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CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES EMPLOYEES-UNION-REGION V. Region V. hereinafter referred to as the DENR the principal place of operation of which is Legazpi City. Region V. who agrees to bind himself under this Constitution and to all the rules and regulations of the Union. To protect the Civil Service System from the inroads of politics. The DENR is a government entity engaged in rendering services to the public. SECTION 2. SECTION 3. To promote and enhance brotherhood/sisterhood and unity among its membership in the pursuit of the upliftment of their economic. creed. ARTICLE II DECLARATION OF OBJECTIVES The Union commits itself to the pursuit of the following objectives: SECTION 1. For collective negotiation purpose the definite employer is the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. social and moral welfare. The Union shall be domiciled at the DENR. Regional Office as well as Provincial and Community Offices in the Bicol Region in Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) with respect to better terms and conditions of employment except those that are fixed by law. The organization shall be known to as the “DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES EMPLOYEES UNION. To act as WATCH-DOG of the Department in minimizing if not totally eradicating graft and corrupt practices. SECTION 2. QUAL . ARTICLE IV MEMBERS SECTION 1. Region V. V. REGION V” (DENREU-V). the employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). To promote equal opportunities for all employees regardless of sex or SECTION 6. Philippines. social and economic wellbeing.We. To establish and maintain an organization that will represent the employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. SECTION 4. To establish and promote the highest standard of ethical conduct and responsibilities. Legazpi City. protect and uphold our individual and collective rights as well as foster harmonious and progressive employer-employee relationship do hereby promulgate this Constitution. not otherwise disqualified by law/and without regard to the nature of appointment. LEGAZPI CITY ARTICLE 1 NAME AND DOMICILE SECTION 1. Legazpi City. Region Office No. Any supervisor rank-and file employee of the DENR. SECTION 5. ARTICLE III NAME OF DEFINITE EMPLOYEER AND PLACE OF OPERATION SECTION 1. imploring the aid of the Divine Providence in order to protect our moral.

Vice President. SECTION 2. the members of the Executive Board shall elect from among themselves the following Officers through secret balloting: President Vice-President Executive Secretary Treasurer Auditor Public Information Officer (PIO) Business Manager SECTION 2. SECTION 2. Treasurer. Upon their election. . religious or political belief or affiliation. or any committee that may be created. Provincial and Community Chapters same as the composition in the region wide level. c Call special meetings of the Union or the Executive Board whenever necessary or upon written request of at least THIRTY PERCENT (30%) of the General Union Membership or a majority of the members of the Executive Board. rules. The following shall not be eligible for membership nor in the election or appointment to any position in the Union: a Employees who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude. all of whom shall be elected in the manner herein provided for a term of two (2) years and until their successors are duly elected and qualified. Provincial and Community Chapters who shall hold Office for a term of two (2) years and until their successors are duly elected and The Executive Board shall administer the Union affairs. ARTICLE V OFFICERS SECTION 1. The Union shall have a region wide President. ARTICLE VII DUTIES. managerial or whose duties are highly confidential in nature. Vice-Presidents from the different Services. ARTICLE VI EXECUTIVE BOARD SECTION 1. Civil Service Laws. formulate policies and implement programs to effectively carry out the objectives of the Union. duties and responsibilities shall include the following: QUAL a Preside over all meetings and deliberations of the Executive Board and of the General Union Membership. Executive Secretary. with the concurrence of majority of the members of the Executive Board. Public Information Officer. The governing body of the Union shall be the Executive Board composed of elected Presidents. The President shall be the Executive Officer of the UNION His/Her powers. POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES SECTION 1. may. upon application and payment of the required fee. b Employees whose functions are considered normally policy determining. and Business Manager. Rules and Regulation and the Labor Code of the Philippines as amended and manage all the funds and properties of the Union. regulations and resolutions adopted by the Executive Board. d Represent the Union on all occasions and in all matters in which represents of the Union may be agreed upon or required. The Union shall also have a set of officers in the different Services. be admitted as member in the Union. b Appoint any member of good standing as chairman or member of a committee of the Union as provided for in Article X. e To enforce the Constitution and By-Laws. Auditor.

