Quality Control Objective.

Construction Quality Control
Construction quality control can provide quality control inspections at all stages of
construction during both commercial and residential construction projects.
Quality of the construction must be maintained throughout the duration of the
project in order for a project to be completed successfully.
Don't leave it too late; the final stages of construction are usually too late for
many items to be rectified. This may leave you with a property that does not meet
your expectations and is considerably lower value than you had budgeted on.
Quality control items covered in quality control inspections:

Ensure high quality materials are used.

Ensure the related all required testing and documentation.

Ensure the materials are installed correctly.

Ensure that the quality of installation is up to the desired standard according
to the client.

Ensure that the Engineers requirements are followed correctly.

Ensure the Architectural plans are followed correctly.

Ensure any variations to the project are performed correctly.

Ensure the project meets the Building Codes and Standards of Bangladesh.

Produce maintenance and defects lists for repair.

Quality Management
. Quality Control

Quality is defined as 'fitness to purpose', i.e. providing a product (a building)
which provides an appropriate quality for the purpose for which it is
intended. The price to be paid for a building is a reflection of the
expectations of quality - A cheaper building probably uses inferior materials

 Construct the building right first time. more training to reduce failure costs. Costs associated with quality need to be identified for management decisions. Planning seeks 'order' and a quality control system for a construction project reflects this sense of order. materials and personnel to be employed.  Prevention costs: The costs of providing better designs. The costs of quality It is obvious that quality is proportional to costs associated with the construction process.  Correct any quality deficiencies. .and is likely to be less attractive and less durable. The costs of quality can be broken down as follows:  Failure costs: The costs of demolishing and rebuilding. equipments. Quality control in the construction industry can be looked at as having three elements:  To produce a building which satisfies the client  To produce a building where quality is related to the price.  Provide for long term quality control through establishing systems and developing a quality culture. the cost of production time.  Planning how to achieve the required quality. construction methods. . delays to other gangs  Appraisal costs: The cost of inspection and testing.  To produce a building in which sufficient time is allowed to obtain the desired quality. It may be seen to be in five basic stages:  Setting the quality standard or quality of design required by client. Like most other aspects of construction management quality control has to be planned. more maintenance. The quality is also related to the timing of when it is delivered.

 In order to eliminate those potential problems many clients have looked to quality assurance to reassure them that they will get the right building without undue quality problems. 10% were product failing. tasks and duties for implementing quality management. the Building research establishment surveyed the quality problems on Britain's construction sites. Design faults  misunderstanding the client's brief to develop the design  using information which is incorrect or out of date  misunderstanding of the client's expectations of quality standards  lack of co-ordination between the designers. SMART PROJECT MANAGEMENT Services Provided:  Project Manager  Construction Quality Control  Quantity Surveying . They found that half of the faults were design related. This suggests that quality assurance defines the organization structure. and 40% of the problems arose from faulty construction.Quality Assurance QA Quality assurance is a mechanism for ensuring that the construction process takes place within the framework of a quality management system. In 1987.  Loose or inappropriate specifications Construction faults  Not building to drawings or specifications  poor supervision leading to bad workmanship  Insufficient management of the quality of construction.

 Construction Management  Plumbing Design and Management  Tender bid evaluations  Construction programs and schedules  Financial control and schedules  Production schedules  Construction supervision management  Quality control  Client liaison  Consultant liaison Construction quality manager job description Construction quality manager job description .

Submittal review and approval. Lead organization in the testing and monitoring of products to ensure . concrete) before and during manufacture and at the customer site using a variety of testing devices and procedures to maintain product quality and to minimize costs and achieve optimum quality and efficiency for the company. 7. in order to maximize opportunities for the company and ensure customer needs are addressed. Identify forces required to execute task components. and applying statistical quality control procedures. implementation.Job purpose of Construction quality manager is to oversee and coordinate the planning. Require that defective work or material be corrected or removed until made compliant. 10. value engineering. and all applicable building codes. to the best of your abilities that all materials. Field construction quality control oversight on vertical construction projects. Develop quality control reports. 14. asphalt. 13. 2. 9. 6. workmanship and construction are in full compliance with the contract plans and specifications. 15. Direct and coordinate activities of the ready mix. strength. including recommendations for variations. Lead organization in selecting products for tests at specified stages in production process and tests products for variety of qualities. 11. 8. Assure. and supervision of the project quality control plan. asphalt. be responsible for maintaining records relating to testing data. both external and internal. Key duties/responsibilities of Construction quality manager: 1. Assist in development and management of project execution strategies to include determination of task components for successful project execution. and betterments. 4. 3. 12. additives. post construction reports and detailed progress reporting (in house). Develop extensive working relationships with customers. aggregates quality control group within the division. Prepare submittals and manage same through the approval process. such as performance. This includes working with employees as well as outside agencies or consultants involved in inspections and testing. Review designs performed by others 5. and chemical characteristics. Manage the quality control organization to control the quality of products (aggregates.

11. well organized. Strong communication skills required and team player 12. Safety. Five to 10 years performing varied responsibilities related to concrete/ready-mix operations or five to ten years industrial laboratory experience 3. Proven successful project history (Quality. 9. and aggregates manufacturing process . hardness and strength are met 16. Hold daily preparatory meetings with subcontractors and all concerned parties as needed to define QC and safety policies and procedures with each newly definable feature of work. Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner and integrate well into the project team. Perform inspections as needed. 18. 8. Schedule. BS Degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering preferred or related field. Experience a manager supervising a QC team for a materials supplier. 17. Willing to relocate to project site. Working knowledge of computer/PC package 4. Mastery of the concrete ready mix. detail oriented and multi-tasked. Working knowledge of computers required. Demonstrated ability to lead and supervise employees. asphalt. 2. Prepare and maintain inspection and performance records daily. Advanced Microsoft Word. 5.factors such as adhesion. 6. Construction quality manager job specification Construction quality manager job specification include job requirements: 1. 10. Actual Cost vs. Flexible. Estimated Cost) 7. Excel and Project skills required.