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a total investment of USD500M is being invested. including a significant contribution from the Tunisian government so as to encourage international operators to leverage Tunisia as a Talent Hub for Europe.USD500M of investment support for the Smart Tunisia Project "Smart Tunisia" has the objective to position Tunisia as a knowledge and technology destination. Smart Tunisia aims at creating value in the digital economy through co-development and promotion of Tunisia as a High Tech investment location. the Middle East and Africa. . Through Smart Tunisia.

training for call center agents. 7= excellent – among the best in the world Availability of Engineers and scientists 1= zero. etc. 7= widely available 325 000 Students 60 000 multilingual graduates 20 000 engineers & scientist graduates Source: World Competitiveness Report: WEF 2015 Language Training Certified and provided by professionnal institutions: German. Percentage of population with tertiary education 35% . Spanish. etc.) Quality of Teaching Mathematics and Science 1= poor.Available & Qualified Talent Highest level of operational French Outside countries with French as mother tongue: 28% of the population are fluent in French Co-graduation agreements with the best international universities Generalized English Taught in the schools from the age of 8 12 000 ICT graduates Presence of the best international universities Recognized diplomas by international institutions Specialized training centers (aircraft maintenance. Italian.

000 USD Manager 35.000 USD Switzeland Spain Luxembourg Tunisia Russia Croatia Morocco Egypt Algeria Mauritania 20 33 59 60 62 65 71 72 154 176 Ease of doing business ranking Source: Doing Business database 2015 .000 USD Gross annual salaries Graduate engineer 10. infrastructure. which makes it the leader in North Africa. facilities.000 USD Senior / Team Leader 20. Very competitive costs 800 USD / month Including overhead costs: Management. Hotline (BPO) 6. telecom. Tunisia ranked 60th among 189 countries according to the World Bank Doing Business Report 2015. etc.3h05 LONDRES 2h20 PARIS 1h30 MADRID 1h25 ROME “Leader in North Africa in Business Climate” World Bank Doing Business 2015 An excellent business climate.

5% in Morocco Investor protection index 6.9% 82.0 6.7 Life expectancy 75 years Enrollment rate 98.2% in India. and improves the business environment Tunisia was the first Arab country to adopt Internet freedom (Internet Society Foundation) that is comparable to the Western European countries Tunisia is in the process of joining the European convention of data protection (convetion108 of the Council of Europe) . 71.Tunisia in Brief Literacy rate 81.0 6. 91% in India Favorable position for women that is unique in the Arab world (61% of graduates) Source: World Economic Forum 2014-2015 A quality of higher education A new investment code which further encourages high added-value activities.0 5.0 6.0 4. 68.7 3.3 5. 75 years on average in Europe 98% in France and Italy 95.1% in Egypt. 99.6 years in France.8% A strong legal framework for investment 99% in France.2% in Italy.

BPO. 81st among 143 countries in the “Networked Business Index” published by the “Global Information Technology Report 2015” in Davos Over 2000 European Companies have settled in Tunisia 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Gigabits per second 2012 2013 2014 . R&D/ Knowledge) with over 34 000 positions Traditional destination for large European groups Tunisia is ranked 2nd in the southern Mediterranean region and Africa. a competitive destination A high-quality infrastructure “Leading country in the Southern Mediterranean region in term of Telecom infrastructure ” Networked Readiness Index-Global Information Technology Report 18 cyber parks 10 operational techno-parks Spread over several regions and covering various businesses Flourishing offshore services (ITO.Tunisia.

A recruitment allowance for the first seven years of 700 TND* per year for every new hire. Within the « Smart Tunisia » framework.An interactive web based support system. *1TND = 0. . .5USD approx. up to 5 000 TND* by employee. A dedicated support team makes the investment journey easy and effective.Single point of contact for investors. Support by the governement of the training costs and certification of the new hires. investors are entitled to a set of incentives that support global competetive operations within their delivery network.A one stop shop to help companies in their set up processes and to take advantage of the proposed benefits .

They are successful global companies who value their operations in Tunisia . .www. .www.