huxley Series of 3 d printers use tutorial

The first chapter
(machine use)
1, received machine, to carefully check the appearance is in good condition, whether wire fall off,
nut loose (for transportation reason, hard to avoid, the machine has the factory testing)
2, after the receipt of the machine, please open the box above, such as the discovery of the broken
and damaged packing, timely contact with the pictures
3, switching power supply for 24 v, 250 w, after they leave for convenient packaging, the line will
be removed, but already do mark, convenient connection

4, power use 250 w 24 v switching power supply, be sure to check good connectivity, (please pay
attention to safety, for switching power supply design terminal exposed, do not get an electric
shock) power supply side 220 v and 110 v power selection conversion, please according to local
voltage, adjust.


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According to the
local voltage setting

1. Extruder for motor, the weight is heavy, also USES split packaging, only need a M3 screw

Pictured above, packaging, it


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www.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 . flank of the plastic wire.3ddayin. prevent fall down e-mail:reprap@live. around the M3X30 screw. installation M3X30 screw.com is With random tools.taobao.

the other end connect your computer (may need to hold drive) driver to download or to ask for the owner.3ddayin.com setting According to the local voltage setting ·· ·· ·· 5. (only XP system) drive installed can go to the "my computer" attributes e-mail:reprap@live.taobao.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 . USB line connection. one can plug in USB port.www. here is not about on the mainboard.

taobao. software.3ddayin. other software need to install According to the above software Installation is completed e-mail:reprap@live. remember to. and choose the COM port According to the software environment Open software no installation.com 6、See the COM appear.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .www.

com Open printing software This is printing software. click run software Choose COM the Choose the COM Then on e-mail:reprap@live.www.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .3ddayin.taobao.

www.com Click on Software function is introduced e-mail:reprap@live.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .3ddayin.taobao.

can order this. upload SD.3ddayin.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .com G code files import.taobao. such ability can be printed Select print file e-mail:reprap@live.www.

preheating nozzle. test X.1 0. then put 1. see material viscosity mesa of adjust) (or a card inserted in the test) 1. e-mail:reprap@live. (ABS.2 mm (can print test.75 material insert (see below picture shows) Slowly insert to the bottom.com Nozzle vernier height Power switch print before testing. can print! Print in front of the nozzle from mesa adjustment. can see the temperature display) 4. etc. nozzle to mesa intermediate position) the extruder compression screw open. problems. test before and after motion is normal or not (mainly see limit is transport. ABS heated to 260 degrees (click.3ddayin. refresh. rely on the power M3 screw for nozzle height adjustment General nozzle from table 0. test hot bed temperature PLA 85 degrees Before printing.) 3.taobao. test nozzle temperature PLA 205 degrees.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 . 260 degrees) (Z axis rise and mm.www. 205 degrees. PLA. the four screw for leveling. YZ back to origin 2.

cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .www.taobao.com Compression screw Print materials into Squeeze a material Good materials.3ddayin. X. Z axis can not. X. Y. Y must return to origin) Print import test file (G code files) Import code files e-mail:reprap@live. can go to origin.

ABS test will time longer. machine first preheating.3ddayin.www. and began to print After beginning.taobao.com Point open Some of this. will begin to print (right side will display temperature such as: T205 B80) this is the heating nozzle and mesa. please be patient. hot bed temperature 110-120 degrees Nozzle 230-260 PLA hot bed 85 degrees nozzle 190 degrees e-mail:reprap@live.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 . preheating after period of time.

taobao.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 . can appear the print nozzle is too high or too low. because the nozzle from mesa height. at this time the need to print in the adjustment Adjustment is as follows: both hands at the same time hold a Z shaft coupling. so better stuck in mesa) Z shaft coupling If it is found that nozzle printing process is too low.www. should pay attention to. clockwise for (raise nozzle) counterclockwise (lower nozzle) Adjustment at the same time can see print lines flat degree (general line a little flat for good. sometimes not adjusted the.3ddayin.com Print the first layer. next time before printing need to adjust This screw can adjust the nozzle and the distance of the mesa Clockwise to raise nozzle Counterclockwise to reduce nozzle e-mail:reprap@live.

3ddayin.com The second chapter (STL turn G code) 1,First open the software Choose Settings .cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .www. Then click Slicing settings Choose the Select the corresponding models Here is so fill out (should be the default such) This set e-mail:reprap@live.taobao.

taobao.cn import 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .www.3ddayin. STL file e-mail:reprap@live.com Point here.

cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .taobao. e-mail:reprap@live. turn archives time indefinite. turn archives faster) turn archives STL file.3ddayin. click open. and then need to wait for a period of time (see STL files size. the volume is smaller.com Choose STL Choose good STL file.www. should be in English or digital format. the file name can't have Chinese.

Change model print position: The default value. can print control model in the position of the mesa e-mail:reprap@live. change the position.3ddayin. the value for model center position.www.com Turn archives successful pictures turn archives is completed.taobao. G code files and STL files in a folder You can print software selection this folder G code file for printing Common set 1.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .

com 2. Open the bottom print (open bottom can be more effective control deformation.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .www. adhere to the mesa) 1 set for open 0 for closed and open bottom can print layer sticky in mesa. to prevent deformation e-mail:reprap@live.taobao.3ddayin.

Printing head temperature Settings e-mail:reprap@live.www.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .com Open bottom print In the open bottom prints 3.taobao.3ddayin.

www.taobao.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .com Nozzle print temperature control according to the material melting temperature. or twenty percent of rubber e-mail:reprap@live. set the default ABS260 degree 4. model internal filling volume Settings Model internal filling quantity.3ddayin. set the default 0.2.

taobao.www. as the chart e-mail:reprap@live. you must first hand heating. manual preheating hot bed Adopt manual preheating can turn 260into 2 As shown in figure after setting a turn out of the G code files.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .com 5.3ddayin.

taobao. through the notebook open e-mail:reprap@live.3ddayin.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .com Click on heating the Output 110 Here another way: Through the software turn good G code documents.www.

taobao.www.com e-mail:reprap@live.3ddayin.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .

setting parameters need often change. the speed setting. please go to the official learning.taobao. such as 1.3ddayin. for print model for.php?title=Skeinforge e-mail:reprap@live.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 .bitsfrombytes. set below room temperature. filling quantity.com/index. can be manually preheating hot bed print or not to open hot bed print More about skeinforge specific Settings. the inside of the rubber how many Print temperature Settings.com Change the hot bed temperature.www. for example. etc skeinforge 官方教程: http://wiki.

TF card printing. PLA. if material can't stick mesa. computer main board printing. recommend using flash di 2 G card. in order to prevent the interference 8. format for the other brand without testing.com The third chapter (note) 1. please do not use this in addition to the other material. easy to cause the plug etc. Phenomenon) 4. and is not gcode) 3. TF card printing. and transferred to the upper and lower two connection 6. be sure to upload software (format is. can be manually adjusted Z axis Can open the bottom print.3ddayin. 5. printing process. ABS.taobao. please don't open the other software. specific Settings e-mail:reprap@live. please connect the jumper cap intermediate and the connected As shown in figure red ring position. air conditioning and perceptual load. such as fan.cn 技术支持 QQ1370092316 . printer surrounding kept other electrical appliances.www. print. the computer system recommended XP system (other system no test) 2. please see common set 2. had better turn off 7. G format.. need to jump line cap.