Name: Nguyen Hoang Anh Phuong

Class: 12 English 2
Facebook should be limited to 13-year-old people and older. Do you agree
or disagree?
Human increasing demand on communication has stimulated the growth of social
network websites such as Facebook or MySpace. It is claimed that Facebook
administrators need to impose an age-related restriction on the number of people
who are allowed to sign up. From my perspective, there should be an age limit of
13 years old and older on Facebook use because of its negative impacts on
under-13 children’s academic performance and social development.
The first reason justifying this argument is the dire consequences for chilren’s
learning process. Young children are not mature enough to make proper
arrangements to the amount of time spent on study and entertainment. Thus,
they are easily obsessed with social networking sites such as Facebook and
spend considerable time online, which distracts them from classwork and
prevents crucial progress at school. Moreover, access to Facebook as well as the
Internet may result in the declining standards of writing among under-13-yearolds due to their dependency on typing and spellchecks. This poses an alarming
problem as writing is considered a fundamental skill for pupils at such an early
Additionally, Facebook use at the age of under 13 can adversely affect children’s
social development. Net communities, especially social networks, pose an
increased risk of bullying, harassment or inapproriate contents such as violence

statements. such as religious and gender discrimination. the lack of real human interaction should be taken into serious consideration.and pornography. . Also. Face-to-face conversation is an aspect of life experience which is of vital importance to a child’s awareness of the world and the formation of personality. If children become heavily involved in Facebook’s chat services. and video clips posted and shared among Facebook users may disorientate under-13 youngsters and inflict some misconceptions on them. While it is true that many harmonious relationships are being established through Facebook’s connection. In conclusion. it is justifiable that Facabook should only provide its service for people who are 13 years old or older on the grounds of its detrimental impacts on underage children. images. If youngsters haven’t reached the age of 13 but want to participate in the online community. Some people may argue that this age limit is unreasonable because Facebook creates ample opportunities for youngsters to make friends with individuals from various backgrounds. they might lose this valuable physical contact. parents are advised to explain the importance of age limit to them and teach them to respect this. Children are likely to adopt hostile attitudes towards certain groups of people if they have access to such information on Facebook. It is irrefutable that early exposure to these contents exerts a harmful influence on children’s long-term growth.