Banknote sorting machine

The USF-300 multi-pocket banknote sorting machine perfectly suits
multi-purpose usage within bank branches as well as currency chests
• Three pockets enhance fitness sorting productivity
• Ultimate sensor technology to combat counterfeit banknotes
• Easy to read colour display

Glory Global Solutions is a World Expert in cash
management, delivering technology and solutions
that provide security, productivity and innovation to
our customers. These solutions are supported by the
technical expertise of GLORY Group of Japan, the pioneer
in development and manufacture of money handling
machines across the financial, retail, vending machine,
amusement and gaming industries for nearly 100 years.

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Across the world, Glory Global Solutions is trusted by
thousands of organisations to ensure their cash is managed
securely and efficiently whilst delivering the ultimate in
productivity. 2,500 professionals, including over 1,300
service and support staff and 350 business partners cover
over 128 countries delivering these solutions – wherever
money moves.

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glory-global.gloryglobalsolutions. • Face/orientation sorting • Denomination sorting • New/old issue notes sorting • Batching arrangement • Serial number capture (option) User friendly features Three pockets enable a one pass operation to sort ATM Fit. *Please read the instruction manual carefully to ensure correct equipment usage. Hampshire RG24 8WZ. This document is for general guidance only. Chineham. UK T +44 (0)1256 368000 F +44 (0)1256 368002 info@uk.indd 2 DS-USF-300-0915_1. All trademarks are owned by the GLORY Limited Group of companies. Although every precaution has been taken in preparation of this document.High Throughput USF-300 Technical Information Mixed Denominations USF-300 Counting speed Approx. *Specifications are subject to change without notice. Lime Tree Way. © Glory Global Solutions (International) Limited 2015.0 03/09/2015 12:42 . 500 notes Stacker capacity Approx. and EU. the Company and the publisher accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. 1 Hazelwood. 720 notes/min Hopper capacity Approx. Banknote push out device Assisted feeding device Fitness sorter product range Currency Chest/ High volume transaction UW-600 UW-500 Branch/Low volume transaction USF-300 USF-100 Glory Global Solutions Infinity View. the United States of America. in Japan. As the Company’s products and services are continually being developed it is important for customers to check that the information contained herein includes the latest particulars. USB × 2 This mark indicates the product meets Glory’s environmental standards. All capabilities and capacity and throughput figures are subject to note/ coin size. 200 notes Reject capacity Switchable 50/100 notes Dimensions (W × D × H) 580 mm × 430 mm × 450 mm Interface port RS-232C × www. note/coin quality and process used. Basingstoke. The Company and the publisher accept no liability for loss or damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Glory USF-300 Datasheet_EN. LAN × 1. Recognition and counterfeit note detection • Fitness sorting *Not for sale in US and Canadian markets. GLORY is a registered trademark of GLORY Glory Global Solutions is part of GLORY LTD. This document is not part of a contract or licence save insofar as may be expressly agreed. Teller Fit and Unfit banknotes.