DG Maintenance Work list and Maintenance Track Record:HT DG NAME PLATE DETAILS

HT DG commissioned on 16th May 2014 and load trail with 605 KW load for 1
hour taken and all parameters were recorded.
Model Details:
Sr. No.
Cooling system
Type of coupling
Governer type

PCC 3201

Full Load Amps
AVR type

PCC 3201

Control Panel:
AMF unit


07 PCA-A1310/1049

T.Ratio AMF unit POWERICER AMF ACB ABB 2000/5 MFM General Maintenance Work list to be carried out for different check up for both LT and HT DG are as follows:“A” Maintenance Checks-Daily The “A”-Check covers the daily monitoring parameters that are required for the satisfactory operation of the Diesel engine for power production. No. KW/KVA Full Load Amps AVR type STAMFORD P1734B1 N13B051462 1000/1250 1739 PCC 3.LT DG commissioned on 22th April 2014 and load trail with 70 KW load for 2 hour taken and all parameters were recorded.3 Control Panel: Make Type Swithgear C.No. Cooling system Type of coupling Governer type CUMMINS KTA-50 G3 25395844 Radiator Closed Electrical Alternator: Make Frame Sr. Model Details: Engine: Make Model Sr. Comparison and intelligent interpretation of the daily report from the parameters along with a practical follow-up action will eliminate practically all failures and emergency repairs. It provides a detailed report that helps us to analysis for the fault in the event of a failure. The following conditions are to be noted with caution: .

5. Excessive use of coolant. Drain plugs are located in the bottom of fuel filter cases and in the sumo of the fuel supply tanks. Don’t use a damaged or bunched filter. Over Servicing. Proper servicing can also save you time and money by maximizing filter life and air cleaning efficiency. Never leave an air cleaner open longer than necessary.. Never use a warped cover on a housing. Drain sediment from Fuel tanks/ Fuel filter/Water separator: The diesel that we use for the DG is of moisture free but if presence of water from the fuel tank drain cock or plug. Check Engine Oil Level: It is done with the dipstick oil gauge located on the engine. Excessive Smoke. 4. TWO of the most common Problems are: A. it I advisable to install a water separator. 7. Air Cleaner Service Instructions:         Don’t remove element for inspection Never rap a filter to clean it Never judge the filter’s life by looking at it. Improper servicing. Any fuel . 6.1. Proper Service of Air Filters: Proper air cleaner servicing is essential for maximum engine protection against the ravages of dust. . Coolant or lubricating oil Leak. 2. Your engine id vulnerable to abrasive dust containments during the servicing process. If necessary. Abnormal water or Oil Temperature. Never substitute an incorrect element model number for the filer element.Measure the air flow restriction. B. Don’t ignore the worn or damaged gasket in the housing of the filter unit. Unusual engine noise. Don’t be fooled by the filter appearance. add oil of same quality and brand to maintain the oil level as required. 3. Low lubricating oil pressure. Fuel or Lubricating Oil. Low Power. The most common cause of engine is careless servicing procedures. New Filters increase in dust cleaning efficiency as dust builds up in the media.

Lubricating oil analysis Change lubricating oil filter elements Change super lub oil by-pass filter element Clean/change crankcase breather Check hydraulic governor oil level . Remove the old element gently that dirty filter carefully. 7. A pattern on the element clean side is a sign that the filter element was not firmly sealed or that a dust leak exists. If there is evidence of belt slippage or so appropriate measures to be taken to rectify it. “B”-check interval is a very important factor in preventing the integrity of an engine. Always clean the inside of the housing carefully dirt left in the air cleaner housing. 1. It involves the following steps for engine maintenance. Make sure that the gasket seats evenly. 5. Accidentally bumping it whilw still inside drops the containment inside the housing itself leaving contamination to enter inside the engines. 4. Improper gasket seal is one of the most common causes of the engine contamination. This check should be carried out at every 300 hour of operation or at every six month. Check for uneven dirt patterns.The following steps listed can avoid unnecessary risk to the engine.       Cooling system: Change engine lubricating oil . “A” Maintenance Check. The belts systems available are as follows:    In-Line Engine Water pump Belts Fan Drive Belts Generator /Alternator Belts “B”-Maintenance Checks At each “B” Maintenance check. Press your fresh gasket to see that it springs back to ensure proper sealing of the filter elements. 2. 6. 3. damp cloth to wipe every surface. until you get it clear of the housing. perform all the “A” checks in addition to the following. Use a clean.Weekly: The weekly check includes the visual check of belts for looseness. Ensure air-tight fit on all connections and ducts. Always clean the gasket sealing surface of the housing.