and other financial transactions of the Union. SECTION 3. SECTION 2. time and place for the meeting shall be determined by the Executive Board. g To exercise such other functions.f To approve vouchers. The duties and functions of the Treasurer are as follows: a Collect. minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board and/or the General Union Membership as well as printed and/or written policies. disability. Notices of the meeting shall be sent out by the Executive Secretary of the Union at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting by posting in conspicuous places. and shall act as official spokesman of the Union with prior clearance from the President of the Union. The Union shall hold regular General Union Membership meeting at least twice a year. The Auditor shall audit. and f To render a quarterly and an annual financial report within the Union’s Fiscal year: SECTION 5. He/She shall perform other function that may be assigned to him by the President. d To deposit all cash collection in the name of the Union to the official depository bank and to withdraw cash duly sanctioned by the Executive Board. The Business Manager shall be responsible for all business transaction of the Union. e Prepare such financial reports as may be required by the General Union Membership. documents. ARTICLE VIII MEETINGS SECTION 1. The date. c Keep a record of all receipts and expenditures. The Vice President shall perform the power. The Public Information Officer (PIO) shall be responsible for the dissemination of the Union activities. the Executive Board and the Department of Labor and Employment which shall include all money received and paid by him. The Executive Secretary shall perform the following duties and responsibilities: a Take down minutes of the General Union Membership and of the Executive Board meetings: b Keep a records of Minutes of Resolutions and a continuing Registry of all the members of the Union: c Act as custodian of all records. funds and contribution of the Union: b Make sure that all disbursement and payments made by him are covered by vouchers dully approved and accompanied by necessary receipts and other supporting papers. duties and functions of the President in case of the latter’s absence. death or resignation. SECTION 7. powers and duties interact to his office. and e To exercise such other functions and duties incidental to his office or as may be assigned by the President of the Union. d Submit to the Department of Labor and Employees (DOLE) and Civil Service Commission (CSC) an annual list of membership. preferably inside PENRO/ CENRO and Regional Office premises. list of officers and their respective addresses. receive and issue receipt of money. minutes of the election and the list of voters within thirty (30) days from the date of election or from the occurrence of a change in the Union officers and such other documents or papers as may be required the DENR. SECTION 4. QUAL . SECTION 6. countersign checks. verify and examine all financial accounts of the Union and shall render a report of his audit as may be required by the majority of the General Union Membership or by the Executive Board. projects and activities of the Union.

The President Union set officers shall be elected by the General Union Membership in the province. b Be composed of a Chairman and two (2) members who shall be appointed by the Executive Board. SECTION 2. There shall be a COMMITTEE ON ELECTION (COMELEC) to be created by the Executive Board at least thirty (30) days before any regular or special election.SECTION 2. Any member who absent himself/herself from any regular or special meeting of the Executive Board shall within five (5) days. Candidates for elective position must be members of the Union in good standing for a period of at least one (1) year on the date of elections. SECTION 7. SECTION 4. SECTION 3. The time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the President. shall contain the item or items to be discussed and shall constitute the agenda of the meeting. in cases where a province has only one CENRO. SECTION 3.00) to the Union. The notice for any meeting whether it be of the General Union Membership or of the Executive Board. SECTION 5. Any member who absent himself/herself for three (3) consecutive times from any regular or special meetings of the Executive Board without justifiable grounds therefore may be expelled or suspended from the Union by majority vote of the former. through the Treasurer. In the event the reason or reasons were found by the Executive Board to be unjustified. SECTION 4. Voting shall be by secret balloting and election shall be decided by plurality of votes cast. upon request of the majority of the members of the Executive Board or upon written petition addressed to the President of at least thirty percent (30%) of all members in good standing. c Be automatically dissolved thirty (30) days after the duly elected officers are proclaimed. SECTION 5. however. The regular election of officers of the Union shall be held on the first Monday of December and on the same date every two (2) years thereafter. which may be collected by salary deduction or payable during the next meeting. Members on official leave of absence are excused from attending meeting whether regular or special. ARTICLE IX ELECTIONS SECTION 1. from the date of said meeting submit a written explanation to the Committee on Membership as to the reason for his/ her failure to attend the meeting. The COMELEC shall: a Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations that will ensure a free. Regular meeting of the Executive Board shall take place on the last Friday of every quarter with appropriate notice sent out by the Executive Secretary to each member of the Board at least three (3) days prior to such meeting. whether regular or special. SECTION 6.00) but not more than Five hundred pesos (500. regular or special. either of the call of the President. Any item or items not included in the agenda may be taken upon recommendation of majority of the members of the Executive Board present and constituting a quorum if it be a General Union Membership meeting. All members of Union in good standing shall be eligible to vote in Union elections. SECTION 8. QUAL . clean and honest and orderly elections. at the discretion of the Executive Board a fine of not less than One hundred pesos (100. The Committee on Membership shall evaluate the explanation and report thereof to the Executive Board. Special Meeting of the Executive Board or of the General Union Membership may be called at any time. the erring member or members shall pay. The Provincial Chapter Union set of officers of province with two or more CENROs shall be elected from the set of officers of the CENROs and PENROs.

