Migration to Pentaho BI / Data Integration Platform

A leading retail company providing eye care services to a number of countries in Europe and across the

"The seamless manner in which the migration to higher version of Pentaho platform was handled was
commendable. The zero down time and insights into the new version given by the GrayMatter team
added that wow factor to having Pentaho in our analytics program”
- Customer Quote

The Project Brief:
Any version migration is always a challenge especially in an environment wherein business
continuity is a critical requirement with customer dependency high on availability. Zero
tolerance to any downtime was a clear mandate given. Enhanced end-user experience and
elimination of past short-comings listed was another.
Few of the challenges in this project:
1. There are five Pentaho instances running on different individual server
2. Multiple versions of Pentaho are deployed
3. Object s scattered across the multiple versions of Pentaho are
850 ETL’s ; 165 X Actions ; 125 Pixel perfect reports; 101 Analyzer reports; 30 Dashboards; 25
Data sources ; 15 Mondrian cubes
4. Different types of job scheduling mechanism used in each server
5. Job and Transformations naming conventions are different across versions
6. ACL’s defined across the multiple versions

125 Pixel perfect reports.SOLUTION PROPOSED The GrayMatter team with close collaboration with the world’s fastest growing optometrist think-tank was able to deliver a customized solution on migration from multiple instances of BI platform to a single instance of Pentaho. 25 Data sources .101 Analyzer reports.15 Mondrian cubes Users were able to login to the system and perform operations on the migrated objects Single instance of Pentaho used across all users Incorporated latest features eliminating legacy challenges and bugs Sleek looking UI and user friendly features Dramatically improved scheduling.graymatter. Some of the results and benefits achieved are as follows:          2 Latest version of Pentaho installed and setup load balancing environment New Pentaho is configured with customer’s AD server for authorization and authentication Branding implemented specific to customer’s.30 Dashboards.in . secure solution repository and much more. Below are some salient features of the solution implemented:               Install latest version of Pentaho BI/DI servers Implement load balancing for Pentaho to make scalable environment Configure AD server properties to latest Pentaho BI/DI servers for authorization and authentication Migrate all the data sources from multiple versions of Pentaho BI Migrate all Mondrian cubes from multiple versions of Pentaho BI Migrate XActions from multiple versions of Pentaho BI Migrate pixel perfect reports from multiple versions of Pentaho BI Migrate Analyzer reports from multiple versions of Pentaho BI Migrate dashboards from multiple versions of Pentaho Migrate ETL’s (Jobs and transformations) from multiple versions of Pentaho DI (both file based and repositories) Migrate schedulers from multiple servers to common scheduler Rebrand the latest Pentaho to customer’s specific themes Optimize BI and DI server performance Compare results with existing systems and new system RESULTS & BENEFITS The customer was delighted with the fact that the version migration project was not just successful but the transition happened with ‘zero’ downtime with no adverse impact on customer servicing or other internal business routines. ACL’s migrated successfully All the defined objects were migrated successfully 850 ETL’s.co.165 X Actions. www.

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