The Role of Marketing in

McDonald’s is
one of the most famous
fast food
restaurants known all
around the
world. They have
grown throughout the
years with their
famous products such
as the “Big Mac” and the “McChicken sandwich” etc. Since the
first McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California in the 1940’s, the
company has expanded all across the country and then started
expanding through other countries from northern and southern
America to countries and continents across the world including
Europe and Asia.
McDonald’s offers a wide range of different products, from their
most famous burgers to the release of the McFlurry’s ice cream
55 years after the opening of the first McDonald’s. It was
invented in New Brunswick, Canada. McDonald’s is definitely
growing globally and it will keep developing on and on in the
future and this is because of the market growth techniques
they are using energetically:

Market Penetration:
What does McDonald’s do?
McDonald’s uses this strategy to:

Keep and increase their sales to current/loyal customers
Increase the market share for current products
Be on top/ over competitor companies
Ensure it’s one of the top companies in growing markets

This is possibly the way McDonald’s makes the company grow with the minimum amount of risk. efficient way McDonald’s uses to attract more customers. driving customers can easily acquire their wanted products without the burden of getting out of their car. They recently introduced sides for an additional amount of money. yet unconventional ways to ensure customers keep coming through their doors. This method is very beneficial and it may be more benefiting in the future. this helps boost their sales for quite a lot annually. which differs in different countries. which is why McDonald’s uses this method for their sales . This is an easy. By creating new drive through’s.  Deals: McDonald’s keeps on innovating its menu by making deals and cleverly putting pricing in meal bundles. sales have blasted vastly from customers who owe children.  Drive Through: McDonald’s has introduced new “drive Through’s” in many of their restaurants. This is definitely one of the biggest methods McDonald’s uses that has a very big impact on their number of customers. This is one of the smart deals McDonald’s has used to increase their sales. How does McDonald’s do it? McDonald’s uses market penetration in simple. Some countries experience a rise in their population number. This way clients are able to get their food just as a take away.  Delivery Services: Many McDonald’s have the facility of delivering their food straight to your doors. This may have brought more customers who are in a hurry and don’t have much time to get out of their cars to get a food order. targeting the younger population. This is an easy way to satisfy customers for lower a low price. because who wouldn’t like to get their food straight through their doors?  Happy meal: Since the introduction of the “Happy meal”.

so they can keep and maybe increase their number of customers. How does McDonald’s do it? McDonald’s ensures they create new products for the appropriate public. Product Development: What does McDonald’s do? McDonald’s uses this strategy to:  Developing and creating new products  Making the appropriate product/s for the appropriate type of customers  Creating new food trends that will suit the customer This is one risky way McDonald’s uses for their development. One of the risks is in creating the new product/s. . otherwise no one will buy it and will result in a loss of profit for the company.increase. they must suit the type of audience they are aiming for.

 Breakfast: McDonald’s also expands through the business by creating breakfast services which completely turns over their menus. which is definitely a demanded product in such countries.  McRib: The famous McRib is one of the most demanded products since their limited time release in McDonald’s. bagels. Since its availability was limited. This is because they have created a product with different ranges. By strategically doing this. some people may have not been able to try it. chocolate muffins and donuts/pancakes). This includes products such as Mcmuffins. customers are tempted to buy again or/and try the different ranges. By creating unusual items in the menu such as this one McDonald’s is able to make more profits since customers definitely go back to get more of the product. The Chicken Legend is sold within three different types of sauce: cool mayo. breakfast Mcwraps. . Chicken Legend: The recently introduced “Chicken legend” is now one of the main products sold in McDonald’s in the UK. McDonald’s has a totally different variety of products in the morning till at least 10:30 am.  McFloats/Beer: Some countries such as Germany and Canada go even further by introducing products such as McFloats and root beer floats. therefore it has become one of the most awaited products McDonald’s has ever released. hash browns and pastry as well (cookies. Its release date is unknown but it’s one of the rarest products ever released by McDonald’s. BBQ sauce and hot & spicy mayo.