ARTICLE XI FEES. FINES AND OTHER PAYMENT QUAL . The duly elected officers shall meet within one (1) week following the proclamation at which time the outgoing administration shall turn over all records and properties of the Union to the new administration. ARTICLE X STANDING COMMITTEES SECTION 1. Rules and Regulations to promote fair and just competition among employees. e COMMITTEE ON PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT AND MORALE RECOVERY which shall monitor qualified employee for training and other relevant seminars for the upliftment of his/her morale. It shall assist in the presentation and settlement of the Union grievance with the management subject to pertinent provisions of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA). c COMMITTEE ON SUGGESTION. shall be filled up by the Executive Board by appointing any of its member who shall also hold office for the unexpired term. SECTION 7. h COMMITTEE ON LABOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH which shall prepare adopt and implement labor education and research programs and activities that will promote the enlightenment of the members in regard to the prevailing labor relations system. f COMMITTEE ON SPORTS which shall be responsible for the employees’ physical fitness and development. projects and activities that will promote and protect the general welfare of the members. It shall be responsible for the adoption and implementation of programs. It shall encourage active participation of DENR personnel in all sports related activities. issuance and policies that affect the members directly or indirectly. To ensure coordination and efficiency in the transaction of Union matters and in order to realize the objectives of the Constitution. regulation and decisions as may be promulgated by the Executive board of the General Union Membership. the provisions of this Constitution and all labor legislations. The committee may likewise coordinate with other government agencies during sports season for friendly competitions. b COMMITTEE ON PERSONNEL SELECTION AND PROMOTION which shall ensure that the conduct in the deliberations are within the bounds of the Civil Service Laws. alms giving and sympathy. in the conduct of the Collective Negotiation Agreement with the management. Vacancies in the Executive Board except the position of President who shall be elected anew to serve for the unexpired term. It shall be responsible for extending moral support. i COMMITTEE ON COLLECTIVE NEGOTIATION which shall conduct research and gather all data as may be necessary to supplement the Negotiating Panel as provided for in Article XIV of this Constitution. g COMMITTEE ON DECORUM which shall promote proper order in the conducts of meetings. INCENTIVES AND AWARDS which shall ensure that deserving employees be given proper recognition and commendation on his dedication as public servant. the following nine (9) Standing Committees are hereby created: a COMMITTEE ON MEMBERSHIP which shall receive and process applications for membership and make recommendation thereon to the President. SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS. DUES. rules. It shall encourage active participation of DENR personnel in all sports related activities.SECTION 6. It shall implement rules. d COMMITTEE ON GRIEVANCE AND WELFARE which shall investigate internal Union disputes in accordance with Article XV of this Constitution. gatherings or in any DENR occasions and maintain in peaceful working environment.

SECTION 2. Such receipt shall form part of the financial records of the Union. dues or other contributions shall be evidenced by receipt signed by the Treasurer or his duly authorized representatives. The Collective Negotiation Agreement resulting therefrom shall be subject to ratification and approval by the majority of the Union members at a meeting convened or by referendum held for the purpose. SECTION 5. ARTICLE XIII QUORUM AND RULES OF ORDER SECTION 1. SECTION 7.00) PESOS shall be paid by an applicant before he becomes a bonafide member of the UNION. ARTICLE XIV COLLECTIVE NEGOTIATIONS SECTION 1. place and the purpose of such payment. depending on the amount of dues contributed to the Union. majority of the members shall constitute a quorum to officially transact business. for and in behalf of the General Union Membership. Meeting of the Union shall. SECTION 4. Except when a greater majority is required or by law. SECTION 6. The Books of Accounts and other records of the financial transaction of the Union shall be opened for inspection and verification by any officer or member during office hours. Every member shall contribute to the Union such other amount as mat be fixed by the Board upon approval by the General Union Membership through REFERENDUM. Every expenditure from the funds of the Union shall be evidenced by a receipt from the person to whom the payment is made which shall state the date. Collective Negotiations. SECTION 2. shall cease to be member in good standing and may be subject to disciplinary action. ARTICLE XV SETTLEMENT OF INTERNAL DISPUTE QUAL . Section 2. ARTICLE XII DISPOSITION OF UNION DUES SECTION 1. A membership fee of TWENTY (P20. SECTION 8. Every member shall pay regular monthly dues to the UNION in the amount of FIVE (P5. In case of voluntary dissolution of the Union or final cancellation of its registration certificate. together with the balance of the Union funds shall be distributed.SECTION 1. Every payment of fees. be governed by the Robert’s Rules of Order. Any member who shall be three (3) months in arrears in the payment of the regular monthly dues or who have failed for three (3) times to pay other payment required to be made. SECTION 3. shall be undertaken by the Executive Board through a Negotiating Panel. the Union members shall still enjoy equity to the Union assets to the extent that said assets shall be first sold to the Union members and the proceeds there from. All amounts collected pursuant to the two (2) preceding Sections shall constitute the General Fund of the Union to be utilized for the operational expenses or any purpose or objectives as may be authorized by the Executive Board.00) PESOS which may be collected through salary/wages deduction upon previous written authorization of the member concerned of which Sixty (60%) percent shall be retained by the different Services and Provincial Union Chapters. prorated to its members. whenever practicable.

