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What is CMR?

WebEx History 2009 .WebEx and Cisco IT develop WebEx CCA for internal deployment WebEx 1996 – WebEx founded as ActiveTouch 2014 – CMR Launched 2003 .WebEx Offers Audio 2007 .WebEx Releases TSP APIP 1999 .Cisco Acquires WebEx 2012 – WebEx CCA Launches GA 2014 – Announce CCA-SP “We are in the bridging business” .

webex.php?J=204614009&PW=NZDI1YTlkNTY1 .JOIN Meeting Meeting link:

Let’s Meet .

Let’s Meet How many people in my meeting? .

Let’s Meet How many people in my meeting? Where is everyone joining from? .

Let’s Meet What devices will be used? How many people in my meeting? Where is everyone joining from? .

Let’s Meet How many people in my meeting? What devices will be used? How do I connect everyone together? Where is everyone joining from? .

Let’s Meet How many people in my meeting? Where is everyone joining from? What devices will be used? How do I connect everyone together? In one meeting? .

Web Conferencing Video Conferencing Conferencing Audio Conferencing .

Personal Always-on. secure B2B and B2C Scheduled.Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) One Meeting. Enabled by WebEx Invite One Meeting One Experience For Everyone Anytime Join Converged voice. and content sharing conferencing Delivered from the Cisco® WebEx Cloud Across device. video. One Experience. Ad-hoc Collaborate .

Join Meeting from web. mobile. video or phone .

Desktop Collaboration Cisco TelePresence Endpoints User 3rd Party Standards Based Video Endpoints Jabber Desktop & Mobile WebEx Desktop & Mobile .

unmute. and drop any participant Lock meeting to prevent unintended participants from joining Record sessions with video.323 videoconferencing endpoints or clients • Up to additional 500 WebEx video participants • Up to additional 500 WebEx audio-only users Video • Video 720p 30 fps and content to 720p 5fps with support for standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) content • Single and multiscreen standards-based telepresence systems In-Meeting Controls • • • • See all meeting participants in a unified participant list Mute.CMR Cloud Users Support 1025 concurrent users in a single meeting • Up to 25 SIP or H. and content for future viewing End-to-End Security . audio.

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One Solution Elements required for a Cloud CMR/VMR Endpoints End point Registration / Call Control Firewall Traversal Solution Cloud Offer PSTN Competitors deliver a partial solution (relies on Cisco elements) Endpoints End point Registration / Call Control PSTN Firewall Traversal Solution Cisco delivers on all elements of complete solution Endpoint 1 Cloud Offer Endpoint N PSTN .One Meeting.

Endpoints Matter… Every Room Every Desk Every Pocket Every App Cloud Fabric .

CMR and Cisco Collaboration .

8% 14.Cisco WebEx is on Fire! 21.4% 22.1% YoY YoY YoY YoY YoY 12+ Million 54+ Million 1+ Million 3+ Billion 15+ Million Registered hosts worldwide Meeting attendees per month Active hosts per month Meeting minutes per month Meetings hosted per month .5% 23.0% 22.

on any device Increase productivity and drive measurable business outcomes Easily integrate into business processes and meet with anyone inside/outside the organization Lower costs. Save Time. .Cisco WebEx Web and Video Conferencing Driving Value from End User. collaborate. anytime. and stay productive anywhere. Reduce Travel. Line of Business to IT Easily meet.

Cisco Collaboration Portfolio Unified Communications Customer Collaboration Cloud Conferencing Collaboration Endpoints .

Cisco Collaboration Portfolio Unified Communications Customer Collaboration Cloud Conferencing Collaboration Endpoints .

WebEx Web Conferencing Unified Communications Customer Collaboration Instant Messaging WebEx Audio or CCA Cloud Conferencing Collaboration Endpoints CMR (Hybrid or Cloud) .

Quoting and Ordering .

and an Audio SKU For limited deployments. Meeting Center SKU.CMR SKU.CMR Cloud Licensing Model • • • CMR Cloud is an add-on feature license to a WebEx Meeting Center license • CMR licenses can’t exceed Meeting Center Licenses • CMR requires 3 SKUs . Named User is best option • CMR Named user is available for all WebEx Meeting Center licensing models • Named User minimum is 5 For company-wide deployments. CMR AU is 3% or 15 users down and MC AU is 15% and 75 • Employee Count is 100% of employee base or 100 WebEx Meeting Center License Model Named User CMR Cloud License Model Named User Active User Employee Count √ Active User Employee Count √ √ √ √ √ Ports √ Minutes √ .In November. Active User or Employee Count are lower cost options • Active User minimum is 15% of employee base or 100 .

CMR Cloud Add-on GPL List Price Per User.pdf .999 $43 $18 10.999 $50 5.000 – 24.999 $40 $17 – ex-meetings/ordering_guide_c07-687399.000+ $35 $15 Volume Tier • Audio Plan not included through TSP or WebEx (where available) • New Toll Named User Flat Rate Unlimited Audio plan coming for GA GPL Price List & Ordering Guide http://www. Per Month CMR Add-on List Price Volume Tier CMR Pricing Key Considerations Named User 5 – 99 $105 100 – 999 $78 1.000+ $30 • Standard GPL discount rate applies • Pricing follows existing WebEx volume tiers • Meeting Center plan not included Active User Employee Count 100 – 999 $45 $30 1.000 – 9.

