Planning Brief

Production name: Sliding Door
Length : 5 minutes
Deadline: February 2017
Group members and their roles:

Arrani Kugathas - Cinematographer, Editor & Sound
Maheen Hashmi- Director, Editor & sound

Interviewer: Mr islam, Maths teacher at Oaks Park High School
Our documentary is based around Mr Islam, who is a maths teacher at Oaks Park
High School, he is a family man with two children and also a British Jujitsu Champion
who trains young children as his hobby. In this documentary we will be showing you
how he manages his times, he will be talking about his career, about being a British
Jujitsu Champion, and also how he spends time with his family, there will be many
footages about this.
Target Audience:
The target audience for our production is from 20-40 year olds. The reason for this is
because the interviewer is a maths teacher who has many responsibilities, so it will
be interesting for other adults to watch a documentary on someone who has a
similar life to them, or see how someone’s life is completely different to there life.
The rationale behind our product is that we want our audience to hear real life
stories, as this could influence then and also it may be interesting for them to hear
about someone else’s life. By watching this they might learn how to be responsible
and organised as this documentary shows how the interviewer managed his time.

Generic codes and conventions:

There will be text and titles
Voice over

How will you test whether the product successful? How will you check it is
In order to test whether our product is successful we will make sure there will be
many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where the
audience can see our product and we get to assess their response to our product.
We will also produce post- questionnaires, surveying our target audience, by doing
this it will allow us to see what the audience liked and what they did not like, this
would allow us to improve our product for next time.