Project Design

1. Project Brief

1st GENSAN Tuna Festival Dragon Boat Championship
Theme: “Bugsay Bayanihan alang sa Pangisdaan,
Bugsay Gensan alang sa Kalambuan!”




Queen Tuna Park, P. Acharon Blvd., Brgy. Dadiangas South, General Santos City


South Cotabato Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (SCFCCCI),
SOCSKSARGEN Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries, Inc. (SFFAII),
Logos Lex Legis, Inc. (LLL),
Sarangani Bay Area Outdoors Club, Inc. (SBAOC),
Office of City Councilor Brix “Lik-Lik” T. Tan, and
Barangay Dadiangas South


o Program components include:
 Fishing (Fisherfolk, Fishing Industry) Sector Strengthening and
 Community Capacity Building and Education
 Youth and Sports Development
 Athlete Development (e.g. training pool for National Team)
 Sports Tourism Promotion
 Environmental Protection and Preservation Enhancement
 Health Promotion


► The fishing industry particularly the fisherfolks, the fishers, the fishworkers,
and other employees of the fishing companies;
► The youth;
► Sports and health enthusiasts;
► The tourism sector;
► The general community;


As the Home of Champions. the fishworkers. 3.00 Fund Source Government and organization funds and sponsorships Time Frame July 18. different capable organizations and offices will be indispensable in the realization of this event. the youth. 2016. 2016 – September 5. Dragon boating. fishers. Objectives    At least three (3) beginner dragon boat teams from the fishing sector of the city particularly the fisherfolks. Rationale The project is designed to address the perceived challenge that municipal fisherfolks. Enhanced promotion and positioning of General Santos City and Sarangani Bay as among the foremost water sports tourism destinations in Mindanao and the Philippines. Funding support from the local government. These beaches within city limits are also advantageous to promote water-based sports tourism. 2016) 2. and other sectors in the celebration of the Tuna Festival. the fisherfolk youth in cooperation with other sectors will compete in a dragon boat race under the Fisherfolk Team category on September 3-4.Project Design   Desired Outcomes    Total Cost Enhanced participation of the fisherfolks. The availability of accessible beach fronts that are conducive for various water sports and are the envy of other cities and municipalities have not been maximized and exploited. wellness. capacity building. PHP 432. and is intimately identified with the ocean. the fishing industry. Increased awareness of the different sectors of the community on the sport of dragon boating and its benefits on health. 2016. environmental protection. and the tuna industry. tourism. and fishworkers had minimal participation in the celebration of the Tuna Festival notwithstanding the fact that the fishing industry is the major source of revenue and livelihood of the city – the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. and team-building. At least three (3) dragon boat club crew from various parts of Mindanao or the Philippines will compete in a dragon boat race under the Visiting Team category on September 3-4. (September 3-4. will be an avenue for the active participation of several sectors of the community in the celebration of the Tuna Festival. being a truly team-building water sports. the introduction of the sport of Dragon Boating in the city will also spur athlete development at all levels especially in the youth sector. fishing. The dragon boat race will be attended by 300 or more audience from the community. Enhanced development. Children of our fisherfolks are potential athletes that may become members of our National Team considering that the sport is internationally renowned and participated on.620. It will be a tool to develop promotion of health. the fishing 2 . government agencies. national government agencies. and sports tourism wherein citizens of the city will be able to engage in a relatively easy sports activity that enriches camaraderie and teamwork. Increased appreciation of the community on dragon boating as avenue for better understanding on the protection and preservation of the ocean ecosystem and about the issues and concerns of the fisherfolks and the fishing industry. 2016. and education of the youth sector through sports including athlete development for potential members in the National teams.

