AIIMS May 2016

1.A surgeon tells you to preoperatively clean the patient who was planned for a
hemicolectomy surgery via midline approach.He asked you to paint the Patient
using antiseptic solution. The best way to do it
a.from xiphisternum to pubic symphysis
b.from umbilicus to Pubic symphysis
c.from Nipple level to mid thigh level including genitalia
d. from Sternal angle till mid thigh including genitalia
2.Patient was operated for Appendectomy post surgery a foley catheter was put.
Surgeron asked you to remove the catheter. You tried but could not remove it, then
surgeon and Medical officer also tried but they could not remove it. What will be the
best next step?
a.inflate the catheter balloon with ether to the poit it burst
b.inflate balloon using distilled water and burst it
c. ct guided Baloon Puncture
d. Usg guided Baloon puncture.
3.Patient developed sudden breathlessness after rta. On auscultation breath sounds
are absent on right side and hyperresonant note on percussion, His BP is 80/60,
Pulse is 120 beats per minute. What will be the next best step in management:
a.Needle puncture
b.IV fluid administration
5.4 yr baby in septic shock. Fluid of choice
a.20ml/kg Normal saline
b.10 ml /kg Hestarch
c.20ml/kg 0.5 Normal saline

7.rbc storage temperature
a.2-8’ C
d.Room temperature
8.Given Histopathology specimen shows section of

a.Lymph node b.Spleen

c.Peyer’s Patches

9.The tissue shown in given HPE is found in


a.Nasal septum b. Ear Pinna

c.Articular cartilage d.Intervertebral disk



a.Posterior communicating artery
14.Identify the cell that secret HCl?

15. a) Spinal cord b) Cerebral cortex c) Substantia nigra d) Thalamus . Which does not give afferent to it(Basal Ganglia).

16. palsy of which nerve ? Ans. Phrenic nerve . Thoraco-abdominal diaphragm is not working.


Diaphragm development .Which part causes most common deformity ? a) Pleuroperitoneal membrane b) Septum transversum c) Dorsal mesentery of oesophagus d) Cervical somites Ans.18. a) Pleuroperitoneal membrane (postero-lateral defect in diaphragm) .

19. Angle of jaw is supplied by a) Maxillary branch of trigeminal b) Mandibular branch of trigeminal c) Lesser occipital d) Greater auricular Ans. d) Greater auricular nerve (C2 dermatome) 20. Identify Insula in the transverse section of brain .

a) Median (Anterior interosseous nerve) .22.0 Most common nerve injured a) Median b) Ulnar c) Radial d) Musculocutaneous Ans.

Dopamine used for shock does not act on? Alpha 2 28.rabeprazole 27. An ARB with PpAr gamma agonist action Telmisartan 26.Needle size for blood transfusion 18-20 .pantoprazole d.phentolamine 25. Correct is adrenaline after giving a. Vasomotor reversal of Dale. Which of following s least likely to inhibit CYP450?? a..23.omeprazole C.identify the structure which forms portal vein 24.lansoprazole b.

Has history of travelling for 15 day by air. age >18 years b.Patient with groin lesion applied steroid ointment.Meningococcal Meningitis . bp>180/100 c. Diagnosis A) lichen planus B ) herpes C ) psoriasis D) tinea cruris 42. 41. 001.Thrombolytics are not indicated in? a.head injury True statement 30. Pruritis resolved but the lesion extended in the periphery. intraarterialthrombectomy D.Heparin B. TOC a.Pt known case of Nephrotic syndrome. presents with sudden onset breathlessness.29.Pneumococcus 43.str C. d.


Leprosy 47.002. . 49. MCC 48.child with painless cervical LN.


50. early laparotomy c. .Immediate laparotomy b. d. Treatment: a.

52. .51.

