Application Procedures

& Information
Langara College welcomes your application for admission.
Please consult the College Calendar and read carefully the following information before completing the application.

Application Fee: $40.00 for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents; $155.00 for International Students. This fee is non-refundable and covers
applications to more than one program.

Basis of Admission

Regular Academic Admission: The Academic requirements for

Successful completion of a BC secondary program (Grade 12)
or the equivalent, or

Be at least 19 years of age by the first day of the first semester
of attendance, or

Successful completion of an A.B.E. (Adult Basic Education) or
G.E.D. (General Education Development) program.

Conditional Admission: BC secondary students who are short only
one course for graduation and are enrolled in the missing course
may be considered for conditional admission by submitting an
Appeal for Admission/Re-admission Form. These applicants must
provide the College with both an official transcript of all courses
completed, an interim transcript of the course in progress that
indicates a minimum grade average of 60%, and a letter from their
secondary school counsellor confirming that upon completion,
they will graduate.
Concurrent Studies: BC secondary students entering or currently
in Grade 12 who have demonstrated academic excellence may be
admitted to the College to pursue concurrent studies. Contact the
Registrar & Enrolment Services for more information.
Limited Enrolment Program Applicants: must also meet program
admission requirements. Details can be found on the Langara
College website or the Calendar.

Applicants for Permanent Residence or Convention Refugees:

Applicants must submit OFFICIAL educational documents to
support their applications. Photocopied, faxed and emailed
documents are unacceptable. Transcripts must bear an official
seal and signature from the issuing institution. If the transcripts
are written in a language other than English, an official copy of an
authorized English translation of the transcripts must be submitted
in addition to the original transcript.

Applicants under 19 years of age who have graduated from
secondary school must submit an official transcript showing
secondary school graduation.

Current BC Grade 12 students are not required to submit an official
transcript provided (1) they have directed the BC Ministry of
Education to forward their final transcript to Langara electronically
by filling out Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selection Form
online and (2) they have included their BC Personal Education
Number (PEN) on their application.

Current Grade 12 students from other provinces must submit an
official transcript showing secondary school graduation as soon as

admission to Langara College are:


must contact the Registrar & Enrolment Services for further

Transfer Credit
If applicants wish to obtain credit for courses taken at another postsecondary institution or enrol in a course that requires prerequisites
completed elsewhere, they must complete a Transfer Credit Request
Form. Applicants must formally apply for transfer credit at least two
months before the semester begins.

Application Dates

International Students: Applicants who are neither Canadian
Citizens nor Permanent Residents apply as International Students.
Please refer to the Langara College Calendar and the International
Education application packet for details. Some career and arts and
science limited enrolment programs do not accept international
students. Please check with the Registrar & Enrolment Services for

Open Enrolment Programs: Applications are accepted 11 months
prior to the start of each semester. As new students are given a
course registration priority that is based solely on the date of
application, applicants are advised to apply early.

Limited Enrolment Programs: Early application is strongly

Application Status: Applicants can monitor the status of their
application on the myLangara web portal at

Application Deadlines

Re-activation of Application
If applicants do not register in the semester to which they have been
admitted, their application becomes inactive. To reactivate an application
for another semester, applicants must submit a Reactivation Request
Form available on the Langara College website under Student Forms.
Reactivation of an application is free if the reactivation request is made
for the three semesters immediately following the first semester for
which application was made.

recommended as these programs have limited seats. Applications
are accepted 11 months prior to the start date of each program.
For program start dates, see the back of this form or refer to the
Langara College Calendar.

Check the for application deadline information.

Student Loans
Applicants who require student loans should apply for a loan at least
two months prior to the beginning of the semester. Further inquiries
regarding financial aid may be directed to the Financial Aid Office (Tel:
Need Admissions Advice?
or call 604.323.5241 and press
option 3.

Return completed application to:
Registrar & Enrolment Services
Langara College
100 West 49th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 2Z6

program(s) applied for application fees (All fees in Canadian dollars and are NON-REFUNDABLE) Program Intention(s) $40.leave blank if you do not have one PEN Number* (Personal education number) . visit: http://www.langara.bc.Application for Admission LANGARA IDENTIFICATION NUMBER .ca/student-services/disability-services for information on how to access Disability Services including important deadlines.leave blank if you do not have one * Required for current BC Grade 12 students. bc. YES Select one or more of the three options that best describe your Aboriginal Identity: First Nations Metis Inuit Visit our website at http://www.00 International Students payment method: Cash cheque debit card Credit card information: VISA credit card MASTERCARD Applying to the LEAP Program? Submit a LEAP application to Continuing Studies. For more details.langara. Application for Admission .Page 1 .00 Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents (Refer to back page) Circle Program Intake A Jan May Sep B Jan May Sep C Jan May Sep $ OFFICE USE ONLY Received/Paid Name on Card: Card Number: Expiry: Month Have you applied to Langara College before? No Yes (indicate program(s) and when) Year sTUDENT Information full legal surname/family name former legal surname (if applicable) legal middle name legal first name HOME TELEPHONE alternate TELEPHONE (cell phone) permanent mailing address city province Postal Code country EMAIL (Note: this will be the primary email for all langara admissions communicationS) biographical information gender Male social insurance number Date of Birth day mo Language spoken most often YR Female canadian citizen Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant) Proofs of Immigration Status required Study Permit Proof of Study Permit required when admitted Other immigration status: Dean’s Approval: International Students country of citizenship emergency contacts LOCAL overseas emergency contact (International studEnts Only) Surname/family name Surname/family name First name First name HOME TELEPHONE Home telephone Address (Include country) Specialized Support Services Aboriginal Students Disability Services Information Do you identify yourself as an Aboriginal Person? Check this box if you would like information on Disability Services mailed to you.

