China’s Smart City policy

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“We live in a world of cities”

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 1. New-Type Urbanization in China
 2. Smart City Policy in China
 3. National Smart City Pilot Project
 4. Standardization Research
 5. International Collaboration
 6. About us

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智慧城市 智慧城市与政策 Policy about Smart City in China © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 4 .

more global. more cosmopolitan. Martin Jacques: Author of «When China Rules the World» © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 5 .Urbanization in theWorld The two major events which will affect the human civilization process in the 21st century are the new technological revolution led by the U. The Chinese will. By 2020 China is envisaged as being a moderately prosperous country. more environmentally aware.. and the China’s urbanization.S. more empathetic. more confident. more boardminded. Joseph Stiglitz:American Ecomonist China will become the largest economy in the world within less than two decades and then proceed rapidly out-distance that of the U.S.

10% 1978 18% 2012 50% Post-Industrial Civilization 2030 70~72% IT Civilization 2050 75% Development of China’s urbanization has reached the medium level and to enter the rapid urbanization stage.this proportion will increase to 60%. and by 2020 . Urbanization has become the significant trend of the social development.Urbanization in China Industrial Civilization Agricultural Civilization 2015 56. GDP of 35 major cities in China's mainland in 2009 accounted for 41% of the total output value . Taipei's GDP accounted for 31% of Taiwan's GDP. According to the Statistical Yearbook. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 6 .

China: in 2012 ( the rate is 52. China: takes 33 years. France: in 1931. Germany: in 1892.10%) 中国城镇化率变化曲线 *数据来源:国家统计局 © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 7 . The year of urbanization rate over 50%: Britain: in 1850.Urbanization process in the world 1. Japan: in 1968. USA: in 1918.77% ) in 2015(the rate is 56. France: > 100 years. Japan: < 50 years. USA: < 60 years. (1980-2012) 2.57% ), in 2013(the rate is 53. Urbanization rate: From 20% to 50% the 1st time: Britain: > 100 years. Germany: < 80 years.37%) in 2014 ( the rate is 54.

Need better public services and administrative efficiency Air pollution. global warming. Need monitor water quality Social security problem. improving people’s livelihood. population control and population quality improvement. . resource un-sustainability… Need develop new industries and Improving traditional industries. Transportation problems. resources conservation and environmental protection. Need better infrastructures. Urban-rural gap.Urbanization in China For a sustainable development: economic growth. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 8 Water pollution disaster. Health care and education.

33 cities involved  Issued Government and Social Capital Ministry of Finance © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 9 Cooperation Projects General Guidance . 299 cities and districts involved Ministry of Communications  Smart Publish Transportation Pilot Project in 10 cities  Smart Taxi Management Project in 25 cities  National Information Consumption Pilots Cities Project Ministry of Industry & Information Technology National Development & Reform Commission  China and Europe Green Smart City Cooperation Pilot Cities Project  Smart City Pilot Project with Zhejiang Province,Smart City Pilot in Changzhou and Yangzhou  Issued Carry Out Government and Social Investment Cooperation Guidance  Issued Government and Social Capital Cooperation Projects General Guidance Ministry of Public Security National To urism Admi nistration  National High Technology Research and Ministry of Science & Technology Development Program("863"Program) of China .Smart City Policy in China Ministry of Housing & Urban-Rural Development  National Smart City Pilot Project.Smart City Survey  Smart City Pilot Project with 20 cities and districts  Safe City Project in whole China  Automatic Alarm and Monitoring Network System Pilot Project in 473 cities  National Smart Tourism Pilots Cities Project.

Smart City Policy in China Green City Sponge City Humanity City Smart City National New-Type Urbanization Planning 2014-2020 Comply with trends of modern urban development. promote urban green development. etc. Promoting Smart City Sound Development Guidance Promoting Smart City Sound Development Guidance is issued in August 2014. and by that time. This guidance proposed that a group of smart cities should be constructed to 2020. enhance the charm of history and culture. which reflected on guaranteeing and improving civic livelihood. innovating social governance. and it is co-issued by 8 different ministries. improve the inner quality of the city. their aggregation and radiation effects and comprehensive competitive advantages will be strengthened. and maintaining Internet safety. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 10 . improve the level of intelligence.

Smart City Policy in China Plan of National NewType Urbanization (2014-2020 ) Describes the direction of smart city in China Wideband network Information technology of management intelligent Infrastructure Convenient public service Modern industry Fine governance © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 11 .

智慧城市 智慧城市与实践 National Smart City Pilot Project © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 12 .

Smart City Pilot Project General Situation National Smart City Pilot Project. 277 cities and districts involved National Smart Cities Pilot MOHURD 277 National Pilot Cities regarding Information Consumption MIIT 80 National Pilot Cities regarding Information for Public Wellbeing NDRC 80 Broadband China pilot Cities MIIT and NDRC 39 City Level District Level Town Level © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 13 National Pilot Smart Cities MOST 20 Demonstration city of geographic information mapping 9 Total > 400 .

