Official Newsletter of the

Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries – Luzon
Issue 20 – September 2016

Greetings to all our readers! It’s been a long time since our last newsletter, so we are glad
to share with your the journey of Verbum Dei Luzon in this time, hope you enjoy!

A pilgrimage of mercy
On the 23rd of July 2016, members of the Verbum
Dei Missionary Family completed a pilgrimage to the
five Holy Doors of Mercy of the Archdiocese of
Manila. This activity opened the hearts of the
members of the family, filling them with mercy and
inspiring them to answer the call to open the door of
their hearts for all those in need of the love of God. It
was a prayerful and joyful day, full of surprises, for
the pilgrims who enthusiastically participated in the

In July, while on their school break, the community






opportunity to minister to younger students! They
gave recollections, entitled, “#dontjustpassby” to
the tenth graders of Immaculate Conception
Academy in Greenhills, San Juan. This allowed the
participants to be immersed in the mercy of God
through the passage of the Good Samaritan. They
also deepened on the sacraments of reconciliation
and the Eucharist. Certainly, God, did not just pass
by in their lives.


so the soul also needs spiritual exercises! For this reason. of listening to God and allowing the Holy spirit to mold and shape each missionary and the community for the year ahead. Thanks Amy! The misioneras also enjoyed their time with the Lord and deepened on the theme “We received the grace of being apostles. held last August 20-21. 2016 at VD Retreat House. This was followed by another group of youth from Manila. It was a meaningful weekend allowing each one to stop for a moment and ask: “Who am I? Where is the boat of my life now? Where is my boat is going? How do I want to invest my life fully? For whom do I want to live?” 2 . It is a time of prayer. the Verbum Dei missionaries do a one month long silent retreat. Cebu and Tagaytay. If you experienced certain graces and blessings yourself during this time. the misioneros received two weeks of reflection in Tagalog by Amy. and participated in by youth CDO and Musuan last August 13-14.” Push your boat further to the deep A vocational weekend retreat was held at the Columban Retreat House. it may be because we were also praying for you! As part of their retreat.Spiritual Exercises As the body needs some physical exercise. once a year.

OFMCap. Fr. we continue to see hope in these people who are now in their journey towards maturity. They gave an intensive catechesis weekly as part of their evangelizing work in the different places in our vicinity: Las Brisas. the disciples of Tagaytay dedicated to prepare the children. In this work. 3 . preparing themselves for the sacrament of confirmation to be held next year in February on the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. teens and youth to receive the beautiful sacrament of baptism. Bert San Diego.Jesus answers all our existential questions in life through his word. to dream with him. Jesus does not just want to pass by our life but instead wants to enter into our boat. Rev. This reach-out program continued after the three batches received the baptismal rite celebrated by our parish priest. to push our boat further to the deep! The beauty of evangelization through the sacraments In their apostolate this year. and Hagdangbato. Herein lies the beauty of working together as a family in this task of evangelization: on the feast of Corpus Christi the twenty-three newly baptized members received their first Holy Communion. We should not remain just on our shore – let him lead us to look within ourselves and to go beyond. We pray that Mother Mary will continue to bless our evangelizing work in and through the sacraments. Mushroom.

Then Regner and Mae. the teens had a separate activity with talks and dynamics given by Lichel. Danilo.persons with SSA but who found joy and deeper fulfilment in following Church teaching and living chastely (see couragerc. 4 . the majority of which (85%) occur in men who have sexual relations with other men (MSM group). Fr James commented "Often the media today has its own agenda and prejudice. proposed causes and pastoral aspects. they would be surprised!" The alarming HIV epidemic in the Philippines was also tackled. At the same time. Other inputs included an overview of some threats to family harmony and happiness. The seminar aimed to understand more the person with same sex attractions. gave us a formation on the gift of the family. Sherwin. looking at incidence. Thinking we are already informed. In the closing mass. their 10-month old son. If they did. The overall feedback from the seminar was positive especially to hear about the group "Courage" . citing the latest data of over 840 new cases per month. Jason and Angelyn.My Big Family! This August we held a recollection for families. It was a day to deepen on the beauty and value of the with over 150 present. many never bother to actually read Church teaching on SSA. The Wee family opened the day with a warm welcome. along with Francis. all the way from Mindanao. we realized that it’s true – we are part of a bigger family! Matters of the heart Verbum Dei offered a study morning on Same Sex Attraction (SSA).

She cited a beautiful quote from anonymous that says “Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you are going to do long after the mood has left you. 5 . I-If possible help financially. Thank you. It was a fruitful day for the Verbum Dei Family. As we near final completion we want to knock once again at the door of your generous hearts to help us with the furniture and fixtures of the Apostolate Center. It has been a journey of progressive teamwork . P-Participate in Fraternal Activities. She even made an acronym of the word disciple which goes like this: D-Daily Personal Prayer. Thank you so much. Once again it is a clear manifestation that there is a God who is always there for us and who’s committed to us first. work completion had reached 64. As of September 2. In the morning Sister Malou Tibayan deepened on what does commitment means in the lives of a Verbum Dei Disciple. 2016 at the Verbum Dei Missionary House in Pansol. Pasig Apostolate Centre.” In the afternoon Sister Sarah Abellana talked about the Rights and Responsibilities of being a Verbum Dei Disciple. 2016. Hope that we can continue this beautiful journey of working together till the Apostolate Center can welcome us all. Renewal of Commitment of Disciples who has Stable Commitment and Commitment of New Disciples. helping us to grow more in our faith by being a place of prayer for all people. IInto Mission. almost two thirds done! We are happy to update you on the on-going works of the Pasig Apostolate Center. L-Life that is accompanied and for E-Explicit Commitment. The day ended with the Holy Mass together with the Renewal of Commitment of Disciples.with the different engineers and with some of you who shared enlightening advice and generous donations of materials for the construction.35%.True Commitment “Chosen and Trusted”. S-Spiritual Exercises-C-Committing with Christ and the Church. this was the theme of the Disciples’ Retreat and Commitment last September 6.

For more information about how to help or in-kind donations please contact Sr. Malou Tibayan (09336270957) or Sr. Sol Abala (09324290330).Conference hall on the second floor Office with tiles and ceiling Wall from reception area to chapel Dining area and central patio The construction of our Apostolate Center is ongoing. 6 .