The Amazing Effects of Meditation

You Will Be Amazed To Know How Meditation
Affects Mind And Body
By Jani Jaatinen
Boring? Useless? Right? In this fast running world, where everyone is in a hurry, who
has the time to sit down at a spot doing nothing!
True! but what most people fail to understand is that with a busy lifestyle, comes stress.
This stress needs to be dealt with or it may worsen your health.
Meditation is referred to as a TOOL to refresh our mind, body, heart and soul. It is
because it encompasses oodles of health benefits.
Due to this, Meditation has been an integral part of Eastern spirituality since thousands
of years.
It also is an integral part of many religions such as- Hinduism and Buddhism. Many
experts have also accepted meditation as an essential part of the healing process.
So here are a few ways in which meditation benefits your Brain and body-

1.Reduces Brain Inflammation
A study showed that people who practiced meditation had less stress
related inflammation in the brain. The brain could easily perform more
activities related to focus and calmness.

2.The Brain Grows
Along with distressing our mind, it also increases the area of the brain
associated with attention span. The gray matter or Pre-frontal cortex
grows as you indulge in meditation. This helps in making more
connections inside the brain. It further leads to increased functions.

3.Increased/ Better Memory
As a person grows, the frontal cortex of the brain starts to shrink. This
further leads to the lapse in memory. However, it has been found out
that meditators have more grey matter in this part of the brain. This
increases memory and helps in decision making as well.

4.Increases Your Consciousness
Meditation helps in becoming more conscious. A person who meditates
becomes more connected to the surroundings and the people around.
A person starts finding a connection and meaning in everything. With a
continuous practice feelings like fear, anger, pride, desire stop ruling
your mind. They are replaced by the feelings of neutrality, willingness ,
courage and more.

5.Keeps Brain From Aging
A study in the journal frontiers OF Psychology found that the gray
matter in the brain decreases in both the mediators and others.
However, the decrease was much less in the mediators. As a person
ages, diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia start ruling over. According to
the same study, meditation helps in slowing this progression.

6.Has A Permanent Effect
Many people may think that meditation makes your brain healthy for a
short duration. However, this is completely false.
Meditation changes the default way of how your brain functions. The
Amygdala shrinks and the frontal cortex grows. This shifts our entire
perception of living to a much higher level.

1.Alleviate Symptoms Caused By Sickness
Many studies have found out that meditation enhances the effectiveness
of usual medical treatment. I am not suggesting you to replace any
treatment provided by the Doctor. But practicing meditation along with
it will complement the conventional treatment.

2.Strengthens The Immune System
Studies show that meditation improves the quality of you immune
system response. A study showed that meditators who were given flu

shots had the larger number of antibodies in their blood. The level was
comparatively lower in non-meditators. It also increased positive
emotions in the brain.

3.Reduces Fatigue
If you find yourself tired and dizzy, you don’t need to jump on to a cup of
coffee. Indulge yourself in a little session of Meditation. Meditation
might have a more stimulating effect on your body than a cup of coffee.

4.A Decrease In Muscle Tension
Meditation draws attention towards different areas of the body.
Controlling the breathing and calming the mind help muscles in
A technique called Progressive muscle relaxation can be used in the
beginning of meditation. This creates tension between muscles and then
relaxes them throughout the body.

5.Heart And Blood Pressure
Too much physical or mental stress leads to constricted blood cells and
high blood pressure. This may further lead to burnout, depression and
more. Controlled breathing i.e. an important part of meditating, lets the
body produce nitric acid. This helps in opening up blood vessels and
thus maintains your blood pressure.

6. Women’s Health
Meditation eases the Pre-menstrual syndrome issues in women. It also
helps to reduce irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, insomnia and other
stress related conditions in women.
The benefits of meditation do not end here. New researches are being
conducted everyday. With every new study, more benefits of meditation
are coming up. With all the benefits of meditation, it’s a worthwhile

For true peace to prevail in the mind,
you need to have Meditation time.