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BRS Morning Shout

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22nd September 2016


Inflation, as measured by the

Asian shares rallied on Thurs-

perfect storm with both produc-

day, taking their cue from Wall

sumer Price Index (NCPI), de-

tion and US dollar earnings con-

Street, after the Federal Re-

creased to 4.5% in August

tinuing to plummet, according to

serve left U.S. interest rates

2016 from 5.8% in July 2016,

tea brokers. (4)

unchanged and slowed the

sus and Statistics Department

said yesterday. (1)

pace of future hikes, knocking

Sri Lankas planned Port City
project says its vision is to offer a

the dollar and lifting commodity prices. (7)

modern and sustainable lifestyle

The weighted averages at yes-

without comprising services de-

The U.S. Federal Reserve left

terdays weekly Treasury bill

livered to attract high net-worth

interest rates unchanged on

auction decreased once again

individuals in the region. (5)

Wednesday but strongly sig-

after a lapse of one week, with

the total accepted amount just
falling short of the total offered amount of Rs. 16 billion.

Tea continues to be caught in a


change in the National Con-

on year-on-year basis, the Cen-


In Forex markets yesterday the

naled it could still tighten

The Indian Government yesterday sought to reassure Sri Lanka
that Indias burgeoning invest-

monetary policy by the end of

this year as the labor market
improved further. (8)

ment on developing its ports will

pose no threat to the Port of
Colombo . (6)

Oil prices rose around 1 percent on Thursday, extending

rupee on the spot next as well

gains from the previous session

as one-week forward contracts

after a surprise third consecu-

lost ground marginally to close

tive weekly U.S. crude inven-

the day at Rs. 146.40/80 and

tory draw tightened the mar-

Rs. 146.60/95 respectively. (3)

ket. (9)

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BRS Morning Shout

The Government yesterday moved a motion to increase the monthly allowances of the independent commissions with the hope of attracting qualified and capable individuals to these positions. -
President Maithripala Sirisena handed over the instruments pertaining to entry into force of Paris Agreement on
Climate Change to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday (21) at the United Nations General Assembly,
being held in New York. -
The United States Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. appreciates and admires the direction taken by the
new government of Sri Lanka, and will extend every possible assistance to the country to continue the current
path towards economic progress and reconciliation. -

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BRS Morning Shout

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