Remote controlled
adjustable electrical


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Downtilt in GSM Systems

Downtilting of the vertical pattern reduces the radiated power towards
the horizon and concentrates it into the cell to be covered

mechanical downtilt
easy handling, adjustable, but downtilt angle not constant across the azimuth

electrical downtilt
constant downtilt angle over azimuth but not adjustable

adjustable electrical downtilt
combines the electrical benefits with the mechanical flexibility


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Downtilt in GSM Systems


Locally remote controlled adjustable electrical

access to hardly reachable antenna
sites is made much easier (top of high
tension line masts, chimneys)

ground access means lower
costs regarding number of
riggers involved and safety
equipment required



Control unit

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UMTS / WCDMA  Network Big difference of mobile networks of 3rd generation (WCDMA) : WCDMA is a dynamic network with variable cell sizes ! Comparison Access GSM TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) Separation of the subscribers by time slots Frequency plan certain frequencies per cell Hand over registration only in one cell (hard hand over) Cell size fixed  UMTS WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) Separation of the subscribers by codes the same full bandwidth in each cell registration in two or more cells (soft hand over) variable  Different network planning compared to GSM 4 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .

transferred data rate) is increasing the noise and the required power. a growing load in the cell (quantity of subscribers.UMTS / WCDMA  Network Power control and cell breathing Complex relation between capacity. communication quality is effected  base station reduces the cell size Quelle: HU Berlin ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 5 . coverage and interference.

UMTS / WCDMA    Network The network planners aim at a continuous coverage but with a minimum overlapping between the cells to avoid additional interferences The cell breathing changes the situation permanently from big overlapping to reduced coverage --> the cells have to be adjusted carefully by means of the vertical downtilt considering the average required capacity Big overlapping 6 Reduced coverage ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .

30-40% of the subscribers may be in this situation  Soft handover BTS BTS 7 BTS ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .UMTS / WCDMA  Network Remote electrical tilt enables a continuing optimization to achieve the best balance between interference and coverage also with respect to : Soft handover Due to the low uplink power levels the subscriber signals may be received by two or three cells and added up by the system  improvement of the uplink path but eating up of capacity.

trade fairs) 8 evening coverage (main traffic at home or in restaurants/bars) ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 . the downtilts can be adjusted for different scenarios: rush hour coverage (specific high traffic spots) working time (main traffic in offices) special coverage for irregular events (sport. games. music festivals.UMTS / WCDMA Network  Due to the complexity of the system an automatic dynamic ‚in time‘ compensation by means of a RET system will not be possible the next years  network operators fear an ‚oscillating‘ network and want to keep the control  but already now the RET system can adapt the network to the current status on the basis of pre-measured and pre-optimized scenarios.

via the common OMC (Operational Maintenance Center) is needed 9 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .UMTS / WCDMA RET Benefits Conclusion:  For the network optimization due to changing cell sizes with WCDMA an adaption of the coverage by adjustment of the downtilt angle is required  Local control directly at the base station does not provide the required quick and permanent access  Central control for a complete network section.g. e.

UMTS / WCDMA RET Benefits Benefits:  Up to 20% of WCDMA equipment can be saved  Lower bit failure rate  Smaller amount of drop calls  Cell correction due to network extensions can be carried out without sending installation teams to the base stations 10 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .

UMTS / WCDMA Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Concept: Each manually adjustable Kathrein antenna with appropriate mechanical interface can be upgraded to provide remote electrical tilt by means of a separate unit (RCU) Antenna with mechanical RET interface Remote control unit (RCU) attached  upgrading can be carried out also with already mounted antennas  decision for appliance can be postponed according to experience  further reduced number of versions 11 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .

UMTS / WCDMA Mechanical Interface Mechanical interface: 1 1 2 2 1 2 Adjustment wheel with twist-lock function. 12 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 . Gearwheel for RCU power drive. 1 2 Thread for fixing the protective cap or the RCU (Remote Control Unit). Downtilt spindle with integrated scale.

0) for all antenna types 13 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 . Application (-40 °C) .motor rotation detection integrated  Just one RCU (AISG 1.high torque for low temp.grounded aluminum housing .last position EPROM stored .no position loss with power loss  Powerful motor with low power consumption : .easy calibration .each wire is individually lightning protected  Integrated electronic for safe operation : .1 or 2.UMTS / WCDMA Remote Control Unit RCU features: Easy attachment via robust 42 mm thread Excellent lightning and EMC protection: .screened control cable .

240 V 14 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .UMTS / WCDMA Control Units Portable Control Adapter Central Control Unit Alarm interface Ethernet port RS 232 port DC -48 V 3 AISG ports for 9 RCUs and 3 TMAs AC 100 .

AISG conform ! 15 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .PCA .

CCU / CCU .CCU or Link CCU .RCU PCA RCU 16 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .RCU Link CCU – RCU (Antenna) Antenna OMC CCU Link OMC .UMTS / WCDMA Central Remote Controlling Central remote controlling:  Connection between the Operational Maintenance Center (OMC) and the RCU via a Central Control Unit (CCU)  Two link circles : OMC .

