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Executive Summary
Company Overview and Business Details
Mission and Vision Statement
Industry and Market Analysis
Industry Analysis
Target Market
Competitive Analysis
PEST Analysis
Product and Services
Problems and Solutions
Customer and Value Proposition
Marketing Plan
Operations Plan
Key Suppliers
Responsibilities and Chain of Command
Human Resources
APP Mechanism
Pricing Mechanism
Key Milestones and Development Strategy
Management Team and Company Structure
Resources and Legal
Funding Sources
Financial Plan
Key Financial Assumptions
Income Statement
Break-Even Analysis
Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet
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Exit Strategy
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1. Executive Summary: The Broker’s Hub (TBH) is a stock market themed casual dining restaurant aiming to
cater up to 100 customers when at full capacity. The restaurant will also offer Glutenfree and Vegan fast food since there seems to be a rising demand for it. We will be
offering Gluten-free and Vegan Pizza, Pasta, Wraps, Sandwiches, Burritos and Burgers.
The restaurant will be owned by a group of young individuals….. Collectively they
have experience in different industries, which is useful and sufficient enough in opening
this restaurant.
The Stock Market theme of the restaurant is new in the market. Here, each food and
beverage is considered as stocks where its prices will fluctuate as per change in demand.
This concept will only be active for a period of 4 hours during the evenings, which is
known as “Market Hours”. A restaurant with a stock market concept does not exist in
Dubai but there are restaurants offering vegan or gluten free food, hence making them
indirect competitors. Well-reputed and experienced chefs will prepare the food. The
Broker’s Hub will offer dine in, take-outs and delivery options at fixed prices unless an
order takes place during market hours where the prices will fluctuate as per the demand.
We believe that the people of UAE love enjoying unique dining experience thus the
restaurant is designed in the form of a stock market. The ambience, atmosphere and
interior design would make the customers feel that they are actually in a stock market.
The food served would be treated as stocks where customers would speculate and
purchase them.
An area of 3000 sq. retail will be leased for the restaurant. The restaurant will be
strategically located in Burj Al Nujoom, Downtown Dubai where the restaurant can
expect walk in customers. Downtown is known for its tourist attraction and is described
as the “Centre of Now”.
The total startup cost for the business is approximately AED 2,560,161 million, which
will partly be funded by the owners and partly either by an Investor or will be secured
by a proposed bank loan.


We will be using traditional marketing methods during the launch of the restaurant to
attract the crowds, and further will be integrating it with the digital marketing campaign
to maintain those customers and creating brand loyalty.

2. Company Overview and Business Details: 2.1 Introduction: Our business plan is an innovative restaurant project, which has been created after deep
studying the population and hospitality sector of the United Arab Emirates. The
restaurant intends to sell variety of gluten-free food with vegan options, which would
be healthy for our customers. The restaurant will be named as ‘The Brokers Hub
Restaurant (TBH)’ as it is a stock-market theme based restaurant. This is the first of
its kind of its kind in the Middle East and we intend to startup this business in a time
span of 8-12 months. The Brokers Hub is a partnership firm (with six partners) and will
be registered under the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. The Brokers
Hub will be located in the Heart of Dubai, Downtown Dubai as it is a hub for major
high-end restaurants and thus, we expect walk-in customers. Downtown consists of
highly populated residential and commercial buildings. Along with several world-class
hotels attracting high-end tourists from different parts of the world (Emaar, 2015). We
intend to expand our business in other Emirates and in the Middle East by 2022.

2.2 Mission and Vision Statements: 2.2.1) Mission statement: At The Broker’s Hub, Our mission is to provide a high-end casual dining experience to
our customers by offering them with delicious, healthy gluten free and vegan food. Our
priority is to create a friendly environment as customer satisfaction is an important
virtue to us. We, as a restaurant, aim to target different types of people, families, young
adults, and teenagers. At The Brokers Hub, we ensure to use only high quality
ingredients to prepare our food while keeping it healthy and nutritious.

2.2.2) Vision statement: -


upgrading one sector leads to improvement in the other sectors.3 Objectives: TBH’s objective for the first three years of operation includes:  To offer a unique ambience along with friendly customer service.” Jim Modaddab.500.000 per year. By winning the bid for Expo 2020. 2. “In relation to the size of the UAE population and the amount of tourists it currently attracts.We are committed to serve delicious food. there are just too many venues with more on the way. 5 .  Averaging sales between AED 1.000. We aim to surpass the standards and accomplishments that we have set for ourselves. 3) Industry & Market Analysis: 3. COO at Caramel Group. 2013). told Gulf Business. Over the next 12 months we would like to be known as ‘the place’ to not only have a fun experience but also serve affordable and healthy food. The F&B section has been used to fullest of their capabilities. Dubai is considered one of the most regularly visited cities in the world because of it’s hospitality sector. The latest news and reports articulate that UAE’s food and beverage market has reached heights.000-2. 2014). In recent studies Dubai’s hospitality sector has developed massive growth. In an economy.  To provide exquisite & healthy meals to our customers at a reasonable price. Many of the popular and franchised brands have developed Dubai in a sophisticated style (Gulf Business. this is the case in Dubai where the Hospitality sector leads to the boost of the tourism industry and vice-versa.  Expand our market all over UAE and the GCC. (Anderson. while taking good care of our customers and staff. This sector contributes the most to the country’s GDP. Dubai has increasingly become the attractive for the foreign hospitality companies (Khaleej Times.1 Industry Analysis: According to the reports of Wam (2014). 2013).

021 outlets in the UAE.7bn by 2015 (Arabian Business. the market research reports states that it’s a same scenario in the restaurants of UAE everyday that people wait to place an order despite of the long waiting queues in the restaurant.1 Source: .4bn (2011) to $8.According to The National (2014).021 outlets to 25. Growth in Food & Beverage Sector in the UAE 30000 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 2014 2019 Fig 1. research has been done and it suggests that many people are suffering from a state of “Gluten sensitivity” or “Gluten intolerance” 6 . The fast food dining sector of UAE is predicted to grow from $6.000 food and beverages outlets. Previously gluten free food was not given much of attention in UAE market but in recent years. United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai’s food and beverage sector will be more than four times its current size in the next five years. The need for serving gluten free food has also been recognized in the market. we keep in mind the booming sector of the restaurants. The extent of restaurants is not unique in Dubai but it is one of the obvious signs that the UAE is one of the most up-to-date places for fast food dining brands. This is an increase of 19. As we put forward the idea of the restaurant serving a “Healthy fast Food”. This will happen due to the increased demand from the hospitality sector in the United Arab Emirates and specifically because of Dubai due to the announcement of the Expo 2020.as per the statistics from the National Newspaper Coming to the idea of a casual dining restaurant. There is an increase in the UAE food and beverages industry from currently being 6. 2012).

2015).2 Target Market: Our primary focus is on individuals between the ages of 18-40. 2. We cater to people with special dietary requirements. 2011). Here are our direct competitors: 1. However the restaurant only offers only 2 dishes that can be made gluten free hence not many options are available for the customers (Ronda Locatelli. The customers can order for pasta dishes to be made gluten free. However the price range is not stated in their online menu but it is quiet expensive when compared to The Brokers Hub (ZPizza. The Broker’s Hub will focus on students. However there is a lot of competition we have researched about our competitors in the market who satisfy the need of gluten free and vegan food. Ronda Locatelli: This restaurant strategically located in Atlantis the Palm. 4. 2015). We also offer gluten free menu along with various options for our vegan customers. Palm Jumeirah. teenagers. which can be made gluten free as well as vegan. We focus particularly on this specific segment as it consists of the type of people who would regularly frequent such a restaurant and are willing to spend their time and money on good dining at a value price. 3. Pizzas and Sandwiches. Salads. Sweet Connections: Sweet connections opened its space at Mercato Mall. Cluster W in Jumeriah Lakes Towers. young adults as well as working professionals. Downtown where there are many restaurants. ZPIZZA: This restaurant is located in Dubai Marina and it offers Pastas. offers healthy fast food with a lot of vegan options and also calories as mentioned with every dish on the menu (77 Veggie Boutique.3 Competitive Analysis: The Broker’s Hub as stated above is located in the heart of Dubai. 3.(Shepard. 2015). 3. 77 Veggie Boutique: This multi-cuisine restaurant located in Tiffany Tower. This bakery recognizes itself as 7 .

Strategic Grouping Map: The Brokers Hub Ronda High Locatelli 77 Veggie Boutique THE BROKERS HUB Pricing Medium Zpizza Low Service Quality Low Medium High Fig 1. Looking at the menu of restaurants and the reviews we have placed our competitors 8 . The Brokers Hub plans to provide the customers with a high service quality and medium-pricing strategy as placed in the map above.2 Referring to the above grouping map. the restaurant Ronda Locatelli has a high pricing strategy but a medium service quality.being 100 percent gluten free and safe for people who suffer with gluten intolerance. It’s not just gluten free but also notorious as the ingredients used are best researched (Sweet Connections. 2015).

trade and labor laws affect the setting up of and operations of any business. a major part of Dubai's revenue comes from tourism. Apart from oil. the Dubai government is committed towards the protection of intellectual property rights. The expat population has led to the opening up of various restaurants suited to match the taste preferences of the different nationalities residing in Dubai. there is a very well defined legal framework for business with clearly set ownership rules. In addition to this. 2015).4.2) Economical EnvironmentEconomic factors can have a major impact on any business. as ours is a restaurant with a unique concept. Furthermore. our restaurant will not serve pork and alcohol (Faq Dubai.4. TBH is located at the heart of Dubai. We have adopted Blue ocean strategy as our service and product is very unique when compared to our competitors in the market. as these factors cannot be controlled by the business itself.1) Political EnvironmentGovernment regulations and policies such as taxation. 3. a popular spot for food lovers and tourists. Dubai being a politically stable environment is a major attraction for entrepreneurs to invest their capital. This is a major advantage.4. Residents and tourists are known to try out different cuisines and new restaurants. An easy example of this could be the fact that customers should have the disposable income to spend at a restaurant.accordingly. Keeping the local culture and the religious views in mind.3) Social EnvironmentThe population of Dubai largely consists of an expatriate population. 9 . 2015). 2011).4 PEST Analysis: 3. 3. which has not been introduced in the UAE so far (Government of Dubai. 3. This allows us in better understanding of all the rules. regulations and procedures involved for setting up our restaurant. There are no direct taxes on corporate profits and personal income thereby making Dubai a viable place to invest in (Ferris-Lay.

