THIS AGREEMENT is made and executed at Mumbai on this 28th day of Nov, 2011.
M/s Harbhajan Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Resham Bhavan, 2nd Floor, 78 Veer Nariman Road,
Mumbai – 400 020
M/s Aurangabad Multi Services
101/102, Akshaydeep Plaza, 9 Town Centre,
Jalna Road, Cidco, Aurangabad




M/s Harbhajan Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd., the FIRST PARTY above
named, is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 having its

2. …2… 2 M/s Aurangabad Multi Services..Registered Office at 2nd Floor. It would be entire responsibility of the SECOND PARTY to recruit suitable and capable personnel having skill and knowledge required to work in Accounts / Finance and Administration Department on contract basis during season as per requirement of FIRST PARTY. Mumbai 400 020 (India). 1970. The FIRST PARTY shall inform to the SECOND PARTY regarding actual requirement well in advance from time to time.. Resham Bhavan. as revised from time to time. 3. The SECOND PARTY offered its services of employing the aforesaid category of Personnel for the First Party. The SECOND PARTY shall deduct and remit Provident Fund contribution and ESI contribution and pay bonus and any other dues as may be payable by him as the employer. . 1936 and shall ensure that the wages paid to the workers are not less than the minimum wages provided under the Minimum Wages Act. under the Contract Labour (R & A) Act. 78. NOW THE CONTRACT WITNESSETH AS UNDER : A. Veer Nariman Road. The SECOND PARTY shall execute the work and shall ensure that proper discipline is maintained by the staff / workmen assigned by him in the Company premises. material handling and support services for cleaning contracts. Cont. The offer of the SECOND PARTY for engaging above said personnel on contract basis is accepted by the FIRST PARTY. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT : 1. gardening. The SECOND PARTY has specified personnel to get the work executed at any place in India. The SECOND PARTY shall indemnity the FIRST PARTY for all claims of workmen compensation under the Workmen’s Compensation Act. It would be the responsibility of the SECOND PARTY to engage Clerical staff / Worker on contract basis for the FIRST PARTY form time to time at different locations during the season. The SECOND PARTY shall pay to his employees all dues (including wages/salary) as per the provisions of the Payment of Wages Act. 4. Aurangabad the SECOND PARTY as mentioned above is a Contractor having its Office situated at Aurangabad and engaged in the business of house keeping. The FIRST PARTY felt in prudent to engage the personnel in the category of clerical staff and workers at different locations to assist regular Accounts/Finance and Administration staff during the season on contract basis.2. 1923.

and shall make good all such instances in favour of the FIRST PARTY. sustained by FIRST PARTY owing to the particular lapses attributable to the former. the same shall be recovered from the amounts due to the SECOND PARTY. On receipt of bill. The SECOND PARTY shall indemnify the FIRST PARTY for any losses. the First Party shall reimburse the balance amount of bonus to the Second Party. Such default by the SECOND PARTY will be viewed seriously by the FIRST PARTY and SECOND PARTY would liable for action upto the extent of terminate of contract. …3… 6. damages. The SECOND PARTY shall obtain an Insurance policy to cover his workmen in respect of injuries and for any claims arising under the Workmen Compensation Act 1923. keep the said policy renewed and furnish a copy of the same to the Authorised Signatory. The SECOND PARTY shall keep the FIRST PARTY indemnified against all claims arising out of this agreement. the First Party agrees to release 80% advance amount to the Second Party. 3 . The FIRST PARTY shall be at liberty to impose the deduction or enhancement of consideration on the basis of the extent of work performed / not performed. On submission of the details of said payment made by the Second Party to the Contracted workers. 10. 7. The SECOND PARTY shall submit to the FIRST PARTY the bill under this contract soon after expiry of every calendar month (on or before the 2nd of the succeeding month) to the concern P&A Incharge who will obtain necessary recommendation from Plant Head/Works Manager/Concern Incharge and submit it to the Finance Department of the FIRTST PARTY by 4th of the succeeding month.. The Finance Department will issue the cheque on or before 6th of succeeding month. Cont.under any law. The said employees shall have no claims whatsoever against the FIRST PARTY and should the FIRST PARTY have to bear any cost due to the failure of the SECOND PARTY to ful fill his obligations. 5. in due performance of this contract. 8. The SECOND PARTY shall from time to time. The SECOND PARTY shall be under obligation to disburse the payment to the Contract workers on or before 7 th of the succeeding month. The SECOND PARTY shall raise the bill for payment of bonus. and the SECOND PARTY shall be under the obligation to remove such defects and deficiencies whenever pointed out by the FIRST PARTY. 9. The FIRST PARTY shall be at liberty to keep an overall view of the due performance of the Contract and to suggest improvements. The SECOND PARTY shall maintain such records and registers and obtain such licenses or registrations as required by the law. ..

