Bible Quiz 2016

Minor Prophets: (Gr. 9 & 10)
1. What was the name of Hosea’s eldest son?
A. Simeon
B. Jasher
C. Jezreel < Correct answer
D. Tubal
Explanation: The Lord told Hosea to call his eldest son Jezreel because He would
avenge the blood of Jezreel on the house of Jehu.
Reference: Hosea 1:4
2. Where does the Lord, speaking through Joel, says to blow the trumpet?
A. Zion < Correct answer
B. Jerusalem
C. Jericho
D. Israel
Explanation: In the book of Joel, the Lord says to blow the trumpet in Zion, for the
day of the Lord is coming.
Reference: Joel 2:1
3. In the book of Amos, why does God want to punish the people of Israel?
A. They were worshipping false gods.
B. They stopped offering sacrifices.
C. They decided that they did not need any god.
D. They sold innocent people as slaves. < Correct answer
Explanation: The people of Israel were glad that God was punishing other nations
but they too were punished for the wrong they were doing.
Reference: Amos 2:6
4. Obadiah's vision concerning Israel's restoration described the house of
Joseph as what?
A. Fire
B. Wind
C. Flame < Correct answer

D. None

Explanation: And the house of Joseph shall be a flame.
Reference: Obadiah 1:18
5. God asked Jonah to go and preach against what city?
A. Tarshish
B. Nineveh < Correct answer
C. Joppa
D. Tyre
Explanation: His warning was forty days to repent or Nineveh will be overthrown.
Reference: Jonah 1:2
6. Who of the following was not a king during the days of Micah's recorded
A. Ahaz
B. Melchizedek < Correct answer
C. Jotham
D. Hezekiah
Explanation: The word of the Lord came to Micahin the days of Jotham, Ahaz and
Reference: Micah 1:1
7. The Lord tells Judah via Habakkuk that the earth will be filled with
A. The knowledge of the glory of the Lord < Correct answer
B. The awe of the glory of the Lord
C. The light of the glory of the Lord
D. The power of the glory of the Lord

(2 Samuel 21:16. How many years had the Jews been in Babylonian captivity? A. Divorce < Correct answer Explanation: God made the man and the woman as one through the marriage covenant. 7 & 8) 1.Explanation: The Lord is warning Judea and telling Habakkuk that His will prevail. Gossip D. His name means fool and he made a fool of himself in front of David and his men by insulting David. Michal < Correct answer B. Money B. Reference: 1 Samuel 18:27 3. Reference: Zephaniah 1:14 9. according to the prophet Malachi. Reference: Habakkuk 2:14 8. If one was a brother of Goliath . Food & Wine < Correct answer D. 1 Samuel Explanation: Zephaniah warns that the great day of the Lord is near as he prophesies to Judah. 15 D. What was the name of David's first wife? A. Joel C. 20). All four were sons of the giant in Gath (2 Samuel 21:22). Incompatibility C. What book in the Bible contains warnings about the 'day of the Lord'? A. When she told Nabal what she did. 7 Explanation: Goliath had four brothers that we know of. but God released the later generation. divorcing is to break faith with one's spouse and covenant partner. what does God hate when He has united a man and a woman in marriage? A. Reference: 1 Samuel 25:18 2. whom he married (1 Samuel 18:27). Ishbibenob and Saph were born to the giant in Gath as well as the man with twelve fingers and twelve toes. 70 < Correct answer B. Mishna Explanation: Saul promised David his oldest daughter but gave her to someone else (1 Samuel 18:19). Abigail C. Reference: Zechariah 1:12 I Samuel – 2 Chronicles: (Gr. Childlessness B. they had lost their homeland. 25 Explanation: Because the forefathers of the Jewish returnees had chosen evil. 10 C. Cattle Explanation: Nabal was Abigail's husband. Numbers D. Sheep C. 4 < Correct answer C. 2 B. giving them another chance. He then promised him Michal. Bathsheba D. Zephaniah < Correct answer B. Reference: Malachi 2:16 10. Elhanan killed a brother of Goliath (2 Samuel 21:19). 5 D. Nabal dropped dead (1 Samuel 25:37). David was ready to take revenge when Abigail sent donkeys loaded with food and wine as a way of apologizing (1 Samuel 25:18). 18. How many brothers did Goliath have? A. What did Abigail give David to apologize for her husband's behavior? A.

