.On 27 December 2014 Unit 3 of Rostov NPP was connected to the United National Grid of Russia two months ahead of schedule.

STATE ATOMIC ENERGY CORPORATION «ROSATOM» • 262.000 employees • EUR 1 million per day for research and development • Over USD 100 billion – overseas orders portfolio for the next 10 years • 17% of the country’s electricity • RUB 1 billion annually for charity programmes .

These developments are another substantial step to the realisation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle with fast neutron reactors. and be one step ahead of any challenge. We assess it using the overseas orders portfolio. A self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was obtained and the power station at Unit 3 began to generate electricity. We have developed experimental nitride fuel and have begun commercial production of MOX-fuel at ROSATOM’s enterprises. CEO of ROSATOM 3 . In terms of electricity generation. which exceeded USD 100 billion. 12 billion kWh more than targeted by the Government of Russia. a wide range of essential projects were completed. 2 180. Such sound results guarantee ROSATOM’s competitiveness in the coming years.5 billion kWh The most important indicator for us is the long-term production workload. In 2014. Sergey Kirienko. They dealt with the practical implementation of tomorrow’s technologies in nuclear power. 2014 was a record year: Russian nuclear power plants generated over 180 billion kWh–. achieve worthy results. thus showing a growth of more than USD 30 billion over last year. We managed to significantly increase the portfolio of overseas orders.Address from CEO of ROSATOM In 2014 we coped with all the tasks that the country’s leadership charged us with. Key results of 2014 I am certain that in the upcoming year we will succeed in solving the tasks set out for us.

SOUTH KOREA MEXICO BANGLADESH CZECH REPUBLIC CANADA VIETNAM SERBIA CHILE SLOVAKIA BELARUS HUNGARY INDONESIA NIGERIA EGYPT GERMANY SWITZERLAND IRAN BULGARIA BELGIUM UAE AUSTRALIA Project is suspended UKRAINE ARMENIA TURKEY FRANCE TANZANIA UNITED KINGDOM SOUTH AFRICA SPAIN NAMIBIA BRAZIL INDIA MALAYSIA JORDAN ARGENTINA Key results of 2014 5 .S.Global Presence of ROSATOM 1st 2nd in the world in terms of number of NPP units being concurrently constructed abroad Promising project/ Running project Promising project/ Running project Promising project/ Running project Promising project/ Running project Promising project/ Running project Uranium exploration and mining Supplies of LEU and uranium enrichment services Supplies of nuclear fuel and its components Products and services based on radiation technologies NPP construction in the world in terms of installed capacity among nuclear power companies 2nd in the world in terms of uranium feedstock and 13% of the world’s natural uranium market 36% of the world’s uranium enrichment services market KAZAKHSTAN 17% of the world’s nuclear fuel market RUSSIA FINLAND EUROPE SWEDEN CHINA JAPAN U.A.

An agreement on the development of the construction project for the first NPP in Jordan was signed. The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey approved the Environmental Impact Assessment for Akkuyu NPP. Results By the end of the year. 101. 5 of our construction projects for 11 nuclear power units abroad were at the implementation stage. A contract with Iran was signed to build two reactors as a part of Phase II of Bushehr NPP. The Indian government intends to order ROSATOM to build a total of 12 nuclear power units.4 billion. which will build and operate the plant. The main priority in our work is being responsible for the end result in the interests of our customers and partners. 7 .7 billion). the overseas orders portfolio for the next 10 years reached a record indicator of USD 101. In 2014.4 billion USD Contracts were signed for the construction of two nuclear power units with Russian VVER-1200 reactors at Paks NPP in Hungary. A General Framework Agreement was concluded to build 2 more nuclear power units on the site of Kudankulam in India. The Parliament of Finland approved the joint implementation with Russia of the project to build Hanhikivi NPP. up 39% from the previous year (USD 72. An intergovernmental agreement was signed between Russia and Finland concerning the peaceful use of atomic energy. This means 6 Key results of 2014 that work has transitioned to fullscale construction on the plant site. ROSATOM purchased a 34% interest in the Finnish company Fennovoima.International Business ROSATOM is a global company with many years of experience in the different markets of nuclear technologies and services.