UMTS / WCDMA Link CCU .RCU Central remote controlling: Antenna  Configuration of the system via Laptop (antenna type. calibration)  RCU controlling via an additional cable and splitter  RCU controlling via an additional cable and daisy chain RCU Splitter BTS CCU Additional control cable Feeder lines ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 17 .

RCU For Daisy chain possibilities. the RCU has two connectors Signal input Signal output Protection cap For daisy chain: Drain hole Leave cap on the last RCU ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 18 .UMTS / WCDMA Link CCU .

RCU Alternative for the additional cable Antenna   RCU controlling via the feeder line by means of two Smart-BIAS-T‘s) RCU RCU controlling via the feeder line by means of TMA + Smart-BIAS-T TMA Smart BIAS-T BTS CCU Smart-BIAS-T Feeder lines ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 19 .UMTS / WCDMA Link CCU .

UMTS / WCDMA Link CCU .RCU Summary of applications NODE B 20 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .

just a standard browser CCU website  Access to one CCU at the same time 21 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .UMTS / WCDMA Central Control Unit Software CCU: HTML solution  CCU handles  power supply for RCU and TMA  downtilt signal processing  alarm signals for RCU and TMA  The CCU acts as a web server with its own IP address  The appearing website contains all  required control elements for normal service and installation  no separate software is required.

Kathrein) TMA manufacturer.UMTS / WCDMA Standardization Protocol CCU – RCU  The RET system is working according to the AISG standard (Antenna interface standards group)  The AISG is a standardization group with the mission statement to include the RET control into the UMTS standard and to define the interfaces and protocols between the RCU and the CCU  currently 42 members 22 antenna manufacturers (incl.0 / 3GPP is the up to date standard ! 22 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 . network operators OEM‘s  The link between the OMC and the CCU is not standardized !  AISG 2.

RCU Antenna Link OMC – CCU OMC Link OMC .CCU CCU Link CCU .RCU RCU 23 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .CCU / CCU .UMTS / WCDMA Central Remote Controlling Central remote controlling:  Connection between the Operational Maintenance Center (OMC) and the RCU via a Central Control Unit (CCU)  Two link circles : OMC .

no matter what type is! ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 24 .UMTS / WCDMA Link OMC .CCU Antenna OMC RCU RS485 FixedLine solution CCU LAN connection CCU-Control BTS-Control BTS Wireless solution The OMC to BTS interface is based on supplier specific protocols! Only the connection can be used.

but the IP / Browser solution is quite slow and complicate: access to the various CCU‘s only one after the other (especially with modem)  no reference to site names  with HTML the whole page has to be transferred even if only one value changes  ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 25 .UMTS / WCDMA CCU Administration Browser application OMC CCU CCU CCU CCU HTML  CCU The OMC is controlling hundreds of sites.

UMTS / WCDMA Antenna System Manager Alternative solution: Antenna System Manager OMC CCU CCU CCU CCU ASM CCU      The Antenna System Manager is a SNMP based software on the OMC computer The number of controllable CCU‘s and the following AISG devices is unlimited The actual data are stored in the computer not in the CCU (access is only required for a new adjustment) fast transfer due to reduced data quantity (specially in modem mode) Explorer enables tree architecture with regions and site names ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 26 .

evening.UMTS / WCDMA Antenna System Manager Combination with optimizer tool OMC CCU CCU CCU CCU Planning tool Optimiser    ASM SNMP CCU Many operators use an optimizer tool for their network planning According to measurements and calculations certain scenarios are stored With these scenarios (individual downtilt angles) the network is adapted to the current situation : rush hour. special events. working time. emergencies ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 27 .

860 10148 860 10006 860 10026 860 10140 860 10141 860 10068 860 10113 860 10046 860 10007. … 782 11055 .10578 28 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .11056 782 10577 . … 860 10030 860 10002 860 10031 Optional:    TMAs (Tower Mounted Amplifier) Smart-Bias-Tees Bias-Tee 782 10147.Product Presentation RET Components Components of the RET system:        RCU (Remote Control Unit) CCU (Central Control Unit) AC/DC power (3x RS485 connectors) DC power (3x RS485 connectors) AC Power (1x RS485 connector) DC power (1x RS485 connector) Layer-one Converter (3x SMB connector) Outdoor PCA (Portable Control Adapter) Connection cables Lightning protection / earthing clamps Splitter for DC-power and signal Earthing Clamp 860 10147.

UMTS / WCDMA X X X X X X TMA TMA TMA Power Supply and Alarm handling of TMAs and RCUs are controlled via Smart Bias Tee and CCU RCU UMTS RCU UMTS RCU UMTS Package solution Smart Bias Tee CCU Sector A Sector B Sector C OMC Node B 29 To alarm I/O Ports at Node B ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .

4 Mio RCUs are sold already (07/2011) 30 ©Kathrein/MH 02/11 .UMTS / WCDMA Antenna system >1.