feels confident to diversify and expand its activities and plays an active role in the
growth of the Economy of Pakistan.

The Group

Mughal Steel endeavors as a vertical integrated company providing all industrial and
structural steel products under one roof. With a wide variety of product range, clients are
satisfied with our superior services, all available to maximum value. The group takes
pride in being a high performance organization providing world class products and
services while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards. Mughal Steel
continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative
amenities for customers' needs. Strategic investments made by the group group over the
past decade have resulted in the creation of tangible and intangible assets that are at the
heart of the Pakistan economy.
The plant is equipped with the following modern equipment;


A technological blend of Electric Arc Furnaces, from world's renowned manufacturer

such as ABB, GEC etc, and Electric Induction Furnaces is used as a basic steel making
route; with high quality ISRI designed scrap as input. The infrastructure empowers
Mughal Steel with a capacity of making 200,000 tons of Mild Steel and Carbon Steel
Billets annually.