gluten related issues have risen in recent years. Our Gluten free and Vegan Food include: 1) Pizza & Pasta 2) Burgers & Sandwiches 3) Wraps and Burritos 4) Salads 5) Desserts 4. the public can experience the stock market concept that we offer. This restaurant offers the public to continue consuming mainstream fast food in a healthier manner. We will also be making wide use of the already existing and new and upcoming social media platforms to promote and advertise our restaurant so as to gain the attention of a large audience (Dubai Chambers. Besides the healthy food we serve.2. In addition to this they can also place orders through this app. Our price fluctuation will be controlled and monitored by special software.1 Product: The Broker’s Hub Restaurant is a new idea in this market. 10 . 4) Product and Service: 4.2 Problems and Solutions: 4. This app allows our customers to check the menu and the current prices of the various dishes and mock tails. 2014).3.1) Problem 1: As per leading newspapers of Dubai. Keeping this in mind we have decided to launch an application on the Android Playstore and the Apple Appstore.4) Technological EnvironmentTBH believes in keeping up with the latest technological trends that surrounds us today.4. which has been created as a result of an extensive research on the hospitality industry and the eating habit of the public. Our food will be prepared with care and be of the finest quality.

TBH aims to offers the healthiest fast food to the public keeping in mind their love for fast 1 Gluten Intolerance Group is an American body which gives the Gluten rating to the restaurants (Gluten Intolerance Group. 2009). Hence.3) Problem 2: Obesity is the biggest problem in the MENA region and as per June 2014. diarrhea. vegan diets have no cholesterol and low fat content. according to Dr. More importantly. Daniel Jeffer in his article talks about that Gluten-free diet are becoming very popular as it helps in solving gastrointestinal problems. More importantly. This is due to unhealthy eating habits and junk food being readily available to them. the food on our menu has more variety than the handful gluten-free restaurants combined.2) Solution 1: Firstly. “Food Technology” posted an article stating that vegan diets helps in eliminating chronic diseases. The “Gluten Intolerance Group 1” is prepared to give TBH “Gluten-free” designation once the restaurant is a running business. gas.2. inflammation and headache. 4. 2015). 4. 11 . Gluten is cancer promoting (Paleoleap. there are 79 million obese people and 180 million overweight people living in this region (Butalia. which include. Most food in the markets has high fat content. which cause cholesterol leading to heart problems and gastrointestinal problems (Naidoo.There are only a handful of restaurants offering gluten-free food in Dubai. which has been growing in demand lately. constipation.2. 4. Secondly. As per Harvard Health Publications (2014). In 2012.2.4) Solution 2: To tackle this problem our restaurant will be offering vegan options. cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 2015). The inflammatory effect also causes intestinal cells to prematurely die causing oxidations of those cells. gluten food causes gastrointestinal problems. On and all in gluten-free diets allows easy digestion and helps in restoring energy. bloating. 2014).

During Ramadan. Weekdays and weekend timings are mentioned in the above fig 1. This application will be available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. This application has been created to replace paper menus making us eco-friendly and adapting to the latest technology. Customers can place orders through this app and get information about the prices during market hours.7. TBH will not take in-house orders and the staff will open up the restaurant at 5pm and start preparing for evening food that will be served after iftar.3. Fig 1. A special iftar menu will be 12 . We have the opening time in the morning from Saturday to Thursday at 10 am however on Fridays at 1 pm due to the prayer Salat-Al-Jumah (the Friday prayer).3 TBH will be operating 7 days a week during lunch and dinner.3 Services TBH has an application of its own to ease operations. this application will cater to this issue making our service efficient and effective. The operation of this application will further be explained in detail in the Operation plan no. In the morning. the operating timings of TBH will change. 4. Hence. Customers find it exhausting waiting in lines whether it is for a table or to place an order for a take away.food and the obesity rates in Dubai.

is generally given for an industrial process. Further we offer great food with a unique stock market dining experience where the prices of the food fluctuate depending on the demand of the customers. We also have a special request column in the app where the customer can choose if he/she has an allergy or doesn’t particularly like something. as we believe in simplicity. Our value proposition is simple. This trademark is valid up to 10 years (ibid) 5) Customer and Value Proposition TBH is proud to present that we are the only restaurant in the United Arab Emirates to offer healthy fast food at affordable prices.prepared. 2) We do not compromise with hot and healthy food. Further to the above mentioned services we offer:1) We serve freshly prepared food with mostly imported and premium ingredients. Additionally there is another requirement of the Ministry of Economy for a trademark that one must include the geographical area. We later will explain the pricing mechanism. 13 . 2015). Ramadan is also ‘the month of giving’. we need the approval of the Ministry of Economy and which is granted within 30 days (Ministry of Economy. More than the food and the dining experience we have personalised our service by offering loyalty points and using an application to offer the customer what he wants. we just want to personalise the experience by making it healthy. We understand the need of the market that is eating fast food. hence TBH decides to conduct CSR food distribution activities for labor camps. However in the case of our restaurant we would need a trademark of a logo for the restaurant. Unlike other fast food joints we are not a franchise and the Brokers Hub Restaurant is owned entirely by us. 4.4 Patents: Patent in the United Arab Emirates. To register a trademark.

Instead of spending huge amounts of money advertising through newspapers or TV ad’s. 5) Restaurant located with a parking premises in the building 6) The owners are running the restaurant so there is a personal welcome and service 7) Effective Customer service 8) Convenience for take-away and delivery 9) A brilliant view of downtown Dubai 10) Link with the Gluten Intolerance Group 6) Marketing Plan: 6. we aim to invite food critics like FOODIVA. we plan to promote it through food magazines.1) Communication Strategy Communication strategy is by far the most important strategy taken by companies to maintain their customers (Rubin. TBH relies on regular customers visits with the aim to increase market capitalization and to ensure new customers walk in regularly. Food critics have many 14 .2015). Below are methods in which The Broker’s Hub proposes to reach to its customers – 6. at the restaurant as well as on our YouTube Channel which is linked to our website and APP. For instance. 999 and FYI DUBAI. Further.1 i) Media Advertising: Media advertising is the most common way of promoting companies (Hudgins. FRIDAY. Rubin and Haridakis. The main motive is to make every customer loyal so that we can ensure our revenue stream increases in due course. shall help us to reach targeted consumers who are interested in food and can spread the word for us.NET who regularly review restaurants to promote the best one and alert the worst ones. 2005).3) Stock Market Theme at the restaurant 4) Making the usage easy and explanation on how to use the APP provided in the APP.

our website also contains an announcements column which is linked to our application for our customers to be aware of the regular price fluctuations in our product.1 ii) Website: Today. Through the website we aim to provide the virtual menu of our restaurant along with spreading awareness of Gluten-free food and how its consumptions lead to a healthy life. According to recent statistics. TBH proposes two social media strategies in order to acquire customers and gain customer loyalty.1 iii) Social Media: Social media is a very good concept to gain feedback from customers and keep their loyalty towards our service by encouraging them to follow our social profile. 2015). TBH plans to keep a Facebook and an Instagram profile integrated with our APP where we aim to gain more followers for our restaurant and overall increase the branding of TBH. 2012).ae. which are the ‘TBH Stock Scan’ and ‘Share a Quote or Click a Picture’. which will be virtually active during trading hours of our restaurant. Social media has proved itself. Apart from that. Moreover. Dubai is the leading Emirate in terms of social network users (stats. It is an effective tool for customer acquisition and customer retention (Benioff. 2013).org. 15 . we have also kept a reservation column for customers who wish to dine in with a reserved table. 6. Lastly. every company ensures to maintain an online presence in order to engage with their customers effectively (Marketing-school. the website will also have a testimonials column in order for customers to review our services allowing us to gain from their feedback.followers and hence a good review from their side about TBH can increase our sales overtime. TBH plans to have a personal website that will help us gain more awareness and increase customer visits. time and again as a cost effective way of reaching a mass audience in a relatively short period of time. Not forgetting the core concept of Stock market. 6.

2 Wi-Fi Penetration refers to increasing the number of Wi-Fi hotspots across Dubai in attempt of turning Dubai into a Smart City by 2020. This marketing strategy goes hand in hand with Dubai's plan to turn into a 'Smart City' by increasing penetration across the city. QR codes (short for Quick Response Codes) is a type of 2D bar code which can be used to provide easy access to information through any device such as a tablet or Smartphone (QR Code. 2015). According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This treasure hunt using QR codes will be spread around in designated areas. he made an announcement to increase Wi-Fi penetration 2 across Dubai. 2015). 16 . Vice President and Ruler of Dubai on Twitter (2014). This further integrates into an exciting and interactive treasure hunt.4 Source: . 2015 'TBH Stock Scan' is a strategy that mixes the use of existing technology such as QR codes along with social media platforms. which have access to Wi-Fi.6. We can support this strategy with the recent statistics that the smart phone penetration is as high as 73% in the UAE (Arabian Gazette.1 iii) i) 'TBH Stock Scan' Fig 1.Top Mobile Trends.

the customers will be prompted to sign up and create a portfolio that shall be linked to their e-mails and Facebook ID’s (Fig 1. this strategy enables our restaurant to attract customers and gaining customer loyalty by rewarding them with loyalty points. people tend to link their social media platforms to any new APPs on their phone (fig 1. new users who do not have the app installed on their device will be redirected to the APP store or Play Store of their device and will be asked to download the app in order to scan the bar code and make use of the other features of the app. Once the app is downloaded. 6.Fig 1.1 iii) ii) QR Code Scanning Mechanism: - Fig 1. 2015 Over all.5 Source: . Upon scanning the QR codes. 17 .7).Arabian Gazette.6 The QR code can be scanned using any free QR code app. According to a survey conducted by TBH.6).

