Lengkapilah kalimat berikut ini dengan bentuk ‘COMPARATIVE’ yang tepat!

1. Andi is 165 cm tall. Donna is 167 cm tall. So, Donna is _________ than Andi.
2. My father is 45 years old. My mother is 46 years old. So, My mother is _________ than my father.
3. A buffalo is big. But, an elephant is ________ than a buffalo.
4. Bengawan Solo river is long but Nil river is ________ than Bengawan Solo river.
5. Most students think Mathematic is ___________ than Social Science.
6. Roger is 12 years old. Danu is 15 years old. So, Roger is ______ than Danu.
7. Rere never comes late to school, but Lusi always comes late to school. So, rere is ______________ than Lusi
8. A horse runs __________ than a goat.
9. A car’s price is usually __________ than a motorbike’s price.
10. The red jacket is 60,000 rupiahs. The blue jacket costs 75,000 rupiahs. The red jacket is ________ than the
blue jacket.
Lengkapilah kalimat berikut ini dengan bentuk ‘SUPERLATIVE’ yang tepat!
1. The elephant is the ___________ animal on the earth.
2. Maya is the ________ student in my class. She never comes late to school.
3. Those jackets are expensive. But the ________ jacket is the red one.
4. Almost all students think that Mathematic is the ____________ subject in the school.
5. Mr. Ron is the ____________ teacher in our school. He never gets angry to us.
6. There are four tall student in my class. But the _________ student is Raka.
7. Cheetah is known as the ___________ runner animal on the earth.
8. An ant may be the ____________ animal in the world.
9. Jakarta is the ______________ city in Indonesia.
10. Arnold cleans his room twice a day. That’s way his room is the __________ among our rooms.
Lengkapilah bentuk perbandingan berikut ini dengan bentuk‘EQUATIVE’ yang tepat!
1. Arman is 157 cm tall. Maulana is 157 cm tall. So, Arman has the same _________ as Maulana.
2. My car is red. My brother’s car is red. Our cars have the same __________.
3. This pencil is long. That pencil is short. That pencil isn’t as ________ as this pencil.
4. My father has the same __________as my mother. They were born on the same date, month and year.
5. A buffalo can’t run as _________ as a horse.
6. We have the same ____________. Both of us like swimming.
7. I can do the Biology test easily. I think Biology is not as _________ as Mathematic.
8. Luna and Maya has the same _________. Both are 55 kg.
9. An orangutan isn’t as __________ as an elephant. An elephant can lift a wood with its trunk easily.
10. Brian always wears an ‘M’ T-shirt. Vina does too. They have the same ___________ for T-shirt.

. His house is on the left side 12.... west d. northwest 9. south 4. East b. northwest 11. in front of b. it is behind the hotel 2. my house faces to the west c. a. The hotel is in front of the park b. My house school is beside the 3. My house is beside the school b.. South c. a. crossroad b. east c. multisection c. Tanjung Kodok is located is. multisection 7. Northwest c. west Java c. northeast d.. my house faces to the east d.. South east b. North Java . According the traffic light below. Where is the restaurant? a. Hotel – park – is – in front – of – the – the The correct order is . their children a.. central Java d.left c.. it is in front of the hotel b. a. East java b. in front of the hotel is the park c. a. Mrs... The sun set in the . behind 6. Rumahnya ada disebelah kiri. His house is beside the left c... Don’t enter c. The sign below means …… a. Don’t turn left 15. South east 10. a. a. T-Junction d. a. Don’t park d. The direction between south and west is . Beside – my – house – school – is – the The correct order is .. a..Cinema Restauran t Hotel 1. west d.on 5. Rumah saya menghadap ke arah utara The english sentence is . The sunrise in the . beside c.. It is a .. southwest c. The english sentence is. is the hotel in front of the park 8. it is between the cinema and the hotel c. a.. Is beside my house the school c. we are not allowed to turn . northeast d. Don’t stop b. His house is on the right side b.... the park in front of the hotel is d. His house is in front of the left d. Northwest b. my house faces to the north 13..off d. south 14. east b... North d.right b.. South east b. The opposite of west is .. The direction between north and east is. Ani . School is beside my house the d. my house faces to the south b. a. it is beside the cinema d. a. a. between d. soutwest c.

... The sign means ... Turn right means …. 8.. can you tell me the way to your house from school? 2. “. Mention eight the direction! 4.Isilah titik – titik berkut dengan kata yang benar! 1. Can you tell me . 5..... Arrange these words into good sentences! South – Malang – Surabaya –the . 6.. The opposite of turn right is . Write in to english! 5..... Go a head in indonesia means. Translate into indonesian! . 3. The opposite of east is . Turn left in indonesia means . Jawablah pertanyaan dibawah ini 1..... of Surabaya 2... III.is – in – of 3.. 10.... the canteen? 9. I .II. Mecca is in the west of Indonesia. The opposite of north is . 4. 7.. Malang is on the .. A: “ Can you show me to the cinema?” B: “yes.. “Supermarket berada disebelah timur masjid”..

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