Thermal oil heater PTOH 3.15/25 (acc.

to offer 6562-115258-02) = 1 unit,
Vorpruefzeichung (drawing included) = 1 unit, Festigkeitsnachweis (stess calculation
included) = 1 unit, Fischer levelswitch 10 NS90 = 1 unit, PT 100 sensor (for thermowell)
= 3 unit, Emerto tubing 8 mm (with connectors) = 30 meter, Packing with foil (included)
= 1. *Remarks : Heater with factory pressure test (interne Druckpruefung), Orifice plate
(240 m3/h @ 0.3 bar), Headers (installed), Instrument bridge (supplied lose, not
installed), Insulation 150 mm (excluded), Delivery (ex work, packed in foil). (no. OF =
W 684/XII/15, no SO = 6021, no PO = 731/XII-BP/15)
Weishaupt dual fuel burner type WM-GL30/3-A vers. ZM-R comlpleted pakage
(included : gas train R2, Ratings range (nat. Gas) 600-5700 kW, Fully automatic oil side
and gas side sliding two stage or modulating operation depending on type of ratings
regulation depending on type of ratings regulation, Regulating rage gas side up to 1:6,
Burners in monoblock constraction can be hinged open to the left or right, type of
protection IP54, type tasted, type approval to EN 676 and 267, Comprising the following
components : Flow favourable (compact housing for large ratings range and high flame
stability), Integrated intake sound absorber for noise emission reduction in the boiler
room, Nozzle assembly with spill-back nozzle and integral shut off device, Additional oil
solenoid valve as additional safety device, Electomagnetic coupling, Air pressure switch
(low gas pressure), Pressure adjustable gear type oil pump, Oil hoses, Electronic ignition
unit, Pre-set mixing head with oil nozzles fitted, Weishauot electric motor with integrated
star delta switching, Digital combustion manager for star sequence control, flame
monitoring and valve proving as well as electronic compound regulation with stepping
motor for gas butterfly, air regulator and oil regulator correcting elements, Input for fuel
quantity determination (basic parameter pre-setting by factory), Display and operating
unit (ABE) with single line digital display as well as e-Bus and modbus interface, All
burner components are connected via plug, Gas valve train consisting of double gas valve
class A, elbow and connecting parts).
Complete with : Ball valve DN 40 = 1 unit, Filter set DN 40 = 1 unit, Reducing flange set
DB 40/50 = 1 set, Gas pressure regulator type 5/1 with safety equipment, inlet and outlet
pressure gauges completely assembled = 1 set, Screwed flange DN 50 Rp2 = 1 unit,
Connection piecxes DN 50 = 1 unit, Axial compensator R2 = 1 unit, Bend long G4-2 = 1
Complete with : Safety valve Fig 25.901 DN 25/40 = 1 unit, Globe Valve Fig 22.046 DN
20, PN 16 = 1 unit, Globe valve Fig 22.046 DN 150, PN 16 = 5 unit, Strainer Fig 22.050
DN 150, PN 16 = 2 unit, Difference pressure switch 21 D DS21 0-0.6 bar (connection 8
mm), Emerto stopp valve SRV 2x8 mm, PN 400 = 9 unit, T connection piece for ermeto
valves = 3 unit, Temperature limiter type 701150/8-01-0253-2001-23/005, Allweiler
pump type NTWH 100-250 mobitherm 605-240 m3/h - 85 m - 75 kw.