When a code is scanned the application sends out a status update and has a leader scoreboard on our APP as depicted in the picture below: - Fig 1. 2012 18 .Rockstar Games.Social Media Link with the APP Link with Social Media Do not Link with Social Media Do not Know that they could Link an APP with Social Media 4% 22% 74% Fig 1.8 Source: .7 Social networks are used to log in.

Sales increased by 200% and Verizon received $35. Fig 1.000 (Verizon wireless. the customer shall be directed to their new loyalty point’s page and can continue their QR scanning process to collect their points respectively. They received over 150. 1) Verizon wireless placed QR codes across different malls.000 scans (qreateandtrack.000 referrals with users spending an average of a minute on the APP (UTALK marketing. They received 30. 4) THQ. They received 20.9 Source: Zomato.000 scans just within the first day (econsultancy.9. QR code scanning is a concept that is new and innovative in the Dubai market. 3) Taco Bell put the QR codes on their bottles and boxes and received 223. 2015 6. This benefits TBH as it allows us to predict a certain level of success. The users who already have the APP installed on their devices will be directly taken to their respective profiles where the loyalty points will be accumulated and updated automatically in the profile as shown below in fig 1. 2013). print adverts and even websites to promote their application on android devices. a game developer hid QR codes within its game ‘Homefront’ which allowed users to access new wallpapers or items. 2010) 2) Turkish airlines ran a similar campaign to promote brand awareness of the airlines.Once completed. 2013). Verizon put promotions of QR codes in the store and that allowed customers to enter the promotional code and win a smartphone.000 to the investment of just $1. 19 . 2013).1 iii) iii) QR Response Rate: TBH decided to include the QR response rate to indicate the success levels of QR scanning across the globe.000 scans in just one month.

11 We do realize that in Dubai.11) and upload it on the social media platform Instagram and tag ‘TBH’ to receive the ‘TBH Loyalty Points’. Fig 1.1 iii) iv) ‘Share the Quote or Click a picture’ Once the customers have finished placing their order and have finalised their payment. 61% of the people see their 20 . share a quote or click a picture or exit the application (fig 1.6. some of our customers wouldn’t be happy clicking and uploading their pictures therefore we have 'Share the Quote' option. According to Stanford University (2013). we request them to participate in our ‘Share the Quote’ or ‘Click a picture’ campaign.10).10 ‘Click a picture’ is a strategy where the customer is requested to click a selfie picture with a group (fig 1. Once the customer chooses 'Share the Quote' you are redirected to a page with a food quote written on it. Fig 1. The APP takes the user to the option to choose either.

13). For every quote shared or picture uploaded. customers need a minimum of 30 loyalty points. the Customer also receives loyalty points by sharing a quote or by clicking a picture.12 6. The customers will share the quote. Over all. to redeem points.12). 10 Points AED 10 AED 100 10 Points AED 10 Fig 1. and a fixed number of points get added to the customer’s profile (Depicted in fig 1. In addition to this. 21 . 10 points shall be awarded which is equal to AED 10. 10 points shall be provided to a customer. Fig 1.13 Moreover. This will increase our customer base.2) Loyalty Points: The Customer Spends on Food and Beverages: For every AED 100 spent.friends Facebook wall. 1 point is equal to AED 10 (Fig 1.

age. which is a restaurant reviewing site that also allows a customer to place an order from the website if he wishes to (Round Menu. 2015). is that foodies regularly use them and hence through word of mouth. Our team aims to keep every customer satisfied. 22 . With market capitalization and profits rising. in the future our team will further tie-up with online ordering sites like Foodonclick and 24h.3) ‘Pink Wednesdays’ At TBH.6. Our team for branding purposes shall use personal details such as email and mobile number. email and mobile number. All the details shall be collected and organized on Mailchimp. we dedicate Wednesdays to the ladies and call it 'TBH goes pink’ (#tbhgoespink). Furthermore.com. The benefits of partnering with these sites. Zomato is the new favorite for reviewing and grading restaurants on points. a buzz about TBH shall be created therefore increasing its customer base. We will have our staff dressed in pink and have a pink theme to the restaurant.5) Application engagement The application developed for TBH helps us to engage with our customers effectively. so that restaurants can learn from customer’s experiences and improvise. 6. hence we plan to add our restaurant to Zomato so they can review about us and hopefully if we get a good rating then our brand quality can be improved. date of birth. Our team shall then send emails to our customers leading to increased awareness of our gluten-free and vegan concept.4) Connect with restaurant discovery and reviewing sites Every customer has the right to review the food of restaurants.ae that will help us further enhance our customer base and increase sales. 6. plus not forgetting the exciting stock market ambience. We also offer welcome drinks for free to ladies coming in groups. he/she is asked to fill in his/her details such as name. The interface of the APP as well as the TV screens in the restaurant turns pink. our team proposes to tie-up with Round menu. Once a customer downloads the TBH application.

we have complete control over our application. and hence they will be alerted on changes in price. For instance. As mentioned above. they are then taken to the Loyalty Points sharing page.Further. For every AED 100 spent customers are rewarded 10 points. In this way. we will be in constant touch with our customers. Once the customers have placed their order and confirmed their payment through the APP.15 6. Here the customers can decide amongst themselves the manner in which they would like to share their loyalty points. Only one customer would be asked to enter their basic details 23 . the one of a kind loyalty points system shall also be integrated into the application. and hence we can send announcements to our members. which will be directly displayed on their home screen. and using a loyalty points sharing strategy shall further enhance more over this concept. Fig 1. we have a table of six who have already placed their order and the total bill comes to AED 600. This can be better explained with the help of an example.5) i) Share the Loyalty:‘Share the Loyalty' primarily focuses on group dine in customers. which is equivalent to AED 10.

As each customer scans the QR code. During this period. a customer can predict the price of a particular product and if he /she guesses the correct price then he/she can claim a 5% discount on the total bill. Customers can gain their individual loyalty points by scanning the QR code that appears on the ‘loyalty points page ’from their (personal) smartphones. The points could be split up according to their share of the bill. 6. This is done so that customers order more since there is a huge fall in the stocks for few minutes. Our customers are given 15 minutes to decide how they would like to divide the points.5) ii) Market Crash:- Market Crash is a scenario initiated by TBH to increase sales.on the tablet at the table (Explained in the operation plan for the APP and a short note in the footnote). This is triggered once a day usually during peak hours. the prices of all products fall by 20% and customers are allowed to order at low prices for five minutes.5) iii) Predict the Price:- TBH will initiate a new strategy called “Predict the price” in which. 6. and if they exceed the 15-minute timeframe. TBH plans to sell off all its products that are not sold throughout the day. Whereas during a crash. The game can be operated from the APP and every customer has the opportunity to play 3 times during the trading hours of 7pm-10pm. and the tablet will show the remaining number of points left to be collected. 24 . or it could be split equally among all 6 people. all the loyalty points will be awarded to the customer who has entered his details on the tablet we provided. We give our customers the freedom to decide how they would like to split the points amongst themselves. they will collect their share of the points.

6.6) Special Occasions: For special occasions, we have different strategies to encourage our customers to visit.
Below are the strategies planed to implement –
1) Valentine’s Day – Special offers for couples including free welcome drink.
2) Eid al Adha and Eid al Fitr - Free Arabic welcome drink (Kahwah) and Dates.
3) Easter Dinner - Complimentary TBH chocolate for every customer.
4) New Year’s Eve – Exotic dinner with more intense fluctuations in pricing on
premium products.

To encourage more trading during special occasions, TBH stock market will operate
for long hours than usual. Further, for occasions like customer’s birthday, we plan to
send our customers a wishing message with a 10% off coupon on total bill if they dine
at TBH on their birthday.
6.7) Coupon promotion
To communicate effectively with our customers, we plan to market our restaurant at
coupon site like Cobone and Groupon. With this strategy, we remind customers of our
concept and further customers can get discounts on our products through the coupon
they purchase from these sites.
6.8) Channel Strategy
Channel strategy is the method that companies use to reach their customers. Companies
selling products use wholesalers and retailers to engage efficiently with their customers.
However, since we are a service industry, our channel strategy is to reach our
consumers directly and hence there wouldn’t be any middlemen involved.
6.9) Positioning
Positioning is an important aspect on deciding the type of customers that will dine at
The Broker’s Hub. We have positioned the product customers who are keen on
consuming gluten-free and vegan options. The motive is to position the product as


healthy and that of higher quality so that our brand achieves remarkable reputation in
the minds of the consumers.
6.10) Sales Strategy
Sales strategy is the strategy that companies use to sell its products to the consumers.
Many companies use personal selling and a strong sales force to generate leads. Due to
the nature of the business, our revenue can only be achieved when customers are
satisfied with the environment and the food. At present, every service counts and hence
with courteous staff and high attention to customers preferences, we aim to create an
amazing dining atmosphere ensuring our customers to be satisfied every visit. Further,
our waiters will be trained on their service attitude, customer perceptions and how to
handle customer complaints. Our team will conduct regular meeting to review our
policies, increase customer satisfaction and create an efficient chain of command
between the management and the staff. Moreover, customer surveys will be taken on
a regular basis to improvise on our service.
With operations and sales increasing over the years, our team plans to hire a sales
director who can enhance our policies and increase sales for the restaurant.
6.11) Unique Selling Point: 1) Gluten-Free and Vegan options
2) Being the first stock market theme restaurant in Middle East, we assume this to
be a unique selling point for our restaurant.
3) Application developed that eases our operations.