Marker Development: What does McDonald’s do? McDonald’s uses this strategy to:     The distribution of the company across many countries Introducing their same products in a brand-new way Changing product pricing to the different types of place Creating new markets in unknown areas This is another risky way McDonald’s is growing since their same products are being introduced to a completely new type of clientele and new markets. but its modified in other countries depending on . How does McDonald’s do it? McDonald’s plans to expand across new markets in countries where they are not recognised.  They recently introduced McDonald’s to Kazakhstan  They plan to open more restaurants across India  They have a settled price for their products in some countries.

but in lower income countries such as India. This is probably the riskiest way McDonald’s uses to develop because the company might not be prepared for a different change in their product/s and market/s. For example.80. they reduce its price to $1. the business already had  Introducing new products or markets which are involved with the main business purpose  Introducing new products or markets which are involved with the main business purpose.62 so people is able to afford it. How does McDonald’s do it? . Diversification: What does McDonald’s do? McDonald’s uses this strategy to:  Developing the skills. the price of a big mac is around $7.the average income per person. in Norway.

which means that it is more likely to be full since it’s the accommodation found nearby such a public area. McDonald’s themed. McCafé offers customers products that aren’t usually sold in normal McDonald’s. McCafé’s have a more calmly. Coca Cola: . relaxing sort of environment which can attract customers who want to have a break and relax for a bit. It is also situated near an airport in Zurich. to such low prices customers might not be able to refuse. the way in which McDonald’s has diversified the most by creating an actual hotel.  The Golden Arch Hotel (Switzerland): This is definitely the big one. this is one of the best ways to attract new market segments. McCafé: McCafé is one of the main ways that makes McDonald’s differ. These are specialised in serving coffee products. which is really good for customers who don’t really go to McDonald’s for their cheap fast food.

Coca Cola is a very famous company known worldwide. so they can also find new clientele within this existing market/s. Coca Cola has created an association with Christmas by advertising themselves during the time of the year and promoting their sales. Market Penetration: What does Coca Cola do? / How do they do it? Coca cola now aims to increase their sales to customers by selling more of their product in industries that already exist. They also use matrix’s techniques to be able to sell their products. causing them to boost the company’s annual income and make more profit. By adding a new flavour to their . which then they modify and create new products out of it in order to be able to increase their profits. which captivate loads of customers into buy their products every year. Product Development: What does Coca Cola do? / How do they do it? Coca Cola is always developing new products to sell within existing markets in order to make their products suit the type of audience they want to attract and make more profit. It originated in the United States. Coca Cola’s main product is their cola drink. which is due to their famous cola drinks. An example of this coke cherry. now it is recognised all over the world.

since people is always wanting to try something new. Coca Cola has been experimenting with new flavourings. . They. Market Development: What does Coca Cola do? / How do they do it? Coca cola always tries to find new groups of buyers of their products. diet coke is the soda drink that is mostly consumed by women today. Coca Cola zero and Coca Cola life lead the industry to get more profit since these were targeted to different types of audiences. which lead to the creation of their new products such as vanilla coke. After its success. which is why Coca Cola decided to release a more masculine appealing product by releasing the recently famous coke zero. For example.main product they have been able to sell more and get more. The release of the diet coke. which sort of pushed away most of the masculine audience.

which includes products such as smart water and a new type of healthy vitamin water. This was a beneficial change since their soft drink sales were going down within time. so they decided to make to move to the healthy drinks category. Since they were in the company of making soft drinks. they decided “upgrading” their products and introducing Glacéau.Diversification: What does Coca Cola do? / How do they do it? Coca Cola uses 2 types of diversification: Related diversification: This is where Coca Cola creates new food categories basing it on their main sold product/s. .


to electro domestics such as fridges. from pens to shirts.Unrelated diversification: Unrelated diversification is another risk Coca Cola takes by creating new products that are not related with their main product/s. although they try to minimise the danger by not expanding too “far” since the they might not satisfy their customer’s needs. . They offer their company’s licensed materials and good.