Maribel 1

Maribel Sanchez
RRS 250-01
Professor Larry Soloman
May 15th 2016
SF- From Color to White

Gentrification has been a problem for the Bay Area for over 20 years
now, reaching its all-time high the past couple of years. The Mission District
is famous for it’s richness in Latin culture and food. It is home to thousands
of Latino immigrants as well as their children that were born and raised in
the neighborhood. Hispanics first started moving into the Mission around the
50’s, replacing the older European residents who were scared of immigrants
and change. This era was called, “White Flight”, where Europeans moved
from cities to suburbs in an attempt to avoid the incoming immigrants. By
the 90s the Mission District had become almost 70% Hispanic. Hundreds of
immigrants settled in the Mission District because it was their home away
from home. It was probably one of the only places in the city where one
could actually find people that looked, talked, and shared the same values or
culture as one did. It’s obvious that there was bound to be some problem
with that many Hispanics all in one area. But all in all, the Mission District
was once the place that Hispanics actually looked forward to living in.
Another city that is unfortunately also going through these changes is
our neighboring city, Oakland. After the 1906 earthquake, a lot of people that
lived in San Francisco relocated to Oakland seeking new jobs and new

around 35 years later. the tables have turned for these two once predominantly Hispanic/ African American communities. Oakland had become about 50% African American.Maribel 2 homes. or Air BNB. West Oakland got effected the most out of the whole city. They started building homes and businesses and slowly the city began to grow. According to the SF 2. the African American population has decreased to about 25%. . The main reason why gentrification is happening is because of the tech-boomers that have decided to start living in the neighborhoods. Now in 2016. have been replaced by new businesses that bring in a whole new wave of customers. which is forcing the Native people out of homes that they’ve been living in for decades. Most of these people. most of the new residents work in other cities such as San Jose and usually work for big companies such as Google. In the 1940’s a large amount of African American immigrants moved to Oakland that were coming from the Southern states. Facebook. are drawn in by the richness in culture and business that the Mission neighborhood offers.0 video we watched in class. It almost seems as if we’re going through Reverse “White Flight”. Now. These businesses have gotten some attention and has made parts of Oakland a hotspot for wealthy tech-boomers and have in return pushed out most of the older residents. They specifically choose to move in these poorer neighborhoods because they feel like they’re making the community better. which happen to be mostly white. which is half of what it once was. The streets where families of African Americans once used to live in. Twitter. By the 1980’s.

Sometimes these businesses’ services are expensive and are sometimes come off a little odd to most Latinos. when he first started his business. The mart is the main supplier for most other flower shops in the city.Maribel 3 which in a sense is true. making it unavailable or undesirable to Hispanics who live in the mission and usually do not have a ton of money to spend on overpriced irrelevant things. The . This in turn creates a whole new problem for the original inhabitants. there wasn’t anywhere to even buy a coffee in that neighborhood. Fast forward a couple years to where it’s the complete opposite. etc. I remember the story about the Flower Mart near downtown SF who the techies had been trying to buy out for a while now. Therefore. With all the new businesses opening up. Statistically. they’re able to pay more for housing than the original inhabitants are. and now there’s tons of businesses in the Dogpatch area. more and more white people decide to move near these areas.0 video. In the SF 2. According to the owner. this time concerning their homes as well. These new people buy out smaller businesses and replace them with businesses that usually appeal to other white people: cafés. sandwich shops. There was another story where a man had owned his business near the Dogpatch area but was forced to move out because the landlord decided to triple the rent all of a sudden. but also unfortunately ruins the lives of the original inhabitants. white people have shown to make significantly more money than other minorities such as Hispanics and African Americans. and taking it away would cause a huge ripple of negative effects.

they are instead able to convert their apartments into condos or privately owned units rather than rented out apartments. Then as soon as they could. Because they know people are willing to pay more money for a unit.Maribel 4 culture and vibe brought them in. as if someone had broken or turned them off. which I personally think they did on purpose. some have no choice. the way my ex landlord paid off my mom so that he could move into our beautiful 2 story home on Lexington and 20th. More recently at the Popeyes on Mission street got set on fire. There is a couple ways the owner may evict you. Other landlords don’t even bother with that and instead choose to just evict all of their tenants. Some landlords pay their tenants off. and can therefore sell it for as much as they want. most landlords have decided to try and raise rent in an attempt to evict the existing tenants who probably pay only about a quarter of what the unit would go for on the market. Tenants who have made this place their home for decades of course do not want to move. Sometimes they even purposely ruin/set the apartments on fire so that it is no longer uninhabitable and therefore will force them to leave. The fire alarm didn’t go off. The growing amounts of businesses has caused a negative ripple effect that has unfortunately made landlords in the area extremely greedy. This sets the landlord free of rent control. We’ve seen this happen in the Mission a couple times. some called no fault evictions. and in turn forced out lower income families who just couldn’t afford to pay that much for rent. they . They can legally do this because instead of kicking their tenants out and renting it out to new people. Yet.

they too are shut down due to the fact that judges are rich themselves who probably own properties and want to profit off of them. I never thought that new businesses added to the neighborhood was a bad thing. This has unfortunately been the case for many Latin and African Americans and will continue to do so until something changes. However it’s very hard to get rid of it because the people that wrote the law intended it to work favorably towards the richer primarily party. Immigrants who can’t make a ton of money are forced to move further and further out of the cities due to the fact that rent is so important. If he wishes to go out of service. which is usually not a lot of money. So I think . These condos are sold at market rate. they would never be able to afford a market rate apartment.Maribel 5 sold the building and try to make new apartment condos out of it. then I feel like tenants should be able to willfully move if they choose to. and with an income so small like that. leaving them with nowhere to call home. I think that the first thing that has to change is to get rid of the Ellis Act law. The thing about gentrification that angers me the most is that older tenants who have been living there for decades. and I think people appreciate the new stores as well. This is the root of the whole problem. meaning that they are usually priced way too high for the original residents to afford. are getting forced out of their homes. Older people rely on their social security as a source of income. When cases are presented to the judge. They probably used most of it to pay their rent. Landlords should not be able to kick them out.

Maribel 6 that keeping these stores and welcoming new businesses really does only help the community. We need to be able to compromise with each other. According to the video. Big companies just don’t want to have to teach people how to do new things. If there was laws that would force companies to hire a certain percentage of nearby residents. they expect them to already know it. and artwork that you can only find in the Mission. high end people who probably own the huge apartments. but they’re not for people living in those communities. What I do have a problem with is that these new buildings are creating jobs.179 new jobs. Having a business is one thing. I never thought there was never anything wrong with white people coming into the neighborhood. a deal he made with companies in the Tenderloin district would create up to 1. Hispanics have some of the best food. In class we talked about the new apartments by the At&t park. I don’t ever think white people will stop coming into the Tenderloin or the Bayview or the Mission because they see potential and our cultures intrigue them. but they wouldn’t go to the residents. It’s . then this problem could be resolved. but coming into OUR communities and treating us like WE’RE the outsiders. who supposedly may have some affordable housing in it. music. they would instead hire white or Asian techies that could find a job at any other big company. but if they can’t compromise then that’s a problem. is a whole other thing. but doing so may be hard when racism has been known to be instituted in most rich. According to Mayor Ed Lee. Another solution to the problem is forcing new apartments to have a certain amount of affordable housing.

.Maribel 7 sad to know that nowadays we live in a society where white people love our culture but hate our people.