6.12) Pricing Strategy:Considering the prices of gluten free and vegan ingredients being high, our product
prices will be competitive compared to other established restaurants in the locality and
its other direct/indirect competitors. At the same time, it is The Brokers Hub’s strategy
to create a perception of higher value than its competitors through our healthy food,
quick catering services, user-friendly application and entertainment.
Note: - The menu prices are attached in the appendix 16.


These prices are decided after an extensive market research on competitors’ prices
taking into consideration our fixed and variable costs. The strategy is to position our
products in line with the competition but our price mechanism will bring the prices
down by a certain level. Our prices will be lower than the competition and thus
attracting more crowds to our restaurant. Our pricing is more or less similar to our
competitors but our pricing mechanism will give us the competitive edge. Due to the
fluctuating prices, it was difficult to determine the exact sales however we have created
a sales forecast based on the minimum prices of the product.
The Pricing mechanism is explained in detail under Operations Plan pricing


Sales Forecast

Year 1

AED 1975760

Year 2

AED 2308510

Year 3

AED 2880575

Fig 1.16
The sale’s forecast for the first 3 years has been tabulated using the given menu prices.
Therefore we intend to continue with the same price strategy and price mechanism for
at least 3 years. The purpose of this is to bring customer, create brand loyalty and retain
them. Customers will always be willing to pay the given price of our food because they
will always get prices lower than the menu price during market hours.

TBH restaurant may provide the best services and may serve the best quality food, but
it is necessary to always analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our business so as to


know where we are lacking and where we can improve. Also it is important to know
about the opportunities and threats of the market. The managers, chefs and partners
play a very important role in making the SWOT analysis as we get more information
from others point of view as well.

The strengths of our restaurant is mainly in the gluten free fast food that we serve, it is
as delicious and tasty as normal food but caters to all needs of customers. We also offer
high quality service to the people by providing them with a unique dining experience
that is a stock market ambience in the restaurant with perfect interiors. We also have
special offers and promotions for ladies on Wednesdays. Our strengths also include
fully technological experience through a user-friendly application on the Play store and
App Store where people can order with the swipe of their finger. We also provide an
exclusive concept of “Share The Loyalty Points” where the customers can share the
points of Brokers Hub among themselves and avail further discounts and promotions.

The weakness can be that customers do not understand the concept of Stock market
pricing and therefore they may not be satisfied by the high or low pricing strategy. Our
staff is highly trained but since the customer handling is all up to them, there is a chance
of weakness through our staff. No regular supplies from our suppliers or delay during
the shipping can also be a weakness for the restaurant. Our pricing structure relies
completely on the system so any problem with our systems can lead to weakness.

The opportunities for The Brokers Hub are to open up its branches in other areas of
UAE. Also by adding new cuisines and beverages to the existing menu may help to
target more customers for the restaurant. Taking the advantage of the gluten free food,
in future we can also start selling some famous restaurant products such as gluten free
baked products. This may increase more opportunity for the restaurant to grow.


Threats: There are a couple of restaurants that provide gluten free dishes so there is a chance of intense competition in the market and it can be a threat to our restaurant. Provident Real Estate:Provident Estate is one of the 5 leading real estate companies in Dubai UAE.C. We chose them as they were providing us the electrical works and fixtures at a discounted price. We chose them as our food supplier. DEWA documentation and approvals that our electric and IT systems are as per the regulations.C is a leading wholesaler for food supplies in the United Arab Emirates. In addition they would also provide us with all the testing.L. Intercity Lighting LLC: Intercity Lighting LLC is an electrical works company to provide us with electrical works and fixtures. as they are able to cater to our Gluten Free needs and their imports are from India and the United States (Tulsidas Lalchand General Trading L.L. Their primary focus is on delivering high quality food supplies weekly to restaurants and supermarkets. We have also attached a quotation by them in the appendix. 7) Operations Plan: 7. The company is an award winning real estate agency since they are ISO certified by the Ejari and regulated by Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) (Provident Real Estate. We chose 29 .C: Tulsidas Lalchand General Trading L. 2015). Since our restaurant is located in the main Downtown area there is a chance of many new restaurants coming up which can be better than ours. which may affect our budget and can also be a threat for the restaurant. 2015). We have also attached a quotation by them in the appendix. There may also be a threat that the suppliers may increase the price of the commodities.L.1) Key suppliers: Tulsidas Lalchand General Trading L. They offer variety of services from owning the property to selling and leasing.

In addition they help in drafting the agreements. Commissioning and Maintenance of Kitchen Equipments (Paramount.. help with the Wages and Protection System (WPS). Exporting. This company has gained a high status in the market for delivering good service in a timely manner. offers various legal advise and assist with set-up documentation. Installing. We suggest that we should choose them as our Kitchen Equipment supplier as they are ready to give one year of free maintenance. assist with the health and safety regulations and the negotiation of terms. our customer relations & legal representative Mr….. Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC: Al Ansari Trading the provider of corporate equipment and infrastructure. 2015). Consulting. Manufacturing. We chose them as our corporate equipment providers as Al Ansari is registered with the Tender Board of Oman as an ‘excellent grade’ company and is also certified by the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 (Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC. We have also attached a quotation by them in the appendix. We chose them as they were offering us the most affordable and reliable legal advise due to Kunal’s personal contact. 2015). installing and maintaining kitchen equipment for hotels.: Al Saad General Services Est..them. Paramount Middle East: Paramount Middle East is a leading company who primarily focuses on trading. coffee shops and restaurants. Further. if we require any legal assistance. Designing. Al Halabi Kitchen Equipments: Al-Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment LLC is a company that is involved in designing manufacturing. will be in constant touch with …. Al Saad General Services Est. visa and medical assistance. Importing. as Provident Real Estate was the real estate partner of the building we plan to open our restaurant. Since they have offered to provide us with free additional 30 .

at The Brokers Hub we encourage and promote professional hospitality management skills to the highest standard by sharing our practical experience by regularly running a training program. Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management: The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) specialises in offering hospitality management degrees.E.equipment for the chillers. 2015).Z.2015). Kj Rocker F. they are our preferred choice of suppliers for kitchen equipments (Al Halabi Kitchen equipment. Additionally.Z. We plan to plan a memorandum of understanding as part of the Brokers Hub commitment to support local education initiatives. However it can be renewed. Additionally. We chose them due to our personal contacts and the relatively low price than the market.E is a direct marketing company and a social media-marketing expert that support us in our various marketing activities (Kj Rocker F.Z. 31 . The training program is from 3 months to 6 months as in the United Arab Emirates the maximum period for an internship is 6 months.E: Kj Rocker F. EAHM is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates. 2015). Alpha Data would be providing TBH with the IT infrastructure and we suggest choosing them as they also provide their client with a IT specialist for one year free with the installation of the systems. Alpha Data: Alpha Data is one of the leading ICT infrastructure solutions companies in the United Arab Emirates. The EAHM is associated with various reputed international organisations such as the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland. the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom and the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education in Australia (ICE) (EAHM. 2015). We can pay a small fee to extend the warranty provided (Alpha Data.

17 The Brokers Hub Restaurant consists of six partners who will work together handling different areas with their main focus on achieving the best outcome for our customers and enjoying what we do.Sales and IT Manager . form recipes for all dishes and will also control the kitchen inventory alongside the logistics manager ….2) Responsibilities and Chain of Command: - Managing Partners: . The head chef will be remunerated with salary on a monthly basis and will also receive ‘4%’ of total profit of TBH every year. It is important for head chef to delegate work simultaneously to other kitchen staff and ensure that problems (if any) are resolved quickly and efficiently.Finance Manager . He/She will be responsible for all the dishes that leave the kitchen. The Head Chef (Executive Chef who works closely with the managing partners) of the restaurant is in charge of the entire kitchen staff and will delegate and supervise their work. We have taken on responsibilities based on our passion and our education qualifications.7. Head chef is the one who will alter the menu. . He is obliged to stay with the TBH for at least three years as per a 32 .Legal and Customer Relationship Manager Marketing Manager Logistics Manager HR Manager Head Chef Sous Chef 1 Pizza and Pastas Sous Chef 2 Buritoes and Wraps Burgers and Sandwiches Station Station Chef 1 Chef 2 Trainee Chef 1 Station Chef 3 Station Chef 4 Sous Chef 3 Desserts and Salads Station Chef 5 Station Chef 6 Head Bartender 1 Mocktails and Smoothies Trainee Chef 2 Fig 1.

Training chefs would be the chefs (mainly emirates hospitality management students) who will be working directly under the station chefs. Bartender will directly work under the head chef and prepare smoothies and mocktails (non-alcoholic) for TBH. TBH may consider hiring them permanently upon completion of the temporary period. They are assigned tasks directly from the sous-chef’s and head chef. Sous-chefs ensure that the dishes are made in line with the work schedule and match the set quality standards.Non-Disclosure clause we plan to in-corporate in the legal contract attached in the appendix. TBH will require two of these chefs on a 3-6 months contract basis and will be remunerating them with a basic stipend every month. They are the ones who may have completed or are in process of completing their formal learning and will work with TBH to achieve either culinary or operation training at the restaurant. TBH will require six station chefs who will also be remunerated with salary on a monthly basis. They will be remunerated with salary on a monthly basis. Under the head chef’s chain of command. Station chefs directly come under the Sous-chefs and will be executing multiple activities within the kitchen. each expert’s in their respective food categories. Other than the kitchen staff TBH will require four waiters/waitresses who will receive instructions from the customer relationship manager and will coordinate with the sous- 33 . TBH will require three Sous-chefs. The bartender’s job is to ensure that all drinks are made in line with the restaurant’s menu and is as per TBH quality standards. come the Sous-chefs who will be responsible for delegating and coordinating work with the entire kitchen staff (mainly station and training chefs). They too will be remunerated with salary on a monthly basis. They are entirely responsible for the cooking process of their respective dishes. He or she will control the drinks inventory along with the logistics manager.

