Curriculum Vitae

Masudul Hoque
c/o:Salina yeasmin(F.W.V)
Contact Number: 01716267754,01670152690
Career Objective:
Searching for a desired job where there is an opportunity of utilizing my knowledge and
skills for self- assessment and self-improvement with change oriented in both individual and
group based work that will ultimately lead me to take new challenges and responsibilities.
Employment History: 5

years working experience in Different Laboratory ,Hospital and

presently working a National NGO.

1. From Apr 2016 to
continue in
international center for
diarrhoeal disease
research, Bangladesh
2. From june 2014 to
November 2015 in
Association For social
3. From 01 december
2013 to 31 may 2014
in Bashundhara Eye
Hospital and Research
4. From july 2011 to
November 2013 in
Swadesh Diagnostic

Senior field assistant

Company location:
68,Shaheed tajuddin
Ahmed sarani,
Mohakhali, Dhaka
1212, Bangladesh.

Loboratory test and
data analyze

Health supervisor(In- reach


Monitoring Health
working activity

Singair Bazar,
Manikgonj, dhaka.

laboratory test


Senior Laboratoy

Loboratory In-Charge.

Quality control and
laboratory test

Machinery Experience/Special Qualification:

Sysmex (XT 2000i, Japan) All Hematological Test, Beckman Coulter USA  All
Biochemical Test, Beckman Coulter Access-2 All Immunological Test,
Humalyzer 3000 (Analyzer Germany)  All Biochemical Test, Kimased Auto 16 
For ESR, Easylyte Plus (Analyzer)  For Electrolyte, Diagnostica Stago  For
APTT, PT, quentimate semi auto Analyzer bio chemistry.

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C) Institute Group Result Board Session : Hatirdia S.G.D.Training Qualification:  Six months practical training in Shaheed Susrawardy Medical College & Hospital with Excellent Result.  Bachelor of Science(B. Course duration : 4 year.L. Ali Model High School.  Two months practical training in SCHS with Excellent Result. Bhawal Badre Alam College Gagipur Group : Science Result : GPA-2.Sc) in Health Technology (Laboratory)  Institute : State College of Health Sciences University : Dhaka University Session : 2005-2006 Result : Passed (56% Marks all in subject) Passing Year : 2011. : Science : GPA-3.C)  Institute : Govt.S.50 (without additional subject) : Dhaka : 2001-2002 Page 2 of 5 . Academic Background:  Post Graduation Degree in Health Technology Laboratory(P.  Four months practical training in Enam Medical College & Hospital with Excellent Result. : 1 year.S.40(without additional subject) Board : Dhaka Session : 2002-2003 Secondary School Certificate (S. Higher Secondary Certificate (H.T) Institute University Session Result Course duration : Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences : Dhaka University : 2011-2012 : Passed with 62% Number All in Subject.

behavioral science. Hospital Practice & First Aid. principles and techniques in clinical laboratory. Immunology. Major Area of Study in B. Human Anatomy. Cell biology and Endocrinology. Haematology. Parasitology. Mycology. Language Proficiency: Language Reading Writing Speaking English High High Medium Bangla High High High Hindi Low Low Medium Hobby: Page 3 of 5 . Excel. Biochemistry. Supported Area: Community Medicine.Sc. Microbiology.  Microsoft Office Program: MS Word. bioethics and health Economics. Clinical pathology. Mycology. Histopathology & Cytopathology. Haematology. General pathology & Systemic pathology. PowerPoint & Access.Major Area of Study in post graduation degree Basic molecular biology & biotechnology. Microbiology. Clinical pathology. Blood Transfusion. Parasitology. Virology. based on academic performance. Virology. Biochemistry. Computer Qualification:  Completed Computer Certificate Course in national Youth Development Computer Training Academy with ‘A’ Grade. Histopathology & Cytopathology. Human Physiology. Award and Achievement:  Scholarship at university level. Bacteriology. Immunology.

keen to learn new things. Page 4 of 5 .Reading story & traveling in historical places.

Dist. Block-E. Phill (DU) Associate Professor & Head Department of Pathology Shaheed Suhrawardi Medical College & Hospital. M. 01670152690. of Applied laboratory science. Assistant professor Program coordinator(post graduation diploma program). masudulhoque14@yahoo. Contact Number: 01711406235. Permanent address : Vill. If required and when applicable. Muzahidul Hoque Salina Yeasmin G-18 (Ground Floor). Dhaka-1207. Lecturer of Pathology Consultant of Pathology Assistant Lab Co-Ordinator Enam Medical College & Hospital Contact Number: 01712003031. Zakir Hossain Road. Dr. Yours sincerely ___________ Masudul Hoque Page 5 of 5 . Dept. Mohammadpur. State College of Health Sciences Contact Number: 01715507777. 3.-Narsingdi. Dhaka.Phil Head of the Department (B. Dept. Khaliduzzaman MBBS. Post-Daulatpur. F. M. Muhammad Saiedullah PHD in biochemistry. Dhaka.B. these documents can be submitted authentic papers. Bangladesh institute of Health science Contact Number:01765024765.-Kirtibusdi. 4. A.M. Anisur Rahman MBBS. I do hereby declare that all the information presented is true to my knowledge. 01716267754. Dr.Sc in laboratory program ).com 19886815247382890 : Reference: 1. Date of birth Nationality Religion Sex Blood Group Height Marital status Contact Mobile E-mail: Passport no : : : : : : : : : 1st January 1988 Bangladeshi Islam Male A+ 5'-7" Married. of Medical Laboratory Science. Ziaur Rahman MBBS.M. Thana-Monohardi. 2.Personal Details: Name Father’s name Mother’s name Present/mailing address : : : : Masudul Hoque Late Md.