Name (print)__________________________ Date Assignment is Due_______________

Use of this checklist is required for article essay and video essay assignments. Attach a copy, with boxes
checked, to the assignment. Put it after the essay pages. If you put a check or x in the box, it means you
are taking responsibility for having checked what it says you should do. Points will be taken off if you
have not checked the boxes or if you checked the boxes but didn’t do what you were supposed to do.
1. [ ] I have a cover sheet with article/video/ title, student name, ID number, course, due date.

[ ] Essay runs between 450-600 words (run computer’s word count). Word count is listed at
the end of my essay. Failure to list this will cost me 5 points.

3. [ ] I used Times New Roman font in size 12 or 14 and double-spaced it.
4. [ ] Each new paragraph is indented (use the Tab).
5. [ ] SpellCheck has been run and corrections made. I have also proofread the essay to
check for spelling/typographical errors not caught by Spell/Check.

[ ] I have not written an essay that is one long paragraph, and over-long paragraphs
are split into two or more smaller paragraphs. Also, paragraphs that are only one
or two sentences long are consolidated.


[ ] I have checked the grammatical structure, subject/verb agreement, and other
questions regarding clear communication of what my essay says. I have not used slang
words, and I am aware I am not “texting” with words such as 2 instead of “to”.


[ ] My essay is relevant to the assigned topic and it does not go off in some direction
having nothing to do with the topic. The notes I took reading the article/seeing the
video/etc. have been organized and used as the basis for the essay, not just copying them word
for word. I have not used any other source, only the information given in video or article.


[ ] I understand that my essay consists of writing an opinion/evaluation/comment about the
essay, not a summary, and that my essay does not copy anything that may be considered as plagiarism.
I understand that failure to follow this format will result in 15 points off of the possible 25 points or, in
the case of plagiarism, a Zero on the entire assignment.

10. [ ] This essay represents my best effort, with no excuses for failing to follow above
instructions. I have shown this essay to my best friend, spouse, or significant other, even
though there is a risk that criticism from this person could ruin our relationship.
11. [ ] Before writing my essay I consulted the Essay Assignment information sheets and
read the suggestions on what to write about in commenting on the article/video.
12. [ ] By signing my name on the cover sheet, I am attesting that this is my own work and
nothing in it is copied (plagiarized) from some other source.