A Cashier is to be hired who will closely work with the finance. would be working alongside the cashier to ensure a smooth functioning of the payment. our finance manager …. He will be required to handle all the systems of TBH including application. Receptionist is required to ensure that all walk-in customers are seated as per their preferences and also to attend the customer phone calls of TBH (for reservations and information). Many restaurants survive in Dubai due to their fast and free delivery service Our concept also relies on the delivery to cover our daily sales and hence for the first year our team plans to hire one bike driver who will help us deliver on time and increase our revenue. then we plan to outsource bike drivers as well in the first year. Our HR manager … would also be part of the process by using her customer relationship management skills at the restaurant. The personnel will ensure that the restaurant operates properly and will assist the IT manager in rectifying issues (if any). We plan to hire more cashiers in the years to come. assist and ensure that the customers understand the entire food ordering process (from the APP. Delivery is in an important aspect for every restaurant to increase its customer base. e-point of sale. business bay and a part of Sheikh Zayed road. If needed. which covers. The deliveryman of TBH would deliver to proximity of 5 km of our restaurant. IT executive will be under direct supervision of the IT manager. the entire downtown.chefs. They will be allocated particular tables of the restaurant. He/she has to also monitor our stock market and ensure that all the tablets and television screens are working in the restaurant. would be assisting her for the same. The driver 34 . sales and customer relationship managers and handle monetary funds and other matters. Our marketing manager …. Cleaners (2 cleaners). Their position is to establish good rapport with customers. As we are a new venture. they will be handling the kitchen and the dining area and will make sure that the restaurant is clean as per safety policies and procedures. on the tablet we plan to stick on the table to the whole process and in addition using YouTube as explained earlier to raise awareness). They should be able to understand oral and written instructions and speak at least basic English.

Should be proficient in IT system support and maintenance.000 Receptionist Lady with minimum work experience of 1-3 years. 1 AED 1.000 6 AED 2. making it efficient by delivering on time. 1 AED 2.000 35 .000 2 AED 1.000 Cashiers Minimum work experience of 1-3 years holding a Bachelors degree with knowledge about mathematics and computers. 4 AED 6.800 AED 2. Of Staff Required 1 Salary (Monthly) Head Chef Minimum work experience of 3-5 years holding a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts.800 Station Chefs Training Chefs Bartenders AED 7. 3 AED 4.needs to have good knowledge of the locations and buildings surrounding the delivery areas. Good communication skills required. 7. 1 AED 1.3) Human Resources: The Brokers Hub Restaurant will need the following workforce to ensure wellorganized operations: Designation Experience/Degree No.000 1 AED 2. Minimum work experience of 2-5 years in virgin drinks with a bartending certification. Sous Chef Minimum work experience of 2-5 years holding a Diploma in Culinary Arts Minimum work experience of 2-5 years.000 IT Support Minimum work experience of 1-3 years holding a Bachelors degree in Computer Systems. Hospitality students with minimum commitment of work for 3-6 months.500 Waiters/Waitresses Minimum work experience of 1-3 years with good English speaking skills (Arabic speakers would have an advantage).

Once the orders are placed. Familiar with Dubai roads holding a valid bike license. The head chef will be able to keep track of all the orders. If the customer is new to the restaurant one of the waiters shall take their order and their phone number so as to register it into the system for their next visit. We would only be able to deliver around Downtown.000 1 AED 1. However. This has been designed as per the requirements of the business. it is the responsibility of the Head Chef in collaboration with the coordinator to ensure pre delivery cooking is done on time. The deliveryman would be responsible to deliver the order on time. Initially. Upon arriving at the restaurant.4) Operation: During lunch hours we have fixed prices as per the menu. Once the order is complete the waiter or server will be able to bring it to the table. keeping in view the allergies of the customers if any are mentioned. as we are a new business we wont be able to deliver across Dubai. it is then transferred to the kitchen by simply confirming it on the APP. due to quick movement and rush hours during trading hours we wont have excess time to clean up and hence one hour has been allocated for cleaning purposes ensuring that the restaurant is clean and completely ready for the next days operations. The APP recognizes the customer through his/her mobile number and allows them to order.200 7. guests are greeted by a receptionist and one of the partners. The order is transferred using a POS system placed in the kitchen. For a dine-in the order is delivered to the table in 20 minutes however in case of a delivery the order is in just 35 minutes. Additionally. 36 . For instance.Cleaners Delivery Man Energetic and friendly staff required. who shall escort them to their preferred seat. The customer is then ready to order through our APP. The kitchen preparation has been planned with a minimum of one cook and a maximum of 3 cooks working on the order. 2 AED 1. prices of the items don’t fluctuate in case of lunch however in the evening we operate the fluctuating range pricing mechanism so that we can give our customers a unique stock market dining experience where the prices increase or decrease as per the customer demand for the product.

phone number. they can exit the app. through cash. However this is not applicable during our non-trading hours and customers pay the prices set on the menu.18 and 1. customers will be asked to lock in their order as the prices of each dish are subject to change depending on the demand.19 below show the sequence of placing an order and the working of the app during the non-trading and trading hours respectively. card or cash on delivery. Note:. Once the customers place their orders. The APP is designed in such a way that the customers are first asked to fill in their basic details such as the name. which is applicable only for the dine-in customers.The prices can change by 1% during the trading hours. Next the app takes you to the food and mocktails menu. they would get asked to confirm their order and mode of payment i.e.7. 37 . age and email address. Customers are then provided with the option of sharing their loyalty points.5) APP Mechanism (How does the APP work): This is available on the Apple App store. During the trading hours. It is then followed by the option where the customer needs to select whether they would like to dine-in. Figure 1. Blackberry Store and the Android Play store. Once they receive a confirmation message. The user-friendly application helps customers to place an order through the APP itself. have it delivered or would like to pick it up from the restaurant themselves (take-out).

19 7. First. as the 38 .6) Pricing Mechanism: Thinking of the stock market. one is the increase table and other is the decrease table. the percentage change is higher and hence the fluctuation will be more. the strategy is segmented into two tables. The pricing mechanism being the zest of this project. we added up the cost of marketing and the operations of the restaurant. our team decided to create a unique way of pricing our products and we want our customers to be surprised with variations every visit. Coming to our price mechanism. Being that done. our team calculated the final price of all the products. To be frank. Further.Figure 1. were we have shown the different percentages of different products. we see that with every round.18 Figure 1. we jotted down our cost of each product. this was not an easy task. As per the increase percentage. Above is the increase and the decrease table. Hence. our team has developed two strategies to support the stock market concept. This is done to earn a premium in our stock market and earn abnormal profits.

the system recognizes this as the first round of pizza sold. Again.demand for a product increases.90 When the Customer A orders pizza. hence the system will decrease the price as the decrease table round 1. the concept works on the basis of “Rounds” where the increase or decrease takes place as per the product is sold. hence the increase is based on the first round of the salad. the system recognizes that one round of salad is sold. As per our system.30 75. pizza is not sold in this transaction. decrease table states the percentage fall that will implement when the product has to fall and as more as the product is not ordered the percentage fall will be higher. “Each Transaction irrespective of the product sold is considered as a simple round of the product” For instance. Market Crash 39 .33%. the percentage change for it increases. the system checks the sale of all products.45% 0. 74. However. The products bought will increase. resulting in more revenue for The Broker’s Hub. Now.40% 0. 0. 50 Pizza = 1 Round Decrease % change Price change AED 0. hence the increase is based on the second round and the percentage change is higher (The increase and decrease table has been attached in the appendix). the second customer also orders a pizza. On the contrary.07pm 2 Pizza 3 Pizza 1 Salad Round Assum ption price AED Pizza = 1 Round Increase 75 Pizza = 2 Round Increase 75 Salad = 1 Round Increase. The system again assumes that the second round of pizza is sold.06pm 7.17.05pm 7. when the third customer orders a salad rather than a pizza. hence it increases the price as per the percentage mentioned in the increased table. while the products not bought will decrease.97% 75. three customers dining at TBH and the following order is madeCustomer Order Time A B C 7. With every transaction.64 50.

20 Market Crash is a situation that has implemented in our system to increase sales. Note: The pricing mechanism is just mentioned for the investor’s reference. This scenario will be implemented once a day during the trading hours and it is usually triggered during high crowd in the restaurant. As the market crash is being triggered.20). there is news announced about the crash and with a countdown of 10 seconds. all products prices fall by 20% (As depicted in Fig 1. The motive of this strategy is to create a hike in the restaurant for buying our products. 40 . However.Fig 1. the mechanism would not be revealed to any customer of TBH.

21 41 .8) Key Milestones and Development Strategy:Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Jul-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Task 1 Task 3 Task 5 Task 7 Task 9 Task 11 Task 13 Task 15 Task 17 Task 19 Task 21 Task 23 Task 25 Task 27 Task 29 Task 31 Task 33 Fig 1.

Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Task 6 Task 7 Task 8 Task 9 Task 10 Task 11 Task 12 Task 13 Task 14 Task 15 Task 16 Task 17 Task 18 Task 19 Task 20 Task Name Deciding on a Business idea Requesting a quotation from Food suppliers Market research from Hypermarkets Requesting a quotation from the Property agent Requesting a quotation for our marketing plan Requesting a quotation for our machinery supplier Inquiry of the IT system and Stock market POS registers Speak to an APP development person Requesting quotation for lighting expenses Inquiring the cost of delivery bikes Quotation of the legal expenses Business idea pitch to investors Confirmation of investment from investors Finalizing Application development for the customers Finalizing the location with the Property agent Pay the advance of the first rent Paying all the legal fess for the establishment of the business Approval from different ministries for start-up Confirming the Furniture and Fixtures Finalize the quotation from our machinery supplier Start 01/02/15 22/02/15 27/02/15 01/03/15 03/03/15 04/03/15 05/03/15 10/03/15 13/03/15 14/03/15 19/03/15 20/03/15 27/03/15 28/03/15 29/03/15 01/04/15 02/04/15 03/04/15 06/04/15 07/04/15 Duration 20 6 2 2 1 1 5 3 1 1 2 7 1 1 3 1 3 3 1 2 47 .

