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Psych 101
Week 1 Day 1: Introductions and Syllabus Review



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Janel Fergusson

Alyssa Ash


Office: Kenny 4548

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ca 8 9 2 .ubc.9/6/2016 Your TAs Your TAs • Anna Maslany • Sean Maxey • Office: Kenny 3203a • Office: Audain Arts Center 4038A • Office Hour: Fridays 2-3 • Office Hour: Tuesdays 1-2 • Email: annamaslany@psych.ubc.ubc.shafai@alumni.ca 6 Your TAs 7 Your TAs • Fakhri Shafai • Lisa Zhang • Office: Kenny 3504 • Office: Kenny 2011 • Office Hour: By Appointment • Office Hour: By Appointment • Email: f.ubc.maxey@alumni.ca • Email: sean.ca • Email: lisazhang@psych.

asking for a copy of notes. requests for extensions or make up exams.General course-related questions.9/6/2016 Who do I contact? • Piazza . feedback on assignments Family Name A-E F-Le Li-Se Sh-V W-Z Even more introductions! TA Alyssa Ash Anna Maslany Sean Maxey Fakhri Shafai Lisa Zhang • Janel – personal circumstances affecting your ability to complete coursework. if you’re not satisfied about grade after contacting TAs • Put Psych 101 in the subject line! • Turn to the person next to you • Introduce yourself  Name  Major • Exchange email addresses or contact information 10 11 What is Psychology? What is this class about? 12 13 3 . forming study groups. etc. • TAs – Questions about your own grades.

lecture slides • Piazza  Free online discussion forum 16 17 4 . grades.9/6/2016 What questions do you have? Course Objectives/ Learning Goals • Identify and explain the vocabulary and major constructs of cognitive and biological psychology • Describe basic methods of investigating human behaviour and cognition • Apply what you’ve learned about psychology to your everyday life • Write a clear media article that describes a psychological concept for a non-psychology audience 14 15 What Do I Need? • iClicker or REEF Polling • McGraw Hill Connect  E-textbook and online learning activities  Can purchase with a physical book in the bookstore. download class readings. or online access code Reviewing the Syllabus • UBC Connect  Submit assignments.

logistics. • Check to see if your question has been answered before posting!  App is available for Android & iPhone. can be accessed through browser on laptop  $19 for 6 months. $30 for 1 year 18 How Will I Be Graded? Activity Media Article Assignment • Points Module 1 Test 15% Module 2 Test 15% Module 3 Test 15% Final Exam (Module 4 Test) 15% Media Article 23% McGraw Hill Connect Assignments 10% Class participation 5% Research Experience Component 2% Bonus HSP participation points Up to 3% 19 Write a media article about a class topic (see list on UBC Connect) that is suitable for a general audience  Choose a media outlet  Write a paragraph describing your audience  Write a media article that communicates 3 concepts within the topic  3 common misconceptions about what psychologists do  3 ways you can improve your studying  Use textbook as a resource  Cite one journal article 20 21 5 .9/6/2016 iClicker/REEF Piazza • In-class participation • Online discussion board • Questions to review for exams • Free. set up account through Connect • Use a remote or app • Ask questions about course content. etc.

9/6/2016 McGraw Hill Connect Assignments • Participation Before each Chapter – LearnSmart Assignment •  Guided reading through the chapter.0 23 24 • Participate in psychology studies for credit! • 2% part of course grade. take pictures of monocular depth cues Submission through Piazza 22 Participation Grades Percentage Research Experience Participation earned points 85%+ 5.0 0%-16% 0.0 68%-84% 4. with questions to check your understanding  Graded on completion • iClicker  Ask questions during class  Respond using clicker remote or REEF polling  Points awarded for answering AND for answering correctly After each chapter – Chapter post-tests  20-25 questions to test your understanding  Graded based on number of correct answers • Real-world     Mini-assignments graded on completion and quality ~10 minutes E.0 51%-67% 3. plus up to 3% bonus • Library option 25 6 .0 17%-33% 1.0 34%-50% 2.g..

You may cancel an appointment up to ONE HOUR before a study through the HSP system .sona-systems.1234+08+01 = 12340801 .If your student ID is 1234567.sona-systems. you get an unexcused no-show 7 . you may no longer participate in studies - Two digits of birth day . your ID will be: .If you don’t cancel the appointment.com It helps you become eligible for studies! But…deadline is October 10.com and create a personal profile — do it this week! Where? And then what? When? Check out all available studies. and your birthday is August 1. 2016 HSP Identification Number Caution! Show up on time! Completed during the pre-screening New no-show policy - First four digits of student ID number - Two digits of birth month . sign-up for them.Do not directly email the researcher . and earn credits towards your course grade. How can you participate? Earn your first ½ credit towards your course grade! How? Participate in the UBC Psychology Human Subject Pool Pre-screening Questionnaire It’s quick and easy! Visit ubc-psych.9/6/2016 Human Subject Pool What is it? A chance for you to participate in psychology research and experience how psychology research is conducted. As soon as you can! Visit ubc-psych.Once you accumulate TWO unexcused no-shows.

9/6/2016 What to expect • In-class discussion • Regular iClicker questions • Slides on Connect before class  Not a substitute for taking notes! • Important names in bold type • A chance to evaluate the class and me twice (anonymously) • Prompt feedback on assignments/tests 30 • 31 Read Chapter 1 – Psychology: The Science of Behaviour  Complete the Chapter 1 LearnSmart assignment by Saturday!! For next class • Buy an iClicker OR set up REEF polling • Register on Piazza 32 8 .