This oil provides following advantages:      Reduces wear and tear Better high temperature oxidation stability Optimum lube oil consumption Less sludge formation due to improved dispersancy. SAE 15W 40 grade lubricating oil with API CH-4 is the recommended for over diesel engines. Lub oil and filter change period can be determined by laboratory tests of used oil.     Change fuel filter element Change fuel tank breather Check throttle linage Check air piping Fuel System: Lubricating Oil System/Analysis: Cummins Diesel engine recommends use of multigraded lubricating oil with viscosity grades at various ambient temperatures. The sampling intervals can be varied according to the operational frequencies. Oil drain method. Oil sample should be taken from each of the engines in the sub-group at every 48-operating hour interval. It is recommended that new engine be operated through at least one oil change interval of 300hrs/6months. Oil contamination guidelines: . The oil sample can be collected by 1. Quality of lubricating oil is one of the key factors to decide the performance. Sample valve method 2. durability and total cost of operation of diesel engine. Check coolant additive concentrate. Vacuum pump method 3. -Recommended oil. API CH-4. Increased control on acid formation resulting in less corrosion of bearings and other components. VALCOLINE CUMMINS PREMIUM BLUE.

5 minimum or half original value 0. pH of coolant .5 numbers increased from new oil maximum 2. v. Concentration: Done with Test kit as follows i. at every 1500 hrs/6 months during operation. ii. which can be mixed with water of 1:16 portion and b) Pre-mixer coolant.5 % mass of used oil maximum Coolant Specifications: Cooling system: Cummins engines are provided with fleet cool XB coolant Additive concentrate-CAC and premix coolant. Remove excessive coolant and wait for 45 seconds and check for the color change in the stip and compare it with colour chart within 30 seconds.Property Viscosity change @ 100®C Fuel Dilution Total acid number Total base number Water content Potential contaminants: Silicon(si) Sodium(Na) Boron(B) Potassium(k) Soot Guidelines 4 cSt from new oil 5 percent 2. Collect the sample from the radiator. Coolant checking: In normal conditions coolant checking is suggested as audit check. a) Coolant Additive . Allow coolant to reach room temperature. iv. iii. CAC is available in two forms. which can be directly added to cooling water system.2 percent maximum 15ppm increase from new oil 20 ppm increase from new oil 25 ppm increase from new oil 20 ppm increase from new oil 1. During checking two coolant properties namely coolant concentration and pH value of coolant are to be checked. Take action accordingly. Dip a test strip for 3 seconds. checking coolant at every B check is essential . To ensure adequate corrosion protection.

B & C maintenance works and additional works as follows. ---. Cooling System:  Clean Radiator/Charge air cooler externally  Fan hub. Hardness as CaCO3 Chlorides as CL Sulfate as SO4 pH TDS 170ppm max 40ppm max 100ppm max 5-9 Less than 400ppm -----Every 300Hrs/6 months. Clean Fuel Tank Inside.e. Other maintenance:  Inspect for any damages in Alternator/starter and replace.1st 1500 hrs only. Water used in cooling system specification. “D”-Check: Repeat A. 8.5 to 10. First 1500Hrs check:  All steps of B check to be repeated.  Adjust injectors and valves.  Replace rocker cover gasket. .  Check air cleaner and evacuator valves. Coolant replacement : At 6000 hrs of operation or after 2years.The pH range is pink in test paper i. “C”-Check: Repeat A & B maintenance steps and additional works are to follows: Fuel system:     Change Hydraulic Governor oil Change Aneroid Oil Check Aneroid breather for any chokes or sludge deposition. idler and water pump cleaning.0pH.

Replace Aneroid belows and Calibration. Replace rocker cover gaskets.3hrs. Fuel pump calibration.  Replace rocker cover gaskets. .  Descaling of sludge from cooling water circuit. 1500hrs after every D check:  Repeat all C check maintenance work. General Check ---06-10-2014 Running Hours=60. HT DG Maintenance track record:First Free A Check---16-04-2014. compressor wheels and diffuser if required.Fuel system:     Clean & calibrate injectors if required.  Air compressor and safety controls to be checked. -----Every 6000hrs or every 2 years. Air System:  Clean Turbo charger. Cooling system:  Complete draining of coolants. Other Maintenance:  Vibration damper conditions to be checked.  Tighten manifold nuts or capscews. Engine  Checked all systems and found normal.  Turbocharger bearings cleaning. Engine Running Recommendation: To provide ladder for check the coolant level in radiator.  Adjust injectors and vales if required.  2000KVA alternator cable line branch side rain water entered and problem rectified. Hours=8hrs.  Check coolant pH-Blue and oil level in every starting.