Task 21 Task 22 Task 23 Task 24 Task 25 Task 26 Task 27 Task 28 Task 29 Task 30 Task 31 Task 32 Task 33 Task 34 Installing the machinery supplier Confirm IT systems quote Installation and Testing of the Stock Market POS Testing of the mobile application for the customers Commence a recruitment process for the restaurant Mandatory staff training as per ministry requirements Confirm purchase of delivery bikes Pre-commencement advertising Signing a MOU with the Emirates Hospitality Management for Trainees Finalizing the organisation chart and operation duties First delivery of Food supplies Website and Application inaugural Implementation of the Social Media Strategy Commencement of the Restaurant 09/04/15 10/04/15 11/04/15 11/05/15 30/05/15 29/06/15 01/07/15 02/07/15 1 1 30 20 30 3 1 30 01/08/15 07/08/15 21/08/15 25/08/15 26/08/15 01/09/15 7 15 3 1 3 1 48 .

she has helped our team design the menu and would play an important role in selecting the head chef. She has a good knowledge on Gluten Free and vegan options. Specific roles have been assigned to each of them so that the restaurant can function properly and efficiently. The head chef would directly work in line with the vision of the managing partners and ensure that the entire staff working under him or her also works towards the same vision. However. Different roles have been assigned to each partner on the basis of the skills and knowledge that they possess and also depending on their established personal connections in the industry.. supervise and train the entire kitchen staff and monitor the entire operations process of the kitchen. Management Team: Head chef: TBH expects to hire a skilled professional head chef with at least 5-10 years of experience. finance. He or she would constantly work with the logistics manager and forecast the supply needs and ensure that adequate inventories are available at all times for suave operations of the restaurant. Various responsibilities assigned include customer relationship. She would not be working on a daily basis with the team however would be providing the team with assistance as and when required. She is currently studying International Economic Relations at the Moscow State University of International Relations. …. 49 .9) Management Team and Company Structure The core team of ‘The Brokers Hub’ comprises of six partners. The head chef is expected to at least hold a Bachelor in Culinary Arts and would require understanding and adapting to the customers taste preferences. legal and marketing. logistics. due to her impressive knowledge in culinary arts and passion for good food. IT. human resource. The chef at this position would be the backbone of the restaurant and will develop and implement the menu. Culinary Specialist: The Culinary specialist for TBH is Ms.

50 . At TBH. Previously she has worked in Muscat with a known multinational company as a marketing executive and is well aware about marketing industry across GCC countries making her the ideal person for the position. to overlook that the customers are being seated in time and as well as overlook any customer problems. … is the HR manager of TBH. She will handle the entire process of disciplinary.LLC. She would also be working closely with our finance department and our marketing and social media communication company Kj Rocker FZ. she would serve with ….Marketing Manager: The Marketing Manager for TBH is Ms. She would also be overlooking issues with loyalty points and even assisting customers on how to operate the systems. from developing the strategy until the execution will be her responsibility. she has interned in the HR department and has gained insights to different aspects of business environment. employee relations and will also set codes of conducts for employees and deal with the remuneration contracts of the company. overlooking the customers being seated in the restaurant. In the restaurant operations. she will be responsible in recruiting and training the staff as per the requirement. She would also be scheduling the social media posts and would be forwarding any complaints received from the social media channels to our customer relationship manager. …. At TBH she will be responsible for all marketing activities (including PR campaigns). strategies and resources. HR & R&D Manager: Ms. she will assist ….. Previously. She has abundant knowledge about different aspects of marketing including marketing activities. She is currently studying BBA with Management at Heriot-Watt University. In the restaurant operations. She is a good researcher and is very passionate about the work that she performs. She is currently studying BBA with Marketing at Heriot-Watt University.

At the restaurant. he has a passion for traveling and has a certificate of corporate law and start ups in China. organized and controlled by him…. which will include taking care of all sorts of financial issues. he will serve as Customer relationship manager and will ensure that the best of food and services are offered to them. will work closely with all the departments to ensure smooth functioning. He is eligible for this position since his previous internship experience with Emirates Islamic Bank. He is eligible for this position since he is very familiar with the laws and regulations of the Dubai Government. His expertise in law will be essential to understand various health and safety codes as well in Dubai. has a wide network of connections in the Government and also serves as a legal advisor for his family business that handles all forms of legal documentation works. so we believe that he will be the right person for this position and will meet and exceed customer expectations.Finance Manager: … is our Finance Manager. Hence. has previously worked with various electronic brands in customer service and relations. His expertise in finance will ensure that the entire finance of the company would be monitored. planned. Legal and Customer Relationship Manager: … is the Legal Representative and Customer Relationship Manager of the TBH. He will closely work with Al Saad Documents Est. …. He is soon going to graduate holding a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance. 51 . … will also assist and help the IT manager of TBH with software’s and systems as he has great knowledge and experience about VB programming. PKF and Global Management Consultants would help him in understanding and maintaining the entire accounting process. …. He is soon going to graduate from Heriot-Watt University holding a BBA with management and marketing degree. In addition. who will serve as our legal service providers.

… has been assigned the position of a Sales and IT manager keeping in view that he has a three years sales experience with a reputed bank of Dubai and has learned PHP programming. Being a strategic planner he establishes closer and cooperative relations with our key suppliers and make sure that the company recognizes increased value and reduced risks from the suppliers. Logistics & R&D Manager: … is the Logistics Manager at TBH. 52 . food suppliers. He will soon be holding a bachelors degree in accounting and finance from Heriot-Watt University. He is a very dedicated person and a good communicator and soon will be holding a Bachelors degree in Accountancy and Finance from Heriot-Watt University. He will constantly be in touch with the finance. etc). kitchen staff and the suppliers in order to avoid any hindrance that may arise in the restaurant or its operations. … has previously worked with various real estate and food companies that makes him very familiar with the entire supply-chain process. He is appointed for this position because he has well-established networks with major key players of the market (land agents. disposables. The skills and knowledge that he carries would help us to increase our sales by implementing various ways and tactics that will be suggested by him… along with an IT-charge will also be overseeing the IT system infrastructure at TBH.Sales and IT Manager: … will be handling multiple position of Sales and IT Manager at TBH. Karan will also be assisting the finance department under … to make sure that the price mechanism is working efficiently. He will also make sure that all the systems and softwares are in place and are functioning smoothly.

Culinary Specialist Kitchen and Operations Staff: .Training Chefs .Finance Manager .Station Chefs .Legal and Customer. Saif … Managing Partners: .Sales and IT Manager .Cashier . 53 .Waiters ..Shk.22 The above three-tire diagram shows the organization structure of TBH.Sous Chefs .Bartenders .Cleaners & Helpers -Delivery Man Company Structure: Fig 1. The diagram shows clearly shows that the local guaranteer is the most important person of the restaurant.Marketing Manager . without whom it is impossible to establish the restaurant..Receptionist .Service Agrent Guaranteer (Local).. Under the guaranteer come the managing partners of TBH who will be handling the entire workforce of the restaurant.Logistics Manager .HR Manager .Relationship Manager .Headchef ..

restaurants come under the category of 'Service Agent' and not 'Commercial License'. court agreements. Ministry of Interior Affairs and Dubai Emigrations (Department of Economic Development DED . The entire process of issuing a license is a month long process that would include legalization. TBH will be registered under the name of seven managing partners holding 100% control over the business. …. approvals.Our legal representative in association with our legal consultancy firm (Al Saad Documents) worked out the entire process of establishing the restaurant. Every year a set amount of money will be paid to a Local sponsor who will act as a service agent guaranteer.2015). As per Dubai laws. The culinary specialist.000 every year. TBH being a restaurant would require a ‘service agent license’. who has been referred to TBH by our legal consultants. issuing visas.Anna-Maria Chkoniya will be holding 6% stake of the restaurant. Ms. The license issuing government body of Dubai is known as Department of Economic Development (DED). however we require a UAE national guaranteer. whilst the other six managing partners will hold 9% stake. He will be legally supporting and representing our restaurant and will be paid a sum of AED 15. The role of the guranteer would be to legally represent the restaurant. He will not be liable to any further profits or losses of the business. Our legal representative will closely work and provide all the necessary documents and information to our legal 54 . At TBH. DED operates closely with the Dubai Municipality. 10) Resources and Legal All new and existing businesses in Dubai require a license in order to operate. the local guaranteer will be Shk. thus do not require UAE national partner. etc.

we are able to raise a sum of AED 600. Further. which would include visa. The employees will require attending special one-day hygiene training from Dubai Municipality since it is a restaurant.000. After consulting and keeping in view the current market.000. 2) Profits acquired through previous year (Preferable Option): - 55 . The articles of association have been attached in the appendix. 11) Funding Sources: At the Brokers Hub Restaurant we plan to classify our financing sources into internal which are within our business and external sources which could serve as providers to our restaurant financing. family members and use some of our own savings to use as finance.consultancy firm (Al Saad Documents) who will carry out all legal procedures for us. Internal Sources: 1) Personal sources (Preferable Option): We can borrow from our friends. The total estimated legal cost given by Al Saad Documents for setting up our restaurant is AED 240. In case of a dispute of any kind. medical of 23 employees and 6 managing partners. keeping in view of the current situation we decided to divide the sources of finance according to more preferable and less preferable types. Moreover in most cases of borrowing through personal contacts the interest rate associated with borrowing is relatively low or zero. Al Saad will assist us with their legal advice however in case of a court dispute (patent rights) their job will be to refer us to a known lawyer. This is a preferable method of borrowing as it has the least risk associated with it.

