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migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Enterprise systems need to be able to support a broad range of differentiated capabilities that will help organizations to respond to a fast-changing business environment and engage with their customers in new and more meaningful ways. mobile. SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (SAP S/4HANA) provides a platform that is well suited to the demands of the high velocity enterprise. and more agile and connected in order to become a high velocity enterprise. capturing opportunities and finding new ways to develop and deliver products and services at speed. smarter. In short: organizations are under pressure to be faster.Organizations today need to perform in an always-on. 2 . The Accenture high velocity enterprise approach uses disruptive technologies like in-memory and digital accelerators such as social. digitally connected and Big Data-driven world. Operating in real time is no longer an aspiration—it’s a necessity. analytics and cloud to build on the enterprise solution already in place.

organizations that make the move early stand to be among the first to gain the benefits of applications expressly designed for the digital age. Organizations that want to get ahead of the curve and operate at the leading edge of technologies can start technical re-platforming now. We can help plan the journey and migration roadmap. Accenture’s approach to migration recognizes that different organizations operate with different priorities.Migrating to SAP HANA—not ‘if’ but ‘when. Organizations can flex the timetable for migration in order to meet the requirements of their resources and schedules.' But what are the options for migration that will suit the specific needs of each organization? How should current SAP systems. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.' All of the available and planned SAP S/4HANA innovations require SAP HANA. so migrating to SAP HANA is no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ‘how. As innovations from SAP S/4HANA are introduced. architecture and technology. Others who want to assess the maturity of solutions prior to adoption can still benefit from starting on their migration journey now. ready to incorporate innovations as they become available later on. timetables and resources determine the best approach? Accenture’s proven methodologies. and move forward at their own pace as their requirements develop. assets and capabilities for migration enable us to help clients on their end-to-end journey to capture the power of SAP HANA’s in-memory computing. 3 . navigating risk and taking into account the variables of each organization’s existing systems.

. Accordingly..SAP S/4HANA migration paths Some organizations—for example those running earlier versions of SAP that have few reusable elements for the purposes of SAP HANA—may elect not to migrate but opt for a ‘Greenfield’ installation that simply requires data migration from the old system into a completely new SAP HANA environment. on-premise edition 1503) SAP Business Suite on any DB 1) Upgrade to ECC6 minimum EHP level 2) Migrate database to SAP HANA 3) Install S-Innovation package (e. At this stage. helping save time and money.g. on-premise edition 1503) Installed base (Brownfield) Migration paths to SAP S/4HANA 4 However. we assess the current SAP system and the steps required. SAP Simple Finance. for the majority.g. New installation of ECC6 minimum EHP level with S-Innovation package (e. upgrading and reusing existing system elements selectively. New (Greenfield) There are also minimum technical requirements for migration—for example a dual-stack split and conversion to Unicode—with which all organizations migrating to SAP S/4HANA need to comply. moving from existing systems. a ‘Brownfield’ migration is the likely path. SAP Simple Finance. including whether to maintain existing databases or move to a new version.g. SAP Simple Finance. we work with organizations to help them understand the changes they need to make. Taking a phased approach makes it possible to manage the migration costs in line with planned budgets and timetables. on-premise edition 1503) SAP Business Suite on HANA Install S-Innovation package (e. and identify existing system elements that do not need to change.. SAP S/4HANA .

Accenture can help clients select their best route to deploy SAP HANA to the cloud (private. including certified OS/DB migration consultants. Furthermore. dedicated team of SAP HANA functional. • SAP HANA migration playbook. we bring the latest knowledge. and ROI analysis. total cost of ownership. technical. Our experience from more than 200 SAP HANA projects enables us to advise and support clients on the option that is most appropriate for them. • Downtime minimized approach: create. • SAP HANA acceleration factory: increases migration efficiency and value with a centralized. On-premise options include: • Greenfield migration. We also provide a range of unique. or deploying to a multi-database container. Accenture can advise on and support the most appropriate technical system deployment option organizations select—including mixing and matching new and existing infrastructure (tailored data center integration). software. assets and accelerators that can help enable our clients to accelerate and get more from their journey to SAP HANA. including: • Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solution on SAP HANA: a fully configured industry-specific SAP solution with best practices. experience and tools to enable the most efficient and effective approach. • SAP HANA migration tool. proprietary tools. templates. implementation and maintenance costs. As SAP’s leading partner. test scripts and tools. • SAP HANA use case library. • SAP HANA profiler tool (see page 6). deploying multiple components on one database or one system. • SAP HANA operations playbook. upgrade and migrate a system copy with delta replay. assets. virtualized or bare metal deployment. public and hybrid) through our extensive alliance ecosystem.Migration and deployment options Both on-premise and cloud routes to migration are feasible. 5 . • Business Value Insights for SAP HANA: quickly and easily creates a client-specific implementation roadmap with associated hardware. and performance optimization experts. • In-place migration: reuse existing application hardware while only replacing the database hardware. For cloud migration.

