The days I’ve spent in Elizabeth Seton School were one of

my most memorable experiences in terms of field exposure. Aside
that this was the first time I have taught, or going to teach real
students in a real classroom set-up, it was an eye-opener for
future teachers like me.
Training in Elizabeth Seton School was a tough task to take,
for it was obviously a prestigious school and aims for high quality
education. I was frightened the moment I knew I’d be assigned in
the school because I am sure that I would not be as good as the
teachers there-a lot of as ifs came into my mind. I will not deny
that I was thrilled and excited for I will learn a lot of things, and
for sure there are so many doors opening for opportunities.
When I met my cooperating teacher, Ms. Sheena Katrina M.
Ribo and knowing that the subject assigned for me to teach was
English Language Arts, I was deeply challenged and honestly
doubted myself. I can speak in English, I can understand the
language but I wasn’t confident whether I could and would be
able to teach it. I was thinking if I’d be giving the subject matter
justice with me teaching it because I know for myself, that I still
need to learn and a lot of things still need to be corrected.
On the first week of my stay at the school, I already felt my
“future” students’ warmth. They welcomed me with respect.
While I was observing, I also witnessed how skillful and talented
my cooperating teacher is. She aims her students not only to
learn pure academics, but she let her students apply it in real life.
She explained things to me on why or how she’s doing the
activities and the respective effects on the students, which is
really, really visible. She asked me to administer quizzes on my
first week of stay and thankfully I was able to do it well.
There was a time that I was absent and it so happened that
on the next day, I was assigned to teach-the first time I would
experience real teaching. Of course, as expected it was tragic and

Afterwards. they congratulated me for finishing my local demonstration teaching. August 2. Ms. Sheena.indeed not what I’ve been expecting but she said that every teacher. The more pointers and things I need to improve were changed. Of course. every professional teachers went through that-which actually motivated me to strive harder. I picked gender of nouns for my local demonstration and 5Sulayman as my students. I was not nervous that time because I reviewed the parts I need to change and improve. Days have passed faster than I thought that time and my grand demo would be on Monday. Everything went back to normal and my cooperating teacher asked me to focus on my grand demonstration teaching. I chose demonstrative and interrogative pronouns and 5-Bidasari. how to acknowledge students’ works. there were a lot of things I need to improve. as my students. I was thankful to my cooperating teacher for her . how am I supposed to look in front of the class. Ms. I felt like all the thorns stuck in my throat were removed after the demo not because of the burden but because I know I did my best. I practiced it on the first section it was not okay so I was afraid I night not make it properly on the demo itself. My cooperating teacher-Ms. Dr. proper motivation and more. From classroom management. Fortunately as time goes by. Jeff Simbiling were the panels who graded my demo. Rodelas and Dean Ortilla observed and graded my grand demo. As I continue actual teaching. Weng Chan and Mr. Seeing them watching me how I teach honestly made me tremble and terrified. There was a problem at first but I was able to make something about it. Ms. 2016. I was able to focus on the learning outcome of my students. Ms. Sheena. Weng. Eden. I am happy that I am able to know which part it is but I felt quite disappointed with myself for I wasn’t able to meet and reach some of their expectations.

They helped me think and look broadly on the importance of teachers. Elizabeth Seton School was indeed high with regards to standards. but will not leave you without learning anything from them. but a cooperating teacher. Another indeed. administrators and staffs. professional teacher at heart. co-teachers. and they are always open for opportunities. it made me value relationship between students. . Elizabeth Seton School is an eye-opener for teachers.unfailing guidance and motivation. She never forget to remind me of the things I need to do and she isn’t just that cooperating teacher you could normally have. not just looking at the context but also on how it would affect the students.