National Smart Cities Pilot Project Map of National Smart Cities Pilot of the MOHURD Total Provinces Provincial Capital Cities First-level Cities Second-level Cities Zones/New Zones Towns 90 28 5 30 18 34 3 © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 14 .

Smart City Pilot Project General Situation 全球智慧城市 (部分) Beijing Global Smart Cities (excerpt) Tianjin Shijiazhuang Stockholm Ningbo Tallinn Edinburgh Madison Chicago Tokyo Shenyang Nanjing Kitakyushu Amsterdam London Dubuque New Songdo Suwon City Ottawa Windsor Oregon Stratford Dundee Ireland Eindhoven Meng Dayton New York Besancon Southampton Yokohama Trikala Grenoble Boston Danville Toyota City Tel Aviv Kochi Arlington Kyoto Prefecture Barcelona Dongying Riverside Dublin Austin Chattanooga Santander Kunshan Madrid Malta San Antonio Chong qing Wu Han Singapore Dubai Masdar Bristol Shanghai Chengdu Taiwan Porto Alegre Shenzhen Gold Coast Ballarat Guang zhou Kun Ming Foshan Brisbane © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 15 .

INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP 中国智慧城市试点 China Smart Cities (Pilot Cities) 全球智慧城市 Global Smart Cities © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 16 .

0% Financial input 20.61bRMB 11.2%) .8 bRMB Social investment - 257 projects -Participation is more difficult -High rate of funds in place (62. .9% 52.Investment analysis Other funds Bank loans -190 projects Other funds 12.3 trillion RMB.47 bRMB Financial input -823 projects -62% of the project has financial input National Smart Cities Pilot of the MOHURD -140 projects -The proportion of investment funds is not high Total investment of about 114 billion 500 million RMB 18.Focus on those projects that can be applied © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 17 The three batch of pilot included the construction of more than 3600 smart city projects ,The total investment budget is about 1.9% Social investment 59.2% 17.59 bRMB Bank loans 21.

Top-level design Leading cities with high strategic attention comprehensive and top-level design. Sichuan Province. and other provinces and municipalities carry out the top-level design work better 。 . . These areas is urgent need for through the smart city construction to solve the outstanding problems they faced In the process of Urbanization. Hubei Province. Anhui Province. which reflects the economic developed areas are better able to carry out the smart city. Jilin province and Beijing City. 11% pilot cities : The top-level design is being carried out 。 © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 18 The number of pilot cities in East China (more than 36% of the total). Towns Second-level Cities Zones/New Zones First-level Cities Provincial Capital Cities National Smart Cities Pilot of the MOHURD 8 13 81 85 90 By the end of 2015: 65% pilot cities :Top-level design has been completed. Jiangsu Province.

智慧城市 智慧城市与标准 Smart City and Standards © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 19 .

INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 20 .

() ITU-T/FG-SSC 智慧可持续城市焦点组成立于2013年6月,中国作为副主 席国。ITU-T/FG-SSC/ Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities is founded in June 2013. and China is convertor and secretariat . and China undertook 5 WGs and 1 TG as convertor. (SG20) © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 21 国际标准化 组织 TC 268 加拿大会议 ISO TC 268 Canada Meeting 第十四届东 北亚标准合 作会议 The 14th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperatio n 2015年中德 标准化合作委 员会会议 2015 Session of ChineseGerman Standardizat ion Cooperation Commission . 2013年6月成立了“智慧城市系统评估组”,中国担任联合召集 人并承担了5个工作组和一个任务组。 IEC/SEG 1 was founded in June.INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS 标准合作 Standardization Cooperation 2012年,成立了TC 268 SC1“城市可持续发展智慧城市基础设施分技术委员会, 中国作为副主席国。(ISO/TMB/AG SmC 智慧城市咨询组) 268 SC1 Sustainable development in communities-Smart community infrastructures was founded in 2012.JTC1全会上批准成立智慧城市研究组SG 1 ISO/IEC/JTC 1 SG1 was founded in 2013. and China is the vice-chair country. 2013. (IEC/SyC on SmC) 2013年. and China is the vice-chairman country.

Three layers basic model for the urban city infrastructures © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 22 .INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS Residents Schools Facilitie Energy Offices Water Houses Mobilit yICT (1) Community service layer (2) Facility layer (3) Community infrastructure layer Figure 1.

Evaluation Model and Performance Index 国家智慧城市评价指标体系  Systematic Viewpoint of Evaluation Model (Proposal submitted to SAC) • General Standards. Management and Service. Security © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 23 . Support Technologies and Public Platform. Infrastructure. Construction and Applications. Industry and Economics.