Asked you to close the abdomen using interrupted skin sutures.Klipple feil syndrome 53.Surgeon performed hernia operation.Surgeon performed Mastoidectomy operation.a. Which suture will you use? . Which instruments would u use? 54. asked u to close the wound using subcutaneous sutures.

a.Thymocytes 60. not an Antigen Presenting cell a. 55..macrophage d..langerhan cell c..M cell b. ... ASHA function immunise all children completely work under supervision of ANM accompany pregnant women to hospital ...... 56.

membrane attack complex 64 .63.H and E of inflammation site Arrows show a. Plasma cells .tibial hemilelia 65. a.

vaccines b.running nose from 1 month.66. drugs and pharmaceuticals . a. ABC and VED in PHC is used for a. nasal blockage since 15 days a.Laryngeal papillomatosis 003.Antrochoanal polyp 68 .

. Rhythm of respiration is regulated by Ans: Pre botzinger complex 71. Psychiatrists are not posted in india to? A) military hospital b)phc C)district hospitals D) medical college 005.ethics code? geneva declartion?hippocratic oath? 77. Hemoglobin d.ECG 75. Options:1) reassurance and follow up 2)Referred to psychiatrist 3) 4) 72. Which of the following investigation need to be done in emergency to find the cause of anxiety a. a child of 6yrs age with habit of bed wetting and no abnormal findings of urinary investigations. Torniquet test used to diagnose a. T3T4 TSH b. Type of sounds on auscultation in post tb bronchiectasis A crackles bibasilar B mixed crackles .70. Male with patchy baldness and hair around the patch Alopecia areata Androgenic alopecia Telogen effluvium Anagen effluvium 79.etc 76. A patient comes in emergency with feeling of impending doom. biomedical research. intense ghabrahat and palpitations. Glucose c.. image of teeth upper jaw lower jaw? palmar notation? universal.Dengue 004. 8 finger FINDER test uses all except thumb/index /ring/ little finger 73.

ortolani C. Packed RBC's to transfuse within.. 11 weeks Iucd insitu and female gets pregnant .Which of the following is not asked in personal history in a psychiatric disorder? A. Academic history C. D? 006. How do we reduce intracranial pressure In Head injury cases 100% oxygen reduce end tidal co2 Sedatives ? 85.. Let it remain C. Give antibiotics D. Remove immediately B. Nimodipine is given in Extradural hemorrhage Subdural haemorrhage Intracerebral Subarachnoid hameorrhage 87. ? 81. Stature of person with length of humerus given Options? 82. Test can not be done when 88. next stepA. a cell with negativity 100 outside the calls and positivity 10 inside the cell the nernest potential is . Marital history 84. Within 4 hrs of issue from blood bank Within 4 hrs of preparation of sample Within 4 hrs of receiving it at bedside 86. Occupation history B. Image of bone marrow aspiratiin needle perhaps. Congenital dislocation of hip picture given which sign is not positive A. Food preferences D. Barlows. Narath sign B.C tubular breathing D only expiration Crackle's 80.

Probable diagnosis A) cholinergic urticaria B. Prognosis asked Poor prognosis Good prognosis Good prognosis with trastuzumab Good prognosis without trastuzumab 92 . after spicy food. BCC D. Herpes C. ) atopic dermatitis C) allergic dermatitis Cholinergic urticaria 90.HPE slide suggests 007.. SCC with central crater cal scerio was multiple papules on skin...a +10 b +60 c -10 d -60 89. ER PR and Her 2 neu images given.. Molluscum contagiosum B. histo pic of ulcer given Clini A.. following exercise. A person develops pruritus on exposure to sun..

Lipase 95... Lipase .. Bishop score . 1cm dialation... posterior.. 30℅ effaced. -1. glucogenesis possible from A/E Lactate OAA Pyruvate Acetyl CoA 94.. Goodpasteur syndrome 008... glucagon acts on which lipase Hormone sensitive lipase . Cervix soft.

anencephaly .96. a.

