Air pollution

There are many natural sources of air pollution such as eruption of
volcanoes, biological decay and lightning caused forest fire. Naturally,
earth already has its own air pollution loading. However, industrialisation
or just everyday routine has become an added burden to the existing air
pollution loading.
Modern society is highly dependent on motorised transportation
such as cars, trucks and railways. The movements of people and goods
require energy which relies mostly on the burning of fossil fuels, thus
causing emissions and noise with adverse effects. The air quality of the
different transport modes depends on the kind of energy, engine
technology and the amount of energy consumed. Within the transport
sector motorised road traffic is the main emission source while public
transport is environmentally friendlier than passenger cars. The number of
cars on the roads is increasing year by year.
Households contribute to air pollution mainly through the use of
energy that is required to run machines and electrical appliances such as
refrigerators. Refrigerators and air conditioners not only consume energy
but they pollute the environment when their coolant fluids released CFC
into the atmosphere. Chemicals used in houses and gardens are also
sources of pollution as well as toxic waste.
Although pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems,
many people still do not take this problem seriously as they should be.
Since the start of industrial revolution we have been continuously and
heavily polluting our planet, caring only for economic development, and
not caring at all for the health of environment we live in. such lack of
ecological conscience has cause severe pollution across the whole planet.
Levels of air, sea and water pollution are extremely high, and are
constantly growing.
The main sources of pollution are definitely industry and vehicles.
Heavy pollution not only makes our environment ugly but it also the
source of many respiratory and waterborne diseases. Short term effect of
air pollution on human health are usually irritation to the eyes, nose and
upper respiratory infections.
Ground-level ozone and smog can form when cars and household
products create unhealthy
emissions, making the air more dangerous
to breathe. We can help cut down on air pollution by making simple
changes in our daily life. One way is to consider alternative means of
transport such as walking or cycling. Both are great exercise and healthy
for the environment. Carpooling also help to reduce pollution

We should turn of lights when we leave the room. there are many other forms of pollution happening in our planet. It is wiser to use solid. The carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere not only cause pollution but also give more impact to climate change problem.Besides. do avoid purchasing product that come in aerosol spray cans. gel and liquid form instead. Each and everyone of us can do something to reduce the pollution. Air pollution is only one form of global pollution. Adding plants and trees to the surrounding is also encouraged. . Sadly.