However if we need additional funds the Brokers Hub Restaurant will hesitantly apply for a SME finance loan. The money in the first two years and five months will be used to breakeven however eventually it would be used for the expansion of the business. TBH is not eligible for a bank loan. We plan to initially expand our business operations by increasing our delivery manpower. Angle Investors (Preferable): Angle Investors are a preferred source as they are the main sponsors of the business and they mostly do not interfere with the functioning of the business. The minimum period for a loan is 5 years and the interest rates are usually high. Bank Loan (Preferable Option): A bank loan is generally a long-term type of finance. this can be an effective way to increase our profit.Being in the restaurant business. We believe that our credit card customers banks would pay us at the maximum in a week. Further. The money generated from the sales will be the primary method of acquiring profits from the previous year. they are ready for high-risk investments and can raise capital even in small amounts through their personal contacts at low interest rates. we can pay our suppliers within a 90-day credit period (because of our known suppliers) this gives us more liquidity in our business. On the other hand. Another major advantage is that angel investors generally invest in local projects rather international as they have a good knowledge about the local market. Further. While bank loans are a good source of finance they usually do not provide much flexibility. Oman. 56 . we don’t have huge credit periods like other businesses in the United Arab Emirates. 2. During the first six months of start-up. External Sources: 1. we plan to expand to Abu Dhabi and Muscat.

thus making is unsuitable for The Broker’s Hub Restaurant. working days are assumed to have high sales during lunch hours. 57 .1) Key Financial Assumptions: Financial assumptions are a very important part of a restaurant’s business plan as every minute detail can affect our revenue and further delay our breakeven. Apart from that. and is preferable for The Broker’s Hub to manage seasonal fluctuations in cash flow. Bank Overdraft (Not Preferable Option): Another option of finance for a shorter period is Bank Overdraft. coming up to a total that is the final revenue of the firm (WN2) • We assume to have weekly sales variance wherein weekends. Below are the assumptions made: • We assume to have low sales in the first year of operations due to new startup. Sales have been calculated by assuming the number of items sold per day. it’s a flexible source of finance. The Broker’s Hub assumes to sell more mock tails and smoothies during summer time from May to September.3. an assumption has also been made on the basis of seasonal sales. • Moreover. Since this can be used when only needed. 12) Financial Plan: 12. the rate of interest charged by the banks on the overdraft is extremely high. Thursday and Friday are assumed to be the highest sales day for our restaurant. While on the other hand. In spite of all this. Our team has considered every detail that can or could affect our business plan. Sales are expected to be high during wintertime during the months of November to February.

• Moreover. wherein our food supplies are assumed to last a week and the turnover for supplies from our supplier Tulsidas Lalchand L.• Further. an assumptions is made that accounts receivable is 0 days as payment is reflected immediately with service.L.C is assumed 7 days. • An assumption for inventory turnover is also been made. it is assumed that there is no legal complaints in the first 3 years of operations that can or could affect our company’s reputation further reducing our revenue. 58 .

12.23 Following are the factors that helped us to come up with a statement  Sales: Revenue has been estimated to be on sales per day of per product and we have reasonably considered every item sales from year 1 to year 3.2) Income Statement: - Fig 1. (Appendix) 59 .

we understood that legal fees are paid every 2 years. hence the rent payment has increased to AED 400.500 for three bikes.L. our cash flow shows the rent payment made every 3 months.. our sales will be high and hence materials required would be more.000 in year 1 to 300. we have also considered that with increased market capitalization.000 for year 1 (WN3).000 per month for the restaurant and AED 4. In addition. 60 . our team was able to negotiate the payment terms. As per our conversation with their team.000 in year 3. the price for the 3000 sq. hence in the second year we only cover the commission paid to Al Saad of AED 60. ft. we have also considered price hikes in the market. …. glassware and dishes where our food will be served.  Employee Salaries – Employee salaries are considered to be on the number of employees we hire.  Marketing: Marketing estimates have been confirmed from our marketing support  Legal Fees – Our legal in charge Mr. An assumption is taken for year 2 and year 3 of AED 5000 for miscellaneous losses or damages in cutlery. Henceforth.C.  Cutlery: Our estimates include tableware. they had commented that food prices increase every year and we have considered an increase in the cost of the food materials from approx. had a word with the property agent of Burj al Nujoom to finalize a price for the location.  Insurance: Insurance costs include AED 3. which were stated to be quarter payment. … had a word with Al Saad Services and we further had got a quote from them for AED 262.000. Food Ingredients: The food estimate has been taken from our supplier.000 in year 2. As per a rough estimate by their team. which is . commercial space has been realized to be of AED 375.  Rent: Our property advisor. L. In addition. Further. Apart from the estimate.000. 200.

000 and further in year 2 and year 3 we assume a miscellaneous cost of AED 5000 for repairs and maintenance.000 24.000 4. the total cost adds up to AED 70. This full system will cost us AED 15000.000 3 Hot & Cold Unit 1 2.C.000 25.000 8 Griller 5 2. Software and Systems: Our concept that works on the basis of the stock market is monitored by the systems we purchase.000 4 Dishwasher 3 15. Apart from that. we plan to develop the application for the customer which is estimated to cost approx.  Kitchen Equipment: All the Kitchen Equipments include the below costs:SNO.000 7 Cooking Range 5 5.L. Further. Rest. which again costs us an additional AED 11000. determines our Lighting costs.000 2. AED 44. hence we have planned to install 7 of 42-inch LED TV’s in the walls of the restaurant. we propose to purchase the stock market E-Point of Sale (POS) from Alpha Data that develops POS for restaurant and bars that have fluctuating prices from demand. Their quotation has been made to our team of AED 60. Name of the No of Per Piece Price Equipment Pieces 1 Oven 4 4. which includes each and every detail of the bulbs and fancy lights used.000 45. they have also added the installing cost of the materials (Appendix).200 2 Chiller 1 10.800 19.  Lighting: Our supplier.000 6 Glass Washer 3 8. At present.000 5 Fryer 2 2.000.500 (In AED) 61 . our team wants every customer to be aware of the price change. Intercity Electricals L. Overall.000.000 10.500 12.

12.200 These are the estimates that have been provided by the suppliers Paramount Middle East. Juicer 3 2. The fuel cost also been estimated to be under the bike cost. our team has hired drives and bikes to deliver our food. Pots and Pans 25 14.000 12. we at present have an insurance cost of AED 6000 (2000*3).000 10.  Directors Fees: Being partners. which gives us the total cost of AED 216. our team heavily depends on delivery to achieve our required sales target for the day.9.000 (3000*6*12months) for a year.000 5. Hence.3) Breakeven Point: - 62 .500 11.  Bike Insurance: Bike insurance has been estimated to be AED 2000 for each bike. Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC and Al Halabi Kitchen Equipment’s. we have estimated to purchase 3 bikes in year 1 (AED 7000 each. To make it efficient. Total = 7000* 3 = 21000). Grinder 3 1. Ice Machine 2 5. Plate Warmer 1 5.000 187.000 10.000 6. Cookery/Cutlery Total 20.500 4. our 6 teams have decided to draw upon a fixed salary instead of a percentage for the first 3 years of business.000 13.  Bike: During lunch hours. Every member is entitled for AED 3000 from the business. For this.

000.00 AED - Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total Cost AED2.00 AED The Break Even analysis for The Broker’s Hub was calculated by taking the Total Cost and Total Revenue into consideration.00 Fig AED6.00 AED 4.000.00 Total Revenue AED1.00 AED AED7. the total cost for Year 1 is calculated to be AED 2.975.560.284.000. Break even is the point where the Total cost meets the Total revenue and the business is in the situation of no profit/no loss.00 AED4.845.539. AED 6.161.00 AED 7. TOTAL COST / TOTAL REVENUE BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS AED 8. we need to at least recover the total cost over the 3 years period of 63 .760.397.560.00 AED 5.000.Note: All the calculations for the Break Even are shown in the appendix.911.00 AED4.161. As per the chart.00 AED 3.000. For our restaurant to break even.

The main reason to use two external sources is to maintain 64 .25 Note: The cash flow statement has been shown in the appendix. Further. The cash flow analysis is the total cash in hand that the business holds at the end of the accounting year.560.operations.687 to the business. Further. And the remaining funding would be taken from a Bank. we have also included the capital introduced in the business in start of September 2015. which we plan to propose.000 into the business to start up our restaurant. we have decided to invest AED 100. we plan to receive funding from Angel investors who would invest AED 653. our cash flow has to be calculated monthly to estimate the yearly cash flow. our team will break even in 2 years 5 Months from the day of the initiation of the business.161). since we are a new start up. As per our analysis. which we have decided to cover from three sources –  Angel Investors  Bank Loan  Partners Savings As partners.4) Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet: - Fig 1. We aim to cover the cost of Year 1 operations (AED 2. Due to the nature of the business. 12.

a 2:1 Debt-Equity ratio wherein we can recover our angel investor loan if any crisis arises.26 65 . Balance Sheet: - Fig 1.

It is the core aspect of the business as it eases the operations. Applying this.610 13) Potential Threats and Risks When creating this business.016 2 AED1.774 AED1. 1) IT. The rent in this locality is higher than other areas and competition is stiffer.774 AED 196. electricity breakdown or a server crash due to the provider or act of God can cause an IT failure.774 AED 784. These restaurants are established and popular having good brand loyalty from customers.TBH runs completely on the latest technology and IT. But if this technology and IT fails at any point of the day.813 3 AED1.774 AED1. The contract with Alpha Data who are our IT infrsturcure support them states that only in case of a fire. Year Loan Amount Balance loan after Interest @ 15% payment 1 AED1. certain risks have to be taken into consideration that can have negative impacts to TBH as a whole.  Cash: The cash flow has been taken from the closing balances of all the years of business. 2) Competition – Location is an important ingredient to success but it could work against TBH.  Bank Interest: We plan to fund our restaurant with a bank loan and we assume to pay 15% of Interest every year.306.064 AED 117. 65 . Risk Mitigation: For this TBH has invested heavily invested in IT infrastructure.419 AED 156.306. the business could suffer losses in revenue.Following calculations have been carry forwarded to compile the final balance sheet.306.045.306. we have further found the final value of the interest paid to the bank. Restaurants in Downtown are our indirect competitors and other gluten-free restaurants are our direct competitors.