while in the premises of the FIRST PARTY. The SECOND PARTY shall not sub-contract this contract without the prior written permission of the FIRST PARTY. The said amount shall not bear any interest and shall be payable to the SECOND PARTY on termination of this agreement.. The said amount shall be forfeited by the FIRST PARTY in the event of any default on the part of the SECOND PARTY in fulfilling the said terms and conditions.. 15. The SECOND PARTY shall ensure that all his personnel. 18.5. The SECOND PARTY shall ensure that the wages are paid to the personnel in the presence of the FIRST PARTY representative and for his said purpose. are and shall continue to be the employees of the SECOND PARTY and they shall be dealt with by the SECOND PARTY as per the Law as applicable on the date of the signing of this Contract. time and place of payment of wages. 14. The SECOND PARTY agrees that the contract Labours deployed by it with the FIRST PARTY. 19. 13. if not otherwise forfeited. The SECOND PARTY shall ensure that the personnel posted by him on the premises observe discipline and good conduct. The SECOND PARTY shall keep the Company indemnified against all claims arising out of this CONTRACT including any loss.11. the SECOND PARTY shall make alternative arrangements so as to ensure that the work is done satisfactorily with no additional cost to the FIRST PARTY.000/. 20. the FIRST PARTY will be within its rights to request the SECOND PARTY to forthwith withdraw such personnel from the premises and upon the Incharge of the office premises so instructing the SECOND PARTY. shall keep the FIRST PARTY informed well in advance the date. The FIRST PARTY agrees to pay to the SECOND PARTY (Contractor) the rate as shown in Annexure attached to this contract..4. theft or damage to the life / or property of the employees of the Company and / . 16. 17. such personnel shall be forthwith removed. The SECOND PARTY shall engage. Cont. comply with the FIRST PARTY'S rules and regulations regarding safety. In case the employees of the SECOND PARTY who are deputed to the premises of the FIRST PARTY do not attend work for any reason whatsoever. The SECOND PARTY shall ensure that the personnel posted by him at office premises comply with all rules and regulations. In the event of the FIRST PARTY finding any personnel not observing proper discipline and /or proper conduct and /or committing misconduct.. remove or replace the Personnel engaged on contract basis as per requirement of the FIRST PARTY from time to time.(Rupees Five thousand) only as security deposit for the due observance of the terms and conditions of this agreement. 12. The SECOND PARTY shall deposit with the FIRST PARTY a sum of Rs. … 4 .

. 21. 22. It shall be the duty of the SECOND PARTY to submit a monthly vigilance report alongwith the monthly bill as regards the working of the Contract Labourer. the contract could be further extended on mutually agreed terms & conditions between both the parties. referred above..11. PLACE : Mumbai DATE : 28. if not terminated earlier by the FIRST PARTY.or the property of the Company caused by the default. 23. antisocial activities as such acts which are likely to jeo paradise the safety. PERIOD OF CONTRACT : The duration of this contract will be from 1 st November 2011 to 31st October 2012 or till completion of work. However after expiry of contract period referred above. Cont. JURISDICTION : It is agreed between the parties that any disputes. discipline and behaviour on the premises of the FIRST PARTY and out side activities like discipline. claims arising out of this contract shall be within the territorial jurisdiction of Mumbai Court. discipline and good working atmosphere in and our side the premises of the FIRST PARTY.2011 AUTHORISED SIGNATORY SIGNED ON BEHALF OF AUTHORISED SIGNATORY SIGNED ON BEHALF OF . …5… 24. their conduct. b) In the event of any breach in this charging the respective obligation under this contract parties shall be at liberty to terminate the contract in the interregnum with one month's notice form either side. negligence or lapse on the part of the Contractor or any of his employees / agents or any claim of any nature whatsoever by any employee of the SECOND PARTY against the Company. 5 . TERMINATION : a) The Contract shall stand automatically terminated on completion of work or expiry of the contract.

FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY Witnesses 01) _______________________ 01) _______________________ 02) _______________________ 02) _______________________ .

WAGE DETAILS : Wages payable with effect form 1st November 2011 to 31st October 2012. A. 1223.e. paid by the contractor to the contract labour engaged by him will be reimbursed by the Company as per the Factories Act. 9723. f) Statutory dues. e) Service Tax. if any.@ 8% ( Eight percent only ) on the Basic Salary payable to the staff / worker ( based on actual attendance ) AUTHORISED SIGNATORY SIGNED ON BEHALF OF AUTHORISED SIGNATORY SIGNED ON BEHALF OF FIRST PARTY SECOND PARTY Witnesses . and Aurangabad Multi Services. d) Leave with wages paid by the Second Party to the labours will be reimbursed after submission of necessary records.2011. c) Bonus as applicable and if paid by the SECOND PARTY to its employees (engaged for FIRST PARTY on Contract basis) will be reimbursed by FIRST PARTY on submission of records as per clause 8 of the agreement. 5000.00 Rs. Aurangabad to engage clerical staff / worker for Accounts / Finance and Administration Department w. 1000.00 =========== B. Particulars : Office Boy a ) Basic b ) HRA c ) Special Allowance d ) Conveyance Allowanace Total Rs. 2500. will be reimbursed after submission of necessary documents. if any. The FIRST PARTY has agreed to reimburse the following expenses to the SECOND PARTY. C) SERVICE CHARGES :.11.00 Rs. paid by the contractor will be reimbursed by the FIRST PARTY after submission of the proof i. b) The wages against overtime. contractor contribution towards Labour Welfare Fund.00 ---------------Rs..00 Rs.ANNEXURE Ref: Contract for providing manpower between M/s Harbhajan Investment & Trading Pvt.e.f. Ltd. if any. 01.61% on basic salary shall be reimbursed by the company at actuals on submission of proof for payment. 1948. OTHER COMPONENTS : a) Employers (Contractors) contribution to EPF & PENSION FUND @ 13.

01) _______________________ 01) _______________________ 02) _______________________ 02) _______________________ .