(SBAOC). Paddles and personal floatation devices (life vests) will also be provided to the participants through contributions from sponsors. Barangay Government of Dadiangas South. the academe. The dragon boat race will be documented. the Department of Tourism 12 (DOT). It will be implemented in partnership with the City Government of General Santos. a non-stock and non-profit organization of law advocates. 2016 (or a more conducive date) proximate to the holding of the Tuna Congress and the Tuna Festival. and internet media. Acharon Blvd. print. the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 12 (BFAR). Marine Life. the Tuna Congress. Inc. three (3) Kendle dragon boats will be provided by the DBRMT. and the tuna and fishing industry of the Philippines and General Santos City. (DBBC) and assisted by representatives from the proponent organizations and several local contributors. Media coverage will also be arranged to promote the event in various forms such as but not limited to television. and government. the Logos Lex Legis. and other sectors will be educated on the sports of dragon boating through seminars and clinics. and the Office of City Councilor Brix “Lik-Lik” T. It will be conducted on September 3-4. and Aquatic Resources. serves the needs and concerns of the industry in the country. 4. The venue has undergone ocular inspection by experienced dragon boat race organizers. the SOCSKSARGEN Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries. The racing competition will be held in Sarangani Bay along the beach of the Queen Tuna Park located along P. General Santos City. radio. the largest and most established nongovernment organization whose membership includes most of the tuna and fishing industry stakeholders of Region 12. the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA). 3 . Fisherfolks. Inc. Inc. Tan.. The fisherfolk teams are to be sponsored by companies or organizations and at least 50% of paddlers or 10 paddlers must be registered fisherfolks or fisherfolk youth . and the Sarangani Bay Area Outdoors Club. (LLL). and viewed through local television channels and social media sites. government offices. (SCFCCCI) – the business chamber of Filipino-Chinese businessmen in South Cotabato. broadcast. Brgy. Inc. and other stakeholders of the city. fishworkers. Committee of Fisheries. At least three (3) local teams will also be assembled to compete in the Fisherfolk Team Category. At least three (3) visiting club teams will be invited to compete in a highlight Visiting Team Category. Dadiangas South. and represents the industry in national and international fora and assemblies. The event will be realized through government and organization funds and the support of fishing companies. Project Description The project is the brainchild of the collaborative efforts among the South Cotabato Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The dragon boat race will be supervised by a composite Dragon Boat Race Management Team (DBRMT) led by the Davao Dragon Boat Club. youth.Project Design  industry. (SFFAII). As the event is in its infancy. The event is a dragon boat racing anchored on the Tuna Festival. Inc.

etc.) Transport of Boats (Trucking 10wheeler wing van (DVO-GENSANDVO)) Manpower .2 Identification of tasks and distribution of responsibilities among different committees 5.2 Approval of MOA July 27.00 217.3 Memorandum of Agreement 5.1 Preparation and approval of Project Design (PD) 5. Implementation Phases 5.1 Planning Duration 5.000.00 20.2. 2016 Responsible Person Dragon Boat Race Management Team (DBRMT) -.100. timers. 2016 July 27. unload-Davao) Unit pcs.Project Design 5.00 PHP PHP 8.000.1. 2016 July 27.00 2016 July 28 – 29.Invitation Committee July 27.1.1 Project Design pcs.000.loading/ unloading of boats (load-Davao.1.00 PHP 500.00 PHP 5. pcs.00 15.000. video cam.3.3.00 2.000.00 PHP 10.3 Concurrence of partner organization on implementation of project Coordination Meeting of Committees Total Cost PHP PHP PHP 60.00 56.00 PHP 850.000.00 PHP 50.2 Submission of PD to partner organization 5. 2016 July 30 – August 3.Davao Dragon Boat Association (DDBA) Preparation of Race Equipment Installation and Set-up of Race Course Invitation and Facilitation of Visiting Teams Assistance in marketing of event Conduct of Pre-Race Dragon Boat Seminars and Clinics Provision of Race Equipment:  Video Camera  Flags  Megaphone Unit Cost PHP 20.1 Drafting of Memorandum of Agreement 5.1.00 .000. finish pole. megaphone. Quantity 3 66 66 (22x3) (22x3) Technical Race Officials .1. 2016 5.1 Designation of committees and assignment of committee membership 5.4 Budgetary Requirements Particulars Equipment Dragon Boats (rental) Life Vests (rental) Paddles (produced) Other race equipment (race buoys.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 4 15. 2016 July 27 – 29.

000.000.920.00 15. Php 96 15 (8x12) 5 20.00 2.00 10.00 1.00 PHP 11.00 .000.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 12.600.000.00 PHP PHP PHP 10.00 15.000.00 1.00 2.00 240.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP 2.00 PHP 2.00 150.000.000. ft.000.00 2.00 3.000.00 3.00 2.000.000.Project Design  Radios  Timers Preparation of Race Program On-Site Registration Establishment of Race Format Provision of Race Forms Supervision and Management of Actual Race Conduct of Team manager’s meeting Licensed Race Official (from Manila)  honorarium  allowance  airfare Technical Race Crew/ Marshalls (10 pax)  transportation  meals (4 days) (Php300/pax/day)  accommodation (4 days) (Php500/pax/day) Visiting Team Category (Open) Cash prizes 1st 2nd 3rd Trophy Medals Certificates Fisherfolk Team Category (Open) Cash prizes 1st 2nd 3rd Trophy Medals Certificates Other Requirements Tarpaulin for stage backdrop Small tarpaulins for schools Communication expenses Transportation expenses Video and photo coverage sq.000.000.00 3.00 150.00 1.000.00 PHP PHP PHP 20.00 PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP 5.00 PHP 13.00 PHP PHP 1.