Hours=208hrs. Engine oil filters and other filters replaced. Running Hours=258hrs. A-Maintenance Check---14-08-2015. Engine  Carried out A & B check maintenance work. Problems found: . Oil filter.Fan pulley and sleeve distance checked and found ok.     Engine Running Checked and cleaned Air Filters.  Checked air system. HT DG Trail taken in front of Cummins Engineer and During testing of Alternator HMI display card failed on power command panel. B-Maintenance check—10-03-2016.3KV VCB for temporary basic.B-Check ---14-11-2014 Hours=89hrs. Running Hours=281hrs. Panel Replacement---25-01-2016. Running Hours=170hrs. D-Maintenance Check—28-05-2016. Engine  Routine B-check maintenance work carried out and found ok. Coolant level checked and found ok.  Rectifier-6A 400VReplaced and DG started and running in good condition on 24th Feb 2016.  JNM team modified wiring on MRP panel for auto closing of 3.  On 28th jan 2016 Card replaced and trail run taken. fuel system and cooling system for normal operation. coolant filters and Diesel alters.  No filter replacement or coolant draining done.  Changed coolant for radiators. Engine Running  On 25thJan 2016.  Faulty card replaced at free of cost basis on 5 th Feb2016. Engine A check weekly work done. Hours=157hrs. No load engine sound and smoke found normal. Engine Running  Changed oil. C-Check ---25-05-2015.

 All systems found ok. HMI Panel replacement—07-01-2015. First Free C Maintenance check:--28-5-2015 Running Hours=894hrs. LT DG Maintenance track record:First Free B Maintenance Check:--06-10-2014.  Wiring hardness control TB 5 1& 2 and 4&5 checked.  Oil and filter changed. Running Hours=585hrs.  Coolant 30 liters added.  HMI panel failure was conformed and New HMI PCC 3. Regular B check---09-04-2015. Engine Running  B-check maintenance work carried out. Contact Breaker not closing—31-12-2014. cooling system and air system checked and found ok. Current runnig hours details for HT DG= 342hrs. Engine .7hrs Engine  CB open and close button not working.  Radiator Fan Hub pulley and bolts torque checked.5hrs Engine  Normal B check maintenance work carried out. Engine Running Hours=251hrs.  B check maintenance activities carried out.  Fuel system. Hours=537hrs. Running Hours=591. running Hours= 832. Engine  Inspected the engine for fault identification.  Found the TB5 4&5 continuity ok @ contact breaker open condition but when press the close button no input given to PCC 3300 for TB 5 1&2 for closing.  Temporary wiring connection given for DG to start in auto mode. Engine mounting beat and Radiator mounting bed connection bolt found loose.  Fan hub bearing grease applied and found ok. Oil Service:--04-12-2014.3 fitted and found ok.

Running hours=1153. Old oil removed and new oil top up done. Current Running hours details=2140. Trail run of LT DG taken and found ok. Wiring and hardness found ok. Engine running Inspected and found breaker tripping from PCC panel. Hours=1062hrs.  Fan belt tension. Air Filter cleaning and battery check done.  DG trail run taken and found ok. . running hours=1495 hrs. Running Hours=1834hrs. B-check Maintenance--28-03-2016. Traveling the breaker removed in dust and moisture condition found and cleaned.     Engine Regular B-check Maintenance work carried out. VCL CH4 oil replaced. Oil filters replaced.      B-check Maintenance—23-02-2016. Engine  General B check maintenance work carried out. B-check maintenance—03-02-2016. Breaker Tripping problem—28-08-2015. AMF panel side wiring connection checked. Fan belt tension.  All systems checked and found ok. New air filter replaced.9hrs Next B-Check Maintenance is Due as of Engine Running Hours=2128hrs. Oil servicing done.  New air filter replaced.      Engine General B check maintenance work carried out. PCC settings and programming found ok.7hrs. oil and coolant level checked. oil and coolant level checked. Carried out valve settings work  All systems checked and found ok  Air filter cleaned.