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Kathleen Ann Sy 11427981

TREDTWO C36 / Mr. Mark Christian Reyes

Most Holy Trinity Parish
My initial impression on it is that it will just be like the CWTS program
wherein well go to the community and help the community where there will
be a lot of children. I thought that we will be going around the community
and see how they live and help them out and think of ways and programs to
help them. When we went to the site, when I first went there they are people
with different kind of disabilities. The people there were PWDs where the
people have different disabilities, some are deaf some have autism and some
have cerebral palsy. When I first saw them I felt pity because it made me
think why are there people born like that then after I got to talk to them felt
empathy because of their experiences they shared. It made be realize how
lucky I am and there are a lot of people like them who can still remain happy
despite their disabilities. They actually inspired me because they are still
strong and hardworking despite their disabilities. Some of them, especially
the deaf are still studying, even though most of them are in lower levels
compared to the people in their age, they didnt let their disabilities from
attaining education. Even though they have a hard time compared to other
people they are still doing their best to learn because all of them have
dreams that they want to achieve. Even though they were born like that,
they have a strong faith towards God because they parish is leading them
towards God in order for them to have faith and remain strong despite what

they have experienced. Because of the parish, they became a lot closer to
God and I think it made me realize the importance of faith because no matter
how difficult the problems you are facing, everything has a reason and
What I observed is that no matter what you are born like, all people are
created equal and that we should not look at they differently. I think that it is
important to empower those people with disabilities and that they should be
given equal opportunities because all people should be treated with dignity.
It also made me realize how humanity should be restored because
sometimes people like that are being left alone by their families. Most


them are left alone by their family because their family thought that they are
useless and thinks that they are just a burden to them. It made me think how
the perspective of the people are changing little by little but in a bad way
because for me it is wrong to just leave them behind because they should
help them discover their talents and potentials because some of them are
really talented and all they need is support and I think that the number one
support should be the family.
For me, I think it is important to empower these people because they
are all just like us. Give them an opportunity to make livelihood for
themselves because they cannot forever depend on other people because
what if there is already no one they can depend to. I think that it is important
to give them a chance and opportunities to prove themselves that they can
still work despite their disabilities. Most of the companies do not want to hire

people with disabilities. I think that this should change because they are not
treating the people equally. I think for me the change I can do first is that
make the people aware of these people and change their impression towards
people with disabilities because for me awareness is the first step towards
change. As long as people are aware of the PWDs and their capabilities I
think that their impression will change little by little and that there can be
change as time goes by.

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