cellphone numbers.3.2.3 Invitations to members of Dragon Boat Race Management Team 5.000. 2016 5.1 Drafting of Invitation Letter PHP Responsible Person DBRMT . 2016 DBRMT .2 Solicitation Packages for Sponsors Committee 5. 2016 July 31 – August 2.2. and complete names of recipient organizations 10. cellphone numbers.3 Confirmation of participation August 4 – 8.1.1. 2016 July 31 – August 2.00 PHP 432.2.2.4 Invitations to Audience 5.2.1 Invitations to Participating Schools/ Organizations/ Sector Groups 5.2.2.R.2.2.000. 2016 5. TABLES & CHAIRS SOUND SYSTEM RADIO COMM. 2016 August 4 – 8.00 35.Invitation Committee July 31 – August 2.520.2 Gathering of address of mailing address.Invitation Committee August 4 – 8.3 Gathering and listing of mailing address.3.2 Sending of letters 5.Project Design Food for Volunteers TENTS PORTALETS/C.4 Assignment of potential event sponsors to members 5. 2016 DBRMT . Simultaneous sending of invitation letters through August 4 – 8.2.1 Listing of potential invitee schools 5.2.2. VOLUNTEERS/MARSHALLS COAST GUARD MEDICAL TEAM AMBULANCE TOTAL 5.5 Confirmation of participation 5. emails.4.2.2 Signing of Invitation Letters 5.00 Duration 5.2. emails.2.2 Approval of Board on final solicitation packages 5.1.2. 2016 August 18 – 22.2. 2016 5.3 Listing of potential event sponsors 5. and complete names of 6 DBRMT Sponsorship Committee August 4 – 8.1. 2016 .00 PHP PHP 20. 2016 email and follow-up through text messages August 4 – 8.1 Drafting of letters Follow-up of sponsorships July 31 – August 2. 2016 August 4 – 8.2 Implementation Drafting of Solicitation Packages 5.5 Distribution of sponsorship letters 5.

2.2.1 Drafting of Programme 5. audience.3 Gather audience and participant feedback 5.6.2 Finalization of venue and sound system 5. chairs. 5. participants.2.Promotion Committee August 11 – 15.1 Collect participant. shirts. 7 Dragon Boat Race Management Team Responsible Person Dragon Boat Race Management Team .2. and partner organization.6.3. 2016 sponsors.2. etc.3.1 Draft layout of tarpaulin. 5. shirts. school principals.3.1 Follow-up audience. and recognized debate organizations 5. 5.4 Submit post-activity report.6. college students associations. 2016 DBRMT .3.4 Implement corrective actions immediately as may be necessary. and other promotion materials 5. and suggestions on the conduct of the event.8 Event Programme 5.4.2. 5. guests.1 Coordination on availability of Queen Tuna Park 5.2.2. podium.2. audience. and other promo materials August 4 – 8. sponsors. 2016 DBRMT . 2016 comments.5.3 Printing of tarpaulins.1 Conduct of press conference 5. 5.5.2. 5.7.6 Printing of tarpaulins. September 8 – 14.3.3 Coordination on pieces of furniture to be used such as tables.Project Design invitee schools.5 Accommodate and assist needs of participants.Invitation Committee Responsible Person 5.3 Recommend preventive actions on project implementation. sponsors.2 Evaluate and analyze feedback results.2. and other promo materials 5.2 Approval of Board 5.8. 5.Promotion Committee August 11 – Follow-up of participation 5.3 Monitoring Duration 5. 5.2. guests.2 Invitation for guests and speakers 5.5. and partner organization.4. guests. and organizer feedback.2.Promotion Committee August 18 – 22.2.6 Document and record the event.4 Evaluation Duration 5.2. shirts. and September 3 – 4. observations. 2016 DBRMT .5 Reservation of Venue and Sound System 5.3 Sending of letters 5.2 Facilitate registration of attendance. its participants.4. 2016 DBRMT .3. Coordination with the press and media practitioners 5.

Race Pictures Prepared by: Reviewed by: Concurred by: Ronan Y. ________________ Date 8 . Race Map 7.Project Design 6. Villagonzalo President. LLL. Inc.

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