Fred Ochieng’: C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e




I am a multi-talented individual with over 5(five) years’ experience working on a wide range of administrative
duties both at ground implementation and high level policy discussions, and in various capacities, both in
accounting, management and technology.
I work under minimum supervision and has the ability to listen and fully able, self-motivated, and result-oriented
person with a well developed interpersonal and communication skills. I have a high level of integrity, trust and
ready to work as a team. Good at time management and ability to meet deadlines.
Throughout my work experience, I have developed excellent accounting skills while working with with private and
public institutions. I can prepare, manage interpret financial statements of different types. I have been involved in
all aspects of core accountancy including; bank reconciliation, ratio analysis, financial accounting statement
extraction and interpretation; both manually and using specialized accounting packages such as Tally,
QuickBooks, Pastel, Sage, Excel among others.
Similarly, I have technological skills incorporated in business application, management and operations, with
abilities needed to handle increasingly complex information technology and business related assignments as
demonstrated throughout this profile.


Fred Ochieng’; P.O. Box 2476 Kakamega, Kenya; Email:; or;
Mob. /Cell: +256-775-759373; or; +256-702-980-739
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth : 1982
 English
: Excellent (written and spoken)
 Kiswahili
: Excellent (written and spoken)
 Luganda
: Good (written and spoken)
 Luo, Lunyankole : Native Language (Luo); others, basic understanding

2010: Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting Information System, Institute of Advanced Leadership
2007: Bachelor of Business Computing, Makerere University, Uganda



Computerised Accounting with:
Computerised Project Management with Ms. Project
Data Analysis with SPSS, Epi-Data

August 16


Fred Ochieng’

Faculty of Technology: As delegated by the Academic Registrar.  Program formulation and development of curriculum for the following courses. Administrative & Human Resource Manual and Staffing Levels  Performing Content analysis to analyze qualitative data from different staff members by analyzing expressions from both the individual interviews and focus group discussions. Kampala. and Board of Directors. -2- Fred Ochieng’ . Katwe. Uganda Lecturer: Information Technology Department  Lecturing in Computer Studies  Business mathematics  Business statistics  Operations management PROFFICIENCY EXPERIENCE YEAR: 2014 ORGANIZATION: Millenium Eco Practice Company Ltd YEAR: 2013 ORGANIZATION: Uganda Road Fund August 16 Training Educational and management consultancy  Contracted to train staff members on computerized accouting Educational and management consultancy for Review of Organizational Structure.  Tally  QuickBooks  Pastel 2011. design course outline and lecture the following course units:  Intermediated Accounting  Advanced Accounting  Electronic Business  Quantitative Techniques 2010-2014 Accountant: Ninats Investments Limited In consultation with company directors:  Design a computerized accounting system  Managing books of Accounts  Performing Bank Reconciliation  Tracking project cash flow movements  Managing Employee Payrole system 2010-2013 College of Business Study.March 2015 Part Time Lecture: Institute of Advanced Leadership (U) Head of Department.Feb 2015 Part Time Lecture: Team Institute of Business and Management As delegated by the academic registrar.  Prepare Financial Statements  Prepare payment Vouchers  Tax Filling with URA  Design a computerized accounting system  Managing books of Accounts  Performing Bank Reconciliation  Tracking project cash flow movements  Managing Employee Payrole system 2007.  Computerised Accounting in. and interpreting them in the context of the review.Fred Ochieng’: C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e WORK EXPERIENCE 2011 – Oct 2015 Accountant: High Tides Ltd As delegated by the Chief Executive Officer.

Department of Information Technology  Developing course content to support the following programs: i. People performance and management. among others. SPECIFIC AREAS AND LEVEL OF EXPOSURE I have. I Endeavour to learn and deepen knowledge in new disciplines that are outside my professional competence areas. under the supervision of the Executive Director. Diploma in Computer Science iii. and team approach to drive project improvements and implementation of best practices. current fiscal sponsor. under the supervision of the Executive Director. the preparation and monitoring of the overall annual budget as well as budgets of specific projects Managing Financial  Support. August 16 -3- Fred Ochieng’ . I have superior interpersonal skills. Team Management. Planning & Strategy. Certificate in Computer Applications ii. at strategic levels worked with private institutions performing the following key tasks:  Enforce expenditure commitment policy  Processing of all payment requests. Self-driven and result-oriented manager with strong record of accomplishment of performance in big and challenging organizations. capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and motivating staff to peak performance. Diploma in ICT  Conducted and supervised E-learning as implimented in the distance learning programs YEAR: 2011 Lecture. I utilize keen analysis. under the supervision of the Executive Director.  Cash flow management  Accounting. Monitoring and evaluating ICT lecturres proficiency and ability to perform KEY COMPETENCIES Five (5) Years of Work of experience in research. Faculty of Technology ORGANIZATION: Team Insititute of Business and Management   Coducting Stakeholder Analysis in the area of ICT and developing program manual aimed at nurturing students to be job creators other than job seekers. insights. the preparation of Resources grant requests to donors  Support financial reporting to donors  Support. relationship management and Finance Management I am a dynamic.Fred Ochieng’: C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e YEAR: 2012 ORGANIZATION: Office of the Auditor General-Uganda Assessing Institutional Independence of the Office of Auditor General  Comprehensive review of the Human Resource Management Information System. the preparation of financial documents to the Finance Committee and Board.  Present a comprehensive plan on the understanding and improvement of the HRMIS YEAR: 2012 ORGANIZATION: Institute of Advanced Leadership (U) Head.  Support. meetings attended  Ensure effective co-ordination with the Secretariat.

