UAV For Aerial Survey


Why choose UAV? "Fast Accurate Fully automatic. clearer image resolution Less operating cost compared to traditional method ..Flexible deployment. Less investment compared with full size aircraft Fly below cloud." On Demand ..

Complete UAV System Airframe •Fixed Wing •Rotary Wing Autopilot System Ground Control Station Payload •Flight Sensor •Automatic Navigation System •Laptop •Netbook •Tablet/Smartphone •Still Camera •Video Camera •Multispectral Camera •Small SAR •Small Lidar .

Our Platform .

0 m MTOW 4.80 kph Stall Speed 30 – 40 kph Ceiling 2000 m Propulsion Brushless Motor Minimum Endurance 45 minutes Flight Line Distance 50 km Battery Ai Li-Po 11000 mAh .5 kg Payload 20MP Camera Sony RX-100 Take Off Launcher Recovery Belly landing / Net Cruise Speed 50 .0 Parameter Value Wing Span 2.Ai450 v2.

Productivity Rate • 5 – 20 cm / pixel • 400 – 1000 ha / flight • 3 – 6 flights / day .

.Revolutionary Mapping A fully automated aerial scan collects raw digital images from between 100 to 1000 meters altitude. These GPS positioned images have very high overlap.

High Resolution Orthophoto The raw images are digitally processed into the highest quality ortho-photos. These aerial photo maps are geo-referenced. .

.Accurate Digital Elevation Model As a valuable addition precise topographic elevation models can be derived.


DSM.General Workflow Request • Description of Area • Resolution • Deliverables Data Acquisition • Mission Planning • Mobilisation • Data acquisition • Demobilisation Delivery Image Processing • Georeferencing • Orthomosaic • DEM. and DTM .

Request and Initial Planning .

Mission Planning .

Mission Planning .

Data Acquistion .

Data Acquisition .

Data Processing .


Data Processing Input Imagery Image overlap min 80% Image sidelap min 60% Image GPS XYZ (exif) Image Attitude XYZ (optional) Geo reference (optional) Output Results Raster orthomosaic in GeoTIFF Raster DEM in GeoTIFF 3D points cloud Ascii format 3D triangle mesh OBJ format Google Earth/Maps overlay (kml.html) .

Softwares for build orthomosaic Agisoft photoscan APS Menci PIX4D Desktop Ensomosaic DroneMapper Etc .

Assuming that a single photo resolution is of the order of 10 MPx. 2GB RAM is sufficient to make a model based on 20 to 30 photos.Agisoft Photoscan System Reuirements Minimal configuration • Windows XP or later (32 or 64 bit). 12GB RAM will allow to process up to 200-300 photographs. Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later. Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later. Debian / Ubuntu (64 bit) • Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent • 2GB of RAM Recommended configuration • Windows XP or later (64 bit). Debian / Ubuntu (64 bit) • Intel Core i7 processor • 12GB of RAM The number of photos that can be processed by PhotoScan depends on the available RAM and reconstruction parameters used. .

Sample 3D Modelling .





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