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EAT 357/3


7 SEPT 2016

Lecture begins at 9:00am and ends at
11.00am. every Wednesday(DKD5)
6.00pm to 7.00pm every Friday (DKD2)

Some simple tips:

1. Attend class ON TIME
2. Reading book ON SUBJECT MATTER, attending class and
reading the lecture notes are key.
3. Read lecture notes at UniMAP elearning website This will explain
everything you will need to know
4. KEEP UP WITH ASSIGNMENTS!! Getting your assignment
done on time & it really does help in the understanding of the
subject matter.

The Dos & Donts

Pay attention and participate during class
Do show up on time.
Do turn off your cell phone or make it in
silent mode.
Do raise your hand if you have questions,
and participate in class for any discussion.
Dont use electronic devices, hand phone or
listen to music during lecture.
Dont surf on your laptop or hand phone.
(only if been asked to do so)

The Dos & Donts

Do sign in your attendance for each class
Dont sign for your friend.
Please put in writing (letter) if you cant attend
the class for what ever reason.
No plagiarism in assignment, lab report &
Dont cheat during test & final exam
Attendance should be 70% out of 42 hours
(around 4 class). The lecturer have right to
BAR student with poor attendance

EAT 357/3

7 SEPT 2016

Course Synopsis for EAT 357

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge of
subject area; ability to apply tools in a project environment;
demonstrate competence in learning and evidence generating to
sustain competency.
The syllabus comprises scope management including project
authorization, scope definition, control and finalization.
Cost management including project costing, resource planning,
budgeting and controlling financial completion are also emphasized.
In addition, this course will also expose students to the time
management including activity sequencing, duration estimating,
scheduling, progress control, monitoring and forecasting.


Course outcomes are measurable

statements that articulate what students
should know, be able to do, or value as a
result of taking this course


Ability to discuss and describe the general project management principles,
Project initiation, Project Organization and Human Resources. (KNI)

Ability to describe the Construction cost estimation, Project Planning and
Project Scheduling.(Ir Mustaqqim)
Ability to describe the Project Monitoring and Control,
Resources management and Project Handling Over. (Prof Madya Ir Abdul

Teaching Plan
Week 1

Introduction to Construction Management (Khairul Nizar Ismail)

Analyze the project management concept; Critisize attributes of a project, project life cycle, project
management process.

(3 hours)

Week 2-3

Project Initiation and Organizational Structure (Khairul Nizar Ismail)

Organize project Initiation & Selection , Develop Business Analysis & Development.Arrange and Organize
Company Organization Structure, Project Charter, Project Organization Structure, Project Brief, Project

(6 hours)

Week 4

Human Resource and Communication Management (Khairul Nizar Ismail)

Arrange and Organize Human Resource Guidelines, Company Human Resource Policy, Cross Cultural
Management, Professional Engagement, and People Skills. Manage Communication Management

(3 hours)

Week 5-6

Week 7-8

Construction Cost Estimation (Ir. Mustaqqim)

Arrange and Organize element estimation method for cost estimation, Planning and design, project scope
management and project budgeting and bidding.
(6 hours)
Project Planning and Scheduling (Ir. Mustaqqim)
Arrange and Organize Work Breakdown Structure,
Plan Needs/Requirement Survey, Master Schedule, Contract Document, and Progress Report. Evaluate
and Estimate Activity duration, project starts and finish times, schedule calculation.
(6 hours)

Teaching Plan
Week 911

Week 12

Project Monitoring and Control (PM.Ir.Abdul Ghapar)

Select Project Strategic Planning, Project Portfolio Management, Project Metrics and KPIS,
Cost Control System,
Predict and Estimate Cash Flow Management & Earned Value Management,
Argue Document Management Concept, Types of Contract, Selection of Nominated Supplier
and Sub-contractors,
Evaluate Project Monitoring System, Project Control System & Resource Productivity Controls
(9 hours)
Resource Consideration (PM.Ir.Abdul Ghapar)
Analyze Resource-constrained planning, planned resource utilization, resource leveling, and
resource-limited scheduling.
(6 hours)

Handling Over Activities and Project Close-up (PM.Ir.Abdul Ghapar)

Manage Document Records, Handing Over Activities, Manage Final Account & Contract
Week 13- Closure, Project & Team Audit / Evaluation.
(6 hours)

What is the relation this subject with other


Construction Management
Project environment, costing, planning,
EAT357 controlling financial
Industrial Training
Offsite Construction, Modern Method of
EAT455 construction, IBS Score
Intergrated Project Design
Capstone project, analysis, design &
EAT451 planning of a building

Detail information about the subject

3 Unit


42 contact
hours (14
Weeks- 3

Core Subject

No Prerequisite

Evaluation contribution

Assignment, Quiz
= 20%

Test ( Test 1 & Test

2) =20%
Final Exam = 60%

Degree related on Construction Management in Malaysia

Mini Project on Construction Management (14 Weeks)

Assignment & quizzes for KNI (First 4 weeks)

Softcopy of your construction company profile

(Powerpoint/power point presentation/any software.
(Submission date :5 October 2016, 11.00am)

Hardcopy (A4) of your construction company profile

(Submission date :5 October 2016, 11.00am)

Answer quizzes in

(to be informed)

Your Immediate task

Form up your group. Please fill the form. Team Leader

/Company Director/Project Manager) has been selected
(refer to the form). List of the complete member of the group
must be submitted by 21 October 2016, 11.00am

Start looking for any Construction Company. Please ask for :

a) Company profile
b) Construction Drawing for house/shop unit of 2 or 3 storey
(official letter will be provided)

In Short
1) Consider you & your team in a construction company
2) Your company must have profile, organization chart, director,
project manager, engineers & ect
3) Must register with the authority-CIDB & others
4) Plan your construction project- design, planning, contract,
cost estimation, project monitoring
1) All students must register to EAT357- Construction
Management at
2) Please register your first & second name as per your
name in your IC/ passport
3) All lecture notes, video, slide, quizzes, assignment, info
will be uploaded to elearninglab