and will be used.bc.previous activity CHECK MAIN ACTIVITY DURING PAST YEAR (Choose one only) CHECK WHERE ACTIVITY OCCURRED 1.langara. Official name change documents or marriage certificates may be required. • I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to be aware of. 2. Unspecified 3. Secondary school counsellors can provide information on this process. Attended University 7. Section 41. Collection.) SECONDARY SCHOOL • Current B. Attended another educational institution In BC EDUCATION (Names on official documents must match student record. • Applicants under 19 who have graduated from secondary school must submit an official transcript with their application. Date: MO / YR (See Note Below) YES NO Last Date Attended: POST-SEcondary Institution: Official transcript(s) is (are) required for all listed institution(s) NAME OF POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTION(S) Graduated? Province/ country ATTACHED MO / YR WILL FOLLOW Degree earned date of Grad. Attended Secondary School 5. registration. to be sent by the institution to Langara Admissions. Chapter 165]. from to mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr mo yr NOTE: Applicants who want to apply for transfer credit(s) must submit a Transfer Credit Request form. for purposes that are consistent with activity necessary to the operation of the College and in compliance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [RSBC 1996. and maintenance of your student record. If you are currently attending Secondary School: If you are NOT currently attending Secondary School: School Name: Last Secondary School Attended: Province/Country: Province/Country: Present Grade: Last Grade Completed: Expected Grad. contact the Registrar and Director of Enrolment Services at 604-323-5241. Employed 1.1]. Chapter 52. For questions about the collection. and the Langara Students’ Information is shared with College Advancement. In a province other than BC 3. • I understand that information about falsified documents is shared with other Canadian colleges and universities. Attended College 6. I certify the following: • All statements on this application and supporting documents are true and complete. This information will be used for admission. Alumni Relations. The personal information you provide and your PEN are used for authorized statistical and research purposes only. This information is needed. The form is available from the Registrar & Enrolment Services or on the Langara website (www. and comply with. In a country other than Canada 4. Unemployed. declaration of applicant In signing this document. • I authorize Langara College to verify any information provided as part of this application. Use and Disclosure of Student Information Langara College collects the information on this form under the authority of the College and Institute Act [RSBC 1996. • I understand that evidence of falsified documents or misrepresentation will result in cancellation of my admission or registration.Page 2 . Admission to the College does not guarantee the availability of any individual course. The personal information you provide on this form may be shared with the Ministry of Education and will be used to verify your British Columbia Personal Education Number (PEN) or assign one to you. all Langara College policies and procedures. Grade 12 students are not required to submit an official transcript provided they have directed the BC Ministry of Education to forward their final transcript to the College electronically and have included their Personal Education Number (PEN) on page 1.C. Admission is subject to assessment of qualifications and availability of seats. ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________ Applicant’s Signature Date Signed (DD/MM/YY) Application for Admission . • Applicants with previous post-secondary education are required to arrange for official transcripts from all previously attended post-secondary institutions and professional associations. seeking work 2. use and disclosure of your personal information. • Current Grade 12 students from other provinces must submit an official transcript showing graduation as soon as possible.