5 yr R Existing Existing 1.000+ Type of Service CMR Customer Meeting Center Customer Duration M New Existing 1-59 mo N New New 1.license. 3.000 – 24.2. Renewal (R) are in years and are used when CMR and MC ordered together See WebEx Ordering Guide for additional details Subscription Model (Offers: NU.999 S4 1.999 S5 5. 2. Renew.Software) (Services Type: CMR) Picking the Right SKU L-WBX-CMRNU-S2-NY1 Portfolio of WebEx Offers All CMR SKUs begin with L-WBX-CMR 1.used to make CMR coterminate with remaining term length of the existing Meeting Center service New (N).000 – 4.2. EC) Type of service (New.5 yr .999 10. Addon) Model Model Deployment NU Named User Limited AU Active User Partial to Company-wide EC Employee Count Company-wide Tier NU AU.Prefix denotes electronic delivery Primary Service (L .000+ 25.3.3. R. EC S2 5 – 99 100 – 999 S3 100 – 999 1. AU.000 – 9. Volume Tiers (Vol of Lic: S2 – S5) Deployment scope determines subscription model Deployment size (# of licenses purchased) determines volume tier Customer status & subscription duration determines the rest Add-on CMR (M) durations are in months .

Per Month MC CMR Audio L-WBX-MC -NU-S2-NY1 L-WBX-CMRNUS2-NY1 L-WBXTOLLUSER-NY1 $66 $105 $16  Named User license– limited deployment of CMR Cloud to desktop endpoint owners  Toll Audio SKU – simple audio plan for low volume orders.Sample Use Cases .L-WBX-MC-ANU-NEW Service Options (sub-SKUs) Per user. 5yr terms available) Total $187 . Desires simple. low entry cost for 5 users. • Order .GPL List Price Per User. 2y. 3yr. users call in and pay tolls • Standard GPL Discounts apply • Meeting Center (MC) can be optionally be purchased with Enterprise Edition (EE) • EE and MC have decreasing prices as offer length is extended (1y. Per Month Greenfield: 5 User Deployment • Customer wants to buy 5 desktop endpoints with CMR Cloud and does not have WebEx today.

They are in month 8 of a 2 year commitment. Per Month Total L-WBX-CMRNU-M16 $105 $105  Existing customers already have Meeting Center and audio plan in place  CMR Named User license – limited deployment to those with endpoints  16 Month term . Order . Per Month Existing WebEx customer • • Existing WebeEx Customer wants to provide CMR Cloud for 50 of their users with endpoints.Sample Use Cases .L-WBX-CMR-NU-ADDON CMR Service Options (sub-SKUs) Per user.GPL List Price Per User.Add-on must coterminate with existing Meeting Center term  S2 Volume tier 5-99 – low volume tier – higher volumes tiers available for lower price per user • Standard GPL Discounts apply .

450 After 40% Wholesale $103.000 Sub-Total $172.Company Wide “Unsolicited” Proposal Example 10.000 Knowledge Workers (WebEx + Global Toll/VoIP + CMR) GPL per year to the partner GRA per month Wholesale ( 1500) WebEx EE1000 AU $1.038.920.537 Per User Per Month $ 8.000 (10000) WebEx Toll NU $ 123.500 .500 Per Month $ 86.967.65 Per User Per Month $ 10.000 ( 1500) WebEx EE1000 AU $ 42.35 300) WebEx CMR AU 300) WebEx CMR AU 7.000 (10000) WebEx Toll NU $ 885.000 ( $ 162.500 After 65% Collaborate NOW $1.000 ( $ Sub-Total $2.

CMR Cloud Service Availability LA: Limited Availability GA: General Availability EMEA Americas Available now Available now APAC EFT: Jan 2015 LA: Feb 2015 GA: Mar 2015 .

Estonia. Chinese (simplified and traditional). Moldova. Malaysia. Uzbekistan. Lithuania. Yemen. India. Lebanon. Denmark. Qatar. Poland. German. Indonesia. New Zealand. Canada. Dutch. Additional Details: http://iwe. Georgia. Hungary. Singapore Armenia. Netherlands. Korean. Kyrgyzstan. Belarus. Kazakhstan. and Swedish. United Arab Emirates. Iraq. Russia. European Spanish. Czech Republic. Latvia. Cyprus. US Virgin Islands Azerbaijan. Chile. Sweden Switzerland. Belgium. Turkey. . Brazil. Japanese. Guam Mexico.CMR Cloud Global Availability Americas DC EMEA DC APJ DC General Availability Oct 2014 Nov 2014 Mar 2015 Countries where CMR Cloud can be sold with WebEx or TSP Audio Argentina. US. Italy. Philippines. Brazilian Portuguese. United Kingdom. Egypt. South Korea. Turkmenistan. French. Israel. France. Ireland. Kuwait. Spain. Bahrain. Italian. Japan. • WebEx . Norway. Thailand Countries where CMR Cloud can be sold only with TSP Audio CMR Localization : • TP .English. Jordan. Australia. Puerto Rico. South Africa. Tajikistan. Ukraine. Oman. Saudi Arabia.English only at GA with future plans to localize. Russian. Germany. Spanish.

Some TSP support) Customer Specific: • • Provide TP informational recommendations ID if the customer can do B2B Internet video calling • Ability to dial out to SIP/ or later) Not all Audio is supported (no VoIP only.CMR Cloud Assessment to Quality (A2Q)  A2Q is high level deployment assessment tool used to identify solution issues and sets service expectations before a deal gets booked • A2Q is automated on-line at: http://tools. no Meeting Place • A2Q is a questionnaire submitted and processed through web portal • Exceptions interactively processed  Why A2Q for CMR Cloud? (at least initially) Webex Specific: • • • Global rollout over time Specific WebEx Releases (T29.323 edge • 2-way video through Firewall Traversal (RMS) capable edge • UDP media allowed through firewall .

Conclusion • Think about impact of single meeting experience for your customers • Position the new generation of converged conferencing • Engage in WebEx opportunities to existing and new customers • Build your pipeline of CMR opportunities for EFTs in Jan through to full delivery in March .