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After 18 active member

Requires Eye of the Dragon
After reached Undelwalt
Requires Eye of Oath

Auld Broadsword
Reya's Note x2

Defeat the Eldritch

(found in Fornstrand)

Auld Splitter
Reya's Note x2

Defeat the Cyclops

Standard Model

(found in Aveclyf)



Defeat the Icy Idol (X360)

Have access to the Seventh
Path (PC)
Requires Eye of Life.

Defeat the The

Enlightened Seven
(found in The Catacombs)

Defeat the The White


(found in Lavafender)




After 18 active member

Obtain a Dwarven Core
Requires Eye of the Dragon (split from some rare monsters)

After reached Undelwalt

Requires Eye of Oath

Obtain 3 Damascus Ore

Defeat the Icy Idol (X360)

Have access to the Seventh Obtain 2 Pangu's Bones
(drop in The Ancient Ruins)
Path (PC)
Requires Eye of Life.

Obtain 3 World Tree


Sage's Stone

Mystic Skelenyte x2
Blacksteel Ore x2


Meller Crystal x2
Legendary Platterx2


Kelpie's Single x1
Damascus Ore x2


(drop in The Ancient Ruins)

Defeat the Icy Idol (X360)

Have access to the Seventh
Path (PC)
Requires Eye of Promise


PC Only:

leader Hannah

leader Hinnah

leader Ludope

leader Milton

leader Snievan

leader Young

leader Zuido


Auld Bluesteel
Reya's Note x2

Defeat the Icy Idol (X360)

Have access to the Seventh
Path (PC)
Requires Eye of Promise


(drop in The Ancient Ruins)

Auld Glaive
Knocker's Ceylonx1

Jewel Steel x2

Ok, after countless hours of playing around and figuring things out. I finally figured out how to recruit the Seven guara
brainstorming with me on what to do exatcly in order to achieve this.
Here is what YOU MUST DO to Recruit all the NEW ALLIED CHARACTERS 100 percent guaranteed method.

1) Complete all the Sidequests listed here to be safe.

. I noticed through trial and error you do not need to complete all sidequest, but this is just to be safe because Zuido w
2) Must have access to the Sixth Path.

3) Goto any of Union of the Golden Chalice and complete guild task 12: , The quest is to kill Weredragon x20 on the S
4) After completion, turn it in and get Eye of Promise
5) With eye of promise, guild task 70 will be opened. Guild task 70 : For Our Lord.
6) Goto the Catacombs and kill the Enlightened Seven.
7) Return to the Golden Chalice and turn in the quest. After that, the seven are recruitable.
The location of the Seven are as follow : Hannah - 218k (Balterossa) Union of Golden Chalice
Young - 210k (Baaluk) Union of Golden Chalice
Milton -216k (Royotia) Union of Golden Chalice
Hinnar - 196k (Nagapur) Union of Golden Chalice
Zuido - 207 k (Ghor) Ring of Ancient Castle
Luidope - 188 k (Melphina) Union of Golden Chalice
Snievan 192 k (Elysion) Ring of the Labryinth
I will post their stats and special skills tomorrow and starting stats.

Progress the story all the way through up to the Sacred Lands. Progress through the Sacred Lands
until you see the door leading to the final battle. When you get to that platform, turn around and take
the transporter back to the World Map. After you do that, check with your Union of the Chalice guild
(this is important, or else the mob you're hoping to spawn doesn't spawn) and look for Guild Tasks
70 and 71 (they will have a ton of stars). Once you see that, you can go to the Catacombs.
To find the Elightened Seven once you're in the Catacombs, go right into the Eastern Area, trek
through that area to reach the second part of the Central Area, and just continue along that path until
you get to the Enlightened Seven. So you don't have to keep running through that path over and
over again, you can see whether they spawned or not when you enter the first door. Look for the
red ???
Just for comparison, I was BR 110 when I beat the ES. You should be around that BR too, because
some guys hit really, really hard.