There is a risk of other gluten free restaurants stealing our menu items and adding it to their restaurants. TBH can face marketing risk if after the launch of the restaurant if we do not receive many customers.TBH might have a strong business plan but there is a possibility of it lacking adequate funding. sanitation and security at the local level. But there is a risk of the head chef running away or leaking out our concept. 4) Government Risk – With this new concept in the market.It is with the skills and experience of the head chef that our customers are receiving delicious healthy food with the best presentation. we ensure the smooth functioning of the mandatory training of the staff. This is only possible if the head chef’s recipes are leaked out to them. 5) Marketing Risk. the government will be concerned with the restaurant operation. It is not easy to find Head chef with exceptional culinary skills to serve TBH’s requirements. and worker protection at the federal level and health. As a new restaurant that we need to make sure that the Health and Safety Department is satisfied with level of our food safety. There is a chance that the tabulated cost for starting the business and maintaining on its ground in the first crucial months is underestimated. Risk Mitigation: To mitigate this risk. Risk Mitigation: We have put a non-disclosure clause in the employment contract. Suos and station chefs are a risk to TBH as they could leak out the recipes to our competitors as they are responsible to execute the task delegated to them. It shows that our marketing aspect is not strong enough to out-market our 66 .Risk Mitigation: Our location is comparatively affordable than the rest of the properties in the area 3) Head chef.

14) Exit Strategy: No one is expected to face a business failure. in case of hard situations where our business cannot accomplish success and profitability we have an exit strategy in place. otherwise it stands as an unavoidable expense. 67 . Rent for the year is paid in advance and hence a rebate can be received from the landlord if the contract permits. the follow up digital marketing campaign will also be affected. the major loss borne by the company on closure would be disposal of fixed assets. In case of a bank loan. Fixed assets like kitchen equipment. For instance. And if we cannot get new customers through traditional marketing. rental expense for the remaining year when the closure might happen. The aggressive marketing campaign is not attracting customers. Remaining dissolution expenses will be borne by all partners of the company and the proposed angel investors in the agreed ratio as per the agreement. We at TBH are very faithful towards our business and its feasibility. which will enable them to exit the company and move on to other jobs. However. The amount received from this selling can be used to pay off pending staff salaries.competition in the current market. staff salaries excluding partner’s and legal expenses for dissolution of the business. Risk Mitigation: We have to make sure that we are advertising at the right sources for our target market. however at times the functioning of the business does not achieve the goals set for it. it will have to be settled by all partners in the agreed ratio as per agreement. vehicle and furniture and fixtures can be sold in the second hand market.

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16) Appendix: 16.1) Social Media: Facebook: - Instagram: - 73 .

2 Floor Plan: - Subject to Approval from the Ministry of Economy (Planning Department) 74 .16.

Website: - Menu: - 75 .

76 .

16.3) Legal: - Draft Employment Agreement for Chefs of the The Brokers Hub Restaurant 77 .

It is also agreed upon that the Management Team. The head chef / su-chef shall be responsible for preparing the menu as well as ordering the food with the aid of the other chefs and Logistics manager. The Brokers Hub and (Chef) who is for consideration set out to undertake and act as the cook for The Brokers Hub. i. It is also understood that the head chef will receive three (3) evenings off a month at his/her own discretion. The chef shall be responsible for and assist in the general upkeep and maintenance of the kitchen. Ensuring that the dishwasher has adequate amounts of detergent and rinse shine. Hours of Work A. The Brokers Hub shall be responsible for serving meals and doing an acceptable cleanup afterwards. 78 . B. theses responsibilities include but are not limited to: i. I. In addition. iii. the chef will perform other duties as designated by the logistics manager. It is understood and agreed upon that the cook’s hours shall be 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and from 6:00pm to 12:00pm from Sunday through Thursday and on Friday the cook shall prepare lunch from 1:00pm. the head chef may be required to work before 1pm on Friday in case of any event. Responsibilities and Duties A. and shall terminate no later than the last day of the _____________. II. B. D. The Brokers Hub Restaurant shall notify the cook no later than two (2) weeks previous to the agreed upon starting date. provided that meal plans are given in full to the coordinator. iv. In addition. pots and pans as needed for immediate use. Washing utensils.They will be assisted with cleaners provided by the management team of the Brokers Hub Restaurant. Smoking in the kitchen is not permitted as per the health and safety requirements of the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates. Under agreement between the chef and the logistics manager. C.This contract is made between The Brokers Hub and (Chef) from _____________ to ___________. ii. It is understood and agreed upon that the services of the cook under this agreement for employment shall begin the first day of ________________. Coordinating with each member of the kitchen in designating duties of each member.

C. D. B. the head chef is liable for a salary deduction. i. ii. but the head chef will not be paid for these days. In consideration of remuration for the services provided. The head chef is expected to work any additional hours as needed to prepare the required meals. If the head-chef is sick. he/she may take 2 days in addition to his/her three (3) paid leave days. a means to reach the chef should be provided by the chef. B. a salary of AED 7. In the case of absence. the chef will not receive pay for that day without permission of the above listed officers. C.000 (su-chef) outlined below per month shall be payable. It is further understood and agreed upon between the two parties ‘head chef’ and The Brokers Hub management that he is entitled for a maximum of three (3) personal/sick days per month with no salary cut. In the event that the management would need to contact the chef. Wages will be decided between The Brokers Hub management and the head chef involved. IV. III. V. Health Insurance A. the chef should contact logistics manager before 11:00 am the day of the absence. C. Absences and Attendance A. a health insurance plan shall be offered to the chef (head and su-chef). the coordinator must be notified a week in advance of absence. i.000 (head chef) and AED 5. the type of plan and the company will be decided on by the management of the Brokers Hub Restaurant. Salary A. If the chef doesn’t meet the stated attendance requirements part (IIIa). Also. in consideration for services provided and as per the regulations of the Government of Dubai. for personal leave days. The first payment shall be due and payable at the end of the first month of services. 79 . If the Brokers Hub Restaurant managament is not contacted by the prescribed time.

In the case of the head chef the notice period is sixty (60) days notice period which must be provided by the Brokers Hub Restaurant management to terminate the contract. C. In case of disclosure of the any operations within three years of joining the restaurant. the agreement is considered terminated as of the end of the agreed terms of the present agreement. E. The cook may accept the new agreement by signing it and returning it to the management of the Brokers Hub Restaurant within a period of one (1) week. If the renewed agreement is not signed and returned. G. B. _____________________________ The Brokers Hub Restaurant HR Manager __________________________ Date _____________________________ ___________________________ 80 . It is also understood that the chef (head chef and su-chef) must comply with all of the insurance policy requirements. C.B. Under this plan both the parties have agreed that The Brokers Hub management is not liable to pay more than AED 105 per month. VI. the chef is liable to pay The Brokers Hub Restaurant management three year projected cash-flow. It is also understood and agreed upon that this agreement may be terminated by the chef with thirty (30) days notice to the management of the Brokers Hub Restaurant. F. It is understood and agreed upon that this agreement may be terminated by The Brokers Hub Restaurant with thirty (30) days notice period to the chef. which is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government of Dubai. Termination and Renewal A. This agreement can be renewed every 12 months by the presentation of the newly written agreement on or before the month of September and Day of 15. D.

81 ..org/.The Brokers Hub Restaurant Finance Manager _____________________________ The Brokers Hub Restaurant (Chef) Date ___________________________ Date Source:www.brela-tz..../Sample%20memorandum%20and%20articles%20of.

We the several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed are desirous of being formed into a company in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association and we agree to take the % of shares and equity of the firm is mentioned below: - Name and Address 1.MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF THE BROKERS HUB RESTAURANT 1. 82 . % of shares Signature …. …. The name of the Company is THE BROKERS HUB RESTAURANT. United Arab Emirates. Muscat. United Arab Emirates. The percentage of the company is divided equally among seven (7) partners. … Dubai.. 3. 3. Dated at Dubai. 5. 3. United Arab Emirates.Oman 3. Dubai.... 2. …. day of ……………………20…. The Object for which the company is established is to carry on business as a service license company. 6. …… Dubai. 4. United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates this …………………. 3. Dubai. Dubai. United Arab Emirates. 2. …. The registered office of the company will be situated in Dubai. The Liability of the members is Limited.

DIRECTORS 1. Postal Address: ……………………………………….Witness to the above signature: Signature: ……………………………………………. Muscat. United Arab Emirates. 2. 2. United Arab Emirates this …………………. …. day of ……………………20…. THE COMPANIES ACT ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF THE BROKERS HUB RESTAURANT The regulation of Table ‘1’ in the First Schedule to the Companies Act (hereinafter) called Table ‘1’ shall apply to this Company as its Articles of Association. …...Oman Dated at Dubai. Name. Address and Description of Subscriber …. …. (a) (b) Until otherwise determined by the Company in general meeting the Directors shall be not less than three and not more than seven. The following persons shall be the first Directors to the Company:1. 83 . Number of Shares taken Signature Dubai. Table 2_ 1.

16.Witness to the above signature: Signature: …………………………………………….2015) 84 .com .(Dubizzle. Postal Address: ……………………………………….4) Location – Burj Al Nujoom Source: .

5) Financial Statements – Breakeven Analysis: - 87 .16.

Cash-Flow Statement Year 1 88 .

Year 2:- 89 .

Year 3: - 90 .

91 .16.9) Price Mechanism: The quality of the pictures is not of best quality due to the email uploading restrictions.

Log Sheets and Quotations from various suppliers: - NOTE ATTACHED IN THE HARD-COPY 91 .10) CV.16.