b Culpable violation of the Constitution and By-Laws. This action on the erring members referred to in the immediately preceding Section is without prejudice to any criminal and/or civil actions that may be filed against him/her. QUAL . ARTICLE XVI DISCIPLINE SECTION 1. its officer or against a fellow officer or member. The Committee on Grievance shall require the respondent within one (1) week from the date of the aforementioned confrontation of the parties to submit his/her answer in writing. Thereafter. Any of the following shall be ground for the impeachment or recall of Union officers. b Malicious attack against the Union. In the event of failure to settle the dispute amicably. SECTION 2. the Committee on Grievance shall render its written decision on the dispute within one (1) week from the termination of the hearing. and d Any act inimical to the interest of the Union such as. SECTION 2. but not limited to rumor mongering which tends to discredit the name and integrity of the Union and creating or causing dissension among the Union members. rules and regulations. Any Union member and/or union officers may be disciplined or expelled from the Union by the Executive Board if the latter should find the former guilty of charges. ARTICLE XVII IMPEACHMENT AND RECALL SECTION 1. SECTION 3. c Deliberate refusal to implement policies. SECTION 2. SECTION 4. decisions and/or support to the programs or projects of the Union as laid down by its governing body. After the proper evaluation of the evidence submitted.SECTION 1. The Union officers impeached shall ipso facto be considered resigned or ousted from office and shall no longer be elected or appointed to any position in the Union. Dispute involving Union members or its officer shall be made in writing and to be submitted to the President who shall then call the parties involved and shall undertake to have settled their differences amicably. a Committing or causing the commission of acts directly or indirectly against the interest and welfare of the Union. based on the following grounds proffered officially against him: a Non-payment of dues and other assessment for three (3) months. Majority votes of the members of the Executive Board shall be required to impeach or recall any Union officer. SECTION 3. and c Failure to comply with the obligations to turn over and liquidate to the Union Treasure within one (1) week the Union funds entrusted to the member concerned for authorized Union purposes. both sides shall be entitled to a hearing. the president shall pass on the dispute to the Committee on Grievance which shall undertake the investigation and hear the case on the merits.

CABANAYAN.) ALEX B. ROSANA. EDGARDO M. REYNALDO P. NAVAL. ARTICLE XX EFFECTIVITY SECTION 1.. This CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS shall take effect upon its ratification by the majority of the General Union Membership through referendum called for the purpose. MA. ARTICLE XIX AMENDMENTS SECTION 1. DIA. Proposal for amendments to the Constitution may be made by the Executive Board or upon formal petition of at least TEN PERCENT (10%) of the General Union Membership. BALAGUER. BONIFACIO A. BOREBOR. NOEL M. JR. ALEJO N. PALMIANO Chairman Constitutional Committee (Sgd. MA. JOSIE A. APPROVED: (Sgd. FERWELO. CASTRO.ARTICLE XVIII FISCAL YEAR OF THE UNION SECTION 1. DE LEON. MESIAS. JOAQUIN ARTHUR TADURAN.. FENIA V. SENEN P. GALLEGO Member (Sgd. Legazpi City. DIOSDADO P. PAZ M. EVANGELINE MAGBANUA. MICHAEL V. ORCENA. JR. SECTION 2. YANTO QUAL . VERGARA. COLUMNA. 03 April 1997. SESE. PACIFICO GASES. EDWIN EVANGELISTA. No amendment shall become part of this Constitution and By-Laws until after the same shall have been ratified by two-third (2/3) votes of all the members of the Union at a referendum called for the purpose. IBASCO. GILBERT GONZALES. JOSE LEO B. ONRUBIA. Philippines. FELIPE S. ROSAVIDA C. CANLAS. BAHILLO. JR Member Signed: Members JOSE T.) MURIEL B.) PEDRO C. JULIAN A. The Union’s fiscal year shall commence on 02 January and will end on 31 December thereafter. VIVENCIO M. LAMBERTO M. JUNY TEMANEL. MADRIDEO. JOSE WILFREDO L.