智慧城市 国际合作 International Collaboration © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 24 .

to establish an expert framework for promoting EU-China Smart Cities cooperation.EU-China Green smart city National Cooperation EU-China Green smart city cooperation The EU-China Green smart city cooperation stems from the agreement between DG CONNECT and the Chinese Ministry for Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to develop “Green Smart City” cooperation. and to establish a technical experts group to carry out related research and cooperation. to select 15 pilot cities from China and the EU. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 25 .

The project is supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Development Cooperation. Hefei (Anhui province). which is responsible for the coordination. Xixian New Area (Shaanxi province).3 million EUR and its implementation will last until November 2017 from Now. Changzhou (Jiangsu province). The Project Management office is set in China Society for Urban Studies (CSUS). © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 26 . Zhuzhou (Hunan province). Luoyang (Henan province). Qingdao (Shandong province). Weihai (Shandong province). It has a total budget of 9. Guilin (Guangxi province) . 2013. The EC-Link pilot cities are: Zhuhai (Guangdong province). and Liuzhou (Guangxi province). and by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development in China.Europe-China Eco Cities Link National Cooperation Europe-China Eco Cities Link,EC-LINK The Europe China Eco Cities Link project (EC Link) will be officially launched as a sub-forum event of the Eleventh International Conference on Green and energy Efficient Buildings.

Huawei and SAP established all-level cooperation especially focus on Smart City business and BYOD (bring your own device) Project. Aliyun. in order to boost big data and cloud computing services in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 27 . On March 2013. Alibaba's cloud computing subsidiary. signed a deal to set up a technology joint venture with Dubai-based Meraas on Tuesday.Enterprise Cooperation Enterprise Cooperation On May 2015.

智慧城市 智慧城市的未来 the Future of Smart City © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 28 .

parks. etc. 向下聚焦:Concentration 基本组成单元(智慧社区、园区、微城市、微社区等)——智慧城市漫长建设过程 的建设实效的具体体现。 Basic unit (Smart community. micro-city.CURRENT SITUATION AND TREND ANALYSIS 向上融合:Extension 智慧城市群——城市之间的竞争与博弈,区域人才、资金、产业的竞争与协调必定存在。 Smart City Group – Competition and coordination between cities and region about talent.while it always is a long process .) – The practical results of the Construction of Smart City . 经济发展 Economic development 社会公平 Social justice © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 29 环境优美 Beautiful environment . funds and industry must exist.

CHINA SMART CITY GROUP 城市群 Urban Agglomerations 32个城市群 32 City Groups 完成/Completion 11 在建/Under Construction 14 未来发展/Potential Agglomerations 7 资料来源:《国家新型城镇化规划(2014—2020年)》 中国城市群发展战略图 China City Urban Agglomerations Development Strategy © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 30 .

277 cities and districts involved 3 Patches of Smart Pilot Cities City Level District Level Town Level Pearl River Delta Area Single Smart City Can Turn to New Smart Isolated Island © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 31 .China Smart City Group Single Smart City Hardly Can Achieve Interoperability Northeast Area Capital Area Northwest Area Shandong Peninsula Area Yangzi River Delta Area Chengyu Area Middle Area National Smart City Pilot Project.

CHINA SMART CITY GROUP 城市带 City and Ecomomic Belts “一带一路”战略 China Global-regional Development Strategy © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 32  Focusing on building a new Eurasian Land Bridge and developing China-MongoliaRussia. relying on core cities along the Belt and Road and using key economic industrial parks as cooperation platforms  Up to 60 countries have become involved . China-Central AsiaWest Asia. and ChinaIndochina Peninsula economic corridors by taking advantage of international transport routes.

智慧城市 关于我们 About US © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 33 .

National Smart City Joint Lab is a service organization that involves in smart city science and research. and with the background of promoting the National Smart City Pilot City Project from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD).National Smart City Joint Labs By supporting the China pilot smart cities. So far. smart city planning consultant. Smart City Joint Lab is founded to serving for the China pilot smart cities. we have established 19 different labs. test and evaluation..       National smart city pilot technical support Smart city policy research and decision support Smart city key common technology research Smart city standardization Smart City Industry Association Smart city construction and operation fund © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 34 . Under the structure of Chinese Society for Urban Studies. standardization.

yet” hasn’t changed our 巴塞罗那市政厅首席城市规划 师比森特·瓜利亚尔特先生 Vincent Guallart “Many slow cities inside a smart city” © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 35 .ABOUT US---EXPERTS 《The Self-Sufficient City 》自给自足的城市 “ Internet has changed our life but it cities.

ABOUT US---EXPERTS 《Ubiquity and the illuminated City》无所不在的城市 © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 36 .

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org © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 38 ! . China) Vice-Chairman of ISO TC-268-SC1 Convener of IEC SEG1 WG2 & WG3 Ph.D WAN Biyu wanbiyu@scitylab.THANKS THANKS Chief Scientist of National Smart City Joint Lab (CSUS. MOHURD.