External studies Programs Students interested in applying to Field Study Programs should complete this application indicating the field study of choice. Students wanting to complete a limited enrolment (LE) program may be required to meet additional admission requirements.langara.Concentration in: Associate Degree • • • • • • Aboriginal Studies Arts General Asian Studies Canadian Studies Classical Studies Commerce & Business Studies • Creative Writing • • • • • • • • English Environmental Studies Family Studies Geography Health Sciences History Latin American Studies Mathematics Associate of Science .Page 3 .langara.bc. Participation (LE) Diploma Leisure Studies Diploma Marketing Management (LE) Diploma Diploma (PostDegree) Nutrition & Food Service Management (LE) Diploma Professional Photo-Imaging (LE) Diploma Publishing (LE) Diploma ! ! ! ! Jan May Sep ! ! ! AUG ! ! Criminal Justice (LE) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Diploma ! • Peace & Conflict Studies • Science General • Social Science General • Women’s Studies Diploma ! Diploma Chinook Business (LE) ! ! ! Business Management (LE) Sep ! Sep ! ! ! Program Intake Accounting (LE) May ! May ! Program Intake Jan Diploma (PostDegree) Jan ! Available Credentials Business Administration (LE) ! Available Credentials Aboriginal Studies (LE) Asian Studies Arts General Biology Canadian Studies Classical Studies ! ! ! Program Name ! ! ! Program Name • • • • • • Sep Program Intake Available Credentials Program Name May ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! NOTE 1: Students who are unsure of which School of Management or Bachelor of Business Administration program to select should apply to Business Management.PROGRAM GUIDE: Please select your program from the following list. Students wanting to complete an open enrolment program must meet the general admission requirements for Langara College. Information on current or future field study offerings can be found at www. unless limited enrolment (LE) is specified. Tech. on the External Studies webpage. BACHELOR Programs Program Intake Available Credentials Program Name Jan May Sep Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting (LE) Degree ! ! ! Bachelor of Business Administration Business Management (LE) Degree ! ! ! Bachelor of Business Administration International Business Management (LE) (Third-year entry only) Degree ! ! ! Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing Management (LE) Degree ! ! ! Bachelor of Recreation Management (LE) (Third-year entry only) Degree ! ! ! Bachelor of Science Nursing Transition (LE) Degree ! ! Bachelor of Science in Nursing (LE) Degree ! ! Program Intake Program Name Available Credentials Associate of Arts .Concentration in: • • • • • Bioinformatics Chemistry Computer Science Dietetics Ecology • • • • • • • • • • • • May Sep ! ! ! Peace & Conflict Studies Philosophy Political Science Psychology Science General Social Sciences General Women’s Studies Associate Degree Environmental Studies General Biology Health Sciences Mathematics Molecular/Microbiology Jan ! ! ! • Peace & Conflict Studies • Physics • Sciences General C. International students should check with the Registrar & Enrolment Services for information on limited enrolment program availability. All Programs listed below are open enrolment.bc. CITATION/CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA Programs Program Intake Available Credentials Program Name Jan Early Childhood Education: Special Education Post-Basic (LE) Citation ! Ecology Citation Environmental Studies Citation Foundations in Health Studies Citation ! ! ! Arts and Science Aboriginal Studies (LE) Certificate (Post-Degree) Education Assistant (LE) Certificate Arts and Science Engineering (LE) Certificate Film Arts . Program information is available via the web at www.indd Application for Admission .ca. Flex. ! NOTE 2: Students who are unsure of which Open Enrolment Program to select should apply to Diploma: Arts General. D. J:\student\publications\forms\application for admission\admission-July-2014.Concentration in: Diploma Bioinformatics • Commerce • Environmental Studies • Family Studies • Health Science (Arts) • Health Science (Science) • Latin American Studies Diploma Computer Studies (LE) Diploma Design Formation (LE) Diploma Early Childhood Education (LE) Diploma Fine Arts (LE) Diploma Financial Management (LE) Diploma General Education (Arts) Diploma General Education (Science) Diploma General Education ( Social Science) Diploma Kinesiology Diploma Journalism (LE) Diploma Library & Information Technology (LE) Diploma Library & Info. ASSOCIATE DEGREE Programs A.Concentration in: (LE) Certificate • Acting • Directing • Writing Journalism (LE) Certificate Social Service Worker (LE) Certificate Internet and Web Technology (LE) Certificate Diploma Applied Planning (LE) Diploma (Post-Degree) Arts and Science .

2. I have read and understood the above statements. □ Relative □ Agent □ Other: NAME COMPANY TELEPHONE ADDRESS: FAX EMAIL ADDRESS (This will be the primary email for all Langara Admissions communications.) CONDITIONS 1. BC V5Y 2Z6 .) Date: (dd/mm/yy): FORM RETURN INFORMATION Return completed form to: International Admissions Registrar & Enrolment Services Langara College 100 West 49th Avenue Vancouver. Chapter 152] and will be used by Langara College for research and statistical purposes subject to the provisions of the Act. 3. I understand that the Authorized Representative is permitted to represent me up to and including my first day of classes only. parent.Consent for Authorized Representative STUDENT INFORMATION FULL LEGAL SURNAME/FAMILY NAME FORMER LEGAL SURNAME (IF APPLICABLE) LEGAL MIDDLE NAME LEGAL FIRST NAME PROGRAM: SEMESTER: LANGARA IDENTIFICATION NUMBER REPRESENTATIVE INFORMATION I have chosen the person/company stated below to receive all my correspondence and act as my representative. I understand that my personal information is protected under the provisions of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [RSBC 1996. Signature of applicant. or guardian: (A parent or guardian signature is required for students under 19 years of age.