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Does excessive use of video games hinder social skills and the ability to form
It is my intention to explore whether video games have a detrimental effect on
one’s social skills and ability to form relationships, or if, in fact, they can enhance
important life skills including team work, and allow you to interact and form
strong bonds with people all over the world, that you may not otherwise meet. I
will conduct my research by looking at a variety of articles, some of which will
explore incidences where excessive video game use has had an extremely
negative impact on one’s social life, and some that will show the opposite –
considering both are available. I will also look at the way gamers are typically
presented in the media and argue whether or not these stereotypes are

Gaming has developed a significant amount over the years, but more recently
there has been much speculation about whether or not playing these games has
a negative impact on social capability and forming relationships. In general,
today’s media seems to enforce the stereotype that gamers are socially inept,
unhygienic beings who don’t leave their bedrooms, meaning the opinion that
video games hinder one’s ability to form relationships is widespread. What the
media tends to leave out is that, with modern video games particularly, you are
exposed to a much larger pool of people from all over the world, giving you more
opportunity to form relationships and also become increasingly aware of other
cultures and ways of life.
Current debates are beginning to explore the view that certain video games may
actually be beneficial for social development.
Theories & issues
Hypodermic Needle theory – Gamers are injected with an opinion portrayed in
the game. Violence, for example may come across as positive, which could have
an impact on the audience’s ability to form relationships.
Reception theory – The way the individual ‘reads’ the game might impact the
effect it has on them.
Primary texts
League of Legends
World of Warcraft/Tera
Grand Theft Auto
Secondary texts
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Critical Investigation Proposal