How did Elisha clean the water at Jericho. He added salt < Correct answer C. 50 B.then they all were. of Reuben the firstborn of Israel were. Hanoch. A Chariot < Correct answer Explanation: Elijah told Ahab to get back to his city before the rain started. I say. Victory Explanation: When God asked Solomon what his heart's desire was. Wisdom < Correct answer C. Elisha B. Reference: 2 Chronicles 1:14 8. Who did Elijah beat in a foot race? A. He blessed the springs D. he was defeated by king Baasha D. Wealth B. Reference: 2 Chronicles 1:10 7. 100 C. Hezron. How many chariots did Solomon have? A. 500 D. Reference: 2 Samuel 21:22 4. including 1400 chariots and 12.000 horses. and Pallu. Solomon accumulated great wealth. Reference: 2 Samuel 1:10 5. he was righteous in God's eyes B. David D. What did Solomon ask God for? A. he sought not the Lord < Correct answer C. A. Scepter and staff Explanation: David was brought Saul's crown and bracelet. Why was king Asa afflicted with a foot disease at the end of his life? A. Ahab rode on his chariot and Elijah beat him to Jezreel (1 Kings 18:46) Reference: 1 Kings 18:46 6. Long life D. Sandals and tunic D. Reference: 2 Chronicles 16:12 Gospel: (Elementary) 1. he offered not right sacrifices Explanation: While there are a couple of mistakes that Asa made they are summarized in the statement that he would not inquire of the Lord. Samuel C. and Carmi. He added chlorine B. Crown and bracelet < Correct answer C. Who was Israel's firstborn son? A. 1400 < Correct answer Explanation: Because of God's blessing." Reference: 1 Chronicles 5:3 10. Reuben < Correct answer B. Saul Explanation: "The sons. When Jesus walked on water. Joseph C. which of his articles did David receive? A. Benjamin D. Sword and shield B. After Saul's death. Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge to govern his people. He prayed over it Explanation: Elisha was confident in God's ability to do anything Reference: 2 Kings 2:21 9. what did his disciples mistake him for? .

Apple tree C. Reference: John 15:1 7. 10 C. one on his right and one on his left. A ghost < Correct answer D. He healed one man who sought him out (Matthew 8:2. Oak tree B. Reference: Luke 19:4 5. so he ran ahead and climbed a Sycomore tree. 0 Explanation: Two robbers were crucified with Jesus. Reference: Matthew 14:10 3. How many robbers were crucified with Jesus? A. Judas B. He may have healed more lepers than this. Who was the father of John the Baptist? A. the high priest's servant. 14 Explanation: The Bible gives accounts of Jesus healing eleven lepers. Mark 1:40. A demon C. Vine < Correct answer Explanation: Jesus says he is the true vine and his disciples are the branches. Olive tree D. How many total lepers did Jesus heal. As Jesus was arrested. Andrew Explanation: Simon Peter drew his sword and struck Marches. Mango C. Simon Peter < Correct answer C. Saul C. Reference: Luke 17:17 8. How was John the Baptist killed? A. 11 < Correct answer D. Luke 5:12) and ten at one time (Luke 17:17). Cedar D. Beheaded < Correct answer Explanation: John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod. Hung B. Reference: Mark 15:25 4. 1 B. Stoned D. as recorded in the entire Bible? A. John D. Crucified C. but they were not recorded (John 21:25). Acacia Explanation: Zacchaeus was short and couldn't see Jesus over the crowd. who cut off the high priest's servants' ear? A. 9 B. A tree B. Simeon B. 2 < Correct answer C. Sycomore < Correct answer B. What type of tree did Zacchaeus climb to see Jesus? A. Zacharias < Correct answer .A. 3 D. Reference: John 18:10 6. Jesus compares himself to what plant with branches? A. A prophet Explanation: The disciples assumed that only ghosts could walk on water Reference: Matthew 14:22 2.

D. Kill him C. He filled their nets with fish in water where they had not previously found any fish < Correct answer B. He walked on water. Worship him < Correct answer B. Galit . he actually wanted to kill him. Herod the King told the Wise Men to send word to him once they found the young child so he could come and do what? A. D. Reference: Luke 1:67 9. What miracle did Jesus perform on Simon's boat at the Lake of Gennesaret? A. Bring him gifts D. He healed the multitude and taught the Sermon on the Mount. Joseph Explanation: Zacharias is the father of John and husband of Elizabeth. He calmed the waters. Explanation: And when they had done this. Reference: Matthew 2:8 10. they caught a great number of fish. Reference: Luke 5:6 To God be the glory! Prepared By: Jerry D. Make him king Explanation: Although Herod told them he wanted to worship him. and their net was breaking. C.