Virtual family…Happy family…?


It is undisputably correct that many of our lives got fashioned or rather arranged by the use of
new media and its related tools. Be it in an over-dose or under dose, it had become a habit for
many to use them at their own risk. Of doing the multi-tasking thing, where you’re active in
online while doing something in offline as well. It is risky in the sense that, the attention space
we devot to both actions will not be normal. Thinking ahead from all these preconditions, the
attempt here is to look into new-media, particularly facebook as a virtually bonded family and
looks here, whether the characters who cross over here, in the name of fb userid/profile, actually
play a roleplay, enacting many characters we see in real life. Like that of father, mother,
daughter/son, relative and so forth.
Before going ahead to that thought, it is important to consider the timespace that each of
such part-time dads or mom’s get in online, from the users side. As online spending time varies
from user to user, it wouldn’t be quite sure on what time one spends on this medium. Here the
point is about, how intensely the conversation is carried out in the time, when both are seeing the
msgs, or rather online.. Some of the users have confessed to me, saying they deliberately holds
back some information, such as their feelings, saying that the relative understanding of people
who bought them up or people who live with them isn’t quite convincing.
Here, the point is, the playing up with facts, become absent when they go online..Where faster
replies are being demanded to stay active and the user is forced to release the msgs and at times
releases them with no second thoughts..
Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, it seems that many such fb users have taken over the
roles and their seekers ask them inputs, suggestions advices and at times design their life,
according to the words… In such a time being, the physical proximity becomes less
important..The tendency to share copes up.. I’ve observed people coming closer after sharing
some incidents which were dear to them..We can even call this breaking the ice effect.. And it is
also seen at times, the people who’ve caused some harm in these incidents would get portrayed
in a bad way, and chances to hear their sides are one of the least sought affair..
Coming back to the family affair, if you imagine fb as a virtual world and its participants as
citizens here, it may trigger a need for social institutions in general and family in specific. As this
medium is more about nurturing bonds, according to it’s founder, Mark Succerberg, who
researched on the way it’s users have used the medium, I feel this sort of a view also have some
takers.. A view which considers facebook as a medium which serves the family bonding function
in its limited time-frame.
But on a larger canvas, it remains to be seen and figured how durable and how close, such
relations exist offline..Apart from the mob-merriment in online, do they come to a situation

saying traces of family roots are evident here in this medium. .where they appear as strangers when they meet in person? Even though I donot have amything substantial to point out here. I would end writing this piece. be it knowingly or unknowingly……. And the roleplaying effect is quite actively taking place here.