4th Edition – September 2016

Megatech International College is a friendly, welcoming
community. Our Education is specialized, industrial relevant
and affordable. Our programmes are in Engineering, IT,
Business, Hospitality and English.


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Megatech students get to celebrate the
various cultures in our country,
Malaysia through their cultural attires
and performances.
Through a fashion show, best dressed
students were given awards.
Female contestants for the cultural fashion show

Male contestants for the cultural fashion show

Since 1957, on every 31st August
Malaysia gets to celebrate their
National Day, the day they achieved
their independence.

Student event organising committee

A week later, the students organised
yet another celebration of Merdeka
with their fellow students at the
College on 7th September 2016.

Student posed for a photo after the event

Witnessed by our College Advisor, Datuk
T. Mohan, alongside with the CEO, Mr.
C. Murugan, is the official launch of this
new student club, Megatech Indian
Official signing by Datuk T. Mohan

Student posed for a photo after the event

An interview with one of the students that was awarded, best traditional attire, during the Cultural
Festival that was held on 17th August 2016, Fathima Azra Mohamed Imityas from Sri Lanka.
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Fathima Azra Mohamed Imityas. I commonly go by Azra, but some of my friends at school call
me Ahchan. I am 19 years old. I am from Sri Lanka and I have lived in Malaysia for the past 6.5 years
with my family.
What programme are you studying at Megatech?
Diploma in Business Administration. I am currently in my 3rd semester.
During the Megatech Cultural Festival Event, what role did you play?
I was one of the participants in the cultural fashion show and I can happily say I was awarded for the
best attire on that day of the event.
Could you describe for us, the event in detail.
The event was basically done to showcase the various cultures and religions in Malaysia. We were to wear our traditional attires. My
attire was from the Indian culture, which is quite similar to ours, in Sri Lanka. Most of the students wore different cultural costumes
such as Malay, Indian, Chinese, among others. Besides the dressing, there were also cultural performances that were amazing. And
finally, we all got to share a meal (lunch) together, with all the various foods of Malaysian culture. It was an awesome day for me!
Was this event of any inspiration to you?
Yes, it surely was. Mostly, the unity portrayed. I cannot imagine how all these different cultures can live in peace and as one nation.
I have been in Malaysia for about 7 years and I never felt unsafe. This is so inspiring, how I wish all nations could be like this.
Would you encourage such an event to be held in the College annually?
Definitely. This event creates awareness of the diverse cultures in Malaysia. Megatech being a College with both Malaysian and
foreign students, most foreign students don’t know about the Malaysian culture. Through this event, we get to learn about it.

Megatech continues to tie up with
other various academic institutions
both in and outside Malaysia with a
purpose of meeting with their vision
which collides on industry-relevant
education for our students.
Signed MOU exchange between Megatech and UniKL

Entrepreneur Day — 27th & 28th September 2016
Megatech Entrepreneurship Club will be organising
a 2-days entrepreneur activities on both 27 & 28
September, from 8am to 12pm at the College.
Come join us!
Megatech English Club Launching — 4th October
This event will be held at our Subang Jaya campus
on 4th October, at 10am to 12pm. All are invited!

MOU signing between Megatech and UniKL

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