the diversification programme will help create about 2. uranium mining was retained at the 3. These will allow the company to reach Key results of 2014 the design capacity of over 1. feed resources will allow the establishment of a commercial scandium concentrate extraction of up to 10 tonnes and concentrates of rare earth metals of up to 450 tonnes a year. JSC PIMCU in Krasnokamensk. and new properties were developed. which is located in the resource-abundant Vitimsky Uranium Ore Region.Mining Division Results In 2014. the main processing building was erected. In the future. implement projects of varying complexity – from exploration to intensive commercial operations with regard to deposits. achieved a decrease of 6% in the production costs for mining in comparison to the previous year.000 tonnes of uranium per year. the sulphuric acid plant was prepared for commissioning. Another uranium miner in the division – JSC Dalur – implemented an important project dealing with rare earth metals mining. 9 . 3000 tonnes Companies in the Mining Division fulfil all of ROSATOM’s current requirements for uranium.000-tonne level for all Russian companies at ROSATOM. On the whole. the industrial park Krasnokamensk has been established to raise private investments in a number of areas. In addition. The division places the key stake in uranium mining at JSC Khiagda. 8 The largest uranium miner. one of the leaders in the global uranium market. In 2014.000 new jobs in Krasnokamensk and the Krasnokamensk region by 2019. The holding company JSC Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ).

In 2014. Slovakia. 10 USD billion In 2014. supplying enriched uranium product to all NPPs of Russian design and expanding its presence in the foreign markets of nuclear fuel. Results In 2014. and Finland. and the Czech Republic. The reconfiguration of the facilities for gas centrifuge machine production continued to allow the achievement of a substantial economic effect. trials began for the pilot commercial batch of the new gas centrifuge machine belonging to the new generation of uranium enrichment. which allowed the 10-year portfolio of orders to retain its level of over USD 10 billion. The operation for the pilot batch of Russian TVS-kvadrat fuel in PWR reactors at one of the European operators was successfully initiated and will pave ROSATOM’s way to the fuel market for foreign design reactors. 10 Key results of 2014 11 . Uzbekistan. It is engaged in the conversion and enrichment of uranium and the fabrication of nuclear fuel. the volume of new contracts the Fuel Division signed with foreign partners cumulatively exceeded USD 3 billion. contracts were signed to supply nuclear fuel to Hungary. as well as to research reactors in the Netherlands.Fuel Division The holding company for the division is JSC TVEL.

It is a single-shaft arrangement with a water-cooled electric motor and bearings. which was for the icebreaker of the new At Atommash. which has production sites in Russia. the Ukrainian enterprise Energomashspetsstal fulfilled all contractual commitments to their full scope. Key results of 2014 13 . and two core melt traps have already been manufactured and delivered to the construction site.This design will substantially improve fire safety at the nuclear power plants. For the holding. The organization in charge of this division – FSUE Central Design Bureau of Machine Engineering – has developed a new design for a reactor coolant pump. shipbuilding. the reactor pressure vessel for Ostrovets NPP in Belarus is being manufactured. the manufacturing Arktika generation. The new design is for plants under the NPP projects VVER-TOI and AES-2006. Today. this opens very good prospects of entering the foreign market with an integrated offer. In extremely difficult conditions. The division will provide nuclear steam supply systems for all four power units of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey. The holding company of the division is JSC Atomenergomash. gas and petrochemical industries. In 2014 the division successfully met its contractual obligations for the ship reactor RITM-200. Hungary. the Czech Republic. Two additionof steam generators has resumed: al contracts were signed to supply a new section has been organized complete reactor sets for the rest and up-to-date equipment has been of the icebreakers in the series. and Ukraine. purchased. 12 Results The most important result of the year was the signing of JSC Atomenergomash’s first contract for the nuclear island of a NPP. including the completion of production of components for the reactor pressure vessel under the project VVER-TOI.Machine Engineering Division The division’s key competence is the manufacture of integrated equipment for the nuclear and thermal power.

in 2014. This was possible owing to the effective work of one team of employees as well as the use of novel technologies at the design and construction stages. the first power unit of Kudankulam NPP was successfully released to the customer for warranty operation. > USD 60 A milestone was the completion of construction works at Unit 3 of Rostov NPP. JSC NIAEP-ASE has become its holding company. billion Moreover. The Engineering Division’s overseas orders portfolio is more than USD 60 billion. two power units of South Urals TPP II were put on line. which was released ahead of its scheduled start-up in 2015. 14 Key results of 2014 15 . In India.Engineering Division In 2014. This important project facilitates the company’s entry into a new market in the country and is evidence of ROSATOM’s ability to operate in the field of thermal power. the construction of 9 power units is continuing at 5 sites in Russia. ROSATOM began building up a single engineering division. The division’s main goal is to improve the competitiveness of Russian engineering by reducing the cost and time needed for NPP construction. Results Today.