correct and optimize custom code. For a client seeking to migrate to SAP HANA and facing a complex and customized environment which posed a high migration risk. identify. our SAP HANA profiler tool scans ABAP code to detect any problems before creating a detailed report to help prioritize the changes that will have the highest impact.5. procuring. Accelerated SAP HANA migration Accenture’s accelerated SAP HANA migration (AHM) approach can bring all migration activities together.500 exceptions that were addressed and fixed using Accenture’s automatic code correction tool. a dedicated team and standardized processes in pre. through planning. best practices. accelerators. lessons learned. To avoid having to manually identify which parts of the custom code need to be changed. Accenture used the SAP HANA profiler tool to analyze. Applying tools. accelerating the technical steps required by applying industrialized processes. Our toolset has been shown to significantly reduce manual effort to ensure a successful and more efficient migration to SAP HANA. ABAP applications need to move intensely data-centric operations from the application to the database layer.and post-migration activities can significantly reduce the time and risk compared with a traditional migration approach. In order to optimize the use of SAP HANA’s inmemory capabilities. Time Traditional OS/DB migration Plan Design and size Procure Detailed design Time AHM + SAP HANA profiler Design and size Plan Procure Time AHM + SAP HANA profiler + SAP LVM* Plan Procure Accelerated SAP HANA migration 6 Deploy Test Deploy Test Deploy Test • Upgrade and Unicode conversion tools • S AP HANA profiler and automatic code correction tool • F aster deployment using Accenture Delivery Methods • Reduced risk using best practices • Automated process • Integration with AHM process • Standardized test plan *SAP Landscape Virtualization Management . deploying and testing of every aspect. The tool helped identify and categorize more than 6. The end-to-end migration process goes from designing and sizing the SAP HANA landscape.SAP HANA profiler tool The Accenture SAP HANA profiler tool is a one-stop solution that detects all the potentially problematic statements from the SAP HANA migration perspective when moving from any SAP system above 4.

Furthermore. Industry Cloud Partner of the Year and Market Impact Partner of the Year awards. Accenture continually invests in innovation through its network of 17 Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP. Most recently. SAP S/4HANA. and analytics as well as tools and accelerators to increase speed to value. We also received top rankings in leading industry analyst reports. We’re set apart by: • Our ability to deliver: We’ve been recognized by SAP as its largest services partner globally for the past eight years in succession—and we’ve won 30 SAP Pinnacle Awards to date. We have extensive experience as a leading SAP services partner with more than 42. Cloud Labs for SAP HANA.000 SAP practitioners globally and a 40-year history of collaboration with SAP. As the largest implementer of SAP HANA-based solutions and applications globally. Accenture has the experience to support every organization on its end-to-end journey. including those from Gartner. including fully configured industry-specific SAP solutions. won the 2014 SAP HANA Innovation Award. we won the Cloud Services Provider of the Year. has launched multiple new SAP HANA-based solutions. 7 . and centers of excellence. Accenture is uniquely positioned to lead SAP HANA transformations. We were a finalist for SAP HANA Adoption Partner of the Year and one of our clients. SAP solution factories.Accenture SAP HANA experience and expertise Whatever the migration path and timetable. a unique collaboration that combines the vast resources of Accenture and SAP into one team. • Our innovation: The Accenture and SAP Business Solutions Group. • Our industrialization: Our assets. Big Data. Spirit AeroSystems. quickly and collaboratively with reduced risk and lower costs. IDC. Forrester and HfS. enable us to build and deliver solutions reliably.

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