009. PSVT ECG. Treatment ? . MMSE is used in assesment of: 1. Thought process 4.Hoffman elimination seen in 0010.. Mood and effect 3. Insight 99. Cognition 2. Diabetic women most common congenital abnormality in baby Vsd Sacral agenisis 98.

Time since MI 0011. Complement involved in humoral rejection in organ transplant C3b C4d C5a 104.101.Serum sickness is a a. What golgi tendon organ transmits? 0012. type 3 rxn .

What is u 107. resting position lung and chest wall recoil same at Frc Rv Expiratory reserve volume 109. for victim of rape.... Recently healed microinjuries Dried semen stain . )Image of an injury on the left shoulder anterior aspect..Permissive hormone for puberty? GnRH Insulin GH FSH 0014. Ploquet's test?? Air in stomach Air in middle ear Lung floatation test Wt of lung doubled after breathing.) thoracic to a azygos vein c) left gastric vein drains lower part d) veins drain to submucous plexus 106. ILD Asthma Pulmonary Embolism Bronchial obstruction 108. 112. Type of injury?? Laceration Chop wound Abrasion Incised wound 111... wrong about venous drainage of esophagus? a) cervical part drains to brachiocephalic vein b.0013...toluidine blue reagent used for?? Microinjuries... Maximum difference b/w partial pressure of Oxygen in artery and alveolus in.urea clearance c= uv/p.

Can be seen in schizophrenia 0016. Colonoscopic biopsy a.Trichomoniasis 116. audiometry graph given and asked about conductive or sensory neural hearing loss 115 . Obsession persists despite resistance by the patient B.Bloody diarrhea.Entamoeba .0015 true about obsession A. Ego dystonic C. Disorder of thought content D. Pap smear a.

124. a pt came with acute abdominal pain . 70 yr old male has a pearly firm lesion on his cheek with blood vessels running on the surface .prednisolone. smoking and lung cancer best and fastest study ? 0017. bisphosphonate 131. In Pleural fluid TB detection which of the following is not useful in making diagnosis? ada/ldh/x-pert gene.test is negative? 0020.reports suggest hypercalcemia due to tumour lysis syndrome. lead poisoining ? levels ???ALA ? 133.diagnosis? .117... person on standing from lying position systolic bp reduced by 10mmhg.Type 2 error 120..Test to differentiate between obstructive and organic azoospermia 123.. 119.Most important in dengue is?hematocrit?/HB?/platelet count? 126.confidence Interval of a population with 100 people and 10 % prevalace.Phenol red test step? a. apgar score in a study was most of the time above 7 or more A)data symmetrical B)+vely skewed C)_vely skewed D) data symmetrically skewed 0018..albumin 135. pregnant female ..b.3ml heparin taken in syringe prior to collection?/not collected if modified ad. organism causing fungal like ulcer in eye 0019.Asherman Syndrome MC presentation 122. image of spine given? ankylosing spondylitis?pagets?/hyperparathyroidism? 130. Causative organism 128..Mullerian agenesis 121.error was 2mmhg and gain of baroreceptor. ABG collection ?/radial artery preferred?/0.white painful corneal ulcer with raised margins and finger like projections in surrounding cornea and minimal hypopyon.hbE +ve fulminent LF 134.

hormone acting on nuclear receptor 144.o/blood volume/ 139. A man develops erythema and pruritis over v area of the chest . Volume of remaining air after expiration 0022.which st on pelvis is most radiosensitive Bladder ovary rectum vagina 141. Michalis Menton equation . ) skin biopsy C) prick test D) patch test 145. What test will you do to confirm diagnosis A) If E levels in the blood B.adults 138..wart/bcc/sq cc/acne? 136.children. Obstructive jaundice urobilinogen level 0023.Double sac embryo in usg is due to 0021. MAC order in neonates. vegetations around mitral valve leaflets closure mc seen in? infective endocarditis/libmansach endocarditis?/tb/rheumatic endocarditis 140External beam therapy fr Ca endometrium. in term pregnancy which doesn't increase ?minute ventilation /c.. arms . face.