I have gained the ability to develop and support growth in others to maximize their contributions to the organization. monitoring of holiday periods. with various academic and non-academic institutions. compliant with board  Assist the Executive Director in drawing partnership agreements. I have the ability to structure. manage. I have the ability to structure. students and parent. implemented and monitored various Management audit trails and managed to analyse. of governors and  Manage contractual documents donor regulations  Ensure adequate insurance coverage of all staff and activities Administrative management of Human resources Throughout my working experience I have learnt how to manage organization’s important resource. I have the ability to perform critical inquiries as well as the ability to write clear. inform and discover opportunities at different levels of and In-depth management: knowledge in  I have closely participated in financial auditing of various projects that I directly monitoring and supervised. and monitor the development and and implementation of E-Learning model. including: understanding  Identifying goals or objectives/priorities of E-Learning  Planning and scheduling lessons Model  Allocating and acquisitioning resources  Monitoring and Evaluation  Use of project management tools like a logical framework matrix Project Throughout my working experience I have initiated. and monitor operational the development and implementation of programs.Fred Ochieng’: C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e I have. August 16 -4- Fred Ochieng’ . throughout my working experience directly participated in building strategic Implementing alliances/linkages with different stakeholders in the field of academics including administrative and teachers. evaluation  I have. with the ability to verify financial information. including: Using coaching processes. at strategic levels worked with the following academic institutions in developing and Implementation of implementing learning material in the field of technology and management: Educational Team Institute of Business and Management products and Institute of Advanced Leadership (U) Services College of Business Studies Bombo Army Secondary School While working with the above institutions for over 3 years. techniques. language or content to account for the characteristics and needs of the audience including responding to probing. including: framework in  Support and supervise compliance with all relevant fiscal and legal obligations. Use of ICT in I have. Can modify delivery. been able to conduct. and tools Building rapport and credibility Being a role model I am able to express project management concepts and related facts in a clear. learning tools students and parent. concise and organized legal project documents. concise and organized manner.The people:  Supporting management of staff contracts  Payment of salary. letters and memoranda addressing legal concepts and facts as part of risk mitigation. extra time/days OTHER AREAS OF EXPOSURE Development and I have. manage. throughout my working experience directly participated in building strategic development of alliances/linkages with different stakeholders in the field of academics including teachers.

ORGANIZATION: Team Institute of Business and Management. accountability and value for money. Fred (2010). Offering alternate solutions with rationales and Taking action to implement business plans I have been involved in several research and I have participated in the formulation of project proposals where I ensured substantive rigor in the design and application of proven successful approaches through:  Assessing project performance to identify success factors and incorporates best practices into project work  Research linkages across programme activities to identify critical points PUBLICATIONS BOOKS 1. TELEPHONE: +256-772-481-062 NAME: Sr John Paul. ORGANIZATION: Bombo SSS. Alice K. 2. POSITION: Head Teacher. Basic Business Books COMPUTER EXPERT KNOWLEDGE 1. Kyasimiire Betty. 5. Microsoft Office (All Versions) Microsoft Project (All Versions) Tally Accounting (All Versions) Quickbook Accounting (All Versions) Pastel Accounting (All Versions) OTHER SKILLS SKILL Training And Presentation Financial Litracy Communication Drafting Creativity And Innovation RATTING Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent REFEREES NAME: Mrs. POSITION: Head of Undergraduate Department. POSITION: Director. Gateway to Research Method. Ochieng O. and evaluating information relevant to the defined problem. With substantial skills in operation audit. ORGANIZATION: High Tides Ltd. Uganda. TELEPHONE: +256-772-442-224 August 16 -5- Fred Ochieng’ . Abdul Nasser Mukasa. POSITION: Deputy Principle. selecting. Kampala. 3. ORGANIZATION: Institute of Advanced Leadership. programme design. Kampala. I am able to use a systematic approach to solve problem. Uganda. TELEPHONE: +256-702-150959 NAME: Mr.Fred Ochieng’: C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e  Research and analysis. Collecting. 4. and innovative resourcing strategies monitor and advice during project management that has seen improvement of financial performance. TELEPHONE: +256-704-630-101 NAME: Mrs. verifying. including: Identifying key elements in routine and complex problems .

2016 Signature August 16 -2- Fred Ochieng’ . August 17. correctly describe my qualifications. the data contained herein. my experience and me. the undersigned. _________________________________________________Date: Wednesday.Fred Ochieng’: C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e CERTIFICATION: I. certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief.