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Information for Members

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Swaziland National Provident Fund
Information for Members
The Swaziland National Provident Fund is a savings scheme,
the principal purpose of which is to provide benefits for
employed persons when they retire from regular employment
in old age or in the event of becoming incapacitated. The
employer is responsible for paying statutory contributions
for every employee who is eligible to become a member of
the Fund, but is given authority to take what is termed as
employee’s share of this contribution from wages currently
one-half of the statutory contribution payable.

The Fund is administered by an independent Board
appointed by the Minister for Labour and Social Security
under the provisions of the Swaziland National Provident
Fund Order, No. 23 of 1974.
The Board is constituted as shown hereunder: • Principal Secretary – Ministry of Finance
• Principal Secretary – Ministry of Labour and Social
• Commissioner of Labour
One representative from the Ministry of Home Affairs
• Two representatives from Swazi National Council
• Three representatives from Employer Associations
• Three representatives from Employee Associations
• The Chief Executive Officer
In selecting the employer and employee representatives, the
Minister consults the employer federations and employee
Federations. In this way it is expected that any names
proposed by these organizations are those of people


nominated by their affiliated bodies.
So as to ensure that employers and employees know what
the Provident Fund Board does, it is expected that the
representatives report to their federations on a regular
basis in whatever manner the federations might have
Contributing Employers
All employers are required by law to register with the
Fund in terms of Registration of Contributing Employers’
Order 1975. Employers of domestic workers, however, are
exempted from registering with the Fund at the moment.
A religious organization, church, mission etc., may also
apply to the Fund to make contributions in respect of its
minister(s) of religion, although technically a Minister is
not an employee. Registered employers are supplied with a
comprehensive guide by the Swaziland National Provident
Fund giving full information about the scheme’s operations,
including the detailed arrangements for collecting and
accounting for contributions.
Eligible Employees
Every regularly employed Swazi citizen (there are no lower
or upper age limits for members) who is employed by a
registered employer under any type of contract of service,
written or oral, unless engaged in an exempt category
of employment, is eligible to have contributions paid in
respect of him and to become a member of the Fund.
If his employer takes him to work outside Swaziland, he
remains an eligible employee as long as he is deemed to be
ordinarily resident in the Kingdom.


provided that the admission occurs within two years from the date the person left school and took up such temporary employment. (e) School learners who take up temporary employment pending admission for a whole time course at a university or institution. (d) Whole-time students of any university or institution for further education or vocational training who obtain vacation employment. (f) Domestic workers employed in private households. 1993. (c) Senior University staff who are entitled to receive benefit under the Federation Superannuation Scheme for Universities. are not themselves eligible to have contributions paid to the Fund in respect of them. and (g) Casual employees Casual Employees A casual employee is a person employed on a daily contract of service who has been employed by his employer for a continuous period of less than one month. These employees are: (a) Non-citizens of Swaziland (b) Persons in the Public Service who are eligible for pension benefits under the Pension Order. all employees must have a personal identity number (PIN) and graded tax identity 3 . Such persons are not eligible to become members of the Fund. who although their employers may have to register.Exempt Employees There are certain categories of employees. Registration for Membership For purposes of identification.

the seventh the person’s gender. respectively. The member’s account number in the Fund will be the digits after the first six of the tax-payer’s personal number and in the case of the PIN. Digits five and six link the tax payer to his Indvuna. The graded tax number is currently in the process of being replaced by the national Personal Identity Number (PIN).number obtained from the Swaziland Revenue Authority. All contributions from successive employers will be posted to that account. the first six digits signify the member’s date of birth. the next four the member’s serial number and the last one is a control digit. A year of birth must be supplied by a member to his employer for the Fund’s purposes. The code number linking the taxpayer to his region and chief are the first four digits. In the case of the PIN. the Fund will open an account in that individual’s name. 4 . So it is important that Graded Tax Clearance Certificates and related documents are not lent to friends or relatives – great care should be taken of Graded Tax Clearance Certificates because if they fall into the wrong hands the rightful owner may lose his contribution credits to a wrong person. On receipt of information from an employer concerning the workers identity. Two Graded Tax Certificates No member of the Fund should have more than one Graded Tax number and. full names and Graded Tax Number and PIN. if the member has two or more Graded Tax Certificates with different identity numbers or knows that registration with the Income Tax Department or Swaziland Revenue Authority has been more than once.e. it will be the whole number. i.

It is for this reason that all members of the Fund are urged to ensure that their graded tax numbers and PINs are supplied to the Fund as explained above. At this time the member must produce his graded tax clearance certificate and inform the Fund where he worked right through his working history to enable the Fund to trace his contributions. He should also collect a Contribution Record Card (NPF 101) from his last employer so that he can see what contributions have been made in respect of him for the current year. A person who cannot produce his/her graded tax clearance certificate cannot be paid his benefits once they become due. Change of Employment A member of the Fund who changes his employment must first collect his Graded Tax Clearance Certificate from his last employer and produce it to his new employer so that the National Provident Fund contribution remitted to the Fund’s office in respect of him will be credited to the correct account.he should inform the Swaziland Revenue Authority and his employer accordingly. 5 . It is obvious. who in turn should inform the Fund’s office. therefore. that the non-production of a graded tax clearance certificate by a member eventually contributes to enormous delays and loss of contributions when a benefit has to be paid.

The table below illustrates how the amount of a monthly statutory contribution is shared between employer and employee:Example of Provident Fund contribution table Employee’s Monthly Earnings E 300 400 500 600 Employee’s Share of Contribution E c 15 00 20 00 25 00 30 00 Amount added By Employer E 15 20 25 30 C 00 00 00 00 6 Total S. The employee’s share is currently half of the appropriate statutory contribution. he is given authority to recover what is termed “employee’s share” from employee’s wages paid. It is illegal for the employer to recover arrears of contributions from current wages.N. each month.Statutory Contributions Whilst the employer is responsible for paying to the Swaziland National Provident Fund office.P. and employers have authority to deduct the employee’s part of the contribution from wages at the time of their payment. a statutory contribution related to each worker’s earnings during the month.F Monthly Contribution E C 30 00 40 00 50 00 60 00 .

all his National Provident Fund contributions are paid into his account with the Fund. Funds’Investments It is important for members to know where the money that is used to grow their accounts comes from. The Funds’ investments are controlled by a special committee called Investment Committee consisting of the Principal Secretary.How the Member’s Account Grows Throughout the member’s working life.e. At the end of each financial year a statement of account is sent to the member updating him of contributions received during the statement year and the accumulated amount thereof. From what has remained. the Fund pays interest to all members’ accounts at the rate determined by the Board from year to 7 . administration costs i. A member’s contribution credit can only be drawn to pay a benefit to the member or his survivors. through its Investment Committee invests the money in the best way possible. travelling costs etc. interest is added monthly. the rate of interest being decided each year by the Swaziland National Provident Fund Board. motor vehicle expenses. Protection of Contributions and Benefit Accounts All money in the Fund is vested in the Provident Fund Board and member’s accounts are fully protected against seizure by creditors. salaries. Ministry of Finance (who becomes chairman of the committee). After the first month. and two members of the public experienced in financial matters and the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund. the Fund deducts from the total returns collected each year. In terms of the Order. On receipt of the contributions. the Fund.

but. the Chief Executive Officer is given authority to decide a member’s date of birth for the 8 . There are. so that he will not be wholly dependent on his family or public funds when he is no longer employed. other occasions where the member is eligible for benefit from the Fund. and these are explained below. Age Benefit Benefit on age grounds is paid when the member is at least 50 years of age. if there is any dispute as to age. This rate of interest shall be fixed by the Board in such a way that a surplus remains for credit to the reserve account in compliance with the provisions of the Order. but there is an annuity purchase scheme which can provide a member with an income for life during retirement or on being totally incapacitated from work due to injury or illhealth. but it can be claimed before then as a “retirement benefit” if the member is at least 45 years of age and has retired from regular employment or become self-employed. at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.year. however. The benefit is paid in one amount or in a limited number of installments. Benefits The main aim of the Provident Fund is to provide the member with some means of support in his old age. A member’s age is normally determined – in the absence of any documentary proof – by the employer.

or has emigrated from Swaziland with no intention of returning to the Kingdom. Provident Fund contributions are payable by his employer. 9 . continues to work. On leaving the employer for any reason and at whatever age. however. with interest in the event that he decides to claim it. Supplementary Contribution A supplementary contribution may be deducted from an employee’s wages in whole or in part depending on the agreement reached between the employer and the employee. the amount is included in a member’s benefit when he has claimed on age or any of the qualifying grounds. Other than leaving the employer’s service. having qualified for age benefit at 50 years. incapacity for work is assessed having regard to medical factors. He must then wait two years. he builds up credits afresh. A medical report is therefore essential for purposes of paying a benefit under this claim type. If a member. the amount paid to the Fund as a supplementary contribution becomes claimable by the Member.purpose of any benefit. Emigration Benefit If a member satisfies the Chief Executive Officer that he is about to emigrate. before claiming a benefit again. Unemployable/Disability Benefits can be paid to a member who has had the misfortune to become permanently unemployable through physical or mental disability. an emigration benefit is payable without regard to age.

23 of 1974.00 with effect from 1st August 2013. Additional Benefit • Double accidental death-cover (this includes car and occupational accidents that will not be found to have been self-imposed) Qualifications The member must meet the following qualifications to be entitled to the funeral benefits: • The member must be an active member of the Fund at the time of his death and • At the date of death. It provides a funeral benefit to the member’s next kin in the event of a qualifying member’s death. SIPHEPHELO FREE FUNERAL PLAN Background This is a non-contributory funeral policy for members of the Swaziland National Provident Fund. Benefits This policy offers the following benefits to the deceased member’s next of kin • A total cash sum of E5. the amount in his benefit account is available to surviving members of his family as a survivor’s benefit. Such a benefit is payable in accordance with the provisions of the SNPF Order No. contributions in respect of the deceased member must have been paid to the Fund for 10 .Survivor’s Benefit If a member dies before qualifying for a personal benefit.000.

11 . the claimant or the deceased next of kin shall be required to supply such further evidence to the Fund within one week of the Fund’s request. In the event of a request for further evidence by the Fund. The following documentation shall be supplied to the Fund by the claimant or deceased member’s next of kin in the course of submitting a claim for a Benefit: a) Completed claim form b) Original copy of the deceased member’s valid death certificate. c) Copy of the deceased member’s Swaziland National Identity Card and Graded Tax Clearance Certificate.. e) Claimant’s Swaziland National Identity Card f) Such other supporting documentation as the Fund may reasonably require. Claiming Procedures Benefits claiming requirements under this Policy shall be as follows: • The lodgment of a claim for a funeral benefit must be done not later than six months from the date of the member’s death. g) The Fund shall admit or reject or request further evidence in respect of a claim within a reasonable period after receipt of the information required in terms of Clause (a) and (b).at least 3 consecutive months of the 12 months preceding that date. failing which the claim shall not be accepted. d) Employer’s letter confirming death of member and the recorded next of kin.

deem fair and just. The marriage of a member is deemed to revoke any prior nominations made by him and if.Effective Date The effective date of this policy is 10th August 2011 being the date of the publication of the Government Gazette giving effect of the policy. but will be paid to any persons nominated 12 . As explained earlier. the statutory contributions credited to a member’s account in the Swaziland National Provident Fund are vested in the Board and consequently the contributions or the benefit represented by such contributions do not form part of the estate of a deceased member. on A members contribution with the Fund are not part of a Members estate. on the death of a member. the Chief Executive Officer may make payment to his child’s or children’s guardian for the use on the child’s or children’s behalf. In the absence of any surviving spouse. divide the benefit amount to them in such proportions as he may. the Chief Executive Officer will pay the benefit to the surviving spouse or if there is more than one surviving spouse. Member Nomination of Survivors to Receive Benefit As soon as a member of the Fund has some contributions in his account he may nominate the member (s) of his family he wishes to receive the benefit in the event of his death. Thus the moneys of the deceased will not necessarily be distributed to persons entitled to the deceased’s estate under customary law. no new nomination has been made since marriage.

For an EFT payment to be made. Under no circumstances should a duly completed nomination form be kept by the member or his employer. the member needs to submit his/her bank statement at the lodgement of his or her claim. In the absence of any nominations. Payment of Benefits Benefits payments are made through electronic funds transfer system (EFT). the Swaziland National Provident Fund Order lays down the procedure which the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund must follow in dealing with the administration of such a benefit. The EFT allows the member’s benefit to be paid direct into the members’ bank account. Such an act renders the nomination invalid.by the member. Nomination Forms Nomination forms may be obtained from the Fund’s offices and should be completed and returned to the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund for safe keeping. 13 .

C Offices) 9. – 4.Thursdays Dlanubeka house 8.30pm 2538 8282 Nhlangano Mondays . OFFICE DAY AND TIME TEL.m.m.m. Friday 2518 7104/ 8.00 a. – 3. – 4. Friday 8.00 a.m.m.45 p. – 4.30pm 23434386 Simunye Wednesdays and Thursday 9. – 3.00 a.m.m.m.30pm 2363 6415 Matsapha Mondays – Thursdays 8.m.m.00 a.Thursdays 8.30pm 2404 5736 Manzini Mondays . – 4.m.m.00 a.m.30pm 23838984 Big Bend Tuesday 9.m.m.00 a.00 a.00 a.30pm 2508 2000 Mankayane Mondays only (D. Friday 8. – 4.45 p.00 a.m.Thursdays 8.00 a.00 a.45 p.Thursdays Headquarters 8.00 a.00 a.45 p. – 3.30pm 2437 1149 Mbabane Mondays .30pm 2508 2000 Siteki Mondays . – 4. – 3.00 a. – 4.Thursdays 8.m. Friday 8.00 a.00 a.45 p.m. Friday 2404 2804/ 8. Friday 8. – 4.m.m. NO Piggs Peak Mondays .30pm 25186061 14 . – 4. – 4. – 4.Lodgement of claims Claims for a benefit may be lodged with any of the Fund’s offices listed hereunder. – 4.m.30pm Fridays 9.m.45 p.

Your Life .Swaziland Swaziland National National Provident Provident Fund Fund Information for Members Your Future.

Your Life .Swaziland Swaziland National National Provident Provident Fund Fund Imininingwane Lecondzene Nemalunnga Nge Sikhwama Sesive Lidlelantfongeni Your Future.

kodvwa-ke Umcashi unikiwe emandla ekutsi atsatse incenye yalemali emholweni wesisebenti. Lidlelantfongeni eme kanje: Mabhalane lomkhulu etiko leTisebenti neNhlalakahle Lomele litko leTasekhaya Mabhalane lomkhulu etiko leteMafa Khomishane weTisebenti Emalunga lamatsatfu lamele tinhlangano tebachashi Emalunga lamatsatfu lamele tinhlangano tetisebenti Emalunga lamabili lamele iSwazi National Council Lowengamele Sikhwama seLidlelantfongeni lobuye abengumabhalane walo lelibandla 15 1 .LIDLELANTFONGENI SWAZILAND NATIONAL PROVIDENT FUND IMINININGWANE LECONDZENE NEMALUNGA NGE SIKHWAMA SESIVE LIDLELANTFONGENI Sikhwama seSive Lidlelantfongeni sisimiso sekugcina imali. Lesikhwama siphetfwe liBandla lelibekwa yiNdvuna yeliTiko leTisebenti neNhlalakahle ngaphansi kwemtsetfo lekutsiwa yi Swaziland National Provident Fund Order. kwamanje lencenye inguhhamfu wemali lebekwe kutsi ikhishwe ngekusho kwemtsetfo. Ngenhloso yekutsi bantfu labasebentako batotfola lusito uma sebayekelakusebenta ngenca yebudzala noma kukhubateka. 1974. Umcashi nguye lekufanele kutsi abhadale lemali lebekwe ngumtsetfo kutsi ikhiswhe mayelana naleso naleso sisebenti lesifanele sibe lilunga lalesiKhwama. Emalunga eliBandla lelengamele lesiKhwama seSive.

liSontfo. kwanyalo kusengakadzingeki kutsi babhalise kulesiKhwama ngekwemtstfo. Bacashi labacashe tisebenti tasemakhaya abo. iMishini ingafaka sicelo kaLidlelantfongeni sekubhalisa ibhalisele kutsi ifuna kubhadalela umFundisi noma baFundisi balo noma angesiso sisebenti lesichashiwe ngekwetsetfo. Inhlangano yetenkholo. BACASHI LEKUFANELE BAKHIPHE LEMALI Bonkhe bacashi kufanele babhalise kulesiKhwama ngaphansi kwemtsetfo wa 1975 wekubhalisa kwebacashi lekufanele bakhiphele tisebenti tabo lemali. lelibanika lwati 2 16 . Bacashi lababhalisile banikwa libhukwana lekutsiwa yi “Employer’s Guide to the National Provident Fund”. Kute kube neliciniso lekutsi bacashi kanye netisebenti bayati ngemsebenti weliBandla lelengamele Lidlelantfongeni.Ekubekeni lamalunga lamelele bacashi netisebenti kuleliBandla lelengamele Lidlelantfongeni. Noko lomtsetfo awumvimbeli umcashi wesisebenti sasekhaya kutsi atibhalisele yena ngekutsandza kwakhe bese uyasibhadalela lesisebenti sakhe. Ngalendlela kuyaye kwetsenjwe kutsi emabito lavela kuto-ke letinhlangano kuba ngulawo ebantfu labakhetfwe tinhlangano letingemalunga aletinhlangano lesesikhulume ngato. iNdvuna yeliTiko leTisebenti neNhlalakahle ibonisana netinhlangano tebachashi kanye netetisebenti. kubhekeke kutsi labo labamelele letinhlangotsi letimbili kuleliBandla lelengamele LesiKhwama batsintsane nemalunga etinhlangano tabo ngetikhatsi letitsite letilungiswe nguleyo naleyo Nhlangano.

noma esikolweni lesikhulu. labatfola 17 3 . ujinge abengulofanele kubalilunga lalesiKhwama. lesibhaliwe noma lesentiwe ngemlomo. ngumcashi lobhalisile kaLidlelantfongeni kufanele abelilunga lalesiKhwama. locashwe noma kungasiphi sivumelwano. yingci-nje uma aliSwati.loluphelele mayelana nekusebenta kwalesiKhwama. (c) tisebenti letinkhulu tase Unirversity yaseSwatini letingemalunga esikhwama lesitsiwa yiFederation Superannuation Scheme yema University. babe bangemalunga esikhwama semhlala phasi setisebenti taHulumende iPublic Service Pension Fund (PSPF) . LEKUFUTE BABE NGEMALUNGA NALABO LEKUNGAFANELI BABE NGEMALUNGA Wonkhe umuntfu losebentako loliSwati. (d) bantfu labafundza eUniversity. TISEBENTI LETINGAKAFUTI KUBA-NGEMALUNGA Kukhona tisebenti lekutsi noma bacashi bafute babhalise kulesiKhwama kodvwa tona tibe tingakafuti kutsi kubekhona timali letifakelwa tona kulesiKhwama. (b) bantfu labasebentela Hulumende. Letisebenti letinjalo ngunati: (a) bantfu labangesiwo emaSwati. (kute lapho kucala khona umnyaka webudzala nalapho ugcina khona). Uma umuntfu asebenta kumcashi walapha kaNgwane abese uyamtsatsa ayosebentela ngaphandle kwaleli lakaNgwane. kanyeke nemininingwane yekutsi timali titabobutfwa kanjani nekutsi titfunyelwe kanjani kaLidlelantfongeni. noma sekufundzela imisebenti. ngaphandle kube ngulosebenta kulabacashi lotsi umtsetfo weLidlelantfongeni abakabhekeki kutsi babhalisele kubhadalela tisebenti tabo KulesiKhwama.

inombolo yesihlanu kanye neyesitfupha ihlanganisa sisebenti kanye nendvuna 18 4 . Tinombolo letihlanganisa sisebenti nesifundza kanye nesikhulu sakhe nguletinombolo letine tekucala ngekulandzelana kwato. Esikhundleni sayo kutawungena inombolo yebuve bemuntfu (personal identity number (PIN)). KUBHALISELA KUBALILUNGA Kubalulekile kutsi wonkhe umuntfu losebentako. Bantfu labanjalo akufanele babe ngemalunga alesiKhwama. Inombolo yelilunga kulesiKhwama kuba nguletinombolo letingemuva kwaletinombolo tekucala letisitfupha. Lamapasi.umsebenti ngesikhatsi basemaholideyini. locashelwa kusebenta sikhatsi lesingaphansi kwenyanga. ayatfolakala kuwo onkhe emahhovisi ekutselisa aka Swaziland Revenue Authority lakhona kutotonkhe tifundza telive laseSwatini. LABO LABACASHWA SIKHATSI LESIFISHANE Umuntfu locashwe sikhatsi lesifishane ngumuntfu locashelwe kutsi ahole ngelilanga. Kunetinkhulumo noko letitsi lenombolo yelipasi itawugcina ingasasebenti. noma lofuna umsebenti abe nelipasi lemtselo ngoba watiwa ngalenombolo yemtselo mayelana nako konkhe lokucondzene naye kulesiKhwama. (e) bafundzi lasebacedzile etikolweni labatfola umsebenti wesikhashana ngesikhatsi basamele kuya eUniversity noma etikolweni letinkhulu tekufundzela imisebenti (kodvwa loko kubamba lelotoho makungabi sikhatsi lesengca iminyaka lemibili soloku asebenta (f) tisebenti leticashwe emakhaya alabo lababasebentako. (g) labo labacashwa sikhatsi lesifishane (fundza langentasi).

ngoba uma lokukungatfolwa ngulomunye umuntfu. umnikati walelipasi angalahlekelwa timali takhe lebetifakwa ebitweni lakhe kulesiKhwama. inyanga nelusuku latalwa ngalo lomnikati wayo. lekufanele kube nguye lomcashi lotjela lihhovisi lalesiKhwama ngalendzaba khona itekwati kutsi ilungiswe masinyane. emabito aso laphelele nenombolo yaso yemtselo kanye ne PIN. bese kutsi lena yekugcina nguleyeluse lePIN seyiyokhe.yasoUma sekusentjetiswa inombolo yebuve bemuntfu (PIN) kutakuba ngiyo yonkhe lenombolo. lePIN yona ihlatiyeka kanje. 19 5 . letinombolo letisitfupha tekucala tikhomba unyaka. nomake lati kutsi kubhalisa kwalo emahhovisini ekutselisa kwenteka emahlandla langetulu kwalinye. Tonkhe timali leticondzene nalo letiphuma kubacashi bakhe ngabanye ngabanye titabofakwa ebitweni lalo lelihambisana nenombolo yalo yelipasi kanye nePIN. Ngekutfola kumcashi kutsi sisebenti singubani. Ngako-ke kubalulekile kakhulu kutsi lipasi lemtselo nalamanye emaphepha lacondzene naleso sisebenti angebolekwa bangani nobe tihlobo. lena yesikhombisa ikhomba bulili. EMAPASI EMTSELO LAMABILI Akukafaneli kutsi lilunga lalesiKhwama libe netinimbolo temtselo letimbili. lesiKhwama sibhala emabhukwini libito lalelilunga kanye nenombolo yalo yelipasi kanye nePIN lapho kutabofakwa khona imali yalo. Kunakekela lokukhulu kufanele kubekhona mayelana nemapasi emtselo. Uma lilunga linemapasi emtselo lamabili. letiletilandzelako letine nguletehlukanisa lomnikati walePIN kulabanye bantfu. kufanele latise balelohhovisi lekutselisa ngaloko kanye futsi nemcashi walo.

Kufanele kutsi litsatse nalelinye lifomu (NPF 101) lelikhombisa imali lalifakele yona kulesiKhwama lomcashi leselimshiya 6 20 .EMAPASI EMTSELO LALAHLEKILE Uma lilunga lalesiKhwama lilahlekelwe lipasi lalo lemtselo nomake lamanye emaphepha lakhombisa kutsi lingubani. kufanele latise lihhovisi letemtselo kuleyondzawo yakubo. beseke licela lelinye lipasi letinombolo talo tifane netalelo pasi lelilahlekile. Lokukusita kutsi noma kungenteka litfole lomunye umsebenti lijinge lisebentise lipase lelinenombolo yinye ingenolahleka imali yalo nayifika kulesiKhwama. sonkhe sisebenti lesifanele kuba lilunga lalesiKhwama kufanele sitfole inombolo yaso yemtselo letakusita kutsi satiwe ngayo ephepheni latfunyelwa ngumcashi kulamahhovisi waso njalo ngenyanga. KUNTJINTJA UMSEBENTI Lilunga lalesiKhwama lelintjintja umsebenti walo kufanele litsatse lipasi lemtselo kulowo mcashi leselimshiya bese lilinika lomcasi lomusha. Njengaloku sekushiwo. EMALUNGA LAMASHA ALESIKHWAMA Kute umcashi loyakucasha umuntfu lekufanele abelilunga lalesiKhwama ngaphandle kwekutsi atfole konkhe ngalomuntfu lekutamenta kutsi akwati kugcwalisa ligama lakhe emaphepheni lafunwa lihhovisi lalesiKhwama njalo ngenyanga. lelihhovisi lalesiKhwama linekutfola lilunga ngelikheli laloyo lolicashile kuphela. Kubalulekile kutsi kusuka kwalo lilunga kumcashi walo liya kulomunye kwatiswe lelihhovisi lalesiKhwama. Loku kutakwenta kutsi timali letimayelana nalo letikhishwa tiyiswa kulesiKhwama titofakwa kahle egameni lalo kulesiKhwama. ngakoke. lihhovisi alesiKhwama litelikheli lelilunga.

njalo naketa kaLidlelantfongeni akaphatse emapasi awo emtselo. TIMALI LETIKHISHWAKO Kutsi kantsi umcashi nguye lekufanele abhadalele tisebenti takhe imali kulesiKhwama njalo ekupheleni kwenyanga uphindze unikiwe emandla ekutsi atsatse incenye yayo lemali emholweni wetisebenti. njengoba kuchaziwe lapha ngenhla. Loluhlelo lolungentansi luyakhombisa sibonelo sekutsi imali lekhishwako ngenyanga ngekusho kwemtsetfo yehlukaniswa kanjani emkhatsini wemcashi nesisebenti.ngalowo mnyaka. ngekusho kwemtsetfo. Kungaso lesikhatsi sekufaka sicelo semali yelilunga lapho kufanele khona kutsi lilunga lisinikete lipasi liphindze lisatise kutsi lacalaphi kusebenta kute kube ngesikhatsi selitocela imali yalo. Kuyabonakala-ke kutsi nalelilunga lingasiniketi lipasi lalo lemtselo vele kutaba khona kubambelekela lokukhulu nasekufuneka kutsi libhadalwe timali talo. Umtsetfo utsi umcashi akatsatse imali emholweni wesisebenti ngaleyo nyanga futsi lecondzene naleyo nyanga lebhadalelwako. Kwamanje incenye yalemali lephuma emholweni wesisebenti inguhhamfu waleyo lekufanele iletfwe kulesiKhwama. 7 21 . Lilunga leselifanele lelifaka sicelo lingakaphatsi lipasi lalo lemtselo angeke lisitakale. Awuvumi umtsetfo kutsi umcashi abambe imali yenyanga noma tinyanga lesetengca emholweni wesisebenti. Kungako-ke onkhe emalunga akhunjutwa kakhulu ngekutsi. khona sito kwati kulandzela kahle timali talo lebelibanjelwa tona tifunyelwe kulesiKhwama.

Lokutsi ifakwa kanganani lentalo. Timali temalunga tiyakukhishwa kuphela uma lilunga seliyicela lona naselifike eminyakeni levumako noma-ke icelwe ngulabo labayobe basele uma lona selingasekho emhlabeni. lilunga liyatiswa kutsi imali yalo inganani kulesiKhwama ngekutsi litfunyelelwe sitatimende salo. kungena intalo njalo ngenyanga. Ekupheleni kwemnyaka wekubalwa kwetimali. lokusho kwekutsi-ke timali temalunga tivikelekile ngalokuphelele.Lokukhombisa kutsi timali talesiKhwama tikhishwa kanjani Umholo Imali Wetisebenti Lekishwa Ngenyanga Sisebenti E 300 400 500 600 E 15 20 25 30 c 00 00 00 00 Imali Leyengetwa Ngumcashi E 15 20 25 30 C 00 00 00 00 Imali Kulesikhwama Ngenyanga seyiyonkhe E C 30 00 40 00 50 00 60 00 INDLELA IMALI YELILUNGA LEKHULA NGAYO Kuso sonkhe sikhatsi sekusebenta kwelilunga yonkhe imali lekhishwako iye kulesiKhwama ifakwa egameni lalo lilunga. 8 22 . njengekutsi-nje letimali angeke titsatfwe ngulabo lilunga lelibakweletako. Emva kwenyanga yekucala. KUVIKELWA KWETIMALI YEMALUNGA Yonkhe imali yemalunga kulesiKhwama yeluswe nguleliBandla lelengamele lesiKhwama. loko kuncunywa nguleliBandla lelengamele lesiKhwama njalo ngemnyaka.

kutsi kungabutfwa yonkhe intalo ngemnyaka bese kuyo lentalo kukhishwa imali yetindleko tekuchuba umsebenti waso lesiKhwama loku faka ekhatsi kubhadala (imiholo yetisebenti. nomake ngekutfola lusito kuHulumende uma lilunga selingakwati kusebenta. Bese kubekwa lenye engungwini kute kusimamiswe lesiKhwama uma kwentaka kungabi nesivuno lesihle ekutjalweni kwalitimali. Ngekugunyatwa ngumtsetfo walesiKhwama. 9 23 . sitalisa ngendlela letaba nembuyiselo. khona lingeke lilibale kusitwa ngulabo bemndeni walo njalo. Kumcoka kutsi emalunga ati kutsi lemali lokukhuliswa ngayo letimali tawo ichamuka kuphi. ngekuvunyelwa nguleKomidi lelibukene nekutaliswa kwetimali. tindleko tetimotolo temsebenti. lophindze abengumgcini sihlalo walo nebantfu lababili labakhetfwa yiNdvuna yeliTiko leTemafa esiveni labanelwati ngeku tjala timali kanye nalophetse Lidlelantfongeni longumaBhalane walekomidi. LUSITO LOLUTFOLAKALAKO Injongo lenkhulu yalesiKhwama kutsi lilunga libenekuphila uma seligugile. lesiKhwama. KuleliKomidi kukhona khona maBhalane lomkhulu welitiko leteMafa. Nase kubutfwe tonkhe timali letibanjelwa emalunga. ngesilinganiso lesibekwa liBandla lelengamele lesiKhwama. emanti gesi) kanye-ke nalokunye. Kuye kutsi emalini lesalakoke nasekukhishwa lena yetindleko bese Lidlelantfongeni selibhadala intalo yelilunga ngalinye.KUTALISWA KWETIMALI TEMALUNGA Timali temalunga letitjalwako teluswa likomidi lelibitwa ngekutsi liKomidi leKutjala Timali (Investment Committee).

nobe ngabe iminyaka yekutalwa inganani. Kodvwa-ke kufanele kuphela iminyaka lemibili ngaphambi kwekutsi liphindze lifake lesinye sicelo selusito emva kwekuba seluke lwacelwa ngesikhatsi lilunga lifika eminyakeni lengemashumi lasihlanu (50) lokusho kutsi lilunga seliyabokucelanjalo nje ngemuva kweminyaka lemibili nangabe solo liyachubeka nekusebenta. 24 10 . Umnyaka welilunga wekutalwa ubonwa estifiketini salo sekutalwa. lonenhlanhla lembi yekutsi angakwati kutsi achubeke asebenta ngenca yekugula noma yekuchwala nomake kukhubateka engcondvweni.Kukhona kodvwa letinye tizatfu letingenta lilunga lilutfole lusito kulesiKhwama. KUNGAKWATI KUSEBENTA Lusito lungacelwa ngumuntfu lolilunga. Uma lilunga libhadalwa imali ngekutsi selifikile emashumini lasihlanu (50) eminyaka budzala libe lichubeka nekusebenta. Lokwenta kutsi iphindze ikhule imali yelilunga kulesiKhwama. kodvwa-ke lungacelwa ngaphambi kwaleskhatsi uma lilunga lisheshe latsatsa umhlalapasi (early retirement) noma liyekele emsebentini ngekutsi seliyotisebenta lona kantsi selifikile eminyakeni lengemashumi lamane nesihlanu (45). timali letifanele kutsi tite kulesiKhwama kufanele umcashi achubeke atikhiphe vele. ngekucela kwalo lilunga nangekulandzela umtsetfo. Imali yelusito ibhadalwa ibensigadla nomake kancane. LUSITO LWEKUGUGA Lusito lolutfolakala ngenca yekuguga lubhadalwa uma lilunga selineminyaka lengemashumi lasihlanu (50) budzala.

000. • Lokwengetiwe Uma lilunga lishone ngengoti litfola lemali lephindvwe kabili ibetinkhulungwane letilishumi teMalangeni (E10. ngalekwaloko lesicelo singabesisemukeleka. noma leyenteke emsebentini hhayi lebangwe ngilo lilunga.00) (kungabayingoti yemoto. Tindlela tekucela lusito kulesikhwama Tintfo letidzingekile ngunati letilandzelako: Sicelo kumele sifakwe kungakapheli tinyanga letisitfupha (6) kusukelangelilanga lelishone ngalo lilunga. kumele kube liyifakile imali yeLidlelantfongeni lokungenani tinyanga letintsatfu letilandzelako esikhatsini lesingaba tinyanga letilishumi natimbili kusukela ngelilanga lelishone ngalo. Lolusito sihlose kusita tihlobo telilunga tingahlupheki ngetindleko temngcwabo naselishonile. Letimphepha letilandzelako kumele tiletfwe nguloyo losihlobo semufi losebenta lomsebenti wekumngcwaba: 12 26 .SIPHEPHELO FREE FUNERAL COVER UMLANDVO Lolu lusito lolungakhokhelwa lutfo lokungcwaba emalunga eLidlelantfongeni.) Lesikudzingako Lilunga kumele libe naloku lokulandzelako kute likhone kuzuza kulesikhwama sekungcwaba: • Ngelilanga lekushona kwelilunga. Tinzuzo Lokuhle lokuletfwa nulolusito etihlotjeni telilunga leselishonile ngeMalangeni latinkhulungwane letisihlanu(5000).

25 11 . kuye ngekutsi umcashi kanye nalo bavumelane ngani. Kucala kwaleikhwama sekungcwaba emalunga Lesikhwama sicale kusebenta mhlaka 10 Ingci 2011 IMALI LEYENGETIWE Imali leyengetwako (supplementary) ingatsatfwa emholweni welilunga ngalokuphelele noma kutsatfwe incenye yayo. lilunga Lingayicela. Nase liyekela kusebenta kuloyo mcashi noma kungasiphi sizatfu.• • • • • Lifomu lesicelo leseligcwalisiwe. loyo lofake lesicelo kumele abuletse kungakapheli liviki. futsi noma lineminyaka yekutalwa lenganani. imali lebekwe ngekwengetwa kuleyo lefunwa ngumtsetfo. Ngaphandle kwekuyekela kusebenta lemali ibhadalwa kanye naleyo lilunga leliyitfola naseliyekela kusebenta ngekusheshe litsatse umhlala phasi uma selifike eminyakeni yekutalwa lengemashumi lamane nesihlanu (45) noma selikhulile lifike emnyakeni lengemashumi lasihlanu (50). Uma I bhadalwa isuke seyinentalo. Umbiko wadokotela lofakaza ngekufakwalolilunga. Sitifiketi sekufa salobekalilunga. Likhadi lebuve kanye nelipasi lakhe umufi. Incwadzi lebuya eMphakatsi lefakaza ngekufa kwelilunga uma lishonele ekhaya • Likhadi lebuve laloyo lofaka sicelo semali • incwadzi lephuma kumcashi wemufi leshoko kutsi ngubane emndenini wemufi labekaasebenta naye umngcwabo wemufi. • Uma sikhwama seLidlelantfongeni sesicele bufakazi lobutsite.

