Muhammad Nur Ilham / 1352040024

Class A / English Education Program

Contributions of Social Media to Teaching English as a Second Language
(TESOL) in Higher Education Institution

In line with the development of science and technology, the paradigm of
education also diverts, particularly the existence of teachers in teaching and learning
interactions. In the early days where publishing, mass media and technology had not
been developed, the position of the teachers was very vital, because there was not
much information or other learning sources which could be used by students. The
teachers became the only source of information or knowledge.
Nowadays, there are many alternative sources which can be used to learn
English. One of them is by using social media. By social media, learning can be more
effective because it can overcome the limited time problem in the classroom.
Moreover, The English subject has quite a lot of materials while the time owned is
very limited so that many materials are not conveyed well.
By social networking, the students can create a community which is beneficial
for them. It can be used to discuss the lessons or for other things that can contribute
positively to them. If the community has been created, the students will be motivated
to improve their achievement by using the materials or input of their friends on the
social media.
Social media can also be used as a means for teachers to convey the materials
to the students. On Facebook, for example, the teachers can make a closed group for
the classes they teach. By using the group, they can update the learning materials such
as homework, discussion materials, and class events. Another social media which can

co. In Nonik Teacher. Therefore. the teachers can also have connection to the students’ parents via the social media so that the parents always get information about their children. Manfaat Media Sosial dalam Dunia Pendidikan. and many more. They can also work their group assignments. ask the teachers.blogspot. Nonik (2011). 2016 Maharani. On social media. Retrieved from http://noniknopiyanti.html and accessed on April 10th. the students can give critiques and comments. In Menulis Artikel The teachers. Abrianto (2012). 2016 .co. 2016 Nopiyanti. Penggunaan Facebook Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Bahasa for instance. Tiara Cita (2010).html and accessed on April 10th. In addition. Facebook Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Bahasa used is Twitter. They only differ in the limit of the number of characters which can be used in posting something. BIBLIOGRAPHY and accessed on April 10th. Twitter is not different much from Facebook. they can get closer psychologically. Retrieved from http://basindoa. can ask the parents to help their children's learning process at home. Retrieved from https://abriantonugraha. remind them to finish their homework. and start a discussion more easily. In Belajar Bareng Yuk.