17 . or the environment. Events of INES Level 1 or 0 don’t pose any danger to personnel. Such volumes became possible due to a significant increase in the efficiency of repairs at power units.5 billion kWh.2% of the total electricity in Russia. 17.Electric Power Division The division’s holding company is JSC Rosenergoatom Concern. 16 Results 33 power units at 10 existing nuclear power plants generated 17.2 In 2014. inhabitants of the area. Russian NPPs set a new record in the generation of electricity by reaching the indicator of 180. which is responsible for the reliable and safe operation of all Russian nuclear power plants. domestic nuclear power didn’t suffer from any event that exceeded Level 1 INES (International Nuclear Event Scale). as over the course of many recent years. Key results of 2014 % In 2014.

work has been carried out to develop dense nitride fuel for testing in the BN-800 reactor of Beloyarsk NPP. 19 . ROSATOM created the first Russian cyclotron and radiochemistry facility. ROSATOM’s companies fulfilled all their obligations with regard to Russia’s contributions to the project. Key results of 2014 Owing to the radioactive source based on isotope curium-244 (produced by ROSATOM). ROSATOM has continued its successful participation in the international project ITER. a target station and equipment for the synthesis and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission imaging. which will allow the use of fusion energy in the future. which included a cyclotron.5% of its revenue on research and development.Creating Future Technologies Over the years. in 2014. the scientific module Fila successfully landed for the first time in history on the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet and was able to gather data on its ground composition. In the coming years. CONDOR. the Russian nuclear industry has become the source of world-class innovative solutions. Through the implementation of the Proryv (Breakthrough) Project. In particular. Today. The dummy fuel assembly for reactor BREST-OD-300 was also manufactured. received a national award in traffic safety. The long-term goal of the Proryv Project is the justification and demonstration of a possible way to shift to the closed nuclear cycle. Measurements of road pavement were taken in 30 Russian cities. This corresponds to indicators for world-class high-technology companies. In 2014. 18 Results In 2014. ROSATOM plans to spend at least 4. ROSATOM Innovations Management builds up technologies that can substantially change people’s lives. the ROSATOM-developed innovative road pavement scanner. they supplied superconducting strands for the creation of the superconductor in the ITER magnetic system.

In 2014. The main objective of the ships is to reinforce Russia’s leadership in the Arctic. 21 . 20 Results Last year FSUE Atomflot. ROSATOM placed an order with JSC Baltijskiy Zavod for two more icebreakers in the series LK-60. Nuclear icebreakers support navigation through the Northern Sea Route. and others. The nuclear icebreakers continue their operations in the Baltic and White Seas. steered 129 ships via the Northern Sea Route with a total gross register tonnage of 1. JSC Rosneft. The icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy steered 41 large-capacity ships in the Baltic Sea and 88 in the White Sea.Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet Russia possesses the world’s only nuclear icebreaker fleet and has many years of experience in building and operating the nuclear-propelled vessels. 1. Construction of the pilot icebreaker in this series has already started. JSC Rosmorport. a ROSATOM subsidiary. Key results of 2014 million tonnes One of the main targets for the future is to build a new type of icebreaker. JSC MMC NORILSK NICKEL.66 million tonnes. JSC Gazpromneft.66 Contracts were signed with JSC Yamal LNG.

and thus. This is of great significance for freeing the NPP storage facilities. the removal of spent nuclear ship fuel from Primorsky Krai was completed. In addition. 23 . Over the multi-year project’s period of implementation 42 railway trains with spent nuclear fuel were shipped. Key results of 2014 Success was also achieved on the international level.Nuclear and Radiation Safety The backbone of ROSATOM activities is ensuring the safety of nuclear facilities. much attention is being focused on building up the Uniform State System of Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste. The automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS) grants access to radiation monitoring in real time across the entire country (ARMS data is available online at www. Today. technologies in this area are continuously improving. the freeing of spent fuel pools for research reactors is progressing at a high pace: 1.ru). The rate of preparation and removal of intact spent fuel assemblies belonging to RBMK reactors from NPP sites to dry storage has increased twofold in comparison to 2013.russianatom.502 spent fuel assemblies have been removed and reprocessed. ROSATOM’s organization – FSUE RosRAO – became one of the winners in the bidding process organized by the Japanese Government for the development of a commercial facility to remove tritium from water on the site of Fukushima NPP. 22 Results In 2014. one of the highest-priority tasks for environmental and nuclear safety improvement in the region was accomplished.

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the business regatta at the International Forum ATOMEXPO 2014 .Rosatom Sailing Cup.