Kuteka noma kutekwa noma kushada kwelilunga kutakutsatfwa ngekutsi kucedza noma ngukuphi kukhetsa lelakwenta lingakatsatsi noma lingakendzi. lapha eSwatini lingenayo inhloso yekubuya. Uma lobe kondliwa 13 27 . lowengamela lesiKhwama uyakubhadala lemali kuloyo losele longumfati noma indvodza yalo. lingakhetsa loyo noma labo lelifuna kutsi batfole lemali yalo uma lona selungaseko emhlabeni. Uma lilunga selungasekho emhlabeni kantsi alikakhetsi kabusha kusukela mhla liteka noma litekwa noma lishada. noma-ke selivele lihambile. kutsi abhadale ngekubona kwakhe labo labebondliwa ngulelilunga ngesikhatsi lisaphila. lophetse lesiKhwama unikwe emandla ngumtsetfo. LUSITO LWALABAFELWE Uma lilunga lihamba emhlabeni ngaphambi kwekutsi litfole lemali yalo. Uma kute umfati losele noma-ke indvodza yemufi losele. KUKHETFWA KWALABO LABAYOTFOLA IMALI YELILUNGA UMA LONA SELINGASEKHO EMHLABENI Uma lilunga lalesiKhwama selinemali egameni lalo.LUSITO LWEKUHAMBA Uma lilunga lenelisa umphatsi walesiKhwama kutsi selitakuhamba lapha eSwatini. lowengamele uyakwehlukanisa leyomali ngendlela layibona ifanele. yonkhe imali lesegameni lalo iyakutfolwa ngulabasele bemndeni walo nomake loyo noma labo lelibakhetsile kulomndeni walo. Uma umufi ashiye bafati. lingasifaka sicelo semali yalo kulesiKhwama noma iminyaka yalo yekutalwa inganani.

28 14 . A kasemukeleki uma lifika lelilungs engaseko emhlabeni EMAFOMU LEKUFANELE AGCWALISWE UMA KUCELWA LUSITO Emafomu lekufanele agcwaliswe uma umuntfu asacele lusito anyatfolakala emahhovisini alesiKhwama etifundzeni. TIMALI LETINGENA KULESIKHWAMA ATINGENI EFENI LELILUNGA Njengaloku kuchaziwe phambili kutsi timali letifakwa egameni lelilunga ngekusho kwemtsetfo walesiKhwama seSive. Tona atikungeni efeni lelilunga leselifile. kufanele agcwaliswe bese abuyiselwa kulowengamele lesiKhwama masinyane uma umuntfu asalilunga. Uma kungekho lokhetsiwe umtsetfo walesiKhwama ubekile kutsi lowengamele lesiKhwama angenta njani ngaletimali.kungumntfwana lowengamele siKhwama angayibhadala lemali kuloyo losagadze lomntfwana khona itosentjetiswa etidzingweni talomntfwana ngendlela lengabekwa ngulowengamele lesiKhwama. tiphetfwe nguleliBandla lelengamele lesiKhwama. titakubhadalwa kuloyo noma kulabo labatabe bakhetsiwe ngulelilunga. Lokusho kutsi timali temufi angeke-nje tehlukaniselwe labo lekungubona badlalifa lemufi ngaphansi kwemtsetfo lovamile. LIFOMU LEKUKHETSA Emafomu lekufanele agcwaliswe uma lilunga likhetsa kutsi imali yalo iyakutsatfwa ngubani nobe bobani uma lona selihambile emhlabeni ayatfolakala emahhovisini eLidlelantfongeni.

30 ntsambama ngeMsombuluko .45 p.45 ntsambama NgaLeSihlanu 8.ngaLeSine 8.30 ntsambama ngeMsombuluko .30 ntsambama ngeMsombuluko .m.00 ekuseni – 4.30 ntsambama NgaLeSihlanu 9.00 ekuseni – 4.00 ekuseni – 4.00 ekuseni – 4.ngaLeSine 8.00 ekuseni – 4.30 ntsambama ngeMsombuluko .30 ntsambama NgaLeSitsatfu nangaLesine 9.Ticelo lusito temalunga lubhadalwa lemali ivele icondziswe ebhukwini lelilunga ebhange.00 ekuseni – 4.00 ekuseni – 3.00 ekuseni – 4.30 ntsambama ngeMsombuluko .00 ekuseni – 4.ngaLeSine 8.ngaLeSine 8.00 ekuseni – 3.ngaLeSine 8.45 ntsambama NgaLeSihlanu 8.30 ntsambama Mbabane Dlanubeka house Manzini Headquarters Mankayane (D. Emalunga kufanele aphatse titatamende tasebhange uma atofaka sicelo sawo.00 ekuseni – 3.C Offices) Nhlangano Siteki Simunye Big Bend Matsapha 29 15 LUCINGO 2437 1149 2404 2804/ 2404 5736 2508 2000 2538 8282 2508 2000 23434386 23838984 2363 6415 2518 7104/ 25186061 .45 ntsambama NgaLeSihlanu 8.00 ekuseni – 4.30 ntsambama NgeMsombuluko kuphela 9.00 ekuseni – 4.00 ekuseni – 4. EMAHHOVISI ELIDLELANTFONGENI LASESIGODZINI EMALANGA NESIKHATSI SEKUSEBENTA Piggs Peak ngeMsombuluko .45 ntsambama NgaLeSihlanu 8.ngaLeSine 8.45 ntsambama NgaLeSihlanu 8.00 ekuseni – 4.00 ekuseni – 3.30ntsambama NgaLesibili 9. NgaLeSihlanu 8.

Your Life .Swaziland Swaziland National National Provident Provident Fund Fund Imininingwane Lecondzene Nemalunnga Nge Sikhwama Sesive Lidlelantfongeni Your Future.