Car Purchase Behaviour Questionnaire

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I am the student from the business school of Glyndwr University, North Wales. Currently, I am
conducting a research about young people first time purchasing car for my Master thesis. It will
take you less than 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. I appreciate your great support!
Thank you very much!

What is your Gender?
О Male
О Female

How old are you?
О 20-22
О 23-25
О 26-27
О 28-30

What is your marital status?
О Single
О Married
О Engaged
О Divorced

What is your monthly income?* О Below £200 О £200-£499 О £500-£999 О £1000-£1499 О £1500-£1999 О £Above £2000 6.Q5.What is your current occupation?* O Student O Employed part time O Employed full time O Unemployment O Retired О Others .О Others 4.Q4. What is your nationality?* О British О Others 5.Q6.

I don’t have a car currently Skip to Q15 9.7. which of the following procedures did you participate in the process of purchase and brand choice? (More than one answer )* О Purchase decision of a new car О Decision of the budget О Initial choices of brands and models О Contact car dealers О Collecting information about the brands and models О Visit dealers О Test drive .Q7. please record the first one)* О Yes. registered under my name/my family name О Yes. What is current educational level?* O Under high /technical/professional school O College/university O Post graduate O Above postgraduate 8. Do you own a car? (If there are more than two cars.Q8. registered under my company’s name О No.Q9.

Q12.Q11.О Price barging О Final decision on maker and model 10.Q10. How long did you collect pre-purchase information? * О Less than 2 weeks О 2 weeks-1 month О 1 month-3 month О 3 month-6 month О more than 6 month 12. How many times did you contacted/visited the dealers?* О Under 2 times . Who used the car most ? * О Myself О My husband/wife О My parents О Other family members О Other people in the company or friends О Others 11.

Among the following factors.Suppose you are going to buy a car for your private use.Q15. Very Not Neutral Important Very .О 3 to 5 times О 6 to 8 times О More than 8 times 13.Q14. What about your satisfaction about your current car? * О Very dissatisfied О Dissatisfied О Neutral О Satisfied О Very satisfied 14.Q13. which one matches you most. What is the usage of your car? Less than One to Never once per twice per week week Three to four Nearly times everyday perweek Shopping Pick up family members Social activities Travelling Works 15.

Q17.unimportant important Important Brand Price Safety Speed Performance Technology Color Size Equipment and Interior Exterior Design Interior Design Resale value 16. Choose follow purchasing sources which you will use for purchasing the car.Q16. Who will influence you when you buy or want to buy a car? * O Friends/family . (More than one choice)* О Brochure О Dealer sales staff О Car magazines О Friends and family members О Newspaper advertising О TV advertising or Internet О Car shows 17.

O Brand representative (celebrity) O Make my own choice O Seller O Advertisement 18. To what extent do you see the car only as transport tool* O Strongly disagree O Disagree O Neutral .Q19.Q18. To what extent do you discuss with your family and friends about purchasing a car ?* О Never О Sometimes О Regularly О Often 19.Q20.Do you prefer to buy a new car or second hand car? * O new O Second hand 20.

plate fee. Do you see the car as a fashion item?* O Strongly disagree O Disagree O Neutral O Agree O Strongly agree 22. GBP* О Below £1999 О £2.999 О £20.999 О £15.O Agree O Strongly agree 21.000 23.Q21.999 О Over £30.000-£19. How much you want to spend for purchasing your car? (excluding any other fees.000-£9.000-£4.999 О £10. insurance. etc.999 О £5. which kind of car do you prefer?* .Q22. such as tax. According to the following choice.Q24.000-£29.000-£14.

To what extent. do you think purchasing a car can raise your social status?* О Strongly disagree О Disagree О Neutral О Agree .О Micro car О Super mini/ Subcompact car О Small family car/ Compact car О Large family car/mid-size car О Full-size car/ Large car О Sport cars and grand car О Convertible О Off-roaders О Others 24.Q23. To what extent. you * О Not at all О A little loyal О quite a bit loyal О Very loyal 25.Q25.

Q28.Q26.Strongly agree 26. What kind of payment would you prefer to adapt?* О Cash account О Installment О Loan О Others . Who would pay for your car?* О Pay by own self О Share with parents/other people О Parents pay for the car О Others 28. To what extent.Q27. do you care other people see what car you are using when you go out?* О Strongly do not care О Care О Neutral О do not care О strongly care 27.

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