Pic basex QuePatient with hemoptysis and cough.146..Parthenogenesis 0024..Megaloblastic pernicious anemia causing organism 149..stool specimen True statement? d..decreases swarming. separates lactose and nonlactose .urinary pathogen..... Diarrhea and flushing is there. Strength of association given by Attributable risk RR/ ODDS Ratio 150.. 148. .. CLED media.

151.Lung carcinoma HPE specimen .large cell neuro endocrinal tumor -brochial carcinoid -squamous cell carcinoma -?? 151.Chromogramine positive. .Histo slide was there..

True statement regarding pericardial tamponade 154. 153.In Isolated aortic Stenosis all of the following is seen except .0025.

possible mechanism is bain bridge reflrx reverse Bainbridge reflex loss of cardio accelerator fibres some other reflex 0027.. 0026. c.Placenta accrete b. A 22 year old g2p1 woman delivered at term a healthy baby and after delivery the products of conception came out.. 1 hour after delivery.Pulsus bispheriens b. Emergency Usg done which showed Placental tissue inside uterus . the lady starts bleeding profusely from uterus and uterus felt boggy.Placenta succenturium c d ... d. now has diarrhea. patient presented with PR 56 n BP 90/60 . subarachnoid block was given by bupivacaine (heavy) and anaesthesia was found till T6 level on examination. most characteristic finding for TOF spells S3 gallop rhythm pAO2 < 74% Murmur Hepatomegaly 156. Child wid TOF.a.Weber Fechner Law states 157. This is due to a.

After sometime patient developed hypotension and sensory level was till t6.Pancuronium c. 160. This fall in bp was due to? 161.dandrolene sodium 162.Calculate sample size CI=95% Alpha=5% Power =80% relative precision =20% a.A patient was posted for hernia surgery and Intrathecal bupivacaine given.0028. Succinylcholine b. 163.sampling procedure 164.vecuronium d.which of following drugs does not act on post synaptic receptors? a.900 .Angle which of an uppermost letter of Snellen chart would substend into eye by keeping the chart at a distance of 6 metres from eye.

Pap smear given. most potent oxide ion .Diffusion graph a.Follow up after 3 Months d.Trophozoite b.Laproscopy 167.Transfusion associated malaria is more severe than Mosquito spread Malaria.CT scan c.O2 C. 165.Ca125 b.sporozoite c.Merozoite d.TPR 168.Ovarian cystic mass felt and seen on usg. Next step a.K+ B.Best determinant of Afterload a.Glucose 170.b. c. Following phototherapy what will happen to a lesion immediately A) remains unchanged B ) changes to white C) changes ti grey D) changes to yellow 0029. This is due to the transmitted form being a.schizont 0030.CO2 D.

this instrument is used in .superoxide/peroide /hydrogen peroxide 171. nitric oxideCGMP pathway 0031. EBV infection does not cause a. Who can't declare brain death Treating physician Neurosurgeon Rmo Surgeon performing liver transplant 173. pt having cynide poisionong whichi is first affected NAD CITRATE FORMATION acetyl coa 174.T cell lymphoma 172.

.Cells of origin of this neoplastic growth is .d and c 176.a.. HT for age/Mac 177.. Anganwadi worker used measurements for growth..

.Injury shown in pic is a. small round cells c.. Image..giant cells b..disease.tender.contusion d…… 179. osteocytes d. Instrument not used in tonsillectomy Harmonic scalpel .laceration c. pyramidal fossa 181.identify is it facial recess/Sinus tympani\ Scala tympani/.???? endometriosis/endometritis/ mass on usg. Abration b. Uterus enlarge.???? 180...chondrocytes 0032.

Reason for immediate peri operative fall in BP Use of nm blocker Use of induction agent. A child 3 mon given cereals what can occur Allergy Gastrooesophageal reflux Gi infection 183..For EPISIOTOMY Why mediolateral incision is preferred over median Less blood loss Less extension 189. A/E about Lumbar puncture is true Pt made to lie supine & prone position & needle pointing upwards Needle is put in cephalad position 185.vermicularis -h. 184. Abnormal subclavian artery formation 187. Autoinfection not seen with -e. Largest number of genes in human genome r for receptors of Immunoglobins Odorants .Bipolar cautery Microdebrider Cobalting band 182.nana -tinea -Ascaris 190. Which amino acid cannot go into kerbs cycle Glycine Tyrosine Hydroxyproline Alanine 188. Sevoflurance will be able to deliver another inhalational agent if it is having similar Blood gas coeff Lipid gas coeff?? molecular wt vaporizing pressure 186.

Protein precipitation wid all except ? Alcohol acetone Salts of heavy metals Ph oder dan isoelectric ph TCA 192. Abdominal pain. Endometrial bx normal.Growth factors Interleukins 191.simple bone cyst -osteoclastoma . Direct coombs test positive in all except ? Drug induced autoimmune hemolytic anaemia Transfusion related hemolytic anaemia Aplastic anaemia Hemolytic ds newborn 197. A due to frameshift mutation B seen only in GRP A influenza C casuse seasonal epidemic . True abt antigenic drift is.. which action of adrenaline is nt observed Bronchodilatiom by beta receptors Heart action by beta Action on blood vessel by alpha Act on Pre synaptic by alpha receptors 194. Which is nt continuous data? Height Weight Abo blood grouping Age in year and month 193. Painful bleeding. P/v examination diffuse enlarge uterus no adnexal mass or tenderness -endometritis -adenolymphoma -endometriosis -adenomyosis 196.???? 195. Pic . In anaphylaxis..of pelvis Lucency on rt Upper end of femur . dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia.

Phase 3 d. Which phase of clinical trials is done after the drug enters the market? a.All post ganglionic receptors are. Phase 2 c.not True about incidence Incidence decreases when programme is effective Incidence means new cases detected Incidence shows the absolute risk 200. A nicotinic B muscuranic C dopamergic D. 199.198. Phase 1 b. Phase 4 . 9....

child with pneumonia had ards.Age of child? 13. rapid correction of volume required .Holocrine gland .the gland shown in the pic is: A.patient in shock. what is not seen? pleural effusion pneumothorax in situ chest drains 0034. CXR given. which colour canula yo use 11.0033.

D.identify nerve affected? 21. Image of muscle of larynx labelled A.0035.B. c) Posterior crico-arytenoid muscle . Which muscle of larynx responsible for abduction of vocal cord. a) Cricothyroid b) Thyroarytenoid c) Posterior cricoarytenoid d) Lateral cricoarytenoid Ans.C.

Not a gp lla/lllb receptor blocker .

beta C) A. L asparaginase used in ?ALL 0036.Prasugrel 27. G2 specific drug Etoposide. Sputum sample collected for tb marked as A) 1. B D) Y. semantic memory doesnt include a.vinca alkaloids. dactinomycin. Treatment of choice 0038. Z 34. presents at 6 hours.testicular biopsy to be collected in? Ans:Buyon solution 0037.patient with acute MI. word .c represents 38. DOC for erythrodermic psoriasis? 32. Metoclopromide antiemetic action is due to d2 blocking 30.2 B) alpha . paclitaxel 29.

ans amyloidosis PSGN 0041. what is the %age burnt area 40% 54% 60% 45% 0040.. Nation Iron Plus program true is IFA to 3-6 months IFA to reproductive age group IFA to 12-19 yrs Kidney gross morpho given.. language d. abdomen... .b.. 1 Child of 2 yrs face. chest and both upper limbs burned. rule 0039... Flea bitten appearance.